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  1. Thanks Guys. ICM are doing some very nice kits at the moment (this the 3rd ICM kit I have built in the past couple of months)
  2. Good evening. Please find my christmas build below. Lovely kit to build. If you are put off biplanes due to the problems of fixing the top wing and struts on, this is a good one to start with as the struts fitted with no problems and were engineered to be at the right angles. I was a bit disapointed with my final paint finish as I wasnt sure about the green (seemed a bit too dark). I drilled out the gun barrels (situated above the nose) which I think made a big difference to their appearance. The figures were fun to paint. and all finished off on one of my homemade
  3. Pagey

    Airfix 2021...

    I'm 39 and I got excited about the chipmunk. I got to fly one in the air cadets and was very pleased about the Vampire. Well done airfix, you will be getting a few more quid out of me this year
  4. Surprisingly large model! a build review will appear on the Valiant Wings website in the near future. 20201224_165508 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20201224_165442 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20201224_165229 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20201224_165142 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20201224_165108 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20201224_164857 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20201224_164822 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20201224_164723 by Richard Page, on Flickr20201224_164527 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20201224_161842 by Richard Page, on Flick
  5. Really loved this kit. Not too big for a 1/32 scale plane. This was the boxing that came with figures. Not been much of one for figures but thought I would give them a go. The base is a home made base using sculptamold and blended grass. This was the easiest biplane I have ever built. usually trying to fit the top wing and struts, you can easily ruin a good model. This one fell together nicely. I wrote a build review which will be appearing on the Valiant Wings website in the near future. 20210101_152903 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20210101_152727
  6. My first ever motorbike build. Really enjoyed it. A nice touch was the embossed decals for the Kawasaki sign on the fuel tank. Only thing I didnt like was the decals for the fibre glass nose section. very difficult to get the to settle down. 20210101_172427 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20210101_172403 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20210101_172337 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20210101_172314 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20210101_172259 by Richard Page, on Flickr 20210101_163802 by Richard Page, on Flickr
  7. Thanks Redcap. Tried mr hobby intermediate blue and it looks good to my eye.
  8. Thanks Black Knight, I will have a look at those colours
  9. Morning, I have been working on the 1/32 ICM Falco which comes with 3 pilot figures. The colour calls out for the uniform is XF25 (Tamiya) which doesnt look right to me. Any suggestions? 20201228_095735 by Richard Page, on Flickr
  10. Congrates. I got one picture in it (January)
  11. Very nice spad. The paint job and subtle weathering is very well done
  12. Thanks guys. The wingfold photo etch is airwaves not aires. I am blaming tamiya instructions for the wing code mistake. The top view is on the last page of the instruction book with the side decal plans on a separate piece of paper with the top view of another aircraft scheme below the side view
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