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  1. The model I made a long time ago, This is a model from the "OLD SCHOOL" category. Model Hawker Hunter Revell 1:32 Model straight from the box, and the other I try not to build.
  2. The model I made a long time ago, at the beginning of my modeling adventure, so I apologize in advance for the quality of the model and the terrible quality of the pictures. However, I wanted to show you this model because I am a big fan of this combat plane. BAC Lightning F.6 Trumpeter 1:32 Model straight from the box, and the other I try not to build.
  3. A unique model and a fantastic engine exhaust nozzle.
  4. Koralik64

    Spitfire RAF 303 Sqdn. Airfix 1:24

    Thank you all for the heated discussion. I hope I have not offended anyone by building this model in this way. Today the model will fly to the home base, I hope that the person ordering will be satisfied with the result. However, I decided that I would build this model on my shelf. This time I will try to make it a fairly faithful copy of the original.
  5. Koralik64

    Spitfire RAF 303 Sqdn. Airfix 1:24

    Of course I know, however, I didn't have any influence on it. The model is made to order, the model I received from the person ordering together with decals with expressive information that despite the incompatibility of the version is to be made and is to look impressively. I hope that it worked
  6. Koralik64

    Spitfire RAF 303 Sqdn. Airfix 1:24

    They are movable and unfortunately fall. but it can be improved. Thanks Gentlemen.
  7. Spitfire RAF 303, Sqdn, Jan Zumbach Model Airfix 1:24 model made straight from the box without additives. I was wondering what to say about this model? The words that come to my mind are not positive so I will not write anything about the model. Kit: Airfix Decals: Techmod
  8. Koralik64

    Sea Vixen FAW.2 - Airfix 1/48

    Great job.
  9. MiG-21UM "Eagle Talon" Trumpeter 1:48. I made the same 1:32 scale model Trumpeter but I have to admit that the 1:32 scale model is of poor quality compared to 1:48 scale model. Model made straight from the box. Trumpeter 1:48 MiG-21UM 1:32 Scale.
  10. I also have a few Essex on the shelf, you've done well. However, I do not see entry steps to the cabin, unless you forgot about them? In the picture I marked with arrows.
  11. Koralik64

    Jak-18 Amodel 1/72

    Amazing model, fantastic job.
  12. The model that reached me the day before the new year. I couldn't wait and decided to take him to the workshop right away. The model F-5F from Kitty Hawk is a typical model of this manufacturer, definitely I not recommended to people who don't like fighting with matter. Cut without sense, with disappearing rivets and dividing lines. As I mentioned a typical KH model. I chose different painting versions than in the set using the Two Bobs decal. So much talk, time for the model: F-5F VCF-111 Kitty Hawk 1:32
  13. Koralik64

    1/32 Revell GR4 Tornado

    Great job!
  14. Koralik64

    Su-22UM3 Polish Air Force KH 1:48

    Do you have any information about the HB kit?