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  1. Thanks for the advise guys. I do exactly the opposite @Steve McArthur which is why I can’t find any, I should know better as my ‘buy to build’ time has always been several years. I’ve solved the problem of the missing pylons by deciding to build the aircraft in air defence mode when the liner pylons are not fitted. John
  2. with Crème de Menthe
  3. Great start, love the seats and the Houchin. I’ve had one of these in the stash for about 25 years now, with some aftermarket bits including seamless intakes. John
  4. Spitfires and other assorted
  5. Aah- the Sabre wing minefield, it’s never easy but you’re doing a grand job. I also get frustrated by the lack of a decent 1/48 narrow chord slatted wing Sabre while we get endless re-hashes of other types. John
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