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  1. Thanks That’s good to hear about the F15 looking forward to it more now. Also, I'll definitely give that wash idea a try. Just feel it needs something to make the details more pronounced and that sounds just the ticket Thanks br60066
  2. Hi All, Something a little different this time since I’ve never tried one of Academy's new snap together kits. Detail is great however assembly was... interesting. I found while some of the snap fitting made life easier, especially for painting the wing mounted equipment and tail fins, it also caused some poor fitting issues that needed a lot of filler to get right. I thought this was especially bad on the nose cone and under the leading edge extensions. Has anyone else had any experience with Academy's snap together kits and found this? I have one of their new F15's waiting to be built and am now less keen to start it. Revell aqua paints were used. It was great to see how many different manufacturers Academy gives you the paint codes for. Decals in the box were printed by cartograf so no problems here. What do you think of the finished model and do you have any tips on how it could be improved? I’d like to start experimenting with panel washes however most of the pictures I found of real EA-18's were surprisingly clean. Thanks br60066
  3. Looks fantastic. Digital camo must be one of the most difficult schemes to pull off but youve done a cracking job. Watch out though its easy to catch the flanker bug. I built one and now suddenly my stash is full of them
  4. Looking great especially the subtle yet effective weathering
  5. Have this kit in my stash to. Definitely going to steal that intake modification idea since its too good to not do
  6. Thanks again guys! Definitely give them a try the fit is fantastic. I hardly had to sand or fill and the detail is great. Interesting to see other people having problems with them. Guess they just take some getting used to. I’m yet to try Mig but might see if I can pick some up to test
  7. Thanks all for your comments Interesting. I was running over 20 PSI so I will try lowering the pressure next time. I have a funny feeling it was put on to thick as well so lots of things to try. Thanks again
  8. Hi All, This post will have several first's in it for me. This is the first time I have completed a Zvezda kit and the first time I've used Vallejo model air paint. I thought this would make it an ideal model to be the first I share on a forum. The kit went together nicely with no major modification or extra parts used. I am however a little less happy with the Vallejo paint. I wanted to try them since they now offer a range of colours that match various flanker schemes nicely. I found however that they were harder to airbrush and get the thinning right. Often, they would feel slightly rubbery after drying. I thinned them very slightly with tap water which may have been the problem but if anyone else has experienced this or has any other tips on using Vallejo model air they would be greatly appreciated. What do you think of the finished model and do you have any tips on how it could be improved? (please excuse any subpar photography) Thanks br60066
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