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  1. Guys, don't sell out your Esoteric kits too soon. This is IBG and other than being injected, it might easily happen it wouldn't surpass Esoteric kit. Be cautious.
  2. Actually, this is not a re-release since this is different version (A-4, while there was A-3 before). Hopefully they will cover the rest eventually.
  3. Strange there is no mention of AZ/KP, RS Models or Valom, neither in listings or in the photo galleries. In the past years their announcements have always been included. I wonder if they were present at all. Beside that, seems like RS is loosing momentum, significantly slowing down with re-issues taking greater share than new moulds.
  4. Engine fronts+props+spinners also look odd. I know this is A-1 with thin blades and other early features, but this is still odd.
  5. I am shocked! Fabrizio was my friend and one of the nicest persons in modeling community I ever met. What a great loss this is! May he rest in peace.
  6. This catalogue is hilarious! What is the purpose of so many blank fields w/o any catalogue number, marked as secret item??? Does it increase sales? Does it provide any information? No. What it does only is to take a space in the catalogue in a vain effort to make it look larger, while looking childish and silly.
  7. Well at least there are many more reasons to drool about this one than about other company announcing their own interpretation of Bf 109
  8. 1/72nd scale Tachikawa Ki-54 Hickory. Special hobby showed tooling in process several months ago.
  9. This must be a mistake. It was released long ago.
  10. Hi Jan, I sent you email to marketing@kovozavody.cz address 11 days ago, but still didn't receive any response. Could you please reply to me?
  11. If only this would be all that is odd on Hobby Boss. Unless we are talking about different kits, the Hobby Boss Mk.Vs I am aware of look very funny overall and I wouldn't consider them for anything serious.
  12. Hi Graham, could you please explain this flaw in the fuselage/wing interface of previous generation Airfix Mk.V kits and other flaws you mentioned in Mk.Vb kit? Thanks.
  13. Troy, you are invaluable! For whichever question I have, you have the answer! Thank you very much!
  14. I remember seeing somewhere on Britmodeller few posts about all possible combinations of spinner types with propellers on Hurricane, but can't find it anymore. Can anyone help me find that content again? Thanks
  15. Thank you all for your great help! I got much more than expected and learned many new things. I never knew there was more than one Hellcat used with torpedo trials and I also didn't know about the unframed canopy which is not Malcolm type. Now if only there could be other photo of this early F6F-3 with torpedo to reveal the aircraft's number and any other possible marking... And the last question - is the torpedo shown on the photos available in 1/72nd scale, either as an aftermarket item or part of some kit?
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