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  1. Excellent work! I'm intending to use the same kit to do one of the RAAF machines, so it's great to see how it can come out.
  2. Very nice! I saw one of these 'shoot down' a Mil-24 on Red Flag a few years ago - very impressive
  3. I'm not sure about the law in the UK but here in Australia you can buy shotgun lead shot without a firearms licence. I use it for weight in most of my models and it's cheap and fills small spaces easily. A bit of PVA glue holds it all in place.
  4. Yes. I have one of these in the stash, too. Nice to see it builds up well.
  5. That's fabulous! Ironically, the RAAF is looking for a replacement FAC aircraft at the moment to replace the PC-21s, which can't carry live ammo.
  6. Very nice work on all of your BoB aircraft. Just need a Stuka and some fighters now!
  7. A couple of small updates. Wingtip tanks and ailerons are fitted. I've also fitted the horizontal stabilisers: Next step is to mask and spray some Mr Surfacer 1000 on all parts to see what I've missed before fitting the wings.
  8. Yeah, I never did get mine to sit properly, even with all the hints from other modellers!
  9. 100%! Way too many aircraft have disappeared from history - even some that were produced in their thousands
  10. It's the exit point for the pressurisation control valve. Most pressurised aircraft have two - an Outflow Valve (normal control) and a Safety Valve to prevent over-pressurisation (just in case the Outflow Valve fails closed).
  11. If you go down this path, have a look at some of the builds that have been done on this forum over the last few years. I found other builders' notes very useful when building mine but I still made a few errors.
  12. That's the Outflow Valve exit vent. The sonobuoy chute is further forward and inboard
  13. Agree. I'm struggling though one currently but the Eduard and PlusModel additions for it are nice. The detail on it is pretty good, even if it is raised, rather than engraved. The only game in town for the foreseeable future - you can thank me for someone releasing a new kit as soon as I complete my Hasegawa build!
  14. Very nicely done! I have one of these in the stash, too (bought before Airfix issued theirs). Thanks for the little tips and tricks.
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