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  1. Ooh this sounds pretty neat. I'll find something to build, surely. Sign me up, please!
  2. You can sign me up to this, the Mirage IIIO is a particular interest of mine.
  3. Sign me up then, this is my favourite of the SAABs!
  4. 1/144s are a ton of fun, and (usually) nice and quick. Count me in for at least 1!
  5. I'm in, with an Air-Sea Rescue Spitfire if I can find a suitible kit and decals.
  6. You can count me in! I've been planning a build of CAC Mustang A68-1 and discovered that it still exists and has raced at Reno in a totally different colour scheme. That would make a cool pair of models.
  7. Well, I wasn't planning to be here (much as I love the F-14). I went online a couple of weeks ago to buy an F-14 in preparation/hope for the What If group build next year (if it passes the bunfight). However, in a little bit of fat-fingered clumsiness I put two in the shopping cart. There was enough other stuff in the order that the price looked about right and I didn't notice until they turned up together in the box! So now, I've got a spare one of these and there's a group build on so I may as well try and throw it together! This will be entirely OOB except for maybe a masking set. No fancy resin or scratch building this time! So without further ado, I got the first parts off the sprue: One evening and a lunchtime decal session later (the joys of working from home), we have this: So far, I've been impressed by the detail in the kit, but a bit suprised by the number of raised ejector pin marks I've had to remove from mating surfaces. Nothing to challenging thankfully. Now on with assembling the main body!
  8. I've got a whole bunch of Australia prototype models to make, I could definitely do one for this group build. Please sign me up!
  9. Got it in one! I guess the museum had the two incomplete aircraft and figured people would rather see a complete WWII fighter than some disassembled pieces. Maybe I could do a story along the lines of: A ship carrying P-40s to Australia hits a rogue wave and loses a container of wings overboard. The perfectly good fuselages are put into storage on arrival. A few years later the production of CAC Mustangs is ramping up but isn't providing fighters to the squadrons fast enough. The entire Mustang wing is a sub-assembly that's joined to the fuselage in a near complete state. Some bright spark at CAC realises that if they produce a few extra sets of wings and pay some engineers a bit of overtime, a few extra fighters can be had quickly and cheaply...
  10. I'm already signed up, but I'm having thoughts about a second build, and operational version of the infamous "Kittystang" from the museum at Moorabbin:
  11. I'm working on a small layout at the moment that will definitely involve some structure kits, and also possibly some freight cars. I'd bee keen to build one of those for this group build!
  12. I've got a couple of builds needing modification for my GAF / CAC prototypes theme, including: CMR CA-6 Wackett, modified with a Gypsy Major engine and cowling. Avro Lincoln, made from Airfix Lancaster with Blackbird conversion High Planes Winjeel, with the engine and vertical tail moved to their prototype locations So, count me in for one of those!
  13. Thanks for the kind words everyone! In excellent news on the "Aircraft-built-at-Fishemans-Bend" front, the Avro Lincoln conversion set from Blackbird has just come back into stock, and I've ordered one. That's going to be a big project! If anyone else had been eyeing up that set, get in quick and order yourself one!
  14. Which parts are you looking at using? I saw that CMK do a full conversion set now. If the rest of it has as much detail as the hedgehog exhaust I used, it should be great. The HPM set is pretty good too, but hard to find these days.
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