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  1. Looks a lot better than my effort! Very nice.
  2. I never liked that scheme but you've done a good job on it. One of my mate's heard someone comment to Spencer Flack about how he thought it was an odd choice of colour scheme, to which Flack replied, 'Why - what colour's your Spitfire?' Touché!
  3. Nicely done. I wish someone would do the BK117 family in 1/48. They've been used in EMS roles around the world for years and I'm sure there's a market.
  4. A real masterclass in scratchbuilding.
  5. Sorry, Anthony; our Cat is a PBY-6A, so doesn't have beaching gear. It doesn't have the radar pod, either. I've got the Maintenance Manuals on USB somewhere - I just have to find them!
  6. Ryan occasionally visits the Aussie Modeller forums (http://forum.aussiemodeller.com.au/). You can leave him a message on there. He has a young family and can take a while to reply.
  7. Let me know if you need anything extra - I'm making regular trips to HARS now and can get access to whatever you need from our PBY-6A, thanks to the project lead, Gordon Glynn.
  8. Look like a nicer kit than the Trumpeter version I have in my stash - nice job!
  9. Very nice work on both. I have the SH-2G in the stash to do as one of the short-lived RAN SH-2G(A) aircraft; how did you find building it? One of the best videos I've ever seen and much talked about post-Timor! Congrats to the Kiwi pilots for taking the p!ss out of themselves (or their A-4 brothers).
  10. I've just started this kit and hope mine comes out half as well as yours!
  11. Nice work! I have quite a few hours in these towing gliders in a few locations around Australia and wouldn't mind a 1/48 version of one. Apparently Heritage Aviation Models did one a few years back?
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