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  1. It's no better in 1/48. I did one a few years back and had similar struggles. At least you have one on the shelf (which is what I tell myself everytime I look at mine). Good work!
  2. Nice job! I have this in the stash to build as a BA aircraft but I'll be doing it in-flight and using your tips re the windshields to fix mine.
  3. There's a really good interview on YouTube with the designer of the kit. He gives a few tips on assembly, including the adding of weight.
  4. That's a nice build. That kit stacks up pretty well still, if you want to take the time to add some detail. I butchered one into an AH-1P a couple of years ago.
  5. Very nice job! I built the C172 a couple of years ago and had to add a LOT of weight to keep it on its gear.
  6. Thanks all. Despite its age, this goes together really well and there are a number of options in the kit to allow you to build a number of different versions. One of the easier models I've built in the last few years.
  7. Finished. RFI at https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235133985-148-snj-5-g-texn/ Thanks for looking in!
  8. Back in 2014, I did the Boultbee Spitfire Introduction course at Goodwood. The course involved 70 minutes in a Chipmunk, followed by 40 minutes in a Harvard and a Spitfire Tr.9. The Harvard was this one: I've managed to do two models of the aircraft I flew in so far and this is the second of them. WIP is here: 1/48 SNJ Texan - Work in Progress - Aircraft - Britmodeller.com One last one with the last aircraft in the training continuum: I probably should've picked out the unpainted screws in the panels but time's against me. I needed to finish this by the end of the week as everything's going into store for an extended period after Christmas while we move to the Netherlands for a year or so. This classic Revell/Monogram kit was added to with Eduard P-51D wheels (most warbird T-6s use the Mustang wheels as they have disc brakes and anti-shimmy tailwheel tyres), Metallic Details CW-22B propeller (they're both Hamilton-Standard 2D30 props), Barracuda Studios spade grip in the front cockpit, Eduard details set (for the Occidental kit) that I used bits and pieces from and Microscale decals. Each letter and number is separate, so took a bit of mucking about! The decals on the engine cowl are from a 1/72 USAF C-130 that I had in the decals stash. None of the decals are the correct size but all are close. I made the antenna on the spine from a piece of metal rod and drilled out the pitot tube, added the ADF antenna on the belly from a modified Mirage III part and cut the elevators to show them drooped as they lock in that position on the ground. Unfortunately, the lovely artists' chalk white exhaust weathering I did on the port side disappeared with the Future clear coats; a phenomenon I experienced with the Lancaster, too despite the matt coat over them. I might need to use a different technique in future where white is used (no pun intended!) I didn't pick up until I was decalling that this particular T-6 doesn't use the standard tail nav lights on the vertical stabiliser and instead has a single one on the rudder. I wasn't about to go back and do it again! Enjoy! The Chipmunk still to come is the Heritage Models version I hunted down about a year before Airfix release their excellent version. Oh, well.
  9. I've worked on Bell 47s and you're correct. There are a number of different diameter tubes used on the tailboom and the engine truss frames. Way too hard to reproduce in metal for me!
  10. I've been thinking about doing this with mine in the stash. It would get very tail-heavy, though and would be very finnicky to boot! Yours looks great as is.
  11. Nice job. Some of those older kits can still build up well in the right hands.
  12. It'll look great in the new HQ. They should have a display case or two to keep it safe there!
  13. Here's where she's at currently. In the cabinet away from the dust. I've dirtied up the exhaust and lower fuselage a bit but not too much as these warbirds do get very well cared for. Next update will hopefully be an RFI post!
  14. Windscreen removed, cleaned, repainted and reattached! Hmm, don't seem to have one of the attached windscreen. I'll fix that! The prop came out pretty well, too. I also got around to decalling. Not many to do on this one - she's bereft of stencils! The stencils on the rudder are a little oversize but as close as I could get to the originals. All decals are a mix from different sources. Getting close now - just need to wait for the decals and paint touch-ups to cure, then I can gloss coat over. Wheels can go on after that.
  15. @Pappy may be able to help. He has a reference or two for F-111Cs!
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