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  1. KP and AZ are choosing some really nice subjects at the moment. It's quite a racy looking aircraft. I think I'll have to have one of these. I seem to remember 111 Squadron operated them in the Middle East. It will go nicely with my Avis Bristol M.1C (if I ever get round to building it!). I wonder what its rate of fire was with bullets having to dodge both the propeller and the cylinder blocks.
  2. A beautiful Spitfire and an interesting and unusual scheme very well applied.
  3. That's a superb metal finish. It really brings out the sleek lines of this beast.
  4. I read that once that while on a ground-based engine test a technician working inside a rearby parked C-47 went in to some sort of convulsive fit.
  5. Hannants has it as a conversion set. The boxes certainly look like they contain a complete kit. If it is a conversion set I wonder for which kit it is meant.
  6. A very nice looking C-47. I really like those Brazilian markings. I think your client will be very happy with this model.
  7. Absolutely brilliant. A terrific model and a great setting.
  8. Seems I missed this the first time round. A superb model with some top-notch paintwork and weathering. The Whirlwind looks so ahead of its time, especially when represented by a model of this quality. One can't help but wonder how the type would have faired had it been designed around the Merlin.
  9. An absolutely stunning model of a highly significant aeroplane. I wish I had just a fraction of the modelling skills on display here.
  10. Sword have done the Mk XIV. High and low back.
  11. Thanks. Interesting that they are such a rarity. I wonder if they were added on the production line or at an MU or maybe squadron level. Maybe they were an experiment.
  12. That's a great rendition of this older tooling. The exhaust staining looks spot-on. Just shows that there is still life in these older kits if one is prepared to put the effort in. One question though. I checked out your WIP to find out what the strakes behind the outer engines are all about. Did you ever find out the purpose of them? Never seen those before.
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