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  1. Well, I've actually never seen another example of entirely wrong color (not just shade) on national insignia.
  2. Pity you used kit's decals because they have wrong light green color instead of light blue. That is the most obvious inaccuracy on them beside some subtle ones.
  3. Compared to other Airfix 1/72nd Soviet WW2 subjects from the cold war times (Yak-9, Il-2, MiG-15) the Pe-2 appears surprisingly accurate.
  4. Japanese 3D printed model(s) looks good shape-wise, but the problem is the print quality. The producer is very stubborn and pursues the old technology with coarse surface and some rough details which is unacceptable for the price asked.
  5. Thanks for refreshing the photos. I admire your creativity given the overall lack of references for this type.
  6. Could you please refresh your photos from the initial posts, they are not visible anymore?
  7. Thank you guys. Are the scale plans from these books considered to be accurate?
  8. Hi, I just acquired an old Airfix Hannover Cl.IIIa kit and immediately searched for useful articles on the web. However, I didn't find many and most of them were straightforward out-of-the-box builds. Given the age of this kit I sincerely doubt it is so flawless, so I would like to ask for some help and advice. Which references would you recommend to make this kit accurate? Any good and reliable scale plans? Any known errors which should be corrected? Which decals would you recommend for lozenges? Thanks. Marko
  9. Regarding all that has been written above, can someone who has this model in hands actually confirm or deny if the kit is accurate? Thanks.
  10. Spaddad was right, his last post in this thread was on 12th October, so it much more than "few days off", don't you think?
  11. Where is Mr. Jan Polc? Without him we don't have the insight into forthcoming releases.
  12. Excellent choice Arma and CADs look good! Now please do the Fairey Battle next! Pretty please!
  13. OMG, what is the reason for this parts breakdown? Look at the joint on the wing undersurface. Why couldn't you follow the real line, but had to invent new one, requiring a tidy seam filling at impossible place? Also the engine nacelle breakdown with seams between cylinder heads caps is awkward. Given the provided information, I don't see any need to replace very good RS Bloch with this one.
  14. Although I don't doubt the kit is inaccurate based on early reviews, I would take scale plans from Kagero with great caution, because in past they also showed deviations from accuracy and are in general not the ones to be taken for accuracy checks.
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