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  1. Put on some Humbrol 78 on my VII this afternoon through my Badger 105. Laid down well despite it turned out one of the drain valves on my compressor was open. Here are a couple of lousy photos taken on my IPhone in the shed! Looks like the cockpit door cover plate could do with a touch up! Thanks for looking. Grahame
  2. Interested in this one! Got a Mauve P-40N in 1/48th scale in a horrid lurid green plastic. Going with either a 450 sqd, RAAF in Italy or a New Zealand example in the Pacific. Count me in.
  3. Thanks for the post Troy, much appreciated, must take a while to collate.
  4. Assembled the cockpit today of the Hasegawa MkIX along with photoetched specific parts from the Brengun set for the MkVII. Arent Spitfire cockpits fiddly! Regards Grahame
  5. Exactly what I plan to do! In hindsight I could thinned the inside of the wings before gluing them together!
  6. I remember seeing an article on the New Jersey ANG F-106s in Aircraft Illustrated in about 1978 and being blown away by its magnificence! The Monogram F-106 is a fantastically detailed kit for its time but as is being discovered, bit of a nightmare to build. Proper modelling!
  7. Made a start on the Spitfire VII with Brengun conversion this afternoon, assembling the wings, which proved no problem and offering up the extended wingtips. There is a bit of a ridge underneath, the wings being slightly thicker than the resin tips! May prove problematic to eliminate? Also I removed the cockpit door hinge and filled the door joints based on the drawings in the DK Decals. Then later checking my references on the book shelf I found that it appears MkVIIs retained the cockpit door despite having pressurized cockpits? is there any evidence of door less M
  8. Yes, had a pressurised cockpit and extended wingtips for those operations against high flying Luftwaffe Ju-86s.
  9. Good luck with this one. Good to see a different scheme?
  10. Possibly a few more Spitfires in the future! I never used to be much of a Spitfire fan, but I do like the less common schemes that Spitfires carried.
  11. Hello, I haven`t done a build recently, so decided to join with the Revell boxing of the Hasegawa Mk9 Spitfire in /48th scale using a Brengun resin and etch conversion of a MkVII along with the DK decals. I haven`t decided on a scheme yet but have always liked the medium sea grey and PRU blue scheme for high altitude operations. So will undoubtedly go with one of those. Either MD120 "Spirit of Kent" or coded "PB". Thanks for looking... Grahame
  12. hello, can I enter this group build late in the day with a Spitfire VII? That`s an interceptor isnt it?
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