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  1. Almost finished with Star Trek Picard The last best hope. It's prologue to the amazon's Star Trek Picard. I expected more, I cannot really recommend the book.
  2. No, not for a U. I asked ICM for at Instagram; they said they send request to design department. I don't know if it's true and chance for it or empty phrase (?).
  3. Few pics. Box content soon. https://icm.com.ua/aviation/mig-25pu/
  4. PU interceptor/bomber(?) trainer RU reconnaissance trainer I still try to find pics of PU with weapons.
  5. No info about paint schemes for PU, but I guess Russian and Libyan. So for more coolness does anybody know about Algerian decals ?
  6. I received the kit today. Looks nice in the box. Looking forward to get the PU and start building four of them in different versions. Aftermarket is already giving nice upgrades.
  7. There is a HiDecal Line sheet with MiG Eater with blue-pink shark mouth and less markings. I have never seen a pic of that real plane.
  8. 72 scale is a bit disappointed.
  9. Nice ground support vehicle: transporter for that big missile. https://www.facebook.com/876430732490797/posts/2125396580927533/
  10. At Begemot's decal sheet instruction there is written, that Iraqi MiG-25PD were upgraded to PDS in 1984/85 and the only Export Foxbats, that were upgraded. Could it be and so, Iraqi PDS were able to carry tanks ? But I thought, PDS is upgraded P to PD standard (?).
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