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    RAF in Mediteran and Balkan teater & 15 Af USAF in WWII
    Japan air forces from begining to today
    Finnland air force from begining to today

    1/48 and 1/72 sometime 144

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  1. Final celebration and relaxation. Preparation for the next project. Which is now at 50% realization. Samo
  2. Tamiya 1/72 Mitshubishi A6M3 typ32, ZERO, “Hamp” serial number3030 petty officer 1st.class Kazuo Tsunoda, 2nd Air group 26.8.1942 Buna ,New Guinea. Build from the box with some added necessary details from the wires. Painted with MRP paint and AK real colors. Decals some paint airbrush. Numbers from Fine Molds because Tamiya’s wrong codes and oversized. History= https://pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/a6m3/3030.html?fbclid=IwAR0Ut4yThnJE97hYI5QbUTjmg8pSOSfaQzVRZsgpveQ0Z8-NVre8HX6DQAc T. P Samo
  3. https://www.hataka-hobby.com/HTK-AS15-Swiss-Air-Force-Paint-Set-WW2-Period Maybe this is a simpler answer. Switzerland had its kamo colors during WWII. Samo
  4. Factory diagram RLM 75, RLM74, RLM76 Regenssburg. Samo
  5. At least just enough to make a smooth transition. Samo
  6. EDUARD did not change anything in the glazing. However, the Airfix on the B-25C / D seems to have done it right. Samo
  7. I have and stash Paragon, Brengun and from Britmodeller member Jason Chatwin. http://bit.ly/1FHBGuW Which are great. Avoid CMK and Valom sets that are useless. Samo
  8. https://wwiiafterwwii.files.wordpress.com/2021/01/harvardiia.jpg?w=809 https://aviadejavu.ru/Images6/HI/HI-4/77-1.jpg In these rare images, the L-125 looks silver. The profiles and figure of the L-130 show yellow.
  9. The Yugoslav PARTISAN 351 sq Hurricane Mk.IIc had one gun wing each when they were schooled in Libya.For shooting exercises. Samo
  10. Yes the acrylic H line have been changed. I have used this set as I see it is also from the production. Because they like Tamiya are changing the recipe paints new rules of objection to health. https://www.mr-hobby.com/en/product1/category_7/97.html P.k
  11. AMMO paints are far from what they are all supposed to be just a commercial move. They are also harder to work with and the colors deviate. I avoid them and their publications, which also mislead with the look of aircraft products.I know Mig Jammirez personally to such comments the answer is important to sell. In my opinion, MRP.HATAKA, Gunze and Tamiya are still the most authentic laquer. Enamel is Colorcoats (WEM) Acrilics "HATAKA" Xtracrilic. The debate will probably go on indefinitely. I would avoid this and buy a good book (winglader) and verified paints. My more experienced are such in all 47+ years of plastic kit building. P.k
  12. I'm not happy with AMMO paints as an application and cleaning, at least with the originality of the shades for the planes. Maybe it's different for the armor, but I prefer MRP and HATAKA. For RAF colors from WWII and the new BS standard. My experiment with orange HATAKA. Samo/P.k
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