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  1. Love it. The cockpit detail is superb, especially considering it is 1/72.
  2. A very smart scheme and a smashing looking Wessex. Looks like the old Frog kit holds up pretty well. As far as I can tell it's the only Mk1 around so might have to get a couple, one RN and one RAN.
  3. A great looking Hurricane and a fascinating back-story. Just goes to show it takes all sorts, especially considering the gallantry of the Czechs in the RAF, Like others I'm surprised you had issues with the fit of the kit. I have built one with another two pending and found it to be a superb kit of the highest standard.
  4. Terrific. Very nice paint finish. The type has a very purposeful look about it.
  5. Superb. I could easily have believed it is 1/35th scale. Some terrific weathering.
  6. So it does. Pity it's incorrect as it's a more attractive scheme with the red. What about the serial though. Should that be red? At this rate there isn't much on the sheet that I'll actually be using although I quite fancy building 'Aries' at some point in the future. Anyway, I'll take butcher's at the RafDec sheet, thanks. Thanks. I shall take a gander at your for sale post.
  7. Thanks. It's actually very useful to have some pointers regarding the aerials as they are often quite hard to spot in old photees. I have one question regarding the 1/32nd scale Lanc though. Where do you put it once it's finished?!
  8. Ha. Mine's not even out of its box yet. In fact I'm not even sure where the box is. Possibly in the loft.
  9. Thanks for the gen, Tony. Will take a look at that aerial fit. I have the S&M decal sheet which, rather unhelpfully, suggests the modeller uses the kit provided roundels. Fine, except the kit doesn't include Type D roundels, not surprisingly. I should have what's required in the Xtradecal post-War roundel sheet so it will be a case of figuring out what size is appropriate.
  10. Thanks. No, it's good to resurrect my thread as it might inspire me to actually build the thing five years on! It is working its way up the stash however and I opted for the Airfix Dambuster kit, S&M Decal sheet, which has a grey over white SMR option with a nice orange and red fuselage band (evercise markings perhaps?) and the A2Zee Lincoln fin/rudder combo. I'll probably add the Blackbird Models Post-War Lancaster set, especially as it includes the camera box and fuselage intake, which will make life easier. It includes wheels which I'm hoping are of the Lincoln style.
  11. Congratulations on a superb model. I would never have thought the old Heller kit could be made to look so good. And for a good cause too.
  12. Indeed. Although that's not really what I meant.
  13. Sigh. Whenever the BBC say something like giving it 'a contemporary feel', i know they're going to screw it up.
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