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  1. Tornado GR.4 Italeri 1:32 The model was a slight disappointment for me. Of the entire series of new Italeri models in 1:32 scale, the Tornado is the weakest. Huge and deep dividing lines, the overall model is overcomplicated. In addition, a lot of metal elements of very poor quality. At the request of the client, I made it in fairly strong weather conditions. Personally, I like this finish because it doesn't look like plastic toys.
  2. One of my favorite topics. F-4E Phantom II Hellenic Air Force Tamiya 1:32 F-4E Phantom II HAF 1:32 scale
  3. The vertical stabilizers show the silhouettes of Polish aces from the WW II
  4. MiG-29GT in Poland with the designation UB Fulcrum Trumpeter 1:32 The model in the MiG-29 in the two-seat version is not often presented on modeling forums. However, I like this version so it hit my workshop.
  5. Yes, the inserts were metal, typical of Trumpeter models
  6. F-4N Phantom II Tamiya 1:32 It is basically an F-4D set with a few modifications that I have introduced to make it externally resemble the F-4N version.
  7. I make models to order. The problem of where to keep them is the problem of customers
  8. I think I can boldly say that it is already a classic. F-14A Tomcat Trumpeter 1:32
  9. I had no problems, the model is easy to assemble
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