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  1. Probably why i couldnt find a start date!
  2. Is there a start date for this GB yet?
  3. Thanks for the links to Paul Budzik`s videos. Excellent and inspires you to make a start on the kit you have.
  4. I think it is a fundimental basic error about the six bolt wheels that has been missed by Airfix/Academy. Its a shame that a different hull wasn`t provided by Airfix that is different from Tamiya`s hull. Its all a bit disappointing really...... Not sure if I`ll splash out on one now.....
  5. I remember the RF-4`s from Alconbury and A-10s from Woodbridge flying over RAF Manston regularly.
  6. Again, remember building this kit as a youngster and being very proud of the result. I remember building "Nine-0-Nine" and using pastel chalks for the first time on the exhausts,
  7. Awesome.....maybe Clearprop will go on to do some P-40s too preferably late variants.
  8. Like wise very little modelling going on, as shed is far too cold and damp feeling for any modelling. Good to see the NZ specific stowage on the rear hull of your MkIII Sherman. Lovely work
  9. Good start on the Sherman III even if it is a week early! ANZAC armour is one of my favourite topics!
  10. One thing about Shermans is that they are always great to kitbash, the biggest issues being that to the uninitiated they all look very similar!! Still you have a good selection of kits there to work with. I would like to say that I am a bit of a Sherman nut but Israeli ones arent my forte! Will watch with interest.
  11. Thanks for your combined input to my questions regarding the P-40F. I guessed that the P-40F will be put on hold for now and get scouring for the AMT or Hasegawa P-40 for a “reasonable” price.
  12. I have the Hobbyboss P-40M quickbuild kit in 1 /48th scale and was wondering whether there is any possibility it could be converted back to a long tailed P-40F? I realise that the intake on the cowling top would need removing, and maybe new exhausts? I find all the late P-40 variants rather confusing! Also isnt it time, w had a new series of P-40 late variants in 1/48th scale? Thanks for any comments.
  13. Excellent work on this Tamiya Spitfire. Makes my prolonged build of my example rather shameful!!!
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