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  1. Usually, I'm fan of Cold War Studio stuff, but panel lines on this Su-22 nose cone does look a bit wonky... Compared to HAD and Kasl offerings....hmm...
  2. Please do, but may I ask why? If this would be only 1/48 Firefly model on the market or better that other offerings, I would understand, and buy it myself also. But we have AZ models and Special Hobby offerings, and so far I don't see anything on this pictures that would put Trumpeter in front of them. Ok, AZ models is a bit heavy on panel lines, Trumpeter is probably better in this department, but Special Hobby is a beauty. I don't know the price for Trumpeter but it is unlikely that it will be less then 30 Pounds, so it will not be cheaper that the competition.
  3. A school example of modelling art. Wow! Wow! Wow! ......and Wow!
  4. I have missed my chance to buy Airfix Sea Vixen when I had a chance, so I have high hopes for this kit! Airfix is not cheap either this days, if you can find one... I don't care much but decals, since I have Model Alliance aftermarket sheet. I don't care about cockpit, wheels, wheel bay details, since all this already has aftermarket replacements offered in the market for Airfix kit. All I care is overall shape accuracy and panel lines sharpness. Panels and details look very good, much better than Airfix, don't know about accuracy, nose and canopy does look rather odd for my eye, but that doesen't mean anything since I'm not an Sea Vixen expert. If this kit turn out accurate shape wise, I will buy it for sure... Fingers crossed!
  5. Well, for me, I official pronounce this as "Most wanted model of the year". I won't even wait for first reviews to buy it!
  6. Is something wrong with Special Hobby kit, to explain your excitement over Trumpeter Albacore? Or is is just fear of "buildibility" of SH short run kit vs. new tool Trumpeter?
  7. This is fantastic! Only thing i can think off, to make it better, would be if you had put Kormoran missiles on it!
  8. Hasegawa and Tamiya set the bar 25 years ago and both have been beaten by Meng. Meng is now new champ to be compared with. I presume Airfix will be accurate. But can it have panel lines as fine as Meng (or Hasegawa or Tamiya)?
  9. Outstanding! Great motivation for rest of us to tackle our own Albacores!
  10. Thank you rom1. I'm glad you noticed hinges. I spend quite a lot of time on those. Regarding weathering techniques, I have chosen to model dirtiest Mig-31 I could find picture of. A lot of paint fading and discolouration was achieved simply by painting. First I preshaded whole model with black and white, with spots of gray, brown and even yellow. After that I painted the model with Akan paints, but in several thin layers. I noticed that Akan looks different when dry. So I painted model in 3-4 sessions living preshaded areas more or less exposed in some areas. I used Tamiya tape where I wanted sharper edges between two tones of same colour (eg. nose area) For chipping or "spots" on nose cone, vertical stabilizer edge, exhaust I used Humbrol Maskol fluid stippled with piece of sponge between two colors. I did not used any panel washes as AMK panels are deep enought and I was afraid that wash would look overdone. I have used some oils and brown pigments on some heavy weathered places like bottom or between vertical stabilizers, but main weathering products where this two botles of True Earth SDW filters: -Cold Ageing SDW -Iron Grey SDW http://www.true-earth.com/contents/en-uk/d84_FILTER_and_WASH_True_Earth.html I don't know exact chemistry behind those SDW filters but they are water based, but kind of "oily" so they don't dry that quickly and you have time to blend them. As they are water based You can "flood" it as you like without whoring that you will damage paint or clear cote as you could with enamel thinners or white spirit.
  11. Real eye catcher! Love the weathering, overdone or not :-)
  12. Hello gents, here is my latest build, and first on Britmodeller.
  13. Thank you bentwaters81tfw and rest of you kind gentlemen who replayed. That was what I was looking for.
  14. Hello all, I'm getting ready to start Kinetic FRS.1 kit, and one thing is not very clear to me. Should front wheel well (nose leg) be blanked off with plate or is it open all the way up? Kinetic wheels well is "very deep" all the way up to engine compressor fan housing. Later version Harriers have plate that covers this area so nose gear housing is box type, but although I have SAM Datafile about Sea Harrier and several walkarounds I'm not sure have this area looks like. I found one picture of FA.2 from museum that shows this area exposed, but it look like plate was there, but is now.missing. On various builds of Sea Harrier models from 1/72 to 1/24, both solutions are present so I'm not sure what is correct.
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