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  1. Hi all, I might have been asked.But I can't find it if it has. How much, in mm's, are the stripes for a 1/32 nd Hurricane IIc ? Here's my 1/24 th Airfix Typhoon..
  2. Erwin

    Junkers 52 Medical

    If you can spare the red cross decals.Yes please. PM send
  3. Erwin

    Junkers 52 Medical

    The start of the "fantasy" paint scheme.(roof is dryfitted) I did plan to do a splinter scheme.But the green paint gets under the masking tape. It doesn't stick well enough on the surface. Hence the overall sand.
  4. Erwin

    Boeing GB going for 2021? @16

    I have the 1/48 th Monogram B-17.
  5. Erwin

    Junkers 52 Medical

    This is a good topic on the different kits... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234911019-junkers-ju-523m-kit-compariso I went for the Italeri as this has the red cross decals.And it was only 10 Euros at a convention. I'm building this for the contest in my club. Each year we pick a different theme.This year is "Red Cross". Hence my Ju 52 as I only build planes.
  6. Erwin

    Junkers 52 Medical

    It doesn't have to be correct .If I decide to paint it,I might do square white's.Much easier to paint the cross. The paint scheme I have in mind is a bit of "fantasy". Still Luftwaffe.
  7. Erwin

    Junkers 52 Medical

    Nice progress. I see that the Heller kit has an extra door in front too Isn't Heller the same as Airfix ?
  8. Erwin

    Junkers 52 Medical

    The main build,with dryfitted roof, is done and primed with light gray. I intend to paint the fuselage first.Then add the cabine clear parts.And then place the roof. That way I won't splash any paint on the windows.
  9. Erwin

    Junkers 52 Medical

    Does anyone have leftover red crosses for this one ? The decals in my kit look(are) old.So I fear they might not work to well. Maybe from this sheet ?
  10. Erwin

    Junkers 52 Medical

    I removed all the pins. Drilled holes and using 90° pieces of plastic to make new pins
  11. Erwin

    Junkers 52 Medical

    It has !! Some of the pins to hold the flaps broke off.Will have to replace them .
  12. Hi, Would this fit the rules as "what-if" ? Dornier 27 in WW-2 Afrikakorps markings.
  13. Hi, Would a conversion from the 1/32 nd Italeri F-117 as Bat(man)-plane fit this GB ? In overall black with Batman-logo's. (not the same conversion as the one in the picture) I just completed this one on LSP as a nazi-propaganda-flugzeug... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/78260-propaganda-me-117-p-adler-unveiled-now-in-color/&page=1
  14. Erwin

    1/32 Revell :Me 110

    This was the colour before. It didn't matter much.I could have used green too. I used a very fine brush and emagined myself being the ground crew with a bucket of white wash and big brush.