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  2. Just a few updates: I tackled the other spoke. Looks a bit wonky so I might have to rethink my approach. I found this tool to be extremely handy in trimming the tiny bits of stretched sprue. I got ambitious after looking at a whole bunch of reference photos. Evidently, there is a guide on the stays that allows the windscreen to be locked in position. It's missing on the kit. So I tried my hand at modifying the relevant parts. A bit on the large size due to limitations on my skills but shouldn't look too bad once it's painted chrome. Now onto the other side. A tool that I found handy is my old drafting lead holder. It can hold the various drills as well as pins. Very useful. Started on the wipers.
  3. Thank you Ben Brown. I'm actually leaning towards the red for this build. Thank you Noel. We'll see how well I pull it off.
  4. Some history on the development of early ar transporters to be found here (includes the above photo) https://heritagemachines.com/commercials/the-car-transporter-revolution/ Regards Pullmore & Carrimore both were companies that appear to have been based in the same general area of London their full names are so similar could they be one & the same Pullmore Carrimore
  5. Thanks, chaps. I know it's been a while since the last progress report. A combination of going away for a long weekend somewhere hot and having to take several goes to get the next bit right has slowed things down somewhat... not to mention the fact the lawn is growing at a ridiculous rate and needs repeated attention! You need some kind of engine bay walls to hang some of the key components off. The base kit gets away with none, mostly by not including things like a battery or coil. The boxing in of the wheel wells provides the walls, but it took several attempts. In the end I used White Tak to take a profile of the body interior to get the shape of the end wall right and let that set in place, and then drew the bonnet edge profile onto plastic card to get the top curve of the inner wing. Finally some careful measurements along the chassis tubes sorted out where I needed gaps for the suspension components. The battery is sourced from spares, and I built a tray for it to sit in. Trying to get everything to fit in and join up the plumbing and wiring is complicated by the fact that you have three main assemblies to bring together, and many bits of cable and tube that connect from one to another. For example, the upper radiator hose runs from the black "rubber" tube on the left hand end of the shroud over the bonnet hinge to the front of the engine, which is attached to the chassis. The battery cable runs round the firewall and down to the starter motor on the bell housing.... etc. The eagle-eyed will notice I've relocated the coil; on my reference pictures it's clearly alongside or ahead of the distributor, so it needed to move further forward. I hope I won't need to separate the assemblies again now, and can just start joining things up. It'll be interesting to see if I can run the steering column in something vaguely approximating the right place, and fit the two frame braces that connect the transverse hoop at the firewall to the front suspension frame uprights.... somehow. best, M.
  6. What is probably the best thing about Sunday is that all of those (including that 95 year old Sunbeam) drove 100 miles or so plus getting to the start and finish and including a couple of laps of Milbrook's Alpine Circuit. Sadly this year it was my turn to navigate 😪
  7. Thanks. Originally, yes I did but it became a bit more of an issue when it reacted with the primer I used on the kit even though it was a Tamiya primer and didn't look great. When I built the 2nd version of this kit to avoid decal issues, I used a Revell dark blue acrylic paint which I hand painted onto it. I still have the original kit in my storage tub for spare components which I'm going to finish eventually. Thanks again, Rick.
  8. I have this one in my stash,it’s nice to see these 1/24 F1 kits getting an airing on here. Very colourful! Did you use the Tamiya Red Bull colour spraycan? Chris.
  9. Very nice! I like the colour but that must be the the longest Facel,don’t think I’ve seen one of those in real life. Chris.
  10. Thanks for this. Yes, I agree - the detail in these bike kits is remarkable.
  11. Hello Everyone, This one is another previous build, but this one has a link to my non-model life as it is a replica of my actual car I found this in a model shop in Hove just before it closed down permanently and decided to do it as a replica of my actual car. Here are the photos. All the best, Rick
  12. Hello Everyone, Here is my version of one of my favourite cars. I mixed up the colour schemes for this one, using a Matt Black base colour with the blue decal stripes from the Silver version of this car. This would be my dream version even though I do wish I had done it as Gloss Black rather than Matt Black but it still looks amazing. I've loved this car ever since I saw the Knight Rider 2008 series and the Need For Speed movie. Here are the photos All the best, Rick
  13. Hello Everyone, Here are my two Tamiya motorcycles in 1/12 scale, a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R and a Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa (1st Generation). As I work with motorcycles during my day job, I really enjoyed building these two. The level of detail on these is amazing. Here are the photos. ZX-14R GSX1300R Hayabusa I would love to build some more Tamiya motorcycles if I get the chance to get my hands on them. All the best, Rick
  14. Very nice. I've built 2 Tamiya bikes myself and I'm still shocked at how detailed they are.
  15. I think that I may have eventually found an actual transporter that is similar to the dinky model. cheers, Mike
  16. There is absolutely nothing 'plain Jane' about that little stunner! What a totally beautiful model, the build, those scratch made screens and the stunning paint finish really do bely the scale - it's simply an excellent Excellence....!! Keith
  17. Yikes! I'm not a car guy, but that's too beautiful to ignore. Great work!
  18. Thanks Steve. Yes the HK500 is my favourite of the lot: the Excellence had a reputation for bending in the middle when both doors were opened. IIRC Ava Gardner had one. Many thanks: the chromed kit parts are a bit too 'bright' for me so I sanded them smooth and Bare Metal Foiled them. Hopefully it works a bit better. I made the FV II many years ago and it's due a re-paint: the HK500 is quite a rare kit nowadays and as with the Excellence, it needed a new screen - front and rear in the case of the Excellence; just the front on the HK500 kit (which has crystal clear screens (strange), but a big crack in the front screen). Luckily it would appear that the Excellence and HK500 front screens are the same, so the mould I made has already done its magic for the second kit. I've seen a few HK500s and FV IIs in recent years but never an Excellence: there's a car museum on the Isle of Man that has three!
  19. Going to lunch today and this was there. Not my favorite.
  20. Having inspected the cargo box a little more closely I decided it wasn't up to standard. Since then another couple of methods of printing have not yielded the expected results and so I've gone back to basics, redone the outer frames and doors as separate items and the large flat areas will be scribed plasticard. The new 3D parts are curing and then I'll see if it all fits together. Meanwhile, after more photo scrutinising, a host of smaller parts have been fabricated. Most of these are instruments for the interior on the co-driver/navigator side. Also there is, what I'm assuming, a cooler box that sits between the seats. Parts on the cab exterior are - different stye mirrors and arms that have gas struts, new wipers, a cut off switch, and wing mounted marker poles. As depicted below the front arches have been remade with more pronounced corners being slightly wider and with the addition of more rivets than an Airfix Spitfire. Fortunately these were done during the CAD drawing and weren't applied individually.
  21. That is rather lovely! I'd never heard of this car before. What a beauty!
  22. Was excited seeing a V12 Vantage S behind the 914 but realized it was a Roadster (which is not as pretty as the coupe) so it kinda lost its attraction. The Fulvia Sport Zagato, ChromaFlair Tuscan S and that Mercury Silver Alpine A110 GT though... absolutely love them all.
  23. Absolutely beautiful build of a stunning car. French elegance at its best. I have a few of the Provence Facels and I hope I can get a simliar result from them.
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