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  1. Are there any photos of Scyllas in military guise, impressed by RAF in 1939?
  2. The latest "Night Raid"boxing doesn't have it?
  3. The greatest modelling authority for French subjects! I admire your work and expertise I found on the internet. If anyone could provide rare data, it is you! Any hope for other types I listed?
  4. I also got the confirmation from the producer there will be no other nations markings or different boxings. Since I want to make Romanian machine, can anyone tell which differences there were and what should be changed on MBR-4 to produce Romanian S.62bis?
  5. Thank you for this, this is exactly what I wanted! Great reference! Any chance you could have something similar for other types?
  6. I have the whole range of Ali d'Italia books and Avions magazines and they also don 't have these things covered, unfortunately.
  7. For Leo.45/451, Potez 540/62/65, Potez 63 family, Breguet 693, Bloch 210, Bloch 174/175, Bloch 131, Farman 221/222/223/224, CAO 200, CAO 700, Potez 56 Family, Hanriot 232, Amiot 351/354, Arsenal VG.33 family, Bloch 700, Dewoitine 338, Loire Nieuport 161, Loire Nieuport 401/411
  8. Thank you both for the effort, but this is not what I meant, or at least I didn't explain well. I am not asking for colours, but for the look of wheel wells. In models these are just plain empty spaces and I am looking for reference material to help me detail them and box in correctly.
  9. Hi, while completing my references for some types I realized that photos of wheelbay interiors of Italian and French WW2 aircraft is pretty scarce. While both nations have excellent manuals showing sketches of most of the important details, there is complete absences of photos showing this. So far, I only saw wheelbays of D.520, MS.406, MB.152 and CR.714 from French as well as Macchi fighters from the Italian side. Nothing about other, especially multi-engined types. Can anyone help with documentation or at least point me to the possible source? Thanks. Marko
  10. Hi, according to some sources, Austro-Hungarian aviation used captured ex-Italian SAML S2 and SIA 7B planes. However, my attempts of finding a photo of them in A-H colours gave no results, so I am asking here if anyone can help. Thanks in advance! Marko
  11. Exactly what I feared. Surface of the finished model looks horrible and it has some very visible shortcomings like to thick/wide windscreen frames. For a years there are smooth 3D printing methods in which clear parts are printed, so there is no real excuse for 3D printing with this result. Sorry.
  12. The problem with all photos from this producer is not only they are small, but also of low resolution which hides the main problem of 3D printed items - the coarse surface resulted from the printing process. This is a huge problem if you need to fix it and still want to retain surface details. Now if his photos are intentionally such because of this reason or not, I can't tell.
  13. Thanks! Aeronut, if you could please help with diagrams you mentioned when you come back home, please?
  14. Yes, that was the thread. Thank you for placing all the information in one place, but I still have trouble understanding the scope of exact canopy modifications fro Mk.II (also described in one of these threads as not easy). And my PC doesn't want to open the pages with possible Horsa plans
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