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  1. Thanks Chris and Roger, the journey continues: I added some more filler each side yesterday evening as gave it another swipe or two with the sanding sponge an hour ago and applied more filler, you don’t want to see any more pictures of sanded fuselages do you? No I didn’t think you would. The starboard side is coming along quite nicely but I think I’m going to have a problem with the replacement camera hatch on the port side. When I fitted it I was sure it was flush but I must have pressed on it before the glue was dry because it is now recessed, particularly at the forward edge. I will try another couple of coats of filler and if that doesn’t work I might try to remove it and replace it with one that stands a little proud on the basis that it will be easier to sand flush than fill. More sanding awaits. John.
  2. What do they say about the best laid plans? I followed the my initial instinct by tacking each spine part to the respective fuselage halves, using Revell Contacta glue which is thicker than TET and has a slower drying time to allow for ‘ wiggle ‘ room when I taped the fuselage halves together to check the alignement along the spine ridge. When I inserted the cockpît tub I discovered that the forward ends were too low to fit over the new fuselage frame which I had checked for height against one from the Airfix Mk V before I glued it in place. I removed the spines, re-taped the fuselage halves and tried again, with this result. It’s a good job I inserted fairly substantial tabs in the fuselage, otherwise the new spines would have been left ‘ floating ‘ above the rest of the fuselage. Something went seriously wrong with my measuring, perhaps I did some in metric and some in imperial! The starboard spine doesn’t look too bad from this side, but from the outside, oh dear ( or similar ) it looks like the Matchbox mad trench maker has been at work. The port side was much the same with a gap of up to 1mm in places so I dug out my bottle of sprue gloop with the intention of starting the filling with that but unfortunately it has gone solid. While looking I came across a bag of Plastruct which included some square section, which proved to to be too big, and various sized rods so I filled the trenches with suitable pieces but some severe filling and sanding is anticipated. Fuselage halves now cemented and cockpit tub installed, glued front and back only, and copious amounts of Tamiya putty applied. The whole of the fuselage join line will have to be eradicated from the cockpit to the vertical panel line halfway to the tail and refined to become a panel line again aft of that. Wish me luck. While waiting for the filler to dry I have cemented together the tailplane halves, underwing radiator parts and the carb intake. The nose now has rocker covers and I have started preparing the fuel tank cover by removing most of the tabs on the lower edges. Finally a photo of the first sanding pass on the port side, more putty methinks. That's it for now folks, comments etc welcome. John.
  3. Me too, I rarely build biplanes but I do like to see them go together. John.
  4. Lovely result, very difficult to create some interest in a single colour finish without going over the top and ending up with a ‘ patchwork quilt ‘ effect, but you’ve done really well. John. PS: Have you forgotten something under the wings?
  5. I’ll be interested to hear your verdict on the AK putty. Definitely Looking very Gripen-ish now, looking forward to the paint. John.
  6. Magnificent! I particularly like the engine nacelles. John.
  7. Blimey! When I saw the photo I thought for a second you were using Dymo tape for masking. John.
  8. You’ve captured the ‘ blotchy ‘ appearance well. John.
  9. the new Harris Tweed ( showing my age there )
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