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  1. That didn't take long to do. The main build is done. Now I need to come up with a nice paint scheme.
  2. Fuselage is done.Ready to merge with the wing. Some yellow painting done. With dryfitted rudder,cowling and MG-cover.
  3. Good work. Only remark I can see is that one of the fin flags is the wrong way.Red should be forwards.
  4. Like the Dauntless and Me 262 I've already build it's more about size than detail.
  5. Some painting. All is done with Revell satin. Nr 378 for the gray bits. The bombs and prop are black green. I always like to add some bright colour to a Luftwaffe plane. A yellow spinner and rudder.Later underside wing tips and maybe a yellow fuselage stripe or cowling.Still undecided.
  6. Made the wing with(dryfitted) tank and bombs. I don't know if this configuration was ever used.But I like it.
  7. First progess. The kit also has two bombs and mounts. The wing is marked as part "Fw 190" Not A5 or A8. So I might even add the bombs just to make it look more impressive. Who cares if it's not correct ? It's my model !
  8. Hi all, After building the 1/18 th HB Me-262,I couldn't resist buying the Fw 190 kit too. As with all my builds it will be out of box and my own paint scheme to represent a "museum replica". HB also has the A5 kit. I went for the A8 simply because it was 8 Euro's cheaper.No idea why.
  9. Hi all, Thank you for taking the time to have a look. More pictures in the gallery.
  10. Then you missed the 1/18 Hobby Boss Me 262 in the "ready for inspection". And I bought the 1/18 Fw 190 last week.
  11. I just pre-ordered this one today. If all goes well,I shall build it in this GB.
  12. I just pre-ordered one from a vendor in Belgium. Priced at 61,60 Euro's. That's not bad. I'm not sure if I shall go with the kit's markings.Mess up one of those teeth decals and the whole look is ruined. Most likely I shall build it in "Museum condition" with straight forward US-markings. They made the same mistake as with the Me 262 decals : " Hobby Boos". But it's correct with the Fw 190 kit.Odd ! I already build the 1/18 th Dauntless and Me 262. Bought the Fw 190 last week and now the UH.
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