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  1. A terrific trio of Harvards with some very interesting colour schemes. I think this is a seriously under-kitted type considering its historical importance. It would be great if Special Hobby, AZ/KP, Sword, Arma or even Airfix produced a new 1/72 kit of the Harvard II. So many schemes.... BTW, I really like your display base too.
  2. Truly awesome. Some of the best weathering I have ever seen. The Corsair at the FAA Museum looks a bit like this at the moment. They have stripped it down to its origianal paint.
  3. Absolutely, and Vampires. Just not on Spitfires (or Lancasters for that matter).
  4. Eeugh! Sharkmouths belong on 112 Sqaudron Tomahawks and Kittyhawks, not on Spitfires.. I quite fancy the SAAF option though. There is some great footage somewhere of this aircraft and its squadron mates armed with 250Ib bombs formating on a camera ship. Definitely up for a few of these as I'd like to build Rhodesian pilot Johhny Plagis' 249 Squadron aircraft 'Kay', operating from Malta. Plenty of Desert Air Force options too and I'd like a Darwin defender, maybe Caldwell's personalised aircraft. I wonder if the tooling will allow for a future Aboukir filter version.
  5. The 3D render on the 72 news site (which I think is scanned from Airfix Magazine) does appear to have the hatch open and a gun poking out. Wouldn't it be a Vickers K gun though?
  6. I'm quite chuffed about the Battle of France Hurricane I. I was thinking of doing one so now I don't need to buy a separate decal sheet. Having said that I'd have liked to do 'Cobber' Kain's aircraft 'Paddy III'.
  7. They could do a tie in with Top Gear, rather than Top Gun, and have a 2-seat Spit with a curly Jeremy Clarkson in the back seat.
  8. So, do we think the 'Small Beginners' Spitfire and Firely are different kits to the other releases of the two types, perhaps based on the same research/Lidar? You can't tell much from the Firely but the Small Beginners Spitfire looks like it's a pre-painted click together.
  9. Well, I had rather set my heart on a new Mosquito with two-stage Merlins but the Beaufort announcement and the new Spitfire VC are very welcome indeed. I wonder what these Quick Builds are like and whether the Spit VC is the same kit as the other release. That could make the F-35 intersting as well if they're not too toy-like. I am pleasantly surprised by the return to 1/72 armour. I haven't built a tank for about forty years but am definitely interested in the Firefly and the Cromwell. All in all, with the Vulcan, I'm pretty happy with this release schedule. I know Airfix ae just keeping me keen until next year's Mosquito...
  10. Maybe the Skybolt mountings are for a future Black Buck release?
  11. I presume there will be a future release with appropriate markings for Blue Steel. Still, with Trumpeter one can never tell.
  12. I don't think the Canadair Sabre had even entered operational service with the RAF at that stage. As far as I can remember the Sabres which took part in the fly past were from the RCAF.
  13. That looks absolutely superb. a beautiful paint finish. My favourite scheme also.
  14. Thank you. Oh, Tasman. Sudden bad memories of those huge sprue gates came immediately to mind. I built some of their Spitfires and Seafires about twenty hears ago. Filing down the moulding runs on the inside of the wing pieces was a nightmare. Very tough plastic I seem to remember. The Spitifres have since 'gone West' but I hung on to the Seafires. To be fair to Tasman they are pretty accurate and, at the time, were pretty much the only way you could build a Griffon Spitfire.
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