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  1. I found that the gap fitted a piece of evergreen plastic perfectly. I think it was 0.02in thick but will check later. I'd advise any future builders to glue it onto the front of the starboard-side window piece and trim to shape before adding the rest of the glazing.
  2. Time for a small update. There's still not a huge amount I can do without the conversion set. I want to attach the new engine nacelles to the wings before attaching the wings to the fuselage. That will make things easier if lots of sanding and filling are necessary. You never know with resin. In the meantime, I shot some paint at the Eduard resin wheels, which are very detailed. I also did some work around the forward fuselage. Unfortunately, there was a fairly large gap between two of the clear parts. I masked around it and put some filler in. I
  3. I'm eagerly awaiting that conversion as well. I though the engines were all I needed for an early Mk.V, but Chris was kind enough to explain the differences in the nacelles to me as well, which saved me from making some major accuracy blunders!
  4. After a few late-night sessions, I've managed to get almost all of the coloured photoetch into the cockpit. I had to skip a few pieces that were just too small to handle. I read somewhere that the pre-coloured Eduard etch looks a lot better under a coat of flat varnish. I decided to try it using some Vallejo acrylic matt varnish, and I think it worked a treat! I've adorned the navigators table with an aerial photo of the Fishermans Bend airfield. Technically its a photo from 1945, but close enough. Especially at this scale, where I doubt
  5. It's pretty cool. Beaufighters, Lincolns, Canberras, Mirages, Nomads, Jindiviks, Hornets and 787s have all been fully or partially built there (and maybe some other types that I'm forgetting too). So THAT's what it is. Thanks! Good thing Airfix provide both options, isn't it? Surely Airfix should have expected this when they let us Aussies have it before everyone else So, on with the build. I started off with a coat of Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black acrylic over the interior. The intention was to try and use this to accentuate any sh
  6. Ah, I see. I'd linked to a photo from there before and it worked. Thanks for figuring that one out! I'll keep that in mind and not link directly to them again. First post should be fixed momentarily after I submit this one. Right, lets make some progress on this thing. Actually, I already did, before I started this thread, but the first post was getting long. I've been really impressed by how well the kit fits together so far. I've also been impressed with the Eduard photo-etch, which has been easier to assemble than past sets from them that I've used. I'm especi
  7. Hmm, looks like I might have stuffed up the first link. I'll edit it and that might fix the issue.
  8. Greetings all! It's time for a project that I've been planning for well over a year. This year, on May 5, will be the 80th anniversary of the first newly-built* Beaufort Mk.V's first flight. This is not just an anniversary for the airplane though. It's also the first-flight of an airplane built by the Department of Aircraft Production at Fishermans Bend in Melbourne Australia. It just so happens that I now work on that same site. In fact, on most days I walk right through the hangar where it was built on my way to lunch. It's now full of Boeing 787 flaps under construction, a
  9. What is this kit, so I can make sure to never, ever get crazy ideas about building it? That must have been awful to discover.
  10. Looks good! Will theu come with the stand, or have you got a separate source for those?
  11. Hi! Its been a long time since I worked on this as I had to pack everything up and move house. I'm starting to tire of my current project, though, and may come back to this one soon.
  12. Hello all! I'm working on a Zvezda 737-800 in the new Alaska Airlines scheme. Just wondering if anyone's built anything in Alaska's current paint scheme before, and knows a good paint for their shade of dark blue (the main tail background, all the other colours are covered by the decals)? I've seen it referred to as "Dark Midnight Blue", and a cursory look says that Tamiya XF-17 might be a good starting point. Thanks for any advice! Beggsy
  13. Sounds like Bean Counter Man missed an opportunity to add spare parts!
  14. Hello all. Here's the 1:72 Kunkadlo I managed to put together: It was fun.....but TINY!!! My eyes need a rest!
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