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  1. I think B-18 was developed from DC-2 and wing differed from DC-2's in length. So I think DC-3 wing will need a work. People with more knowledge will answer later for sure. I just checked wingspan of DC-3 is 29m, B-18 is 27,28m and DC-2 is 25,91m so all are little different.
  2. Once again nice build. Looks perfect and it can't be wrong if it was driven by Jerry Cotton.
  3. I have understood that rear axle arrangement was more advanced that was used in Escort. Also 245 hp in period was good number.
  4. Work for Historic 131 just be a quite task. There are not too many them today. Even on the day Escort was much more popular. I was just wondering how many actually were built for racing on period.
  5. Trevor once again perfect build from you. One not so often seen special. I really hope next year I more time to contribute here.
  6. New toy in Warsaw And something from Berlin
  7. These builds look good. And this car is overlooked, it' really nice car to drive when everything is correct.
  8. My trip was delayed, but I will reschedule it. This is coming that level project that one month is nothing.
  9. @Orso very good question. I have been thinking exactly same conversion. Really need to start research of topic,
  10. Not sure at all, but might be a sponsor thing. https://www.jayski.com/2021/05/24/metrotech-sponsoring-kyle-larson-at-charlotte/
  11. Interesting information guys. Maybe I have next week time to stop FCA Heritage. I will ask if there are blueprints. Then maybe way forward is 3D model -> Printing mould. Let see if we can get help from there.
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