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  1. Amazing, I don't think I seen black ( or rubber ) pre-shaded before. John
  2. Biggles87

    Special Hobby 1/32 Tempest

    Shame it's all black, I'm sure there's lots of detail in there that doesn't show on the photos. I have finally bought my Tempest, it's the standard version with a part resin engine kindly donated by Procopius Looking forward to more. John PS Oh how I miss the constant wailing of police and ambulance sirens here in rural France ( not! )
  3. Biggles87

    FOURtune favours the Brave

    must be maintained unless
  4. Biggles87

    What have you purchased / been given

    My Special Hobby 1/32 Tempest arrived yesterday and I'm impressed with the contents, there are pictures of the sprues elsewhere on BM. It's the standard version with no resin for the cockpit, but I can't see too much that would need to be improved, and CMK do some resin cockpit bits so if necessary I can always get some of them. An added bonus for me is that included on the sprues are parts for the MkVI and MkII which I might be able to use on my Hobbycraft Sea Fury. John
  5. You've got a lot to do in this Mustang also Olivier, but I know you like a challenge, so I'm sure you will overcome any problems/deficiencies with the kit. Good luck John
  6. Biggles87

    The Few become Fewer

    A heartfelt thanks to you and all those who went before you. RIP.
  7. It look like an outer gun port to me, remember that they are not centred on the leading edge but slightly above the centreline, if you know what I mean. They show up really well on the pictures from your flight. When I fitted the elevator hinge (?), after several abortive attempts I drilled a small hole in the rear end ( fnar fnar ) and stuck a cocktail stick in it to use as a handle, sorry I forgot to tell you before. Galloping on now, soon be time for paint. John
  8. Did you have fun fitting the little bit between the elevators and rudder? I forgot to warn you about that. John
  9. Biggles87

    FOURtune favours the Brave

    Ooh you are awful
  10. Take some warm clothes, it's probably colder than Italy! Have a good holiday. John
  11. If I remember correctly I had to scrape away quite a lot of the inside of the tank over the instrument panel frame. John
  12. On my pink PR Spitfire I joined the u/c leg components then sawed them at the bottom of the joint and drilled them to accept a piece of wire. You can then fit the upper parts to the wings and attach the lower leg ( reinforced by the wire ) after joining the wings. I hope this makes sense, my original wip seems to have disappeared and the pictures where on Photobucket. Also as Troy said, have a look at Stix's build, you won't go far wrong. John
  13. It's beginning to look like a Spitfire now. Keep up the good work. John
  14. So you did find the shelf with the ' canned patience ' it's often hidden away behind something else. Keep it handy because you'll probably need it again for the main undercarriage leg attachment! Great job on the cockpit, the belts and hose make all the difference. John PS I've had the video for about a month, but just havn't got around to doing anything about it.
  15. You're getting there, keep going. The DVD is already on the birthday list, although SWMBO tells me not to expect anything for a couple of years after the Spitfire flight! John