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  1. John B (Sc)

    Saintly Fiat

    Super picture. Chris, the original poster, says it was loaned by an RCAF pilot who flew with an RAF Kittyhawk Squadron. Did no 16 Sqn fly Kittyhawks by chance? They are/were known as 'the Saints' - from their St Omer days in WW1, I think.
  2. John B (Sc)

    ICM kits

    I'd agree that ICM's recent issues have been superb. The biplanes are lovely, although I did need considerable care with the decals on the Gladiator. Very careful sliding off with a long hair brush and plenty water. Important to make sure the decal doesn't try to fold over on itself; that can be disaster! The Stearman which has just come out is really lovely, though I seem to have got the wrong engine for the specific machine I intend to model,. Perhaps ICM will do as Eduard have done and issue extra sprue kits from time to time
  3. Ah - good point Graham. I do tend to forget that many younger folk may not be so familiar with the Chippie; I agree the Bulldog would also be attractive - Airfix's 1/72nd one was rather nicely moulded. - I'd love to see it re-issued or updated and scaled up. Mind you, the millenial sitting near me has just commented that folk pining for more mighty jet warbirds should remember that pilots of said warbirds have to start on 'umble trainers anyway. She also said the Chipmunk is so much prettier than the (admittedly very capable) ancient Cessna 150, so maybe she is not the typical millenial
  4. Happy to see a Tempest; perhaps my old ?Heller? one cane be retired. And provided that right cockpit window options are provided, nice to have a Mosquito, though maybe I can also hope fort a scale up some day? The Chipmunk is I think the best news of the lot. OK, rather surprisingly, there are people interested in aviation in the UK who haven't even seen one apparently but many many of us have. Over all those years, many thousands of Air Cadets had their first power flight in a Chippie and quite a few will want to build a memory. Plus all the pilots who trained on them through
  5. For what it is worth I also have a recollection that the 'tub' is essentially an empty box and was later reinforced to cope with blast effects.
  6. I struggled to understand this list when I first saw it, and still do. I find the reasoning odd in several cases. I suspect the important thing we are missing is the precise brief given to the group considering this. That can make a huge difference, How the inclusion of the only two seat Fw-190 in existence can be justified on grounds of 'duplication' beats me. If it is the only one, it cannot be a duplicate surely? Likewise what does 'Relevance' mean against the Auster Antartic? Umm- the only surviving British made single engine piston aircraft flown by extraordin
  7. Thank you all - as gingerbob said, 'sheesh!' Impressive speed of replies , thank you. John B
  8. I recently read of some Hurricanes which were modified for Reconnaissance work in the Middle East, with a ventral housing added. Has anyone got information on this, or perhaps even a photo? The impression was that the modification was a local level one , presumably at ME HQ area.
  9. I did wonder about that - the other runway (10/28) is quite a bit shorter so may only be available at low weights. I am assuming that when the airfield was closed for runway refurbish/upgrade and (I think) added turning space for the P-8s was added on the main 05/23 runway that the other runway was also worked on. I don't recall seeing any signs of new manoeuvring areas being built for the alternate runway mind you !
  10. Hmm, Those wedgetails may make for interesting handling in any strong crosswinds - lots of directional stability but imagine the sideways push when on the deck. Could make for interesting viewing at Lossie - or perhaps they will have low crosswind limits specified and will just divert instead...
  11. That's nice to hear. I imagine there is quite a bit to do on the training side just now, given how many folk will be out of currency or just needing some rust removed ! I do wonder how the CAA is going to manage as we leave EASA; they seem to have taken on some good people, but it is many years since the CAA had to run the whole show themselves, so to speak. Not easy to recreate that capability quickly; there will be struggles. (And down at the private end, even more so since airline ops and commercial activities will naturally take priority. I have a foot in several camps here -
  12. Hi all. Like quite a few of us, I am a member of the Airfix Club, as a way to use up those 'Flying Hours' acquired over a few years kit purchasing. Two queries - (1) all I see in the 'Club area' are strange offers for things like empty storage tins with bonny pictures on top. Am I missing something, perhaps not finding the Member's Area at all? (2) The offerings of aircraft kits which can be 'purchased' using Flying Hours is quite limited - presumably by stock levels. Is there any way to 'purchase' armour kits through the Flying Hours scheme? The armour kits do
  13. Most interesting,'junglierating'. Simple is often best. The KISS principle works well in much of engineering - 'Keep it Simple, Stupid'. Or as Sir Sidney Camm (chief designer of the Harrier) famously said - 'simplify and add more lightness'. (It is claimed he actually said 'simplicate and add more lightness' which has more of a ring to it...)
  14. Thank you Alan P. (Hope you are indeed back to piloting!) The description you append sounds like the sort of testing I'd expect from a competent certification authority taking its responsibilities seriously - DP Davies would approve! . Sad that the FAA no longer give me that confidence.
  15. I wondered if this might be associated with some late life wing investigation and repair work. I think the Mirage IV did have some 'mid life update' and check issues - which helps explain the Mirage IV tail the senior folk walked past on their way to the crew rooms. I have it in mid that early Mirage IV camouflage schemes were across the wings as well as fuselage - trouble is it is easy to see the side view, rarer to get a good look at the upper surfaces ! Have to loom out some old photographs to check. A beautiful aircraft.
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