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  1. Yeah, it looks lovely and there are a series of photos of it on the site. I referred to it often when building mine. Click on the photo to go to the site.
  2. I used these as references for mine using the Airwaves set. The Mk.XVII at Yeovilton was handy, too (I took quite a few pics from weird angles). This might help avoid some of the issues.
  3. The last two RAAF tankers were modified ex-QANTAS aircraft, not new-builds. I'm in! I have a Welsh Models E-7A Wedgetail but am not keen to do the same for a P-8A
  4. You can say that again - even the leading and trailing edges are wavy! Most of this afternoon was spent stretching sprue to go in the gaps. I think it's come up okay but I won't really know until I start sanding and filling. The wheel well roof etch was discarded as it's too much trouble to fit for little benefit. I'll use the door linings and the actuating mechanisms, though. The unused etch will be useful for the speed brake wells.
  5. Oh dear. Like the Venom currently in progress by Hendie, the gaps are terrible - and that's after I sanded the fuselage and wings to produce a better fit.. The problem is the wing/fuselage junction doesn't meet everywhere. You can get it to fit on top or at the bottom or at the front or at the training edge but not at all four points! These gaps are too big to fill with Mr. Surfacer or even Milliput, I think. I'll need to put some plastic strips in there before filling with the usual suspects. I hate filling and sanding... I also decided to pull the tailpipe out and replace it with a piece of brass tube alone. It'll be fitted after painting's complete. This kit's a lot of work, despite its low parts count.
  6. Terrible fits on these kits - I just test-fitted the wings on my Vampire and there are big gaps everywhere.
  7. Nicely done. You didn't want to tackle the Welsh Models 1/72 version then?
  8. Hasegawa have the single in their release range for this year again.
  9. There have been quite a few Revell GR.4s and F.3s built here in the last couple of years. Have a read and don't make the same mistakes we have! It's a nice kit but there are some issues.
  10. Some useful tips for my Vampire WIP - thanks very much!
  11. I got my last bottle at Walmart in Long Beach about eight months ago (their last bottle in stock). It's not available in Australia but is (at the moment at least) called Pledge Long Life Floor Gloss in the USA. I think it's called something similar in the UK?
  12. Might be the composition. Trial a different type (I use Future with no issues on anything).
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