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  1. CAC CA-17 Mustang Mk.20, A68-1. The first locally assembled Mustang here in Australia. Built from the Airfix 1/72 kit with aftermarket decals.
  2. OK, here's the result! 16 hours and 9 minutes after starting (assuming I don't have to wait for the decal setting solution to finish doing its thing), I present Mustang A68-1, the first CA-17 assembled by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation in Fishermens Bend, Victoria. I used decals from Red Roo Models and took A68-43's tail number, with the centre of the 4 cut out to make a 1. Reference photos I looked at had visible stencil data, so I used all of the ones Airfix provided. The CA-17s were assembled from kits supplied by North American (unlike the localy fabricated CA-18s) so I figured the stencils would probably be the same. My research also pointed to A68-1 having none of the Australian local modifications, making it easy to produce straight out of the Airfix box. Anyway, here are some quick photos from my phone, a gallery post will follow. As always it's been a pleasure building along with you all. Goodnight and good luck with your builds! Beggsy.
  3. OK, all the stencil details are done at 11:34PM. Might just get this done before midnight! So there's a Mustang fresh from the factory, before customisation. I guess I'll have to reveal the final scheme next! All that's left is a few more decals and painting the gun barrels.
  4. The prop spinner is about the shiniest result I've ever had with these paints. The main airframe is now sitting to let it's landing gear set. All airbrushing is done and it's not even midnight here. What is going on!?!?!
  5. Oh she's a beauty allright. I love the Vallejo Metal Colour range. Almost as good as Alclad, but in acrylic form.
  6. Been going for 10 hours now and its almost time to make it silver. I'm not too concerned about the time, it's a fairly simple decal scheme after this and I've been painting all the fiddly bits at the same time. Could be famous last words, but we'll see!
  7. It's hard to see the difference in this light, but the aluminium dope is on the wings.
  8. All masked up and ready for paint: Various clips have been impressed into service to hold small parts The primer is Mr. Suracer 1500. Pretty good, but one round of fill and sand will be needed.
  9. Comfortable for you perhaps. Sitting on a pole stuck in your back doesn't look comfortable at all!
  10. OK, the fuselage and wing sub-assemblies are together. Just waiting on some filler to dry before sanding and painting. Good time for lunch, I reckon. As for what I'm listening to, it's been the hour-long concert arrangement of "Good Boy, Good Boy" by Donut here. He only knows the one song. It got a bit repetetive after a while. The lyrics are "Good Boy, Good Boy", followed by and instrumental whistling section, then "Happy Boy", more whistling, and repeat. A chart topping classic? No. Adorably cute? Absolutely.
  11. Nice choice. I built the same kit for a blitzbuild a couple of year ago. That particular boxing had a ton of decals, which kept me up very late.
  12. Hi everyone! I missed this first blitzbuild this year so I'm keen to make amends and contribute this weekend. I'll be building Airfix's 1/72 Mustang. So, off we go! That was quick and easy Just kidding! I've built this kit a couple of times now in various paint schemes. This one will be something new using aftermarket decals. What will it be? You'll find out soon. Just like every other time I've built these parts, the control column snapped when removing it from the sprue. Luckilly it was easy to glue back together. It only took a little bit of assembly to be ready for the paint booth. I shot a few colours at it in the first session. This interior colour may give you a hint about the aircraft's eventual paint scheme. And then I hand painted some details, plus some dry brushing and a black wash. Now I'm waiting for the instrument panel decal to set while reading up on everyone else's builds. I should probably eat some breakfast too. Back soon with more progress!
  13. And so it begins: The first round of sanding wasn't too bad. Most of the putty was easily accessible to the 800 grit sanding stick. However, there was one gap that was too big for putty. I could have closed it up by squeezing the fuselage halves a bit, but then I'd have had a massive step to the wing piece. .040 inch Evergreen styrene to the rescue! Once the super glue holding that in cures, it will be trimmed back and another round of putty applied. I suspect I'll need one more after that too, before these gaps fully disappear.
  14. Same here. It was a mid-lockdown "I-haven't-spent-much-money-recently-so-I'll-try-and-ignore-the-eye-watering-shipping-price" kind of a purchase. So far, I'm pleased to report that the wings of the Kora kit were dead straight.
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