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  1. We caught about 5 minutes of this programme whilst channel hopping. As they were about to reveal the identity of the ‘celebrity ‘ we decided to stay with it and see who it was and guess what? It was someone we’d never heard of and didn’t recognise! Won’t be making that mistake again. ’ tother John
  2. Can I send you some my IPs too, they’re 1/48 so would be a doddle for you. I’m waiting to have a couple of cataracts to be removed next September ( I hope ) so it’s not worth changing my glasses prescription at the moment. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. John
  3. Just ordered a Lightning IPad/camera adapter so that I can upload photos from a camera to Flickr via my iPad. The running system of my iMac is too old to allow me to upload photos direct from it, so I have been limited to using photos taken on my iPad, which is a bit restrictive. Should arrive Wednesday.
  4. I believe that some seats were delivered by sub-contractors painted Dull Dark Green, a colour similar to Bronze Green I think. I use Tamiya XF-26 Deep Green to represent DDG. John
  5. Canopy masking does it for me every time, having said that I’ve been avoiding fitting the etched belts on my F-51 for a couple of days. John PS almost 48! I wish I was that young, again, I need glasses and a magnifier.
  6. I’ve only ever used Tippex on very small areas, like scars left by carelessly removed sprues. How easy will it be to sand that amount, and is there any danger of it lifting from the panel lines during the process? I haven’t built a Tamiya Mustang for many years but I feel the urge for one of their P-51Bs coming on. John. PS it’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re left alone for a couple of hours rather than 30-40 minutes at a time.
  7. It would take me at least 2 years to build one of these, and you have just under 2 months! Good Luck. John
  8. Nice one, looking forwarded to the next one. John
  9. As the wings of ‘ silver ‘ Mustangs were not NMF but covered with silver lacquer, I would suggest that you don’t need to use metallic paint on them, reducing the risk of lifting it when de-masking. I use a suitable enamel paint or Tamiya AS12 Bare Metal Silver, which has worked well for me in the past. John
  10. When this came up on the ‘New Content’ thread I thought it had happened to you again, as it’s been so long. It’s disgraceful that insurance companies, when faced with a large claim, immediately do their best to find a way out of paying it. I was looking at fire extinguishers yesterday, but couldn’t decide which was best. Hope the rebuilding is finished soon John
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