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  1. Threadbear

    Bucker Bu181 Bestmann

    A few photos of the Special Hobby Bucker Bu181 Bestmann it looks nicely moulder, however I haven’t built a limited production kit before, but looks a simple build. For some reason I didn’t take a photo of the wings sprue. Aim to start this week. Regards Grahame
  2. Threadbear

    Bucker Bu181 Bestmann

    My original plan was a couple of jet trainers but whilst perusing EBay came across the little Bestmann, a side by side trainer from the Luftwaffe. Turns out the Swiss had some interned ones which were painted up in their red/white neutrality markings, so I am going with that. https://goo.gl/images/Q6Q3eZ
  3. Threadbear

    1/48 C-47 Skytrain "Berlin Airlift"

    Reboxing of a classic Monogram kit! No requirement for the paratroopers for the Berlin airlift!
  4. Threadbear

    Trainers GB, We're on! - Chat

    Looking at an Airfix Jet Provost from one of the RAFs Flying Schools and a Fouga CM.170 Magister. Not sure to use either the Heller kit or Special Hobby?
  5. Threadbear

    Chevrolet CMP Truck

    I really like these old CMP kits. Take some work to build but look the part when complete,.
  6. Threadbear

    LVT-4 "Water Buffalo"

    As an Allied armour modeller, first and foremost, this is inspirational modelling. Well done.
  7. Threadbear

    Trainers GB, We're on! - Chat

    Yes definitely interested in this GB.
  8. Threadbear

    Meteor FR 9

    Thanks for that James. I have similar plans for my Spitfire F.22 when I get round to it. Got the AK black primer and a MIG Ammo silver paint set so should be good to go.......
  9. Threadbear

    Meteor FR 9

    Great work so far on your meatbox! What primer did you use for your AK xtreme aluminium?
  10. Good to see the Avia S-92 on the cards. Will watch with interest.
  11. Threadbear

    Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf D 7. Panzer Divison.

    Hopefully clean up the turret this week and start on the hull fittings. All modelling on hold right now due to long weekend away.
  12. Threadbear

    Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf D 7. Panzer Divison.

    A bit more progress on the Ausf D building up the turret on nightshift yesterday. Goes together well although some of the finer parts need some cleaning up as is expected for a kit originally issued in 1977. Some more cleaning up is required of the turret. Then the hull fittings then ready for some paint! Some photos. Thanks for looking and any comments. Grahame
  13. Some more work on the Spitfire, assembling the undercarriage legs and heels. Added the ID lights and radiators to the lower wing along with the cross blank for the flaps. Also the decals and a New Wear masking set arrived form the Big H. Next up with be some paint! The instructions say cockpit grey-green for the cockpit and silver/aluminium for the undercarriage bays? Is that considered correct? I did read somewhere that cockpits might be black, but was that late Seafires? I have another same project lined up for this GB which I may start that next week...... Some photos. Thanks for looking. Grahame
  14. Threadbear

    Italeri/Esci Skyraider AEW.

    Nice progress on the Spad and glad the removal of the side armour wasn't too painful!! Lovely Monogram Spad too with Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club markings!
  15. Threadbear

    Italeri/Esci Skyraider AEW.

    I remember building an Esci Skyraider when they were first realised. No problems with construction if I remember rightly. As has been mentioned the cockpit side armour needs removing. Otherwise should be an easy build.