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  1. That's beautiful work - the injection-moulded Lancaster was a struggle; to take on a vacform of this size and produce such a marvellous outcome is a tremendous effort!
  2. I tried this, too. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line something became glued and I needed a lot of filler on my GR4!
  3. Bell209

    Tornado GR4 - Revell 1/48

    Thanks. I've gone with RAF Dark Camouflage Grey - it looks about right.
  4. Bell209

    TIALD pod colour

    I assume the ladder colour (and other GSE) is the same colour green?
  5. Bell209

    TIALD pod colour

    On further examination, it seems to be a dark grey (camouflage grey?).
  6. Bell209

    TIALD pod colour

    Thanks, Dave. The one that was on the aircraft when I flew in it was definitely a shade of green, so Green BS 381c - 241 would seem to be the go.
  7. Bell209

    TIALD pod colour

    Thanks, Selwyn!
  8. Bell209

    TIALD pod colour

    Does anyone know what colour the TIALD pod carried on the Tornadoes was? I know it's green - an idea of what shade would be great. Thanks!
  9. Bell209

    F4-J Phantom II 1/48 Academy

    Phabulous finish and one of the best schemes the F-4 wore, IMHO.
  10. Bell209

    1/48 MBB BK-117

    It's coming out nicely! I'd love a B-2 or C-1 to do in the (then) Sunshine Coast Helicopter Rescue Service colours when we were sponsored by AGL. Maybe one day someone wil give us a kit in 1/48 that covers a few versions. Even a BK117C-2/EC145 would be nice.
  11. Already posted here but it's in awesome company in this post! Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster B.III (Special) from the original Grand Slam/Dambuster boxing.
  12. Bell209

    Tornado GR4 - Revell 1/48

    Anyone have any idea what colour these are supposed to be? I know they're green - an indication of the shade would be nice!
  13. Bell209

    1/48 MBB BK-117

    Looks like a C-1 - are you modelling it as one or modifying it into a B-2?
  14. Bell209

    Tornado GR4 - Revell 1/48

    Back again! Now that the tail and wings are assembled, I'll leave the elevons off until after painting, along with the exhausts - less masking that way! I've also been working on the pylons and stores. One of the fellow-modellers at Aussie Modeller kindly donated the fuselage pylons I needed (thanks again, Ash!) and I'm utilising the outer pylons Shaun casts. I've raided the Airfix kit I first bought for the Hindenberg tanks and BOL missile launchers, too. The BOL rails haven't come up too badly with the etched metal rails fitted. I'll probably need to do a bit to the aft section, though. Flap assemblies will be painted separately before fitting to the wings. The whole lot will be getting a coat of paint before too long now. I'll be using the Sky Shadow pods from the Revell kit for the outer pylons.
  15. Bell209

    Tornado GR4 - Revell 1/48

    No chance of binning it but it is a little frustrating! One of the fine modelers at Aussie Modeller just sent me the arts I need for the British Tornado pylons, so I can move on with those, too.