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  1. Biggles87

    Spitfire Tr 9 PT462

    A quick update as requested by @Max Headroom as a penance for breaking the rules in the four word thread. More progress on the cockpits, I have added the small pieces ( covers for cables/pipes I believe ) to each sidewall just behind the instrument panel position and filled the sink marks which seem to be common to all Eduard Spitfires and started some painting, using two brush painted coats of Xtracrylic RAF grey/green. There are two versions of the frame with the seat mounts, with and without head armour, and I have used the ' without ' option so that I can continue construction and fit the seatbelt roller bars to a triangular Plasticard substitute at a later date. Both undercarriage operating controls have been fitted to the starboard sidewalls but only the rear throttle quadrant on the port side as the front one sits on a ' shelf ' running between the entry flap and instrument panel in the front cockpit. I have added the voltage regulator equipment below the original throttle position as in the Mk XVI. After dry fitting the wings to the fuselage, I found that I had to trim some plastic off the lower sides of the front instrument panel frame as it's new forward position spreads the fuselage sides out a little affecting the fit, there must be a subtle change to the fuselage cross section between the original and new IP positions. The front IP is the Yahu Mk IX (late) item on the kit frame and the rear panel and seat frame will be manufactured using spare parts and/or Plasticard. Again not a lot to show for a week but life got in the way ( again ) so I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped to, and I find cockpit painting quite time consuming. That's it for now. John
  2. Biggles87

    English Electric Lightning T4 - 226 OCU

    Me too. John
  3. Biggles87

    The FOUR wise men

    into the wide blue
  4. Biggles87

    Windsor Davies

    Also sad to see him go. Perhaps the BBC will relent and show " It ain't half hot mum " again, but I won't hold my breath. RIP
  5. Biggles87

    The FOUR wise men

    Or even two horses ( sorry about the 5 words, the " and" should have been a comma. Blast this predictive text, well that my excuse anyway. How long do I have to stay up here? I might get a nose bleed. )
  6. Biggles87

    The FOUR wise men

    a beer and I might ( that was the plan Rob )
  7. Biggles87

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    I have a brass SM scalpel handle which I bought about 50 years ago,. The logo has worn off and I have to use small needle nosed pliers to tighten/loosen it as the knurled wheel has worn smooth. Apart from that it's perfect.
  8. Biggles87

    The FOUR wise men

    their proclivities, mine are
  9. Biggles87

    The FOUR wise men

    from the Westminster kindergarten
  10. Biggles87

    The FOUR wise men

    of decent Starfix kits
  11. A fine representation of a beautiful aeroplane. John
  12. Glad you're moving on Olivier, I know how easy it is to get fixated on one detail. John
  13. Biggles87

    The FOUR wise men

    -ter than a pepper sprout
  14. Biggles87

    The FOUR wise men

    on steroids and Valium