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  1. I think you’re right John and the salmon pink probably was only used on early models but it looks good, and I won’t tell if you don’t. John
  2. the campfire toasting marshmallows
  3. and Creme de Menthe ( sorry, this machine doesn’t do accents )
  4. We seem to be overrun by hares here at the moment, it’s usual to see a few at this time of year but they’re everywhere at the moment. I was walking with three of our dogs this morning ( the other one has been poorly and can’t walk far ) with two of them off the lead when I saw something on the track about 75m ahead, the dogs saw it too but I managed to get the two loose ones to wait until I got their leads on again. Yes, it was a hare which just sat and looked at us rather than running away so we went back the way we had come, much to the disgust of the dogs . About 5 years ago when Rosie our youngest was 18 moths old, we rounded a corner to be confronted by a hare sitting in the middle of the path and despite out shouts/pleas Rosie took off after it into a field followed by SWMBO while I hung on to the other dogs. The result of the chase, across two fields and through a copse was a torn Achilles’ tendon for SWMBO, so we try to avoid hare chases these days. Stay safe everyone. John
  5. Getting there slowly but surely. I haven’t used Humbrol enamel for some time now but their acrylics work well for me. Some of my Tamiya acrylics ( in the large pots ) came to France with me 16 years ago and I find them difficult to brush paint, but they still spray OK well thinned with Tamiya thinner. Thinking of venturing into MRP lacquer based soon, particularly for the Russian colours, any advice anyone? Stay safe. John
  6. I tried to edit the above post but my machine wouldn’t let me! The edit was :- Nice collection of AM parts. I do like Ultracast bits, particularly their seats. I think a well cast and well painted harness is much preferable to PE.
  7. I hereby claim the prize for first reply.
  8. Thanks for the photos. I somehow missed the I-16 completely, I’d better go and find the WIP. Stay safe. John
  9. I think the pointy spinner looks better and as the aeroplane will presumably be devoid of markings, whose to say if it’s the correct type or not. A brilliant build! Cheers John
  10. never heard of it ( are you making this up as you go? Oh, wait a minute, that’s the whole idea isn’t it. )
  11. direction on wrong side ( they won’t be expecting that either )
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