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  1. The C-130 doesn't have slotted flaps - it uses Fowler flaps. The longitudinal recesses in the upper surface are where the screwjacks and flaptrack rollers run. Love your work so far, though!
  2. Been busy this weekend. I made up the turret using brass tube for the 40 mm grenade launcher and used the M134 Minigun from my Fujimi Kiowa in lieu of the resin version as two barrels broke when I trimmed them to size. Some left over bits of heatshrink were used to male the weapon fairings that were not part of the conversion turret. I also realised I need to add the rather prominent transmission oil inspection window to the side of the right cowl. I drilled through the resin for this and will add a window of Future after it's painted. I've also drilled a hole in the 42 degree gearbox for its sightglass that will be Future-filled when its been painted. I think it's just about ready for pre-shading now. I managed to snap the lower forward cable-cutter off while sanding (knew I would) but, fortunately, the Eduard detail kit comes with etched replacements. I've been working on the under-wing weapons, too. Our Cobra only came with rocket pods, so I want to model it that way but I haven't worked out yet how to make the outer pylons look right without the TOW tubes. I may end up fitted the TOW tubes if I can't make it look right. I've also progressed the HSS on the canopy but need some wire to finish it off. Once that's done, I can fit the canopy to the fuselage. I fitted the gunner's rear-view mirror from the Eduard set, too (one of the few things from it I've actually used!)
  3. Took almost two months before my Tamiya Lancaster decals came good but they did work!
  4. Very nice. Done a few miles in these; might have to do the same thing myself!
  5. Is it just me or are these Photobucket images blurred all of a sudden?
  6. Agreed. I need to start on my 1/48 Cherokee Arrow II from two Minicraft Cherokees!
  7. It's actually a modification incorporation label, not a tyre pressure table
  8. Lovely job, AW!
  9. In what's coming par for the course, I managed to drop the Cobra this afternoon while applying a coat of Mr Surfacer 1000 and snapped the crosstubes off at the fuselage on one side. While I stewed and waited for the glue joining them to dry, I moved onto the HSS installation. For reference, the front is on the left on the top shot and the right on the one above. I've used 'C' cross-section plastic and 0.3 mm nickel wire as the basis of the system. Once it's all dry, I'll add some brass wire for the rods connecting the helmet to rails and I'll need to find some fine wire to make up the leads. I'll use it to make wander light leads, too. I also made some progress on the main rotor: I still have some work to do on the mast/head connection and will need to adjust the pitch change rods to suit once I seat the mast in the head but I reckon it's an improvement on the OOB part. Once the crosstubes dry (hopefully I won't have to put a metal insert into them for strength now), I'll finish off the Mr Surfacer coats and move onto the wings and horizontal stabs.
  10. Thanks, Nikolay. Hopefully it will come up nicely after filling and sanding.
  11. The HARS Cat will be at the Edinburgh Air Show, if that makes access any easier for measurements? I'm a member and can probably tee something up, if you're interested?
  12. Even though I said was going to work on the HSS next, I've ploughed on with the fuselage as the canopy wasn't quite dry when I wanted to work on it. Here's the engine and transmission fitted to the Cobra Company cowlings: Lots of work to get the mast and swashplate to fit into the Cobra Company cowls at the correct height but you'd never know it! The fuselage tidied up and waiting for the new cowls: Much Araldite and clamping later: The Araldite's done the job I was hoping for when I set up the plasticard backings and filled most of the gaps. Mr Surfacer 500 will fix the rest. Working on the wings now and then the lower fuselage before masking the cockpit for Mr Surfacer 1000.
  13. More progress. Fitted both the wings up but here's what they look like with and without the upper surface. I modified the landing light area a little and attempted to add the black wire frame on the lenses. Fighting my instincts, I resisted the urge to get an Eduard or Yahu panel and decided to try out the decal on the kit instrument panel fascia. With paint and Future top coat applied, I placed it on with Micro Set and Sol, following it up with Future on the dials. Quite surprised and pleased with the result (sorry about the out-of-focus shot - the camera refused to focus on the panel!). The instructions would have you fit the seat to the frame but I've followed the advice of others and fitted it to the port fuselage half after removing the locating lugs. It will now have to wait until I get my etched seat belts in a couple of weeks (the Airwave set's at home - of course!) before joining the halves.
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