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  1. I must say I am struggling to understand their logic, but I always fail. They have huge potential in their program which they don't use or don't see. Talking about 1/72nd scale they have huge mileage ahead of them to go with Junkers Ju 88 family with pretty low investments in extra parts. Same goes with B-24 Liberator (for example they never released B-24C which would be almost a decal variation of their B-24D). Even before this latest line, in early 90s they missed a chance with lousy Bf 109Es and non-release of Macchi C.205V which was a low hanging fruit after C.202. Of course, competition in the shape of Italeri didn't repeat the same mistake. These days it is hard to understand why they did't round up their Japanese line with Ki-21 "Sally" knowing how MPM kit grossly missed the shape. The F-111 family is too long out of production, while it could have surely secured a constant cash inflow since. Grumman Avenger has numerous designation variations and possibilities, Dauntless too, B-25 reduced only to late versions, He 111 not spreading to rotating turret versions...I could go on endlessly.
  2. Hasegawa decided to kill us with boredom. Our lives go by and Hasegawa is stucked somewhere in time...
  3. MarkoZG

    New Tool Tamiya 1/72nd Spitfire Mk1

    It is amazing how each new product has its buyers in advance, regardless to its and the quality of the existing similar products. No matter how many good kits of certain subjects there already are, people tend to think that anything coming from Tamiya is superior to anything else. However this is far from truth. Warbird series of Tamiya's own molds in 1/72nd scale is a mixed bag. Aside from the buildability, shape accuracy is from case to case basis. Even the previously announced Me 109G looks odd on the photos and if you ask which would I choose between Airfix and Tamiya, I would answer - Fine Molds. I already have these in stash and still need some more and these will not be Tamiya's for sure. If we talk about profit logic of them as a producer, they will surely sell some as each new product has its buyers. As said at the beginning, if they release new Me 109 or Spitfire every 6 months, there will be people buying them. Why? Because it is new and because it is Tamiya. Is it logical - no, but these will be the only buyers. However, should Tamiya decide to release something necessary like P-51B which many ask for or like Storch or Swordfish, they would still attract the same group of customers as above, but also additional ones who really need those kits. I am sure there are plenty of modellers who are not going to but either Me 109G or Spitfire, as many didn't buy the Ki-61 because it was covered by modern kits over every possible average and they are justifiably satisfied with great kits released so far. Isn't recent release of Hurricane by Arma Hobby excellent proof of this? Market needed good Mk.I late and while Tamiya plays with well covered types, small manufacturer successfully steals the show. Win for Arma and loss for Tamiya. This is so typical recurring case in business when large and established company has lousy R&D and goes down against almost start up competition. Tamiya is large enough it wouldn't hurt it too much, but they just keep collecting wounds and scars, let's see for how long.
  4. MarkoZG

    New Tool Tamiya 1/72nd Spitfire Mk1

    We totally think alike! I also prefer old Airfix Mk.I over any other Mk.I in this scale as scribing and detailing is much easier to do than fixing all other stuff when shape is off.
  5. MarkoZG

    New Tool Tamiya 1/72nd Spitfire Mk1

    As desperately needed as more sand in Sahara! Great news to have it rather than scaled down Storch or Swordfish - who needs these two at all when you could collect Spitfires (not by mark,but by the producer and within the producer by the mold variations)?
  6. MarkoZG

    Finemolds Ki-43I review

    I read it and it provides great insight, every statement being supported by photos. Must say I am very grateful to the author as he informed me about the things I personally don't like and led me to the conclusion that this one is not a substitute for Fujimi kits in my stash. Thank you for saving my wallet
  7. MarkoZG

    MiG-21F-13 72nd scale Modelsvit

    Me too. Whoever says it is easy to fill them up if you don't like them probably never tried doing that. Rivets are very hard to hide without damaging surrounding details and it is much easier to do vice versa, ie. to add them with riveting tool should you wish to have them. Therefore I strongly urge kit producers to quit with this silly trend.
  8. MarkoZG

    Airfix 2020

    Sorry, but I don't see any more pointless and bizzare thread than this one year after year
  9. How about the Esci reccessed panel lines technology from 80s or Japanese recessed panel lines from late 70s? Even Eduard can't match it, not to mention the Airfix.
  10. Actually 6 if we count two excellent resin kits from CMR. Matchbox has also reappeared in Revell guise.
  11. Seems that those who were once big players are loosing momentum and became much less significant than they used to be. Looking at Revell's, Trumpeter's and Airfix' announcements compared to what we see as annual output of many other companies it seems so.
  12. As 1/72nd scale WW2 aircraft fan I am totally disappointed.
  13. Hi Wojtek, I know you already announced the guidelines for your 2019 releases which gave no mention to possible further Hurricane development. I know this might be a part of business secret, but could you at least share with us if there is any chance Arma could make a Mk.IIA? Just to know if we could expect it or not. I would like to avoid the situation Airfix gave us when many expected continuation of Hurricane line which never happened and left space for your product. I would always prefer to have the entire family of certain type covered by one producer than to have a mixed bag of different approaches and smaller or bigger surface detail differences. Really looking forward to your answer on this. Thanks!
  14. Graham, would you be so kind to compare its shape against Airfix' rag-wing Hurricane Mk.I? What I discussed here few years ago is that I didn't find the exact match between the Airfix' kit and Bentley plans so I wonder if Arma got it better. Some basic outlines seem to be better matched by previous Airfix' Mk.I.
  15. What a magnificent work you did with this kit! Your skills are fantastic and the model looks as if it was built from a much more modern tooling. Great job!