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  1. Looking like a great project. Always fancied doing a Swiss 109 but that Cutting Edge sheet is rarer than Hen’s teeth.
  2. Haven’t done much modelling in the past couple of weeks, but managed to mask up for the theatre markings and canopy on the Airfix 109 this evening. Quite happy with my slow progress but I notice on the photos that the nose masking needs some more work. Photos never lie. Thanks for looking. Grahame
  3. Great progress on this Eduard P-39. This kit was one of the first of those kits that blew me away when it first came out.
  4. Great looking Spitfire. never seen that scheme before this thread had started. Well done.
  5. Threadbear

    1/76 Bofors 40mm Gun and Tractor

    Remember building this a very long time ago and the experience was very good. Well moulded too.
  6. Beautiful little Claude.
  7. Threadbear

    Twin-boom Tricolour(s): Irish and Italian Vampires

    a Great write up!
  8. Threadbear

    Export Sea Furys

    if you need any decals for the Canadian Sea Fury let me know as I have this decal sheet and will never use all of the subject matter! www.fundekals.com/seaFury.html Regards Grahame
  9. Threadbear

    Spitfire Vb VCS-7 US Navy

    I'm not like that. Grahame
  10. Threadbear

    Spitfire Vb VCS-7 US Navy

    Can help insulate the loft
  11. Threadbear

    Spitfire Vb VCS-7 US Navy

    Another Airfix Spitfire Vb arrived in the post today and this time no problems with the moulding. And made a start so the kit is now ready for some paint in the cockpit etc. The lower wing required some scraping back of the inner surfaces for a better fit near the wingtips but otherwise no problems. The original kit I was planning on using is going in the bin. Started at last. Thanks for looking.
  12. Threadbear

    Spitfire Vb VCS-7 US Navy

    Wish Id bleedin` noticed it then. I have to say the wings aren't exactly chipper either!
  13. Threadbear

    Spitfire Vb VCS-7 US Navy

    looking it the interior of the fuselage, the warped left fuselage as straight and on the right "straight" half, the ribs mid way are thrust up...… I am seriously wondering if this is a not starter? I was looking forward to this. I don't believe that the cockpit components will have the strength to take the stress of a clamped fuselage under stress? You can understand why the original owner of this kit got shot of it!
  14. Assembled the cockpit and fuselage and added the wings to make up the basic airframe. Filled joints with Tamiya putty and smaller joints around cowling etc with Mr Surfacer 500. I have to say this is going far better that my VCS-7 Spitfire in the Golden Age Airfix GB! Grahame
  15. Threadbear

    Spitfire Vb VCS-7 US Navy

    Before even getting the glue out on this Spitfire I have come across the worst example of warping of a fuselage half I have ever experienced!! The starboard half is fine. So I plunged the port half into some near boiling water to straighten it out. But the fuselage is twisted lengthways as well! As you can see, the left fuselage is nose down and you can see the stress marks where it has been straightened out. Obviously there isn't much give lengthwise for correcting this. Any suggestions or just clamp it working from the tail??? I am reluctant at present to progress with this....