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  1. Meatbox8

    Rollie goes doodlebug hunting

    Absolutely superb. A great effect not to mention a beautiful finish on the Tempest, nice and clean like a Wing Commander's should be. Just one small point though. Beamont hated being called 'Rollie'. His usual nickname was 'Bea'. I got that from the horse's mouth.
  2. Jeepers, I haven't stopped building kits for 15 years but would be really happy if mine turned out as good as this! A great paint finish and what looks like a perfect satin sheen to me.
  3. Meatbox8

    Airfix B727 and Caravelle

    A really lovely collection from when airliners still looked interesting. I also much prefer these retro style markings, Much smarter than today's gaudy schemes. I have a Caravelle in my stash. I'll be happy if they turn out half as good as yours.
  4. A terrific looking Belevedere. I've always thought the one at Hendon was an imposing beast and have pondered getting one although, like you and others here, I'd really like to see a new kit. I am no expert on the type so wouldn't know much about how to upgrade it to a production version. I wonder if MicroMir have ever considered branching out in to helicopters....
  5. Meatbox8

    1/72 Halifax Friday the 13th

    Thanks for the heads up on that. Managed to source the Airfix decal set from ebay as a result. Difficult to imagine how Sky Models got it wrong, especially considering that the original artwork still survives, but I did find a colour profile on Wings Palette which has the same errors so presumably this is where Sky Models got their info. Anyway, thanks for that.
  6. Meatbox8

    Airfix product announcement at Telford 2018

    One with two islands, perhaps?
  7. A great looking Fokker that could easily pass as 1/48th. The lozenge application looks terrific. Completely agree with you about the Roden kit versus the MAC kit. I binned my Roden DVII mid-build and replaced it with MAC's nice little kit which went together with no issues.
  8. Meatbox8

    Sea King HAR3

    That looks terrific. A really nice build and paint finish. I did some filming in one of these with the guys from 203(R) Squadron at RAF St Mawgan a few years back, taking part in a training exercise over the Bristol Channel. Great fun.
  9. Wow. That is some impressive artwork. Really looking forward to this one.
  10. That looks absolutely terrific. Just goes to show that the Airfix Camel can be built in to an accurate looking model, just not a Camel! Excellent work on the markings as well. I would imagine the HR Models kit of the Hanriot is pretty good. I've got their Pup in the stash and it looks a lovely model
  11. Meatbox8

    Gloster Meteor, camouflage scheme question

    B1s ?
  12. Meatbox8

    Best Sunderland model?

    A beautiful looking Sunderland but I've never seen that colour scheme before, that is, I've never seen a natural metal Sunderland with Type B roundels. You mentioned that it was almost finished. Does that mean that the scheme you have applied is interim or was this a genuine scheme?
  13. I am in complete concord. Nothing against 1/48th except I just don't have the storage. I currently have the Airfix Nimrod and Frog Shackleton on the go at the moment and I have no idea where I am going to put them when they are finished. With another two Shackeltons, two Valiants and a Victor in the pipeline (although Lord knows when!) I would really struggle for room if I started building 1/48th, even WW2 fighters. Plus I've always built 1/72 since being a boy and am now too old a dog.
  14. I was quite surprised (pleasantly) that their recent kit was in 1/72 to be honest. After their Sea Vixen, Javelin and Meteor, not to mention the forthcoming Hunter, it seemed they had abandoned the concept of post War jets in 1/72, other than small trainers that is. I wouldn't be surprised if they did go for it. They have tended to scale up (Tomahawk, Spitfire XIX) than down.
  15. Huzzah! Hopefully the prize will be that it is 1.72nd scale. And that it is a 2 stage Merlin example.