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  1. Why the hooks on the fender are brown?
  2. In my next projects I will be use PE too, because they add much to the final look.
  3. I found some Pictures where the circle on pistol port is present. So it will stay
  4. Acc. to RFM this circle is OK. But acc. to historical pictures it should not be there. I will chceck tommorow it and then I will make a decision. Probably I should removed it.
  5. The penultimate stage of construction. I've added support bogies for road wheels, towing cable holders, I've finished rear of the vehicle, i.e. exhaust covers and I've joined the turret with hull. In addition, I made a box for first aid kit, which is not in the built version of this Sherman, but I decided to add it.. At the moment I am making wheels. I will wait for painting until almost July, because I ordered some more things for the hull and I have to place them before I start painting. In the meantime I think I will start building another vehicle. The final construction stage gallery will wait.
  6. Great job. But light guards and periscope guards you should replace. The plastic ones are too thick.
  7. I use for that Tamiya 87052 Epoxy Putty Smooth
  8. Another small update. Work with hull in progress.
  9. Don't forget to paint characteristic strap (bare metal) around the barell which was tipical for 76mm american gun
  10. So I will be observe your Nashorn also. Your models are much better than my. Waiting for your workshop. The most difficult part in the PE set was to built the travel lock. I recommend soldering instead of using super glue
  11. For precision bending of the smalest things I use good quality twizeers with very sharp end. Good recomendation is also Tamiya 74117 with rectaangular end. Ofcourse bending jig is also crucial for larger parts. And the most important thing is to practice.
  12. I finished Browning cradle. Now it's time for the hull
  13. Thanks. I've Just finished browning cradle. The update will be tomorrow.
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