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  1. I think this is a problem. 1/32 is not a really interesting scale. We are talking either 1/43 or 1/24, 1/25 or lager scale.
  2. This Metro in @mbdesignart link is one of two that came in Finland -86. And my understanding is that this was some-kind of clubman+ car. Of course second question is what spec this car was restored. Need to check if this car is in one farmer's collection in Laukaa. Then I might be able to get some photos from it when Covid restrictions are over. Edit. This Metro restored by MAT is in Laukaa/Finland
  3. One I would like to get is original Aston-Martin V8.
  4. I must say I fully agree this. Of course Talbot Lotus would be interesting too.
  5. When I follow this I am tempted to start making H. Toivonen car in 1000 lakes rally.
  6. Bit expensive, I would say: https://www.ebay.de/itm/PLASTIC-MODEL-CARS-old-vintage-1960s-toy-building-kit-GUIDE-BOOK-CECIL-GIBSON/284144544062?hash=item422855a93e:g:c6cAAOSw7~pf~Cq6
  7. Looks better than average Mach2. Definitely I will follow this.
  8. Nice start. This is one more topic that I need to follow.
  9. Nicely built. I really like this Tamiya kit, one of my favorites.
  10. This project is progressing nicely. And good tips to my own project.
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