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  1. Hello all! I'm working on a Zvezda 737-800 in the new Alaska Airlines scheme. Just wondering if anyone's built anything in Alaska's current paint scheme before, and knows a good paint for their shade of dark blue (the main tail background, all the other colours are covered by the decals)? I've seen it referred to as "Dark Midnight Blue", and a cursory look says that Tamiya XF-17 might be a good starting point. Thanks for any advice! Beggsy
  2. Sounds like Bean Counter Man missed an opportunity to add spare parts!
  3. Hello all. Here's the 1:72 Kunkadlo I managed to put together: It was fun.....but TINY!!! My eyes need a rest!
  4. Done! More photos once I get some sleep!
  5. That looks tasty! Nice modelling, too.
  6. Decals on! Just needs some rigging now, and only 13 hours in.
  7. Wheels, prop and a little weathering
  8. More shots, this one's going together quickly. The photoetch is fiddly, but the plastic is fitting together beautifully. No filler needed!
  9. Started at 8:30 exactly The fuselage makes a good jig for these two cockpit pieces Wood texture with watercolour pencils Cockpit parts complete! The seatbelts are a bit big, I reccomend cutting them shorter.
  10. This thing looks small, so it should take less time......right......? Starting tomorrow, aiming for the superhero option!
  11. I've got a nice little Eduard Kunkadlo that looks like it may not take too long....though those may end up being famous last words.
  12. I also like Solid Works, its the most intuitive CAD I've ever used. Now that work has gotten me used to Catia though, I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to anything else without missing one tool or another.
  13. Those look fantastic. I would love to see more kits if GA types in this scale. Maybe we'll see 3D printing become more mainstream for model production as time goes on.
  14. Lovely colours, and nice work with the engine!
  15. Me too! I came for the airplane built where I work, but stayed for the new type I've never heard of and am keen to learn about
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