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  1. Compressor and airbrush set This one's for sale in Australia but I'm sure you can get the same thing or similar where you are. These little compressors are good for small jobs but I also sprayed my 1/48 Lancaster with one and a similar starter airbrush as my good stuff was left at home.
  2. I think this is the first of these kits I've seen built. You've done a grand job, Sir! Wish I hadn't bought those two Italeri kits now...
  3. Lovely job. I have one of these in the stash, too - I hope I do half as good a job!
  4. Thanks, gents. The paint catches the light really well in the display cabinet, giving it that metallic look I was after. Looks much better than it did!
  5. Nice work! Sad to see another airfield going to ruin, though - it seems to be a common sight in the UK nowadays.
  6. Does anyone know how to contact the manufacturer for spares? I bought the C-37 version but want some parts from the Shavit version for my project.
  7. Love your flight deck - I'm going to respray mine and have a go at painting each instrument as you have. It looks so much better than my dry-brushing effort!
  8. That's lovely - especially as it's 1/72, rather than the more common 1/48.
  9. Thanks. Learned some good lessons on this rebuild which will be very useful for the one in the stash, too. The prop blade tool in the Quickboost lot of one - the blades are way too coarse for a static model and look to be at max pitch - not very realistic. The kit blades aren't far off the correct set for a static aircraft but you'll need to eyeball it. I set #1 propeller on this build at feather but the blade angles on the other blades is really too coarse for an aircraft with #1 loitered. If you're working the other engines that hard, you should've unfeathered three loitered engine!
  10. Thanks all. Should've mentioned this was my first use of Mr Color lacquer, too, which sprayed very nicely. H308 for the base; the props, antennae and walkways were painted with my usual Model Master enamels. A bit of weathering around the engine and APU exhausts with Humbrol weathering powder which went absolutely everywhere for days afterward - the jar and the other colour one I had went in the bin!
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