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  1. Or is the Tamiya piece too long? Probably not, but perhaps worth checking just in case.
  2. We have winners! The Airfix will become K5054 and the Tamiya will become the High Speed (it has shallower panel lines that will be easier to fill). The camera and the indoor lighting. I might get some in daylight tomorrow.....maybe.... Anyway, here's the current state of progress. Both aircraft's cockpits are complete, and are ready for the fuselage halves to be joined. The Tamiya can have the cockpit inserted from below after the halves are joined, so I may do the panel line filling first to try and avoid damage to the fine details. Here are the Tamiya parts: (oops, that's the Airfix cockpit!) And here are the Airfix bits: The seatbelts are made from painted Tamiya tape, everything else is OOB at the moment. I'm not too concerned with accuracy of the cockpits since reference photos are practically non-existant for these two, and I'll be shutting the canopy so not much will be visible. I've left the oxygen tanks out of the high-speed example since they would have been extra weight. Since the Tamiya parts were a nicer moulding than the Airfix ones, they've found their way into that kit instead. Now the next quiz for the Spitfire fans here: How will I make the High Speed spit without having access to anything close to that 4-bladed fixed pitch propeller it had? There is a plan in place.....
  3. So a bit of progress this evening. I've painted the basic interior colours of each, and assembled the major cockpit pieces. Phone-photo's aren't great quality, I'm afraid. Tamiya: Airfix: Another hint: The Airfix and Tamiya kits are going to swap their main landing gear with each other.......
  4. I have Seven spitfire kits sitting in my stash.....time to build two of them! I'm thinking of doing something interesting with this pair of Mk.I kits: As to what that is.....I'm not going to tell you just yet! I will be using some of these though.... And one or more of the un-used parts off of this sprue of a past project: Want another hint? This one might confuse more than it helps, but I'll be scavenging these exhaust pipes from the Airfix Hurricane for one of the spits: These are going to be fun, I think! (And the Hurricane might get it's own WIP. Given that it shares a lot of colours inside, it will be built concurrently)
  5. I'm humbled to have even made the top 3! There were some fantastic builds in there. I'll gladly do another of these group builds.
  6. Agreed!! I'm excited, lots of great models in this build!
  7. I am blown away by what you've done here. That interior detail defies belief! Are you sure this isn't 1:72?
  8. Learning curve? I see what you did there
  9. Its over a year away, but there is a P-51 STGB on the horizon......if you can wait that long.
  10. Beggsy


    I'm sure you can, this kit goes together like a dream!
  11. Beggsy

    Blue Noser

    EDIT: Looks like I forgot to click "Submit" on this before I went to work today. Oops! Here are all the pictures, including the ones that didn't make it to the gallery. Well, I'm afraid I've once again gone on a building spree without taking any in progress photos, and it's done! Since the last post, I have: - Added decals - Done a panel line wash around the cowling and control surfaces (the remaining lines being bold enough already) - Used some Tamiya weathering powders for exhaust and gun smoke staining - Applied gloss varnish all over - Applied matt varnish to the nose and the fore-mentioned weathering - Attached all the little bits and details - Cut a new radio aerial from plastic card - Drilled a hole in the canopy for the radio wire to the tail - Had an "Oh bother" moment upon realising it probably shouldn't be on this aircraft - Breathed a sigh of relief upon realising that most European Theatre aircraft had the hole and a small cover even after the wire was removed. - Cut a tiny cover for the hole from plastic card - Dry brushed the propeller And after all that, here she is! What a thoroughly enjoyable build. It's reminded me why I had so much fun the first time I build this kit. It won't be the last one, either! Beggsy
  12. OK, here's mine, done up with the decals out of the box for a 352nd Fighter Group machine. Build thread here: Great group build, thanks everyone!
  13. Looking good! I love the racing Mustangs, can't wait to see this finished!
  14. Beggsy

    Blue Noser

    The metals are Vallejo Metal Colour (various mixes of Aluminium and Duraluminium for different panels). The blue is Vallejo 71.088 French Blue.