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  1. An absolute stunner. Great work. I really like those markings.
  2. For such an old kit that's scrubbed up beautifully. Very nice.
  3. I'm sure you are right. I read an article in Aeroplane not long ago which I have clearly mis-remembered. I'm also possibly mixing it up with 119 Squadron's all-black aircraft. Brain's turning to mush due to Lockdown!
  4. Terrific. A very interesting scheme as I have only seen RCAF all black ones up until now. Never seen Type C1s on a Stringbag before either.
  5. Very nice. Not an aircraft one sees often in model form. A very interesting scheme. Does it come with the kit?
  6. Very nice. Great work on what is a complex (and very attractive) paint scheme. I've always found the Bronco rather appealing.
  7. Beautiful. Looks 1/48th. Very nice metallic paintwork.
  8. Originals command quite a price too. I looked in to purchasing an orginal BOAC poster from the 60s and it was several hundred quid which rather put the kibosh on that idea. There are some rather nice reproductions available on-line though.
  9. Very nice and I'm totally with you. A great icon from the coolest decade known to man. That I was a product of said decade is entitirely coincidental. P.S. Would love to see some pics of the Comet lurking in the background.
  10. Very nice. A great rendition of this charasmatic little fighter.
  11. A splendid looking Typhoon with a very smooth looking paint finish and realistic weathering. It could easily pass as 1/48th to my eye. I really like the detail painting on the rockets (something I couldn't quite muster the enrgy to do!). Well worth the effort in giving it a new lease of life. This kit has been somewhat forgotten about since the Airfix release but I think it still holds up well, as does their Tempest.
  12. I shall do that. I've seen WIPs where props have been used to widen fuselages. One in particular was the AZ Supermarine Attacker (I think it was actually to increase the depth of one fuselage half) after I had already built mine which suffered the same problem,. I had attempted to sort the problem with filler and sanding which took forever and was never entirely satisfactory. With the Sunderland I suppose it's the risk a manufacturer takes in order to produce several variants from the same kit although I was quite surprised SH chose to do so in the way they did.
  13. That's a lovely looking trio. Superb paint finishes and weathering. I really like these Med Theatre schemes. Sorry to be an annoying pedant, and I'm sure it's just a typo, but the Hurricane is from 73 Squadron, not 75.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. It looks a nice kit in the box, certainly better that Italeri with egards to the panel lines, but I did wonder about those sections. Good to know about the other issues you've highlighted. I shall approach them with trepidation.
  15. Lovely job. It looks to have all the sleekness and raw power of the real thing. Sorry to hear it was a bit of a bind to build. Airfix are a bit hit and miss with buildability. My Blenheim I was a horror while my Swift FR.5 went together beautifully.
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