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  1. Me too! I came for the airplane built where I work, but stayed for the new type I've never heard of and am keen to learn about
  2. That is by far the most beautiful and realistic bare metal finish I've ever seen on a model. It's really inspiring me to build the Mirage IIIO I have in my stash!
  3. Here's my 1:72 Airfix Gnat, built in 17 hours and 15 minutes: It was challenging to get it done, but I'm thrilled withe the result. Great builds, everyone!
  4. Thanks everyone! Here are some photos that didn't make the gallery:
  5. That's the one that made me want to build this kit too. I was very young at the time and thought that it was the smallest propeller I'd ever seen on a plane. How could it possibly have been so fast?
  6. That's progressing quickly, you'll have it done in no-time. Nice job masking the canopy!
  7. Woohoo! Finished! Off to bed for me! Unlike last year, I'll try and remember to put it in the gallery tomorrow morning! Happy building everyone!
  8. 15 hours in and the decals are on. We're on to the home straight now!
  9. Little paper clips. They're also great for holding thin trailing edges and other small parts together while glue sets. I got the paint on! Now for decals!
  10. Update time! More cockpit paint, and side-build assembled Cockpit decals applied Inserted into the fuselage with seatbelts added Wings attached, and some ejector seat cords made from the lead from a resistor And canopy attached!
  11. A few hours in and its snack time! So, up to now I've assembled most of the interior. Here's the main cockpit parts: Then I attached the inlets. Luckily I read through some views so I knew to expect that these would put up a fight. I got there in the end, but this is looking like a prime location for filling and sanding. Paint for the cockpit started with black, then a mist of ocean grey over the top. Other details were then hand-painted in a few Tamiya colours. Finally, a dark wash. After I finish this coffee, I'll add the instrument panel decals, then paint the main wheel-wells and close the thing up. I *think* I can attach the main gear after the fuselage is closed, which will vastly improve the masking and painting experience, but the instructions say not to. Test fitting will ensue.
  12. Ready....Set...... ....Go!
  13. Hmm, the wings of a Spitfire. I'm guessing we may get an air-sea rescue scene of some sort.
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