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  1. I've got my eye on this kit so I'll be following with interest.
  2. Excellent news. Hopefully they'll follow up with a Wasp. Edit. Oops. They are. Top notch.
  3. Looks very nice. I built the old Frog kit a few years back, 45 sqn with SEAC roundels. Still pretty good for its age but this kit trumps it massively,I would imagine. I feel an Aussie one coming on with a white tail. I can recommend the book 'Vengeance!' by Peter C. Smith as a reference. An excellent read and he feels the type was massively underrated.
  4. Maybe they will box it with the starter set Spit VC. That would make perfect sense.
  5. My guess is sonething from Junkers in 1/72 and/or something from Republic in 1/48th.
  6. Fantastic news. I've wanted a late Anson for years. Valom have been covering some great subjects recently.
  7. I'd really like an aircraft flown by Baldwin but I'd prefer MM987 in 198 sqd markings complete with 'scoreboard' and Sqd Ldr pennant.
  8. All things considered it looks pretty nice from the photo. I don't have Typhoon kit as I rend to build things which are retired. Might be persuaded by this ( and their F-35) though.
  9. And there was me trying to avoid RAF helicopters for the sake of keeping the stash down.
  10. If this a starter set it seems odd to release it as a Dogfight Double with their standard P-51D kit. Also, would there have been many 109Fs around in mid-44? Edit: just saw that the 51D is a new starter kit as well.
  11. Good choice, Airfix. B-24 kits are surprisingly thin on the ground. I'm hoping for a Coastal Command release in the future.
  12. A nice looking Defiant and an interesting scheme. It's a great little kit. I also find canopy painting the most onerous part of kit building. One technique I've started using is to brush apply acrylic paint for the framing and use a wooden cocktail stick to gently remove any excess. While it's not perfect, it's accrptable for my standards and certainly speeds up the production line.
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