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  1. Excellent job and interesting car. Somehow I like more this period than what is currently going on.
  2. Today I have use my time to figure out how to create front suspension components. Real thing is something like this: Thanks for looking.
  3. Not much progress today. Center section added and roll-bar cut, but this will need some heat to get shape. Also thinking how to make front suspension.
  4. My of the most beautiful Ferrari F1 car and river is one my heroes.
  5. Nice work. An F1 from period when rivers really needed to risk life.
  6. I have feeling that Renaisance made something like that. You can contact them: https://www.renaissance-models.com/ter/index.php/lllllll
  7. Very nice work so far. I am really waiting seeing final result.
  8. Nice model. I saw one of these kits in Jadar Hobby. But too many projects now.
  9. Nice to see WIP thread about this project. I will follow with great interest.
  10. I really like paint in this model and finish is top class.
  11. Other side is ready too. Seat is just something from spares box. Next some cleaning and roll-bar and center support next to seat.
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