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  1. Thank you Steve. Both kits seem to be pretty elusive at the moment but I hadn't checked King Kit. Will take a look.
  2. Beautiful. The finish is superb. The Vallejo Alluminium looks the business. A very convincing metallic look.
  3. That looks absolutely terrific, Steve. A very nice paint finish and, to my eye, it captures the look of the type really well. I have read that the model falls down on shape but, having seen your build, it looks enough like the real thing for me. I would actually really like the NF3 boxing of the kit but it seems to have disappeared from big H's website. Do you know if the Sea Venom boxing happens to include the relevant parts for the NF3 - principally can it be build without the arrestor hook fairing and the cockpit canopy without the extra bulge over the pilot's position?
  4. Know the feeling. I've got a 1/72 Nimrod and Shackleton awaiting their turn patiently (very patiently) in the 'paint shop'. No idea where I'm going to put them once they're done.
  5. That Piaggio is an interesting subject. The sprues look great. It has inspired me to ask you if you would consider a 1/72 kit of the Fairey Long Range Monoplane.
  6. You could always keep your hand in with the A-Model 144th kit. Generally I stick to the one true scale but sometimes, with larger aircraft and airliners, I can be tempted in to 144th.
  7. Ooops. Sorry. Seem to have inadvertently appropriated your message. Anyway, as I said, some cracking artwork. Tanguy and Laverdeure flew these before being sent to Dijon to convert to the Mirage (in the TV series, at least) so the kit gets my vote. My fave TV show in the 70s. Quite pricey, mind you.
  8. Ah, I thought there was a problem.
  9. Besides which, wouldn't it be invisible to LIDAR? Tee hee.
  10. An absolute belter of a model. Great to see, albeit briefly, the return of the coolest, sexiest scheme ever to adorn an airliner. Even BOAC's font looks so smart compared to BA's one. And, of course, there's Speedbird. Why the branding wallahs at BA decided to replace it with that awful ribbon thing is beyond me.
  11. That looks fantastic. Amazing what you've achieved from this old kit. I really like the BU early scheme too. Most modern schemes look so garish in comparison.
  12. A stunning model of this sinister but handsome looking aircraft. The paint finish is beautifully applied. Looks a million miles away from the old Matchbox kit that I used to have as a kid. I've learnt something too as I'd never heard of KG66 prior to this. One thing though - can anyone tell me what the purpose of the circular opening on the top of the fuselage is? Often wondered.
  13. A superb looking Lightning, as are your two seaters posted elsewhere. The paint finish looks great from where I'm sitting. Good old 19 Squadron too. I was hoping the unit was going to be re-activated as a Typhoon squadron but apparently any new future number plates are going to go to bomber squadrons that have retired their Tornados. I can't believe I haven't got round to building any of the myriad Lightnings in my stash (well, except the Trumpeter ones!). Just one point though. That's a Lightning F2A, not an F6.
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