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    RAF in Mediteran and Balkan teater & 15 Af USAF in WWII
    Japan air forces from begining to today
    Finnland air force from begining to today

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  1. Dark Mediterranean Blue or Azure Blue can you see the red UF codes? The clip is not clean. P.k
  2. Not much help to solve the problem. This happens with all VAC old canopies. In stash i have some Classic Airframes and MpM kit and aftermarket Falcon,Aeroclub with this problem age around 20+ years. No work for them are all on hold ....even the union cannot help them. I have some from RobTaurus that are still transparent after ten years. P.k
  3. Price quality and punctuality on site in 1/72 there is no better. https://www.armahobby.com/category/aircraft-models-hurricane P.k
  4. For early typ21 ZERO : Spinner is painted silver, propeller blades rear tea brown, polished aluminum front with red tip two warning lines. I recently painted mine in 1/72 like that. A6M2 typ 21 ZERO A6M3 typ 22&32/ 52 ZERO
  5. The exact colors are from http://hataka-hobby.com/products/ww2-dutch-af-paint-set-vol-1/# P.k
  6. That is the answer https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-486-northrop-p-61-black-widow--159764 When I was a kid I had one Build sometime in 1977 these were the times in Yugoslavia when there was a PLASTIC KIT: Revell, Airfix, Frog, Lincoln.Int, Heller. P.k
  7. Trumpeter early type Mig-3 is the only starting point currently on the market the late version is less realistic (is early with some modifications)* If you are more demanding, you need to replace quite a few details with aftermarket resin & brass. Of course, decals are also irregularities in the box. P.k
  8. Bomb sight https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/bombsight-japanese-navy/nasm_A19601899000
  9. This is a really great build! It is a great inspiration to me for my project. Im LIKE, LIKE! hope the other two can go through "service" repair. by P.k
  10. No Russia F.s standard . In the west this gray is so called otherwise it is gray for fighter jets and is this one.
  11. I've been following this topic for a few days. I've been taking a color sample of 1989 in Zagreb pleso airfield along with it. From Mig 21 Bis. Gray 26439. I had a Federal standard chip card Nowadays, this color, which was used at that time, is known high flying figters Mig-21 Bis, Mig-23M, Mig-25 ... and so on. Today the paint color market is made by MRP https://mrpaint.sk/farby/lietadla/USSR?product_id=267 For the early variants, however, these were repainted to this gray after the last revision some of those that were behind the reserve near the Pristina airfield of KOSOVO republics.
  12. The one with the gray interior is civilian? i haven't got a clear picture yet for Finnish aviation cockpit color. Otherwise, your work is an inspiration. P.k
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