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  1. My GB proposal "Gliders and Tugs" reached the 30 mark just yesterday.
  2. Maybe on a big board if I do a lot of tanks. But I did do a 1/25 th scale museum SU-100 some years ago...
  3. I use very fine copper wire that I put trough the tracks behind the wheels and twist . That way the upper tracks get pulled on the wheels.
  4. The build is done.Just some small bits to be added. I decided to paint this restored "museum" Panther in overall sand-yellow. The tracks are also sand blasted and repainted . You have to put this finish in the right context.
  5. Progress so far...
  6. I've started,but my camera is acting wierd. Pictures will follow soon. On the subject of "museum" painting. I can go with an overall sand-yellow finish. Or I can add some kind of camouflage pattern. The many pictures I've seen of museum Panthers all have different schemes. I guess it's all down to the guy with the paint and brush how they are presented. I shall have a good think on how I shall do mine. I watch the TV show "Combat Dealers" were I get some of my inspiration from. https://www.discoveryuk.com/s
  7. In that case I could do "The pink Panther" !
  8. Hi all, My plan is to finish it (like all my builds)as a museum piece. Meaning fully restored in brand new paint work.
  9. I think it's time for a change.I've been doing planes very long. I did armour in my early years of modelling untill I started on planes. Building this Panzer II and the Panther in that GB is not new to me.
  10. Hi all, I ordered this one to be added into this GB...
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