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  1. Looks really nice kit and Engine looks well detailed. I will follow with interest.
  2. Good progress. Decals look very good. you don't see dragsters so often.
  3. Nice progress. I was just thinking this morning how this is progressing.
  4. Looks good. This really looks like real rally car inside.
  5. Yesterday when I was going to dentist. And today.
  6. Really stunting work again. This bring memories from my uncles car. Sad that I didn't have possibility to keep it 25 years ago.
  7. I think civil car is easier to make from this kit. Engine is very simplified, roll-cage is mostly missing, seats are wrong, doors need work inside. But as you said funny project. This is modelling.
  8. And sound of those "Kit Cars" was really something. I still remember feeling in the forest. And those cars were light.
  9. That is one best selling models currently. And there have been more demand than is possible to produce currently.
  10. I am speechless, this is really nice model. And all those small details.
  11. Really nice work. I really need to get this kit too.
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