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  1. Always been one of my favourite German aircraft and yours looks great!
  2. Absolutely fabulous! I love it.
  3. Really lovely work, Calum. That cabinet looked pretty full when I saw it last year - are you sure there's room for that? It would look good in my house...
  4. Bell209


    I think that's my favourite of all the F-4 USN schemes and you've done a superb job on it! Funny, I was only thinking about how average the 1/32 offerings are compared to the 1/48 now and then you deliver this up!
  5. Bell209

    A-10 Thunderbolt II

    Looking good so far. This has always been one of my favourite jet aircraft - ugly but nasty!
  6. I've seen a variation of wheel wells in aircraft and photos. It would seem they were usually painted aluminium in the factory (before all the skins were fitted) with the gear retracted and before the wings were fitted but any repaints included painting the wells. The Mk.IIa in the Australian War Memorial Museum is in original paint and has painted wells but it is also in Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey/Light Sea Grey, suggesting it was repainted in theatre as it was built when they were coming out of the factory in the BoB era scheme. This, too, will spark a heap of opinion!
  7. Bell209

    1/48 Westland Scout

    Not unusual for me to take forever on a kit but this has been languishing for a while now! I've been waiting for two diameters of brass tube for the crosstubes to replace my earlier sprue attempts as they're not holding the weight. In the meantime, I've been convalescing at home this week and finally had time to do something on it: I've started adding some detail to the engine and MGB workdeck area. Tomorrow I'll add a couple of other details then paint. There's a heap of wiring/piping to add but I'm not sure if I should do that before attaching the engine or after.
  8. You're a machine! Lovely work on a (largely) forgotten aircraft.
  9. Very nice! A not-often-modelled subject that should be given more attention.
  10. Bell209

    Mitsubishi A6M2b 'Zero'

    Can't believe the massive steps forward you take with each model, Shellie - you're much better than me!
  11. Yeah, I noticed that after I'd added mine, too. I think I can get away with mine though, as the oval shape was introduced later in the war. If I could do it again, I'd get the brass barrels, though!
  12. I've had a few clear coat dramas over the years, too. Yours looks to have come up the goods - nicely done!
  13. Love your work, Johnny! Like so many of your techniques, I think I'll steal the recognition lights technique for mine, too!
  14. Bell209

    Lancaster questions

    It certainly looks like it. I've never seen any good pictures of the lower turret and this aeroplane seems to have at least some of it still fitted (it is an early B.I version). The coloured lights are recognition lights. Most Lancasters and Lincolns had them (the rear of the H2S radome was clear so they could be seen with the radome fitted).
  15. Bell209

    Lancaster questions

    Do these help? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XJVKTD0GCCr8JA6ObOKSz6KLNTUW-IjT https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IsRSK8WMDHtfrNa5I84Cgj3rbYBLt5sr From W4783 in the Australian War Memorial Museum last week.