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  1. I still think that this ( and the Italeri re-box ) probably has the best wing/fuselage join. John
  2. Good progress. It bears a strange resemblance to a FW190 though. john
  3. I’ll be pinching some of your ideas on the cross-kitting if you don’t mind. I still have an old Vulcan and have been pondering using or cloning some parts from the new version, which I’m expecting next month as a birthday present. Only one, I hear you cry. John
  4. Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve looked in on this and it’s coming along in leaps and bounds. Good luck with your eye operation. I should have had one last year but for obvious reasons decided to wait, perhaps I’ll be able to get both done next year. Take care. John
  5. Oh dear! I have built several Mirage 2000 kits over the years ( not Kinetic ) but never one with a wing/fuselage joint like that. Good luck. John
  6. We just watched the equestrian events ( I wonder why? ) on the red buttons the last couple of times, but now that doesn’t seem to be an option. My opinion of the BBC just gets lower and lower, and it didn’t start from a very high point. John
  7. Trying not to watch it as I don’t think they should be doing it anyway, but I heard somewhere ( probably Radio 4 ) that some people are complaining that the BBC coverage is not enough. Strewth!
  8. SWMBO did hers about four years ago, the surgeon did a good job, her only complaint was that he had the bedside manner of a slug! Keep it up ( the leg of course ). John
  9. Window seals, rotor brake, overhead console. Words fail me ( well nearly ). OK this is a test shot of a new state of the art Whirlwind innit? You’e just pretending to build the old one, time to own up. John
  10. I’ll tag along if I may please. We used to see quite a few over here, but not so much these days. According to one of my french friends most of them are outside France at the moment. John
  11. Your illuminated magnifier sounds a bit like Trigger’s broom! Straying on to Spitfires, the Aussi Vc is in the box of ‘ to be completed ‘ Spitfires, but I did finish an Otaki Aussie VIII last year which I started in the UK about 20 years ago. That should give you some idea of my build time. John
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