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  1. Looks great! Just finished one of these myself and I must admit your comparison to the Italeri kit and build blog gave me a lot of inspiration and convinced me to try the Trumpeter kit
  2. Looks great . I’ve always had a soft spot for this kit despite its age since it's surprisingly well detailed.
  3. Yes, it dwarfs anything else in my collection that isn’t a bomber. Its larger than an F111 with its wings out and that’s not exactly a small aircraft.
  4. Thanks all It’s such an interesting shape isn’t it. That combined with how it blends into the long tail boom really makes it a unique aircraft.
  5. Hi All, Just finished this Trumpeter SU-34 in 1/72. I found the kit to be a massive improvement over the old Italeri offering with one massive exception. The nose. The shaping was totally off to the point that I think someone at either Trumpeter or Sukhoi needs to have their fax machine serviced. There have been a few people who have reprofiled the nose however I found it easier to perform a nose job. I whipped the old nose off and replace it with a resin replacement that would make most plastic surgeons blush. Other than that, the kit has been built from the box. Finding the
  6. Looks fantastic. There’s just something about flankers, especially gear up, that makes them look so striking. I’ve always wanted to try an eggplant flanker but never found a good paint match. What did you use for it? Thanks br60066
  7. Looks great! I cant get over how shiny the intake lips are. They look like they have been polished for weeks
  8. Still looks nice . Airbrushing camo can be really tricky to get a nice edge. You can cheat by using blutac rolled into a sausage shape for your edges. Works better than masking tape since the slight round of the blutac gives a little fade to the edge and its easy to mould and bend the blutac to get rounded flowing lines. You can even reuse the blutac after since if you stretch it once the paint dries it falls off.
  9. Looks great I especially love the shading and weathering you've done. F-14's just don't look right unless they are absolutely filthy
  10. Thanks . I don’t think the stock nozzles would be as noticeably subpar if the rest of the kit wasn’t so detailed. Thanks BR60066
  11. Hi All, Just finished one of . This kit was like their F/A-18 where its partly quick build so went together nicely. The only problem with this kit was the well documented poor exhaust nozzles so I substituted in some resin cans from Aires that were far better. The model was painted then gloss varnished. After this a light wash was applied using Revell weathering powders since most pictures showed F-15E's pretty clean. I also pre-shaded but didn’t realise it would be overpowered as quickly with dark grey so next time will apply one less coat of grey or use post shading on dark colou
  12. Looks like a lovely build to me. The work you've done in the cockpit really adds to it. That's model building for you. Endlessly frustrating at times but rewarding when it all comes together
  13. Fantastic looking build . I especially love the exhaust shading youve done just sets the model off. Got one of these in the stash as well
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