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  1. Yesterday the first Polish MiG-29 flights took place after the break.
  2. This time in my opinion ofcourse, one of the most beautiful combat aircraft in the world. I mean only aesthetic values especially during the flight. MiG-29A with the side number 111 of the Polish Air Force. Model is Trumpeter 1:32 scale made straight from the box. I must admit that the Trumpeter model is quite well made and doesn't cause problems. Decals are made to order ModelMaker, I add that the position and aplikation of the wheel requires a lot of patience. I hope you enjoy watching this model.
  3. This time I didn't use black basing on the whole model. It is a gray background and in darker places a black background. I applied one color Liquid Metal from PPG Envirobase + a lot of shading to the whole model.
  4. And again the model in NMF finish. This time I'll take a break from finishing the NMF. My last model in NMF in this year P-51D Trumpeter 1:24 Made straight from the box, the masks are hand made. There are a lot of mistakes I made too poor numbers on the tail but I hope that despite this model you will like it.
  5. General, the model is easy to assemble. I had one problem with wings and their fitting with the fuselage. You have to work on it but it isn't a big problem.
  6. This time the model with Polish insignia. MiG-21MF with side number 1910 stationed in Minsk Mazowiecki. The model is Trumpeter 1:32 scale, I hope that eventually someone will release a new version of this model. Model as always straight from the box.
  7. About colors, I basically used one (Liquid Metal) the rest is background.
  8. Model F-86D from Kitty Hawk scale 1:32. In terms of the model itself, I can write one I don't like KH models. In my opinion KH it is a desire to show on the box that there are many parts, so it makes to divide the hair into four. The plane itself is beautiful to me so this model could not be missing on my shelf. Model as always made straight from the box.
  9. This time the model is in NMF finish The 1:24 scale model is not the best model of this plane. P-47D Kinetic 1:24
  10. Something with a Polish accent this time. F-105D Polish Glider Set: Trumpeter 1:32 scale, model made as always straight from the box. The model is not simple to build.
  11. Something with a propeller this time. Hawker Hurricane Mk.II, 309 Sqdn. Peterhead 1944. Set: Trumpeter 1:24 scale, model made as always straight from the box. Model quite simple to build, decals are a Techmod set.
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