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  1. We moved into a new house in mid october. the time leading upto christmas was spent doing diy jobs and painting to get the house to the standard I want. upto the move I was a prolific kit builder, but have barely touched a model kit in the past 3 months as all my modelling stuff is packed away in boxes in the garage and I dont have a dedicated build area yet. I say yet because I am in the process of building my own modelling space at the back of the garage. Electrical power was installed last week to the garage and I have nearly finished adding plasterboard and insulation. Cant wait to get the space sorted and get back to building kits. I am hoping to be back at it within the next month.
  2. Anyone know if these paint racks are still available? Am interested in the larger ones
  3. I think it was one of the Battle of britain flights Hurricanes which has been recently repainted The red is the linen dope I believe and the interior green is for the metal engine covers. Couldn't work out if the tail and other panels were silver or white. I just liked the idea of a different looking hurricane
  4. Your right. Didnt notice that. Looks more like a late war spitfire exhausts Thanks All.
  5. I found the below photo back in February and it intrigued me enough to buy the Airfix 1/72 Hurricane to try and replicate it. I sometimes get bored with doing the same colour schemes all the time and liked the different look it gave the aircraft. I liked the idea of having the plane in the unfinished primer stage with just the under sides and top wings finished (although cannot tell from the photo if the roundels are in place, but I decided to add them to mine). Been off work for a few days this week due to covid so it was my little project to stop me getting too bored. It was different to finish a kit with no weathering (other than a panel like wash (not that there are many panel lines on this kit). I couldnt figure out from the photo if the tail and access panels were painted silver or white. I decided to go with white.
  6. my son and I also had a great day at the show. We were with the Bedford club. He kept going to the raffle and kept coming back with prices (a mix of books and kits). He was well pleased. He also enjoyed the make and paint (his world war 1 tank was built and painted and the show and at somepoint in the afternoon he sneaked it onto the club stand to be display!!)
  7. Hi All, Completed for a friend at work. Tamiya kit with the legend resin set (rear awning, wheel cover and front grill cover) Am hapy with the result, I am an aircraft builder at heart, so this was a bit out of my comfort zone.
  8. Thanks Zigomar. I have had a look back through the instructions and found I page I must have missed. I also missed off the access step and the weight balancers on the flaps drop the underside.
  9. The zero was painted with xf-11 with highlights of xf-13. The Dinah was done more xf-13 I think. Are those the clear bulb bits on top of the wings. I seem to have misplaced to sprue. It will show up I am sure
  10. Eduard 1/48 Zero finished. Really nice kit to build. I accidentally knocked off the instrument panel towards the end of the build, so closed the canopy up. All markings other than the numbers on the tail were masked and painted. The green turned out to be a lot darker than I expected. I recently built the Tamiya Dinah and thought I was using the same green, but this has come out more black green. I am happy with it anyway. the Last pic is of it with the Tamiya Dinah I recently finished
  11. The latest off my work bench. I added a lot of extra detail inside the plane which can be seen through the many windows. All markings masked and painted except for the tail marking which I opted to use the decal for.
  12. ha ha. yes, I think she is a keeper (also, she has been with me for a long time, she almost feels like part of the family
  13. Thanks. I was pleased with how it came out. the size of the gravel stones I used, looks right
  14. I was lucky, when house hunting earlier this year, we were looking round a house (the one we are in the process of buying) which had a large garage and the wife said to me 'you could turn this into a really good workshop' I think she just wants to keep me out of her lovely new house
  15. Thanks Chris. I received an email confirming our attendance from Colin Last night
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