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  1. I was lucky, when house hunting earlier this year, we were looking round a house (the one we are in the process of buying) which had a large garage and the wife said to me 'you could turn this into a really good workshop' I think she just wants to keep me out of her lovely new house
  2. Thanks Chris. I received an email confirming our attendance from Colin Last night
  3. We got a flyer about this at the Milton Keynes Show (I was on the Bedford stand). Have emailed to confirm we would like to attend and display, but not heard anything back. Has anyone else had confirmation that they are booked in?
  4. Thanks Toryu. Glad you like it. My Grand dad was in the Gordon Highlanders in North Africa
  5. An old kit, but it went together very nicely (except for the rubber band tracks), why do kit manufacturers do these?)
  6. The halftrack was shown on the armoured vehicles section a couple of months ago. the kit came with a 5 figures, so I decided to try and make a diorama out of it. The Base is homemade and I used a couple of Tamiya weapons kits and fuel can kits to add extra detail to the diorama, including filling up the back of the half track with bits. I also added a heavily weathered broken BMW bike as I liked the look of it. I added a storage box to the front of the halftrack, a folded tarpoline and a bucket (again because I liked the look of it . I particularly enjoyed weathering the oil can (particularly how the different paint tones have come through on the one lying on its side. . Ready just in time for the Milton Keynes show next week.
  7. Sometimes the modelling mojo hides away, I love those moments after no modelling for a few weeks and I think, I really need to crack on with this project. I will just do x to it for today and then find myself fully engrossed in the project again an hour later which leads to several evenings in a row working on it. I also enjoy airbrushing kits and experimenting with shading etc to see what sort of finish I can get. I also find a ton of masking tape theraputic and enjoy the unpeeling of said tape to reveal a finished demarcation line.
  8. Thanks George. I recently completed the 1/24 mosquito too. I really don't know where to put it - building Just the nose section (and possibly one of the engines on a stand) would have been a great idea (although there is a lot of plastic to throw away just to do that. Would love to get the 1/32 B-17, 24 and 25, but where on earth do you put them when built. Have heard of people hanging them on the wall. My wife is understanding, but I think that would push past her patience limit! Would love to do just the nose sections of each of those bombers in that scale though.
  9. It didnt just survive the photographs, it amazingly survived being in place whilst handling, painting and decalling the model.
  10. Thanks for the nice comments. Sorry, I didnt do a build thread.
  11. If you Google Eduard bunny fighter club you should find it. I don't think they do the 1/48 kit in this scheme though
  12. I brought this special kit as a way of become a member of the Eduard club . permanent 15% off their website and other deals. It has worked out cheaper to buy their products that way rather than buy from Hannants etc. After finishing my big Mosquito, the DAK halftrack and the Hunter, I fancied something different and the bunny fighter scheme looked like a fun project. I started this last sunday lunchtime and put the matt coat on yesterday. The kit came with a resin cockpit section (which amazingly fitted with no surgery or thinning made to the resin or fuselage). Resin wheels, resin jet pipe and exhaust, resin nose cone and air intake cover, resin exhaust cover and photo etch extras (and canopy/wheel masks). The kit was certainly a bargain. Mig-21 purists might not be happy with the bunny fighter Scheme, but I found it a fun project and a nice change to not worrying that the paint colour chosen is the correct shade. The kit was lovely to build and the decals were fun. I particularly liked the bunny skull decals under the cockpit and the orange/green combo on the stores to make them look like carrots.
  13. Thanks. Mine is also still standing on its feet (taken over my work bench). Not sure where to put it when I need to use the bench again. I did have one of the struts break, but that was more to do with my clumsyness. I did have the white metal gear, but couldnt work with it. The plastic felt weirdly stronger when constructed.
  14. Thanks Troy. Unfortunately I dont have the figures anymore. My son (8 years old) has got into the hobby in the last year or so and he built them and started painting them yesterday
  15. Yep, same here. Don't think this will fit though
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