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  1. I've recently become a fan of turned brass pitots, particularly the Mirage/Jaguar types with the bulged tips. They certainly add more to the overall effect than the plastic variety. John
  2. Great progress in the front pit, as someone previously said it must have been a pretty grim place to work, at least he had those tiny windows to look through to see which way up he was. I haven't built a Canberra for some time but I feel the urge for a PR9 coming on. John
  3. Back after 4 internetless days, but can't see any pictures. Is it me? John EDIT: OK I've got the pictures now, I think there might be teething troubles with the new system.
  4. One of the less appealing aspects of living in rural France is the availability of broadband internet. Landline internet is not available at our end of the hamlet ( although it is at the other end! ) so we use WiFi which is pretty reliable and reasonably fast. Our sytem has just been updated to 5G compatibility but we've had to wait 4 days without any internet for our new arial to be fitted. John
  5. We are off line for a few days as our internet provider is changing the system for 5G compatibility and we are waiting for a new antenna which should be Thursday. My mobile data is very limited so will be used only for essential things. 

    See you on the other side.


  6. Late to the party, as usual. Lovely cockpit, good use of the instrument/placard decals. John PS Probable doesn't help but I don't think the pilot and navigator's seats were the same mark.
  7. I don’t seem to be able to keep up with you at the moment. Now I’ll go back to the beginning and read it properly. John
  8. Thanks everyone. I am the master of clumsy Giorgio, and regularly break off undercarriage legs ( three times on one Spitfire recently ) so I will try to be extra careful. John
  9. I keep looking at mine then putting it back in the box. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. John
  10. Arlo Guthrie, Hobo's Lullaby. Found myself humming bits of the LP this morning so had to play it before it became an ear worm.
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