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  1. You are definitely posting up some photos from my happy days, flying in the USA and elsewhere, though most of my Delta flying was on 727s I think and the DC-8s were earlier models, back in the Seventies. Super stuff ! John B
  2. I did like flying on the 'World's Most Experienced Air;line' long ago, A much missed logo - as, for me, is the old TWA logo and service style, back in the days before mass travel and the drive for cheapest possible fights came along. Old style IATA carriers. I agree with Jamie - a superb picture, very reminiscent too! John B
  3. Interesting. I seem to recall Mr. Lafferty taking some pains to make it clear he was not editor of SAMI when a recent claim to that effect was made in an issue not long ago. I think there was a comment that this had been said in the magazine without his knowledge or consent. Would therefore be a bit unusual for him now to be acting as Editor for this 'new' effort. The lack of a publication date is also interesting. Hasn't that been tried before?
  4. Intrigued to see that an Emirates 777 from Dubai to Glasgow has just flown North of Aberdeen at 30,000ft, done a 60 degree left and is now descending rapidly Southwards to Glasgow. Most unusual routeing - I wonder whether is a Purple in place for the flight from Aberdeen of Charles and Camilla. John B
  5. Thanks Troy, I shall have a look on Scalemates. Forgot about their instructions option. John B
  6. While on the subject of B-25s in 1/48th scale, is the Revell B-25C/D which is available just now a re-issue of the Accurate Miniatures B-25C/D? And can anyone tell me what the parts included but not used are for in that kit please? They include a set of smooth engine cowlings and additional or alternative guns, amongst other items. (I don't think I have an AM B-25 in my stash, but must check, just in case. It has got a trifle out of hand! ) John B
  7. There does seem to something very wrong at the top of the Air Force as well as with the Red Arrows. The CAS is apparently preparing a report, but given that he seems to have already behaved in a very dubious manner (to say the least) with regard to a coroner's inquest into a Red Arrow's accident, I wouldn't hold out much hope of anything useful coming out of it. Morale in some quarters is taking nosedive. Very sad.
  8. Super - thanks Martin. Disappointing that Mr Allward failed to mention it, or maybe I need to reread more carefully ! That's not a book I'd heard of before.
  9. Checking in Maurice Allward's book on the Javelin, there is no mention of changes to intake dimensions. For the Mk7, it is stated that changes associated with the new engines involved the extended rear fuselage and angled jet pipe nozzles. It seems very likely that any change in overall intake dimension would have been mentioned. I agree with Scott Hemsley that the blunter more rounded intake lips of the prototypes certainly make the intake front look smaller. That is probably a visual illusion, made more evident by the dark painting of many later intakes.
  10. One pilot was withdrawn after allegations of personal misconduct. Another resigned from the team because of his view of the culture within the team. There are rumours of much unhappiness inside the team and I believe a report is being or has been written by someone at very high level, considering what to do about it. Sad.
  11. That makes a lot of sense, sounds quite probable. Like you des, I still have an 'accidental' double pack. Mine is one S2A/C and one S2B in the box. Was that the norm? I suspects o but am not sure, so many years later !
  12. Having just completed the fuselage build of an old style Airfix 1/48th Buccaneer, I think the difficulty of this is rather overstated at times. Perhaps I have been lucky with my kits, three built so far. Yes, the sanding and clean up of the joins is a pain, but that is required on more or less every model at some point. Having built the new 1/72 Buccaneer (as well as the previous version and the original NA39 kit), it has a few minor challenges too. The 1/48th new kit looks to be fairly close to a straight resizing of the 1/72 mould, which means these same issues will arise. Easier than the first 1/48th moulding - sure - but not without some fit 'challenges' to overcome. Incidentally, on both old and new kits, that noise reduction bulge is very easy to remove. Both 1/48th moulds will produce a satisfactorily solid looking Buccaneer !
  13. Interesting, Des - never heard of that one before, even though I'm from just North of you originally. Is it related to the dreaded 'Buckfast' ?
  14. Thanks Jamie. Having also seen a video clip elsewhere now from a different angle, it looks less strange and rather too sadly familiar. I wish it wasn't. I agree, no further comment; shall leave the investigators to do that. John B
  15. Dreadful news. Strange sounding accident, with the aircraft apparently losing height in a turn and crashing into a house.
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