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  1. This topic is 6h old and no one wants a Spitfire ?
  2. Yeah, Eduard released czech version first. When I checked for it english version was not available yet.
  3. Yes, that's not so satisfactory. But maybe perhaps it's possible, Eduard could release such a Tornado kit in 1/72, too, as Eduard did with Desert Babes.
  4. Czech leaflet November. https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2022-11cz.pdf
  5. Not that much, coz I'm afraid of flying. Yes, while I'm av-geek, aircraft mechanic and working in biz aviation. Passenger on A319 A320 A321 B737 B757 MD82 Towed in MiG-29, taxiing and engine run in Cessna 550B, engine run in C-160 Transall.
  6. In the meantime since the release of the kit, it became difficult to get the A for a good price. So it's nice to see.
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