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  1. I know I said I was done..... But this morning, I woke up, and I saw the model, and I just wasn't happy with that star. Then I realised....I still had an hour and a half before my 24 were up! So I carefully applied some masking tape to a corner of the star, and had at it with the Olive Green. I then masked the next corner (hoping that Tamiya's paint would stick to the model better than the tape) and repeated around all 5 corners on each side. It worked!!!!! So now, for real this time, I am done. Enjoy the rest of your builds everyone, and thanks for all the kind words!
  2. Well, Flikr won't let me upload the last photo, but it's done. I'm off to bed! A full galery post will follow tomorrow. Goodnight, and pleasure building with you! Edit: It started working again:
  3. A late-breaking decal emergency has required me to replace the fuselage stars with the only ones I had in the spares box Oh well. One more coat of varnish over the new ones and this thing's done!
  4. Waiting for the panel line wash to dry enough to be removable now. Next up it's decals, then some weathering, a semi-gloss coat, the landing gear wires and finally the canopy.
  5. Green fixed, wheels attached. Time for gloss coat and decals!
  6. The current state of play: Yes, those side panels are removable! Unfortunately I'll be spraying the green again, as there's some clear overspray from doing the aluminium ring around the cowling
  7. Ducked out for a couple of hours, but now I'm back at it. Here's the fuselage mostly together. The little pieces that make up the cowling/inboard end of the wing leading edge were a pain to get in, but with enough wrestling eventually made it into place. It's also time for lunch! Thanks to @emily for making a run to the bakery.
  8. Yep, cherries. Having a french bakery only a block away from home is dangerous! Progress has been made on the cockpit/centre section and the engine. A little more complicated to put together than I expected, but lots of fun. Not sure if I'll be able to keep the panels around it removable or not, but hoping to!
  9. Not a lot of parts here, but a bit of flash on them. I've started putting the engine together, and the first pieces are ready for paint!
  10. I'm getting started! Being in Australia gives me a good head start. I'll be making this: And eating this: I may well be joined by @emily for this build, she's never done a Blitzbuild before so this will be fun! Also keeping a watchful eye on proceedings (or maybe pro-seed-ings ) will be Pippin and Snowy. Wish us all luck!
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