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  1. Top job! what a fantastic build and weathering.
  2. Cool, but I hope it's priced reasonably, Tamiya are not kind to it's buyers.
  3. About time, and hopefully a B-26 Marauder too. I expect the usual boring 'expert' model builders will start picking the kit to bits just by seeing that picture.
  4. Looking very good. I'm building mine right now and what a great kit. The detail and fit is fantastic, not bad for a 'push together' model. I wish Bandai made aircraft kits as good as this.
  5. Hi, Revell have re-issued the Dragon Bf-110 c-2/c-7 in 1/32 (cool) and this is probably old news to everyone but I haven't seen any reviews yet to see if Revell have kept everything 'as was'. Any news or inbox reviews of the Revell kit? (I've searched but found nothing).
  6. Page 2 and not a single pic! It's supposed to be 'work in progress'
  7. Thankyou very much for that, much appreciated!
  8. Hi. This might seem a dumb question for many, but I've seen photo's of Scimitars' and Buccaneers ready for take off on aircraft carriers tail sitting, I just wondered how they did it. (sarcastic comments accepted but don't be too boring, thanx).
  9. Looking good, but be careful gluing the instrument panel to the fuselage sides (suggest leaving one side free hanging), the front windscreen is a bit too narrow so you'll have to pinch that area closed.
  10. Hope it's better than the 1/32 P-51, must have been done by Revells B team.
  11. I've found one of the best materials for canvas/bedding in 1/35 are the spectacle wipes, dead cheap and they dry hard into your preferred shape. I can't see (no pun) why they can't be used in your little scale. Worth a go?
  12. Just seen your post as I've just bought a bottle from Hobbycraft. Same price but different bottle though I suspect the same product. Might make a bit of difference than the usual white glue.
  13. I was pleasantly surprised with Revells Aqua paints. I use their own brand thinner and they spray really nice. I thought they were a bit gimmicky looking at them (silly pots).
  14. Nice build. That canopy has the same problem as mine, it's not the seam too much but there's a bit of sag and it seems a bit '3rd rate', it's the weakest part of the kit. I have two of these kits and the first canopy had what looked like black soot embedded in it. Got a replacement though from them. Apart from that, the detail is great, one of Revells better kits. I can't wait too see the finished bird.
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