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  1. Sorry Ced, I’ve got a little behind again so please accept another IOU for 6 likes. I like Mr Metal iron also ( I actually read ‘ irony ‘ initially and thought you’d gone all literary ) but mine’s run out so until I replenish it I’m using Humbrol Metalcote gun metal buffed up for that sort of thing. john
  2. Time for a little expansion I think. I also like country music and was lucky enough to see Don Williams in concert a couple of times in the UK. As for jazz, I like traditional jazz but not modern and was never a fan of punk ( too old I guess ). John
  3. We were going to change our car this year ( our current one is 12 years old but still running well ) but in these uncertain times the last thing we need is a new car, ‘cos we’re going nowhere. We have bought a new computer and smart TV instead.
  4. Well you’recertainly ‘not letting the grass grow’ John, as mentioned above it’s a beautiful kit and I’m sure you’ll enjoy building i Stay safe John
  5. Well done John, a good comparison with the Tempest, which looks about the same size. John
  6. I bought one of these when it was first released and still havn’t built It, and I still have an unopened pot of Aeromaster Aotake. Watching with interest. John
  7. Some production line there CC. A friend got a part time job in a model shop when he retired. It was actually the model section of a large toy shop and they were really pleased to have him, because normally the people just rotated around the sections but he actually knew what he was selling and a few of his colleagues actually started taking an interest in modelling. Stay safe at work. John
  8. I used to fire .303s with the Air Cadets and RAF many years ago in semi- enclosed 25 yard ranges without ear defenders, and I now have significant hearing loss in my right ear! Now use a Winchester 30-30 with ear defenders.
  9. What an ingenious way to ensure that the yellow prop tips are equal. I usually do it with a pair of dividers which is a bit ‘hit and miss’ when the prop tips are not square, which is most of the time. John
  10. Thanks for the sympathy guys, airbrush sorted now. john
  11. Well did y’ever have one of those days boys? Yesterday I had a plan, I would lightly rescribe some of the underwing panel lines, apply more wash, remove the oil staining because I wasn’t happy with it, then return after an hour to rub off the excess wash before giving the underside a coat of W&N flat varnish. This is what actually happened. The rescribing went well and the oil staines were removed, then I got out the ‘ dark dirt ‘ wash and started to apply it to the required areas, so far so good. It was at this point that I managed to tip over the bottle and spread about a third of it over the bench and should have listened to the little voice in my head saying “ stop now “ rather than carrying on. After cleaning up the mess, I went off to do other things then returned to wipe off the wash and prepared for the flat coat. I mixed up the varnish and set the compressor to give about 12-15 psi but when I started it I was only getting about 5psi through the airbrush and no varnish! When I removed the nozzle tip the pressure rose but then dropped again when I replaced it, so I decided to dismantle the Airbrush ( a Neo ) but struggled to remove the needle, and then I realised that after I had last used it, which had also been for flat varnish, I was called away to talk to someone and had not gone back to clean it. I put it in my ultrasonic cleaner for about 5 minutes and now for good measure, it has been soaking in cleaning solution for nearly 24 hours. I think I’ll concentrate on ‘434 for a while. Oh yes, nearly forgot. I tried rubbing back the white leading edges with Micromesh as advised to no avail, in fact it looks worse now, so I'm going for the extremely weathered look Frustrated of Haute Vienne. John
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