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  1. John B (Sc)

    Scimitars and Sea Venoms - Colour film

    True. A very odd voice, strange cadences!
  2. John B (Sc)

    Scimitars and Sea Venoms - Colour film

    That 'list' is full of biased nonsense and some serious distortions - and that is being kind to the author narrator. Nasty sneering style too. Some of the aircraft he mentions were poor, some were designed and delivered to out of date or flawed specifications. Some were modified heavily from their original purposes or overtaken by events. Very easy to criticise with hindsight, traditionally viewed as 20:20. 'Hushkit.net' seems to specialise in some weird stuff. (Oh - and HitC, their no1 was the Blackburn Twin Blackburn. Not the prettiest of aeroplanes & one which few folk will have heard of.) Thanks Pinback, and Scimitar. Excellent videos of happy days when we had a fixed wing FAA of note! John B
  3. John B (Sc)

    Very rare bird

    I think Des might be lucky, A frrend said he passed it this morning, at the same site. Fingers crossed.
  4. John B (Sc)

    Very rare bird

    Hope those help, Smudge. Checked today as I went past nearby : all gone. I wonder if she is back at Montrose, being prepared for shipping - now that I'd like to see. How do they break her down, and how much? How is she protected for a sea voyage? John B
  5. John B (Sc)

    Very rare bird

    The Skycrane was flying yesterday installing fibreglass pylons. This may well be its last day here., since the field is now all but empty. Just a couple more. I got a few photos, one shown here. John B
  6. John B (Sc)

    February 2018 Scale Aviation Modelling

    Proof reading is harder than it looks - actually a complete change out like that is the hardest to catch; I read the article several time s, looking carefully at the pictures to try to identify a particular item, before realising what was going on. Doh ! On one project I worked on, a major document had a complete section from another project inadvertently dropped in. It took several weeks before anyone queried the discrepancy.
  7. John B (Sc)

    Very rare bird

    That is what I heard too, Des. Not Erickson, maybe not Balfour Beattie either. It was described to me as due to a 'design error', which could cover a range of sins! A phrase which used to cause cold shivers down my spine, when I was in project engineering. (Ooops - was it my oversight?...)
  8. I agree. I believe it used to be standard habit for pilots to check the shackle rattled, before sitting in the seat. I'd also have thought that a cross check should pick that up -or as someone else said, why not have a sleeve to prevent overtightening. That was only one of the errors - misrigging a strap through the (hence not fully safed) seat handle was another more basic error. I'd have hoped F/L Cunningham would have spotted that; surely it ought to have been highlighted as a dangerous potential 'gotcha' when it was found earlier on in fleet life. Overall, this incident suggest to me deeper issues within the organisation, much more serious than a simple 'HSE' failure. No-one is looking at root cause it seems, and the coroner badly missed a trick there. He was either strongly directed or well out of his depth. If this was my outfit, I'd be rattling quite a few cages. Complacency or ducking for cover at higher levels?
  9. John B (Sc)

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    And further update, Friday 26th January. Helicopter is still there, SE of Keith. Just been past the site. John B
  10. John B (Sc)

    Very rare bird

    Cameraman, I checked this afternoon : Friday 16th January, 1515hrs . She is still there.Looks like she has flown recently, though blade socks and engine covers were on. Site evidently closed up for the day. I don't know what Jamie was basing his information on; possibly planned timings or proposed shipping bokings? Given that the weather over the weekend here is scheduled to include some fairly hefty gusts, I doubt that much lifting & positioning can be done this weekend. I t will be wet at times as well as windy. Hope that helps you. I can check again for presence & activity on Monday , mid-morning, as I drive down to Aberdeen. Will post up some static photos later, if I figure out how to do that here. Cheers, John B
  11. I'd have thought the coroner would know better than to make overly dramatic statements about the ejection seat. It is by no means 'useless'. He is not an engineer as far as I know - and really ought to think first, especially in front of the media. That is plainly a facile comment as reported. Those seats have been demonstrated as working successfully many times. Yes, the seat, on this occasion failed to operate correctly, due to several errors. There is some evidence both of incorrect use, possibly of misunderstanding of the critical features to check for before seat entry and also of maintenance errors/misunderstandings. The back story, which usually disguises the root cause(s) appears to involve changes in scope of use, which may have made the oversights or misunderstandings critical. It sounds, with hindsight, as if a simple modification could have been made to avoid the final link in the change of this fatal accident. It also sounds as if Martin Baker decided to take the hit on the reduced HSE charge because they could not conclusively prove that they had notified MoD. It sounds rather as though the MoD was at fault here, not for the first time, sadly. A range of issues seems to be behind this, some of them engineering, some procedural. i agree, Truro Model Builder; those other incidents also point strongly towards similar root causes in some ways, though the Mull of Kintyre Chinook crash had other, non airworthiness, issues involved too. (The Nimrod incident coroner also demonstrated a disappointing apparent lack of understanding of the deeper issues involved, at least with regard to the summary statements reported in the press.. Have coroners long been in the habit of sounding off on topics which they don't fully understand? Don't they have experts alongside them to advise. It doesn't seem to me to do the reputation of the corner's court any good.)
  12. John B (Sc)

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Last I heard there was delay in the helilift operation while a minor hiccup in the supplied materials was sorted out. That may mean it going on for some days beyond the expected end date.
  13. John B (Sc)

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    That will be the one currently working with Balfour Beatty helping erect pylons up in Glenfiddich Forest. Scimitar posted up a picture a few days ago; the machine is based not far from Keith. John B
  14. John B (Sc)

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    At my daughter's house in Brighton, Saturday I saw a Dragon Rapide fly over, heading West. Just now, at home a very fast Typhoon departure, sounding like a max performance training run. Or a scramble.
  15. John B (Sc)

    Lightning F6 (classing this one as finished for now)

    Thanks for that chaps. Hmm - so maybe my (now rather old) model of a Firebird's Lightning 1a in a fast climb out with all the gear coming up and take off flaps still set may be wrong. Drat. I do recall a comment about the max speed for gear retraction completion was quite challengingly low in some circumstances.