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  1. Quite. A packet of Walkers counts for one of your five-a-day.
  2. Was it Bob Braham or John Cunningham whose success was attributed to eating carrots? I read that Cunningham hated the sobriquet 'Cat's Eyes'.
  3. If it's any consolation I opted to do German as I thought it was similar to English and, thus, would be a doddle. How wrong I was ! German grammar is really hard, for me at least, and I really struggled with it. The structure of sentences is completely the other way round to English. Plus there's all that Der, Die, Das stuff. I find French a lot easier except in pronunciation, where German is a lot more straightforward. I was taught Hochdeutch and as I've only been to Munich I got some funny looks from the locals (well, a look of incomprehensibility anyway). I was, however, able to ask a barman if he'd put Kraftwerk on Spotify for me, of which I am quite proud. I love Munich btw. Great beer, great pork, very friendly and a terrific aviation hall at the Deutsches Museum. I just wouldn't recommend it to a vegetarian. I didn't see a vegetable the whole time I was there.
  4. Looks like an interesting build of a type totally new to me so I'll be very interested in following this. There's definitely a family resemblance to the Siskin.
  5. Meatbox8

    LVG C.VI Wingnut Wings 1:32

    Just amazing! A beautiful, museum quality model. If only I had room for 1/32nd scale kits. Not that i would be able to achieve anything close to as good as this.
  6. Very nice indeed. Amazing what you've achieved with this ancient kit. Having the undercarriage up lends itself well to the Seahawk with those lovely clean lines. I've always liked 898 Squadron's flying fish motif.
  7. Meatbox8

    BAE Harrier GR3

    A great looking Harrier and really nice to see it in 'flight'. I always think the anhedral wing of the Harrier gives it a predatory look.
  8. That is a really excellent rendition of a B-25. A beautiful paint finish with excellent weathering. I really like how you've illustrated the Olive Drab coming trough under the Desert Pink.
  9. Meatbox8

    `Repeat Please`

    Absolutely brilliant and from one of my favourite scenes in the film. If I may make just one pedantic observation, I think they removed the tailplane support struts from the Buchons that masqueraded as Hurricanes,
  10. Beautiful. Great interior work. I've always liked 300 (Polish) Squadron's 'Lady in a Champagne Glass'. There's some really nice weathering on your model as well.
  11. Meatbox8

    B-2 Stealth TESTORS 1/72

    That is quite outstanding. The level of detail is, frankly, eye-watering, and in 1/72nd scale! I haven't built the kit but from what others are saying here about it only confirms the quality of your work. The overall paint scheme is beautifully applied with subtle variations in the main colour. Judging by the position of the toilet you wouldn't want to eat a dodgy curry the night before. I think you would feel a little self-conscious!
  12. Meatbox8

    Xtrakit 1/72 Sea Vixen FAW 2

    A superb looking sea vixen that really brings out its aggressive lines. EDSG does seem to vary quite a lot depending on the light. There is a photo, possibly of this very aircraft during its service life, in the Warpaint publication that looks a very similar shade to this (taken on a sunny day) whereas some of my models in EDSG look really dark when not in natural light. Anyway, congrats on finishing this kit! I have recently finished the Mk1 incarnation from MPM. The butt joined tail booms were interesting. Did you do anything special to secure yours? I inserted old plastic biros in mine to give them some strength (still broke one off though) plus scrap sprue as wing spars. The miniature resin ejector seats were unusual too - possibly 1/96th scale. Still, despite what some have said about shape etc I still think it looks like a Sea Vixen and was well worth the effort.
  13. Meatbox8

    Sikorsky S55 in RN Markings

    Very nice indeed. Your model really brings out the character of the Whirlwind. Totally with you on the need for new kits if this type. I'd really like to start a series of RN Whirlwinds with their myriad colour schemes and marks but we're not exactly snowed under with kits.
  14. Crikey! Where to start? An absolutely outstanding model which could easily pass as 1/48th or even 1/32nd scale. What you have achieved from this old kit is truly superb. I wish I had a fraction of the skills you have displayed here.
  15. Meatbox8

    RN F-35B Frenzy - FLY NAVY

    They both look superb. The paint finish is exceptional. Let's hope they will get to put some unit markings on the F-35s although the last I heard no markings are going to be applied which, I must say, is extremely unsporting of the MOD.