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  1. Coming along very nicely, Tony. Looks like you've done a great job blending in the waist gun windows, which augers well for my effort.
  2. Thanks. I suppose it must be so although it doesn't make as much sense as the Bone or the F4D Ford.
  3. They both look great. i particularly like the ADC version. If only modern combat aircraft were so colourful. There's something about the F-102 and all Convair's deltas that I really like. Apologies if there is a really obvious answer to this question, but can anyone tell me why it was nicknamed the Deuce?
  4. Another great one Adey. Really impressed that you painted the Air Anglia markings. It can't be easy to replicate a font like that, especially in 144th scale! I've got a soft spot for these small UK airlines of the 50s-70s and have recently built the Italeri/Airfix DC-3 in Skyways markings. I think it has something to do with a school trip to Lydd airport circa 1976. Lots of DC-3s and Viscounts around in those days. I was in charge of the school Super 8 camera and used up quite a lot of reels filming that day when I was supposed to document the whole week's trip! Looks like the day with Air Atlantique was a good one. Nice to see that they treated you like adults vis the post-flight inspection.
  5. Meatbox8

    1/72 PZL P.11c Arma Hobby

    That's a superb rendition and a terrific paint finish and weathering. The decals have a real painted on look. I wish I could make models as good as this in 300 days, let alone 3 days!
  6. Meatbox8

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Oh darn. Can't access Facebook.
  7. A fantastic build, as always Fuad. The wooden propellers are superb as is the detail painting of the bombs. It's certainly an impressive beast, even if it does look like it was built from a collection of old barn doors.
  8. Meatbox8

    A6m Zero 1/72 Tamiya

    A stunningly good natural metal finish. Great work. I must say the 'Hamp', with its squared off wing tips has a much more 'modern' look to it over the 'Zeke'.
  9. Meatbox8

    1/72 Buccaneer S2D

    A beautiful Buccaneer in my favourite scheme for the type. Just goes to show what can be produced from this old kit with a bit of patience and perseverance. It's high time we were treated to a new, state of the art kit of this fantastic aircraft.
  10. A terrific pair of trainers. I think the Master looks great despite its cottage industry origins. It's easy to forget these types in the context of that calamitous, momentous year but they were, of course, vital to the survival of the RAF and, by extension, the UK as a whole. I've been toying with the idea of building a fleet of RAF trainers from this period. Seeing your collection has definitely inspired me to get on with it! P.S. Great photography too.
  11. A little stunner. A beautiful paint finish, authentic looking weathering and some great photography. Maybe you'd like to consider a cannon armed IB or IIB to ring the changes.
  12. An outstanding model. Beautiful paint finish and could easily pass for 1/48th.
  13. A terrific looking Jug, Jerzy. It could easily pass as 1/48th to my eye.
  14. Meatbox8

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Avro Anson (C.19) heading NW towards Yeovilton. A beautiful noise. Just now a bit of an odd one. What looked like two Mirages of Rafales (deltas anyway) in formation with some sort of white biz jet (Armee De L'Air Falcon?) and something that looked remarkably like a Short Skyvan, all heading East along the Dorset coast. Yesterday, while I was in the bath, I heard the distinctive sound of a Wocca very low right over the house. Girlfriend witnessed it and told me it was flying in formation with a white, twin-engined aircraft with some sort of spoiler at the rear. Any ideas? Apparently the Chinook was maneouvering around the other aircraft quite vigorously. I was wondering if the other aircraft was some sort of camera ship.
  15. Wow. That's quick work Tony. Got mine yesterday and it looks like real peach of a kit. Of all the 'Redboxes' I've bought this one looks like the best of the lot!