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  1. Looks like a great collection. I'd really like to see some more pics. I think I need to build a few Malta Spitfires now that there is an abundance of Mk VC kits available. I've got Johnny Plagis'BR321 in mind.
  2. Very nice. I definitely 'need' a Lysander, especially after seeing yours.
  3. That looks superb. One doesn't get to see many completed Welshmodel kits. Having said that I'll probably be going fo the new MikroMir kit.
  4. They've included poseable pilot figures. One Soviet and one British. A nice touch.
  5. And their Sunderland Mk V has something like 'Fighting commies in Europe and Asia' on it. Love it.
  6. All high on my list. I was hoping the recently restored to airworthiness DH9 might inspire a manufacturer. This Nieuport is interesting but a bit too esoteric for me. It actually looks like it has already crashed!
  7. Quite. The interrupter gear must have slowed down the rate of fire if it had to deal with both the propeller AND and rotary engine. And only one Vickers by the looks of things.
  8. Vinyl records made a big comeback after both CDs (yeuch) and downloaded music became 'the norm'. The building and painting processes are what many people enjoy the most about the hobby, otherwise everyone would just buy Corgi die-casts.
  9. Well, the box artist seems to have got the spinner right.
  10. That look great and a terrific paint finish. I wish this kit wasn't quite so expensive.
  11. I think they are exercise markings. I believe this aircraft was used during exrecises with a Polish division in Palestine or thereabouts.
  12. Amazing. A couple of very attractive schemes beautifully applied. Nice photography too.
  13. That is a fantastic model. Great weathering and an interesting scheme. It just shows that a good model can be built from a Magna kit.
  14. A great looking Stirling and tribute to your father. I'm glad you persevered with it. With regards to weathering I think there are many techniques which modellers use. For my part I tend to go by the adage that less is more as it is easy to 'ever-weather' a model in my opinion. I use a silver pencil for adding chips to the paintwork, mainly around panel lines which would have been frequently removed and replaced by the ground crew i.e. around the engines and any access hatches, as well foreign object damage to the leading edges of the wings, tail and propellors. I find a silver pencil works quite nicely compared to small dabs of silver paint. Whenever I have used silver paint it tends to look 'painted on' which, of course, it is but not the effect I am looing for. Exhaust staining is another area you might like to consider. I think the trail of exhaust gases was quite destinctive on the Stirling, running over the top of the wings behind the 'hedgehog' exhaust pipes. Airbrushing definitely works the best for this but in the absence of such a tool you could try dry brushing. Find an old brush which has seen better days, apply to paint (a pale grey), remove nearly all the paint on a tissue or similar until only a slight residue is left then lighly apply to the area you want it. Always brush in the direction of the airflow and apply gently, graudually building it up until you have achieved the requird amount. Hope that helps. P.S. The brush doesn't usually survice this exercise !
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