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  1. Very nice. A great job on an old kit although I think the Buffalo was one of Matchbox's better kits.
  2. When I built my first of this kit I had the issue with the cowlings and filed down the cylinder blocks as you describe. However, when building my second one I followed a tip which someone had posted on Britmodeller (I'm afraid I forget who it was) who suggested rather than doing surgery on the engines just attach the cowling sections as in the instructions but leave the ensuing gap between the two parts which include the exhaust egress. Once set the exhaust pipe covers the gap nicely and the exhaust collecter ring fits perfectly.
  3. A lovely rendition of this handsome brute. Can't wait for the new Airfix kit.
  4. It looks like a state-of-the-art kit to me. Superb. A very nice rendition of HSS as well.
  5. A bit like putting 'Air', 'Hair' and 'Lair' together as a general greeting as a required for a commission in the Guards.
  6. They probably need to make space for the creche play area.
  7. I never build 1/48th but my late dad flew these with Liverpool UAS circa 1957/58 so..... A great choice by Airfix and it would look very nice alongside thier Tiger Moth.
  8. I think if you combined the wings/engines of the Airfix kit with the fuselage of the Tamiya NF.XIII/XVII you'd more or less have a Mosquito NF.XXX. Then you could also combine the Tamiya wings with the Airfix kit and more or less have a B.IV with the Cookie bomb bay conversion.
  9. Another excellent paint finish. I wish I could achieve such quality!
  10. Very nice indeed. I like these early '109s. That's a great paint finish.
  11. Superb paintwork. It acually makes the 'Dragmaster' look quite sleek. Terrific modelling.
  12. That looks terrific. I think the pink and weathering are excellent and the canopy hood looks great. It's maybe a little dirtier than the real thing would have been but the weathering is beautifully applied.
  13. Superb. I could quite easily have believed this is 1/48th, such is the standard of the modelling and photography.
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