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  1. Erwin

    Flying Boats & Float Planes 2 GB

    I have the Revell 1/32 nd Arado 196 to build.
  2. Erwin

    Hawker (Siddeley) Gallery

    Irish Hurricane. 1/24 th Airfix .
  3. Erwin

    Irish Hurricane Mk1 FINISHED

    I'm calling this one done. Thank you for looking.
  4. Erwin

    Nakajima "Rufe"

    The instructions don't say it should be removed. It's not that important to me.I will leave it on.
  5. Erwin

    Nakajima "Rufe"

    Overall painting is done...
  6. Erwin

    The MTO GB II

    I might build the 72 nd Airfix Me 110 C in Afrikakorps colours (overall sand) . I normally only build 32 nd and 24 th.But this would be a "fun-build"
  7. Erwin

    Nakajima "Rufe"

    The fuselage is done...
  8. Erwin

    PATTON TANK BUILD - Now at 30 ! 30/03/19 - 30/06/19.

    That's why I didn't know. The chassis and design is totally German. Correct me if I'm wrong.The Abrams uses the German Leopard gun. Does that mean it's a Leopard sub-type ?
  9. Erwin

    PATTON TANK BUILD - Now at 30 ! 30/03/19 - 30/06/19.

    I normally only build WW-2 planes. But the Belgian army did use it,and I believe their is a kit with those decals. Will have to look around for the brand.
  10. Erwin

    PATTON TANK BUILD - Now at 30 ! 30/03/19 - 30/06/19.

    I didn't know the Jagdpanzer was a sub-type from the Patton. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanonenjagdpanzer
  11. Erwin

    Nakajima "Rufe"

    Yes,but I paint with enamels.
  12. Erwin

    Nakajima "Rufe"

    My attempt to make Japanese Navy-grey. A mix of 75 % Revell satin light grey 371 + 25 % Humbrol matt Sky Type S.
  13. Erwin

    Irish Hurricane Mk1 FINISHED

    The top side is done...