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  1. 95% of the models are made to order, so the problem with the space on the shelf is the customer's problem.
  2. A-6A Intruder Trumpeter 1:32 As always, is made straight from the box without any additional resins, but with aftermarket decals.
  3. As always model straight from the box AH-1G Cobra ICM 1:2
  4. When I writing about disappointment, maybe I wrote too much. I just don't think these cockpit panels are worth the high price.
  5. The model is not often seen on modeling forums, i.e. the EA-18G Growler Trumpeter 1:32 It's basically a version of the F-18F from Trumpeter with additional hangers, so it's a lot different from the original. The model itself fits quite well, so there are no major problems with folding it. The model is basically a boxed version + a Red Fox printed cockpit which is generally a disappointment for me, especially since it is quite an expensive accessory.
  6. F-8E Crusader Trumpeter 1:32 The model is made, as always, straight from the box + self-made masks
  7. I always make widows seal by painting them. I mask them with tape before applying the base colors.
  8. F-4C Phantom II Tamiya 1:32 There is no point in writing about the model because it is a model that has been available on the market for many years. However, for the model I also used elements for the interior of the Eduard cockpit and resin nozzles. I made the masks for the side numbers on my own.
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