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  1. It will need several coats to cover the green plastic. Comparing the 109 to the P-47 made me realize just how small the 109 is. Or how big the P-47 is. Hermann would never fit. Maybe I should have given him a captured P-47 !
  2. Nothing special. It's overall satin white.
  3. Anno 1941: Germany rules the sky over occupied Europe. Hermann Goring is flying a white Me 109 E for his inspections of the airfields. In memory of his white Fokker DVII during WW-1. Still a slim man at the time to fit the tight cockpit. Staying out of reach from the RAF fighters ,and being escorted by several Me 109's as personal bodyguards. A simple kit with not much detail to worry about or even worth showing...
  4. A question for the GB hosts. Would a "what if" be OK in this GB ? What if Hermann Goring still flew during WW-2 and had his 109 painted overall white like his WW-1 Fokker.
  5. Hi all, I managed to buy the very first release of the kit at the Antwerp convention this month for only 20 Euro's. The decals are not in the best condition. Let's get started and see where this ends.
  6. My "What-if I have my own P-51" 1/32 nd Hasegawa In Belgian colors and codes OO (Belgium) ERH (first letters of my three names)
  7. They say it can fly. But it just came out of the hangar. It may well be just to frighten the allies And only be a propaganda stunt.
  8. The big day has arrived. Behold the new Nazi drone jet...
  9. Hello, Here's a question for the hosts. I have the 1/32 nd Revell . But there's something I always wanted to do. That is: unpainted display model. As this is a "type" GB and not an eara GB. Can I build this as a "display" in the GB ? Not that it's any easier to build. I shall have to be very careful not to mess glue.
  10. Thank you. You might wonder why I don't want to add codes. With codes of a cetain pilot,all has to perfect like it was back then. With a "museum " plane,there is room for own ideas.And the paint job can be clean without any weathering. Just my way of doing things. Still plenty of time to find a Belgian subject too.
  11. I have a question for the moderators in this GB. You say " aircraft flown". Does that mean it doesn't have to be in markings of a certain pilot ? Is it about the type of plane or the pilot's markings ? I have the 1/18 Me 109 E. It would like to paint it as a "museum" 109 E. I don't like adding personal codes if I can avoud it. To be short. Can it be finished with just the national markings ? I would like to know before I enter the GB.
  12. Weeks before the airshow , a reporter from The New York Times managed to take a blury picture when the hangar door were left ajar for a few moments. Showing the new Nazi-plane. The picture was posted in the newspaper. Much to the fury of Hitler !
  13. Having problems posting picture again. Will sort it ASAP.
  14. Added the stabilizers. No cockpit as the windows will be panted black from the inside to represent sun glass.
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