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  1. While waiting for an improvement in the weather, I turned my attention to the Mirage 2000 yesterday and added a few of the Renaissance etched parts to the cockpit and the tub to the starboard side of the fuselage. I have found that the instrument panel and coaming can be fitted after joining the fuselage halves so that’s what I did. Today I starting the fuselage to wing join, which I am gluing section by section starting at the rear using quick setting Plastic Weld glue and holding it in place as I go until it sets. Unfortunately the fit is not quite ‘ square ‘ and so I will have to settle for a gap somewhere, which looks like the forward underside join, but it’s already beginning to look like a Mirage 2000. The Renaissance control surface set includes some intake/outlet pieces, one of which fits on top of the fuselage spine and is represented in the kit by an oversized wedge shape which I have hacked off a little too enthusiastically leaving a depression to be filled before the resin replacement can be attached. Also included in the set are the fairings for the control surface actuators which look much better than those on the kit, which have been removed. Looking ahead to the selection of stores, I have decided to follow a suggestion by @exdraken that in addition to the centreline tank two Matra Super 530s would look right on an early 2000C, so as there are no aftermarket items available I will try to enhance the two missile ‘ shapes ‘ provided in the kit, but more of that later. That's it for now, any comments welcome. Stay safe; John.
  2. Yes, Bader was like Marmite, either loved or hated. I read somewhere ( possibly Bob Tuck’s biography ) that after a meeting with Tuck and Sailor Malan amongst others, Bader swept past them and roared off in his car, and Tuck said to Malan “ Why does he always have to be so bloody minded “ to which Malan replied “ He probably wouldn’t be still be here if he wasn’t “ which probably just about sums him up. Looking forward to this. John PS. Can’t see your photo. I also use Flickr but cut and paste individual photos to transfer them to BM.
  3. Heating not on yet but wood burner lit. I spent an hour or so in the man cave this afternoon and the temperature was also around 15C. Didn’t feel the cold ‘til I stopped what I was doing, then it hit me. John
  4. Don’t go knocking them off again, hang ‘em up quick. Good to see you back in action. John
  5. Sorry for the delay folks, life got in the way as usual. A second coat was brushed onto the undersides which still left it patchy so it has been sprayed with a thin coat of Humbrol 56 to even it out. I have invested in some Master brass pitot tubes for both Mirages ( and a Mirage III ) as the plastic ones don’t quite capture the subtle bulge unique to Mirage pitots so the radome area will remain unpainted for now. The undercarriage legs have been cleaned up and painted but will not be added until after the main airframe painting, some suitable sprue will be used to support the aircraft when necessary until then. The undersides have been masked and attention turned to the cockpit area which was also masked in preparation for painting the upper surfaces, the windscreen has been glued and the main canopy tacked on with white glue so that it can be removed after painting to put the seat in and then posed in the open position, there was a very small gap between the two parts which I have filled by sliding a piece of thin card into it. I brush painted the canopy frames with Xtracolour Gris/Bleu Foncé which was followed by Xtracolour Dark Compass Grey which I have seen described on other builds as a good match, it’s one of those colours that seems to change a lot and quite difficult to match from ‘photos. I have chosen Xtracolour because although it takes a little longer to dry ( I usually give it 48hrs ), it will save me a coat of gloss varnish before the decals, so it’s swings and roundabouts really. On Sunday I spent 2 hours covering the upper surfaces with Frisk film and drawing the demarcation lines in preparation for cutting out the areas to be painted green with my rotary cutter as the grey/green demarcations are hard edged. On Monday I started to remove areas of the masking and about three quarters of the way through I realised that I was removing the pieces over the areas which should be grey! Since then we’ve had lots of rain ( not complaining, we need it ) and the humidity is over 70% so no airbrushing, and as the rain is forecast to continue through next week I decided to brush paint the green before I lose interest completely. Here it is after one and a half coats, I’m hoping that after another coat it will be reasonable and that eventually, after some tidying up, a coat of airbrushed semi-gloss varnish will cover up any remaining brush marks, we’ll see. The seat is nearly finished now, I still have to paint the buckles, but here it is accompanied by the main undercarriage legs, one of which I’ve just spotted still has a mold release mark right in the middle! Having been unlucky in my search for a match for the ‘ golden brown ‘ of the harness I have mixed my own which consists of Middle Stone with a touch of Gold. I think I’ve probably overdone the gold a little so will try to tone it down before the seat goes in. The red blob at the front of the seat pan represents the canvas cover which is placed over the firing handle on the ground and the metallic green box on the left side is the PEC connector. That's it for now, the humidity is dropping slowly so I might try to spray inside some of the green areas over the next couple of days, if not, back to the hairy stick. Any comments/suggestions welcome. Stay safe everyone. John
  6. The Stearman is beautiful. I do like biplanes but I just cannot do rigging, I found it difficult enough 45 years ago when my fingers were relatively supple but now they behave like overstuffed sausages it’s virtually impossible. John
  7. I started a multiple build recently, and now instead of not doing very much with one, I’m not doing very much with three. What scale is the Moth please? John
  8. Biggles87

    The Weather,

    OK, I said we needed rain but this is getting silly ( only joking ). Since last Friday the afternoon temperatures have plummeted from mid thirties to low teens, and we’re going to light our wood burner this evening for a couple of hours.
  9. The fit looks OK from here Iain, they were all removable panels after all. John PS. Just a thought but the tailplanes look very clean compared to the wings and nose, but you’re probably going to do something about that anyway.
  10. I blame the spellcheck ( not quite french yet )
  11. Glad everything turned out well in the end, lovely fading. John
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