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  1. I reckon if they did a T-bird Hunter they'd also do a single seater. Personally I'd like them to scale down their Sea Vixen to go with the Buccaneer, the Javelin as well. And the Seafire, and the Sea Fury, and the Spitfire XII and the Walrus! While we're on the subject of deterrence I'd really like Airfix to produce a 1/72 Thor with supporting equipment.
  2. Lovely. Could be 1/48th. Looks like you tones down the panel lines on the rear fuselage spine.
  3. The main thing that struck me was the change in angle from the windscreen to the nose. Too pronounced. The VC-10 looks much more streamlined as the windscreen doesn't slope at such a steep angle and almost blends in to the contours of the nose.
  4. Sounds great. Nothing on their website though - or the Brabazon for that matter.
  5. I didn't know that BOAC ever used the Tristar.
  6. Well, if Airfix are reading this. I for one would love a kit of the QE Class. I'm probably more likely to go for a 1/700 scale kit just because I don't think I'd have room for a 1/350 (not that I wouldn't really want one, mind you).
  7. I don't know. The parts breakdown doesn't look conducive for a B.1 follow up release.
  8. Is that a FOD guard that Airfix used as a tease? If so it could be applied to any already built old tools to cover a multitude of sins. We all have to make sacrifices.
  9. Judging from the parts lay out and the prototype kit my guess is that the first release will be earlier versions in white or the glossy camouflage scheme and later releases will be Black Buck etc. I wonder if there will be a tanker option on the future. Garn! I didn't think it through.
  10. Anyway, back on topic I think the old tooling will be easier to convert to a Mk.1 because of the way the kit's wings are designed so I reckon many of the soon to be discarded old tools will end up that way. If they go at a decent price I'll definitely want to do one.
  11. I once bought a very runny cheese in France which, upon opening, the aroma made me almost swoon and I immediately thought it must be the work of Beelzebub himself. It was, however, very tasty.
  12. Daddies any day of tbe week. A superior sauce.
  13. Thanks. Yes, I'd seen these. Definitely the most convincing ones I've seen. A quick repaint would do the job.
  14. Of course. They are probably mentally pre-planning how they are going to unbend 'their' aircraft when the pilot gives it back.
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