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    RAF in Mediteran and Balkan teater & 15 Af USAF in WWII
    Japan air forces from begining to today
    Finnland air force from begining to today

    1/48 and 1/72 sometime 144

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  1. Odličan!!! Za +5. You really made a great kit. I know it from an early age. I made two at the time. Samo/P.k
  2. Nice build! New paint presentation for Luv IV. Samo/P.k
  3. Like nice build and paint! Samo
  4. I hope and will wait if the cut will be an early option from the 80s. Also Israeli. Then at least 5 sold in my stash. Samo
  5. Personally, it is very good for me. Better than MIRAGE from 20 years ago. The problems that plagued me in the build are my mistakes. Of course, with the aftermarket available, I would raise that to a high level and less unnecessary work. I will definitely be doing another one with added value aftermarket.From the period 38-39 in early bright color. Samo
  6. One of the last projects at the end of March 2022 . Build out of the box with some corrections in the scrach. Painted with HATAKA orange lacquer for Polish aviation very excellent. Represents an aircraft: PZL P.11c, serial:8.139/478-N, taktical no 4,P/O Tadeucz Sawicz .(2 aerial victories) 114.Figter sqadron,September 1939,POLAND. T.p! Samo/P.k
  7. the host page where I had the pictures crashed. Picures on blog. Samo/P.k
  8. the host page where I had the pictures crashed. I uploaded new ones today. Samo/P.k
  9. The host page where I had the pictures crashed. I uploaded new ones today. T.p: Samo /P.k
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