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  1. Ah, cool. The new Buccaneer is out then. I've had a couple of them reserved for me at my local kit seller since last summer. I look forward to seeing this one being built. Cheers, Stefan.
  2. Hi, Thanks for taking an intrest. I'm trying to finish the models for Interceptor GB first. I might build a Hahn or Torrejon F-16C during the F-16 STGB later this year. Cheers, Stefan.
  3. Great news! It didn't look like ZM was ever going to do this version of the F-4. They might even be here in time for the F-4 STGB on BM. Cheers, Stefan.
  4. Hi, This is the Hasegawa F-16A that I'll build for the GB. I've been wanting to build this one for a long time. The load-out will feature 2 TER's with 3 Mk82's with airburst fuses. Shawn Hull of Shull24 resin made the fuses for me many years ago. Cheers, Stefan.
  5. Hi, It's time to add another couple of build threads. This is the pretty neat Revell kit. There are two kits in the picture...I've read that the standard load-out for ALARM Tornado's had three missiles and there are only two of them in the kit. I have in the past tried to build the really nice Flightpath ALARM's with the delicate PE fins. I'll build my ALARM Tornado with the kit missiles. The fins are fatter, but they're all there and not bent. You may notice that the top box has a 5€ price tag...I bought that one at a swap meet in 2012.
  6. Thanks, Enzo. She'll be in the markings of the South Carolina ANG, decals from the new Bullseye Decals sheet. Depending on how it all goes, I may enter more F-16 builds from that sheet in the GB. Cheers, Stefan.
  7. Hi, I have started the construction of the kit. The first wing (of this dual combo) that I built will be used for the late Mk I. I have started the other wing for my 1938 model for two reasons. I may have been a bit careless in how I glued parts P15 and P16 in place. I then realised that these will be the location of the landing gear legs. If P 15 and P 16 are not well done, the gear is bound to look wonky. I may build the other Spitfire of the dual combo as a flying one now. While I was glueing the gun barrel parts (R10 and R11) in place, I started to doubt where
  8. Hello , Adam. No, I'll leave it as it is. Cheers, Stefan.
  9. Hi, Apart from the 1/144 Victor and a likely 1/72 Tornado, I'd also like to build a 1/48 F-16. I could build other F-16's, but I'm rather keen to finish this Hasegawa F-16A started many years ago. Is it still under the 25 % rule? Cheers, Stefan.
  10. Hi, This is my GWH Victor K2 in 1/144. I'll use the Kitsworld decals to build it as XM715 Teasin' Tina. Cheers, Stefan.
  11. Hi, So, what might be the "secret item" due for December or maybe 2022? I have no connection with Eduard, so anything I write here is just my own speculation. I think it will be a new mould 1/48 scale fighter. My guess is the Hawker Hurricane. I believe they've said before that they were going to do it and there is the connection with the Czechoslovak pilots in the RAF. Or maybe a Mig-15, -17 , -19 or -23? My favorite would be the Mig-19, but since they have recently offered re-boxings of the Trumpeter kit, I don't think so. Same with the Mig-23.
  12. Hi, Having been there and with my love of Japanese kits, I couldn't possibly let this one go without participating. Cheers, Stefan.
  13. Hi, Finished today, the 1st of January. Cheers, Stefan.
  14. Hi, I finally finished this one today, the 1st of January. As we had some sunny spells, I decided to take the photographs outside on a bit of sand. My model looks better from a good 2 feet away, but I do like it. Notwithstanding the flaws, I'm happy to have a model of Neville Duke's ER821. Maybe some day, I'll build a better model of his ER220. More pictures in the gallery. Cheers, Stefan.
  15. Hi, I'd love to participate, probably with a Mig 21 Bis of the Indian Air Force. Cheers, Stefan.
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