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  1. Sorry. Haven't had a chance to take a look at my book yet. Life got in the way.
  2. I've got a book at home with a photo so I'll take butchers later.
  3. Incredible. This isn't modelling. This is art.
  4. For the sort of price being asked one could reasonably expect the resin transparencies to at least be transparent.
  5. Maybe so although, to be honest, £32 doesn't exactly sound cheap either.
  6. Seems crazy that you can purchase something directly from Japan cheaper than from an importer. Anyway, if I get round to buying this particular mark of Avenger it will be the Sword kit (from the UK, not the EU - see above!). Almost a quarter of the price and their Skyraider AEW and Gannet AEW kits went together pretty well.
  7. Quite. The website from which this product was purchased (the manufacturer's own website) at no point mentioned any additional costs or shipping fees. In fact it was, supposedly, free shipping. What it failed to mention was that the shipping firm would need to be paid for its importing services, including servicing the VAT. There were, therefore, shipping fees but as the manufacturer wasn't itself going to be charging me for them they failed, in my view either deliberately or at least disingenuously, to mention this. As for UK VAT and European VAT I bought the same product for my sister during the transition period at exactly the same purchase cost and with no additional fees so, unless this company does not charge VAT in its own country, which I doubt, I actually paid the VAT twice on the second purchase - French and UK VAT. What made this particularly annoying was that I could have sourced the product in the UK had I known about these charges. Needless to say, and despite the correspondence I received from them when I queried this issue (all that 'we value our customers greatly blah blah blah but please bu**er off') I won't be buying from them again.
  8. It's interesting to compare the prices of Hasegawa and Tamiya though. Hasegawa's Mosquito is considerably more than Tamiya's. Would anyone really pay £75 for a 1/72 Avenger though.
  9. I'm not sure I understand the whole trade deal thing. I bought swmbo a piece of jewellery from a famous French manufacturer which cost about £220. About a month later I got a bill from DHL for a further £60 which included import tariffs and extra VAT. Doesn't seem like much of a trade deal to me. The things one does for a quiet life.
  10. Jeepers. Just came across the 1/72 Hasegawa TBM-3S2 Avenger kit on the Hannants site and it is priced at £74.99!!!! Who would buy it at that price, especially when considering that the Sword kit of the same variant (more or less) is a rather inviting £17.99? Didn't our lords and masters negotiate a trade agreement with Japan or is this Hasegawa ensuring the 'value' of their products? Or maybe the kit parts are gold plated. Doesn't seem to me to be much point in that if it means no one is gong to buy them.
  11. Meatbox8

    RAF Dark Earth

    Humbrol 29 Dark Earth is, to my eye, too dark in its current form
  12. Very helpful. Thank you. If not for this kit then certinaly one in the future, or a Typhoon for that matter. Great. So there would almost have certainly been a couple of months when the aircraft carried no underwing markings?
  13. So, contrary to the Airfix kit's markings I've been unable to find any photographic evidence of JN766 WITHOUT the Tempest/Typhoon identification markings under the wings. As I'm an extraordinarily lazy modeller any photo of said aircraft without these markings (D-Day ID markings as well while we're about it) would be gratefully received. Failing that if anyone can tell me the the dimensions of the Tempest/Typhoon markings I would be almost as grateful, but if they can convert those to 1/72 equivalence they can have free access to my private pension fund. If I had one, that is.
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