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  1. How much oil is needed for one kit ?
  2. Just an idea: Revell rebox of C-130J-30 with Luftwaffe markings in 2022, when Germany get their first Hercules.
  3. Coz of the price we need an additional kit, of that is an up to date kit already awailable instead of a new kit, of that are only old kit with less details, ship rivets and terrible fits available ? To save few bucks while buying 353255534 kits a year and additional aftermarket stuff ? I guess the kits will be nice and I buy one, but there was no need.
  4. Was a new Zero really necessary in 1/72 with exisiting Tamiya ?
  5. For scale 72 it is a bit disappointed.
  6. I'm still waiting for the translation of Eduard's 1/72 book.
  7. Well, I'd like to know more, too. There are some new decals for IDF/IAF Hercules from IsraDecals, but unfortunately with shipping a bit pricy (for me).
  8. Exactly! I thought the same. Now I have four, too. I "need" MF, BN and UB. But there are already so many nice Czech special markings ... that will not be cheap. Aftermarket like Reskit will do its job for sure. But I hope ICM will publish more decal variants compared to the -25 kits with repeating russian and lybian markings.
  9. There are many version of MiG-23. ICM published 6(?) different -25, so we can hope for big family. And there are a lot of users around the world, so bigger chance for big family.
  10. My KP MiG-23 is already at eBay. I hope Eduard will take the chance and will release their MiG-23 in Czech AF service in 1/72 as they did in 1/48.
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