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  1. This parts upgrade has been done many years ago, when a short-lived Hungarian company KP Models took over all former Kovozavody Prostejov (KP) molds and was selling these kits in their own boxes and with much better decals. I don't see anything new added to the sprues now.
  2. Pardon my ignorance, but this is the very first time I see someone claim ANY shape issues with Zvezda's Yak-3. Would you mind elaborate in more specifics your findings?
  3. I would suggest making karman more pronounced. What do you think Waroff?
  4. Undernourished karman is a common mistake of all current MS.406 kits in 1/72nd scale.
  5. What makes this photo even more interesting is that is shows a mix of Hurricane versions as the 4th machine in line is Mk.I. Furtheremore it seems there are some more Mk.Is down the row.
  6. Thank you all for your contribution. It seems there is a common agreement that there was no marking between the fuselage cross and tail. To be honest, I didn't expect such a consensus about it so it makes me wonder what gave the idea to some of the authors about presence of such insignia?
  7. For a long time I have been searching for the information about correct markings for Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 flown by Waldemar Wuebke. This is the only photo of this machine that I am aware of and you can see that it doesn't show anything from the fuselage cross to the tail: Result is that there are two interpretations of how this part of the fuselage looked like. The one as done by Academy and some other decal manufacturers and profile draughtsmen which shows wavy bar in this area: And the other without it: Is there any other photo showing this area that would clear my doubts? Or any other argument that would point the right direction regarding this? Thanks.
  8. Roman, how did you detail the wheel wells of your Potez? I can't find any reference regarding wheel wells interior of this plane.
  9. Could you please share what exactly is wrong with Hasegawa's glazing?
  10. The problem is well explained in many videos available on the internet. As they say that one picture speaks more than 1000 words, you could only imagine how much does one video speak If you avoid manufacturer's propaganda videos and look only at neutral and unbiased reviews, you will have the problem very well explained, much better than I could do here.
  11. Initially I was very excited by this announcement because of marking choice, but then recalled Eduard recently switched to new decal technology witch really puts me off. I will rather buy Arma boxing and cover desired markings from available decal sheets printed in normal technology.
  12. Oh yes he did, in 1/72nd scale, you just didn't pay attention. Here is the link and you'll find it somewhere in the middle of the page: http://soyuyo.main.jp/danshari/danshari.html His C.202 was built almost straight from the box because he considers this kit to be perfect, not requiring any modification. I have email correspondence with such statement from him. Looking at his particular works, you can see that he draws plans over photos which is evident on many of his builds, most recently on his F-4 from FM. If you fell in love with his work nevertheless, fine with me. I just wrote what I know from him directly and what I saw on his site.
  13. Yes, the box in the background is the good old Airfix Mk.Ia
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