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  1. VMF(N)-541 ,Falalop Island, Ulithi Atoll, May 1945. I'm calling this a "restored-museum " Hellcat. Repainted in gloss night-blue. No guns added.(I broke them.Don't tell anyone )
  2. More pictures in the gallery. An easy paint job with Revell enamel gloss blue. Thank you for looking.
  3. Hi all, If this GB get's the OK and I am allowed to host it ,I would like to add a "sub-GB theme" to this GB. On 7 dec 2021 it will be 80 years ago that the attack on Pearl Harbor took place. A special "sub-GB" will be added to commemorate this event. Unless there is enough support to make Pearl Habor a seperate GB. All subject,US and Japanese, must be in the correct markings of that day. I would then ask the GB to be started or ended on 7 dec 2021. Any comments are welcome.
  4. OK. That's a possible Hellcat . It does look that they had a different type of antenna on the fin and a higher tail wheel . I might decide to build this.But maybe with the less detailed 1/32 nd Hasegawa kit. There are two big conventions next month in Belgium to find one cheap. I must admitt that I'm also holding back my 1/32 nd Revell Corsair for the STGB.
  5. Hi all, I have the 1/32 nd Trumpeter Hellcat N . I've been looking to do something different with it,and found this. Could I build such a Hellcat using that kit ? (leaving out the radar and guns ) Any other differances ? Are they target tugs ? . https://www.pinterest.com/pin/296745062939561820/
  6. I bought the kit at a convention Sunday morning. Did a lot of building the rest of the day. But note that I don't use the PE .So it's just a matter of little painting in the cockpit.
  7. Stunning result for such a small model. Well done !
  8. The build doesn't take long to do...
  9. Hi Dave, I just bought the 48 th Eduard Night Hellcat for this GB. It has FE parts incluided that I won't use. You can have them if wanted. They are not in your pictures.Maybe that kit doesn't have them ?
  10. Hi all, My build in this GB. All the options are for overall Navy blue schemes Much easier for me to paint by brush than the three-tone schemes.
  11. All the old 1/32 nd Revell and Hasegawa kits I buy at conventions cost about 10 to 15 Euro's . Some are missing the decals. I recently bought a factory sealed 1/32 nd Revell Mosquito for 10 Euro's. Hasegawa Me 109E and Zero for 10 Euro's each.(bad decals) So count me in. The "bad decals" brings me to a question. Buying new decals for an old kit will add to the cost. How will this be approved ?
  12. Anyone planning to build the 1/32 nd Revell kit ? Free: factory sealed Eduard clear parts mask. First to PM me gets it. GONE to a good home !!
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