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  1. Some excellent work there! The dearth of civil subjects in 1/48 is a constant frustration. I'm going to build a PA28R-200 from two vintage Minicraft Piper Cherokee kits and some scratchbuilding - nothing as ambitious as your work!
  2. Looking fabulous! I didn't use threaded rod for mine and the rocket is still quite stable, even with the whole lot sitting on the crawler.
  3. Looks like most paints are difficult to get atm. My LMS has very few Humbrol enamels, which are my go-to along with Colourcoats (thanks @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies!) now that Model Master are nearly gone. Looks like a swap to lacquers is on the cards eventually.
  4. I use shotgun pellets. You can buy them in bulk from gun shops without a licence and they get into the smallest places. Held in place with PVA glue. Nice model, too. I did the Trumepter J-7G a while back and it's nowhere near as good as the Eduard MiG-21 series.
  5. @LDSModeller has had one of these on the go for quite a while. He's the subject matter expert here and I bought one of these kits based on his work. I've yet to start it...
  6. Craig at AeroWorks in Adelaide has a batch due in shortly
  7. Lovely! Not the easiest kit, either from memory - certainly not an Eduard, anyway.
  8. Nice to see it finished, Dave! Great work, as usual.
  9. Mike responded promptly to an email I sent him recently and I was able to purchase a CV-22 detail kit from him. He doesn't send overseas but I managed to get it sent to a mate who is living in Texas and our boss brought it back to Australia for me last month. Most people like Mike run cottage industries and have lives outside of our community. I'm surprised we get the prompt response we do at times! I knew Mike had some personal issues but had no idea of the details. I pray he and his wife will enjoy their remaining time together.
  10. Thanks for posting this, Ray. I've been considering one of these but haven't decided on which kit yet. Looks like the Hasegawa one is now a front-runner!
  11. Well, I'm not but some of my teammates are! My projects are the AP-3C Orion and UH-1Bs (all flying) - they keep me busy enough without getting into the Vampires, too. More about HARS at: HARS Aviation Museum - Albion Park - Home | Facebook and HARS Aviation Museum. The Hueys are part of the Navy Heritage Flight - links off the HARS website menu.
  12. Those cowls aren't always the best fit on the real thing, so yours looks quite realistic as you have it now.
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