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  1. I have noticed that Revell are selling the Tempest at a higher price than the original Special Hobby boxing. A bit cheeky??? I reckon it's at least £15.00 overpriced.
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right chat room but it's paint orientated. On eBay, there are weathering airbrush stencils by Llang, predominately for 1/35 afv's. Just to inform you, these are not made from brass or any other metal but laser cut wood or card, I can't quit tell exactly which. I just thought I'd let you know if you already didn't. I'm not sure if they need to be coated/varnished so the paint won't seep in and expand the material.
  3. It looks like a great kit. Let's enjoy it without being pompous or self righteous.
  4. Looking good so far I never knew why Italeri would do a flat cockpit using decals when they spent all that time making an avionics bay?!
  5. Does it come with any figures, it would give it a sense of scale more. Cool looking kit subject though
  6. Looking good. I've got one in my little stash cupboard. I think it's time for a new tool, both in 1/72 and 1/48.
  7. I've had good results using clear nail varnish. It holds photo etch too.
  8. Lovely gubbley. These cockpit kits have always been a favourite of mine, but it was many many years ago I built them, so it's nice to see them back again. My only wish is I always wanted them to expand the range but they never did. I think they would have been excellent sellers for them. Mig 21, F-111 etc so many to choose from and us modellers LOVE cockpits!
  9. Elation to deflation. I've seen some unboxings of this new kit and it's going to be an after-market magnet.
  10. OUTSTANDING! I've had my eye on some Blackdog resin for some time now (S3 Viking 1/48) Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see the finished bird.
  11. http://www.ata-e.com/ata-engineering-successfully-completes-engine-testing-drag-demand-technology/
  12. Looking good. It's a really nice kit, I built mine last year, just be careful with the bomb bay doors if you have these in the open position, the doors are a nightmare for location!
  13. Good luck with the build. I too have read mixed reviews, more negative than positive. I have the Trumpy version still sitting in the garage waiting for me to pull my finger out!
  14. I'm building this right now (44 silver) and it's got to be one of Hobby Boss's best fitting kits so far. The decals are super thin and as good as any after market ones, I cocked one up so there's an odd decal now on the tail but that's my fault. The only negative thing I can think of is there's zero stencilling, whether this is correct I don't know as maybe the real thing didn't have any anyway but the IP decal fits perfectly. I would slightly deviate from the instructions and leave off the undercarriage door arms (B13 and C37) until after assembly as these WILL get knocked off. I did think about doing the camo version, but I chickened out lol.
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