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  1. I agree with Giorgio on the paintwork, and the stripes look good to me. John
  2. I think you’re right Marcus, ‘ society ‘ has been losing out to self interest for some time now, and the way we’re treating our planet is putting mankind as a whole on a slippery slope. I think that eventually nature will turn around and bite mankind on the bum. Perhaps it already has! John
  3. I find it difficult to believe that there still seems to be significant number of people ( and not just in the UK ) who believe that the pandemic is not serious or a conspiracy, surely by now most people will know of someone who has been seriously ill or died of Covid, perhaps they think that all the people who are reported to have died are hidden away in hollowed out mountains. The ' restriction to personal freedom ' argument does not work for me either, yes we all want it but how much do you have lying in an ICU with a tube down your throat, or dead! John PS there are citie
  4. Good idea with the Blu-Tack, but I hope you’ve left some air holes in the plastic bag over Eduardo’s head. John
  5. The Apple mafia! Every time we turn on our iMac a box pops up asking us to sign in to Apple Podcast, which we are not interested in having. So far I have found it impossible to delete so I have parked it in a corner with just one edge showing.
  6. Beginning to look a little Vigelante-ish now, you sure you got the right plans?
  7. The P-38 doesn’t do anything for me, I don’t know why, so I’ve not been following your build. This evening I decided to skim through the photos anyway and saw everyone wishing you a speedy recovery, which made me pay more attention. I would like to add my wishes for a speedy recovery to those already expressed. Take it easy and enjoy the kits. John
  8. Doobie Brothers in good old ‘70s stereo. Went out in the car this morning alone and played ‘ Listen to the music ‘ as it should be heard because there was no one to complain about the volume. Listening to music on an iPod most of the time, you come to accept the ‘ flat sound ‘ until it’s played on something decent. John
  9. Interiors coming on well. I wonder why the pilots’ seat supports needed to be so ‘ industrial ‘, perhaps it was because of the extra weight caused by the flak-jackets, steel helmets and other gubbins they wore. John
  10. The wooden floors look better every time I see them, you need some tiny boot prints on them now like Giorgio's " Picchiatello ". So you have non-wine nights too? We try to have one or two a week but it doesn't always work out, I had three last week but that was because I was taking anti-biotics for an infection. Stay safe. John PS Have you had your 2nd jab yet and if so how did you react? SWMBO had her first a couple of weeks ago and wasn't too good for a while and still has the lump on her arm. She always reacts badly to injections/vaccinations' it's the blue
  11. Went down to feed the horses at daybreak and as I came out of the stables looked up to see a deer in the field opposite, the grass was frosty and it was trotting about and doing little jumps. It was either full of the joys of Spring or perhaps it’s little feet were frozen and it was trying to warm them up. John
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