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  1. Hi, I fully understand your point of view. And...it was just an idea.Maybe one day in the regular WIP. Plenty of other Navy builds I can do.
  2. Hi all, This finished build completes my hattrick in this GB. My next builds will be in the STGB's P-51 Mustang and Ju 87 STUKA. Thank you for looking.More pictures in the gallery.
  3. What is the host's point of view on this ? I allways try to build a kit with a slight differance . I'm thinking of (maybe) building a plane as "display model" left unpainted. Like the new kits you see at conventions presented for the first time. It won't have any markings.Maybe just the national markings. But it would still be a Navy plane. Is such an entry allowed ? Like this...
  4. Hi all, I shall use the old Revell kit to build it as Luftwaffe beuteflugzeug.
  5. I'm calling this done. Not my best effort ever. The decals are bad.Maybe I can find some better red stars later to replace them. But I promised to join this GB,so I did. More pictures in the gallery. Thank you all for looking.
  6. I was going to do the 1/32 nd Trumpeter Hellcat in the GB "In the Navy". Can build another one and use the Trump kit for the STGB.
  7. Hi, Are you in Cliff ? Not sure,because you only asked about the Germans.
  8. Invaders incluided.
  9. Hi all, Many years ago I hosted the "Blitzkrieg"GB. Can't recall the exact year.At lease 7 or 8 years ago.Could be more. Why not a new Blitzkrieg GB (2021) ? Any subject from any nation being invaded up to the battle of Britain. Plus the invaders. I must build a Belgian Hurricane ! 1: Erwin (host ?) 2: Corsairfoxfouruncle 3: Heather Kay 4: JOCKNEY 5: TonyW 6: Arniec 7: franky boy 8: Valkyrie 9; CliffB
  10. Count me in. At the moment I don't have any Ju87 kit. I'm sure to find one during the GB.
  11. I don't recall ever seeing that movie. I'm going to use the profile picture as guide.
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