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  1. Hello in the new year, I hope it will be better. At the beginning of the year, my new model AH-1Z "Shark Mouth" Academy 1:35 The model is old, but very well fitted and easy to build Painted: Hataka
  2. F-117A NIGHTHAWK Trumpeter 1:32 There are quite a lot of F-117 models on the forum. However, in my opinion, there are few models that do not show a black plane. I tried to make the model so that it wouldn't be another model of the black F-117
  3. Fortunately, this problem has to be solved by the person who ordered this model. My problem is shipping and packing.
  4. This time a plane with propellers. The model, as usual, is made straight from the box. B-24 Hobby Boss in 1:32 scale, very weak model. And the idea of making plastic landing gear legs is an absolute mistake. It doesn't make sense to write any more because I have nothing good to write about this kit
  5. This time the F-14A Tomcat VF-21 Freelancers. Model, as always, made straight from the box + decals from CAMDECALS. The Trumpeter model is probably well known to you so there is nothing to write about this set. Maybe I will write that it is quite easy to assemble or maybe I already have experience with this set.
  6. The kit is realy weak, the interior (floor) doesn't fit to the body. The dividing lines and rivets fade away and you'll need a lot of putty at the end.
  7. This time a helicopter. MH-60S from Academy 1:35 Basically, I can't say anything good about this set, so I won't say anything.
  8. Su 22UM3 Kitty Hawk 1:48 scale. The model, as always, made straight from the box, using the decals from the set. About set - typical model for KH cut with no sense. I do not recommend this set to beginners and those with little patience.
  9. In general, the F-15 model is weaker than the MiG-29 or Su-35 models GWH. This applies to both the detail and the matching of elements.
  10. This time 1:48 scale The GWH model, and unfortunately in my opinion it is the weakest GWH model I have had in the workshop. Model, as always, made straight from the box + Two Bobs decals
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