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  1. In contrast to the mainstream of posts here, I am very glad about IBG's choice of subjects and I don't want it to change. After all who other than Polish companies like IBG and Arma would provide us with modern toolings of Polish subjects? There is no reason why each company should only try to make its own interpretation of handful of the most wanted subjects. Therefore I strongly endorse everything Piotr wrote here.
  2. OK, what left me with bad impression from the beginning is the nose which looks as if was squeezed from the sides resulting in flattened sides (and wrong cross section hence) while being overinflated in profile view at the same time. Also the angle of landing gear legs doesn't look right. These are the main things that look wrong to me, but as I said before, you can look for more elaborated analysis written by other people on the net. Regarding the length of FM kit, I will not discuss it further as I remember seeing to many allegedly factory based measurements which contradicted each oth
  3. Proven you said, this is something AZ thought and made their Fritzes and Gustavs longer then needed. When they realized the mistake, they corrected newer kits to correct length. As for issues of Tamiya kit in 1/72nd scale, when you have seen hundreds and hundreds of photos of real plane, then you can already notice shape errors just by looking at the assembled kit. Even though you are not able to tell what is wrong without deeper examination, something just doesn't feel right. But as I said, this is not only my conclusion, so if you browse the internet, I am sure you will find more than o
  4. You are quite right, I am sorry, somehow I assumed it was about 1/72nd scale.
  5. I would be very careful about Mr.Tenma's plans. Although they look elaborate, not each of them is quite correct. For making them, he uses photos of real planes as a basis, with approximations for compensating lense distortions and angle of objective. He puts a lot of effort in his works, nevertheless, but some of the claims put there are simply incorrect or to say contradictory. One example is his build of Ventura's Spitfire. At the very beginning he notices the perfect shapes of this kit (which I totally agree with), yet till the end of the article his Ventura Spitfire gets butchered and
  6. What a great idea for using brass wire as a sanding guide! Thank you for sharing this!
  7. I never said they were supposed to, it is not the point of my post.
  8. Dora answered in another topic that Wallace and Wapiti depended on plans John Adams was supposed to deliver, but the communication stopped and these projects are on indefinite hold. Looking at the catalogue, I find other strange things which by now became a standard for Dora. They just don't pursue the whole project to the end in any of cases. There is still no trace of only WW2 version of S.55 flying boat that was operated by Romanian Air Force. Also the Kingcobra and Proctor families are incomplete and it seems Lysander is going the same way, remaining only on Mk.III version
  9. What a bizzare kit. They think in 1/144th scale you should see heavy panel lines , but you shouldn't see through the side windows. Even more and more new releases are not better than the older kits in terms of accuracy and realism.
  10. Dora, please reply to my questions from MS.230 thread.
  11. Dora, do you plan to scale this kit down to 1/72nd scale too? Also do you plan to make 1/72nd scale Dewoitine D.500/501/510 series? I remember your initial plans mentioned Westland Wapiti and Wallace but for a long time there have been no news about these. Did you give up on them? And for the end, I just noticed you are working on Cessna Bobcat - which scale is it going to be?
  12. Well, I've actually never seen another example of entirely wrong color (not just shade) on national insignia.
  13. Pity you used kit's decals because they have wrong light green color instead of light blue. That is the most obvious inaccuracy on them beside some subtle ones.
  14. Compared to other Airfix 1/72nd Soviet WW2 subjects from the cold war times (Yak-9, Il-2, MiG-15) the Pe-2 appears surprisingly accurate.
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