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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to find the boxart and/or instructions from the four figures that came with those tank kits. I know that Academy ,and maybe Tamiya added those at some time in the kits. I simply can't find the boxart on the web. Greetings, Erwin
  2. I finally decided on my build for this GB. A "what-if" using the 1/32 nd Revell Dornier 27 kit. To be build as German WW-2 medical transport.
  3. I bought this today for 4 Euros at a rummage sale...
  4. I can still paint that.I build it out of box. There was no mention of a frame to be painted when leaving the doors off. Thank you for the picture
  5. Hi all, I might have been asked.But I can't find it if it has. How much, in mm's, are the stripes for a 1/32 nd Hurricane IIc ? Here's my 1/24 th Airfix Typhoon..
  6. If you can spare the red cross decals.Yes please. PM send
  7. The start of the "fantasy" paint scheme.(roof is dryfitted) I did plan to do a splinter scheme.But the green paint gets under the masking tape. It doesn't stick well enough on the surface. Hence the overall sand.
  8. I have the 1/48 th Monogram B-17.
  9. This is a good topic on the different kits... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234911019-junkers-ju-523m-kit-compariso I went for the Italeri as this has the red cross decals.And it was only 10 Euros at a convention. I'm building this for the contest in my club. Each year we pick a different theme.This year is "Red Cross". Hence my Ju 52 as I only build planes.
  10. It doesn't have to be correct .If I decide to paint it,I might do square white's.Much easier to paint the cross. The paint scheme I have in mind is a bit of "fantasy". Still Luftwaffe.
  11. Nice progress. I see that the Heller kit has an extra door in front too Isn't Heller the same as Airfix ?
  12. The main build,with dryfitted roof, is done and primed with light gray. I intend to paint the fuselage first.Then add the cabine clear parts.And then place the roof. That way I won't splash any paint on the windows.
  13. Does anyone have leftover red crosses for this one ? The decals in my kit look(are) old.So I fear they might not work to well. Maybe from this sheet ?
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