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  1. Hi all... When you do your dawings whether 2d or 3d do you do them at actual full size so you can scale them to any size? or do you draw at the scale you will be modelling? Thanks
  2. Just followed the link and all in Polish including a dialogue box that wont let me proceed to see the actual book.. is there an English language link please?
  3. awsome build... there is quite alot of detailed info on one of the Build-thread.com threads regarding an F40 LM
  4. Hi MIke.... Dont go for the miniture multifunction lathe mill..and the rule of thumb is normally think of the sizes you normally machine and get a size bigger at least. Im not sure you will get anything that is in your price range that is any good.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landkreuzer_P._1000_Ratte
  6. Love the thread....definately no sanity in or near Slough, caravan or otherwise..it must have moved....no forwarding address??
  7. Model looks great... dont know if you reasearch alot...but there is a really good utube video of a Matilda renovation, done by the Tank museum..
  8. Loads of excellent books around.... but probably the 'Panther Project' books one and two..would be what you need for interior colours... let me know what you need...
  9. Hi all..I have got 'normal' plastic sheet, but I'm looking for something a bit more rigid to make a tank body with...any ideas..what do people use?
  10. Thanks all.... i have plenty of the Evergreen type sheets, but they are quite flexable...... G10 seems to be used by RC modellers in the us as far as i can see...although it seems to be quite expensive at about £12 for a 12" x 9"sheet...
  11. Hi All What does everybody use for rigid sheet when scratch building? i've seen some stuff called G10..that is a fibreglass layered sheet......
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