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  1. Has anyone ever bought any of these kits? I would like to hear first hand experience from a customer in terms of parts surface, decal quality (must say I am concerned they look more like stickers than decals), to which glues does material respond etc. End user impressions.
  2. You mean Poland '40 as these types would be obsolete by '46 Whatever they do I hope will be better than P-11s recently released by them and IBG. Their wings are truly horrible. So I also hope for PWS-10 while Czapla would be welcome too.
  3. Propeller molded together with spinner, wheels molded together with spats, machine guns molded with wings. Why, oh why???
  4. From what was announced, beside these two Frrom boxings, we could expect G&R Jupiter, TOE and Polish version, but no Salmson unfortunately.
  5. Great to see this one built! I also wonder how are old Esci's Tu-22 and Tu-26 rated in terms of accuracy. Their competition is Trumpeter with modern technology and more details, but Trumpeter is already notorious for paying little attention to the accuracy.
  6. Good build Roman. I can clearly see the problem with vertical tailplane base mentioned before and it also seems that numbers were printed off the register with portions of white protruding on sides. I like the overall paintjob of your models!
  7. Thank you very much for this, great reference!
  8. I am waiting and waiting for your promise to materialize...
  9. Well, actually their original Yak-1 was a shapewise failure with more angled than curved cross-sections and wrong vertical tailplane. Regarding the Yak-1b you made, Brengun completely re-tooled it from the initial Yak-1 and I assume the reason is the correction of the above mentioned mistakes. Your Yak-1b is the first built example I saw and from the photos it looks much better. At least the taiplane issue seems to be cured and I hope other things are too, but without having it in my hands I can't say for sure.
  10. What are the differences by which you can tell early from late -1b?
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