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  1. M_Sinclair

    M31 Recovery Vehicle

    This is looking awesome! I think the camo looks really good in an imperfect kind of way. Would've been a rush job in real life anyways right? I'm not sure if I find anything as frustrating as decals that frost up despite adding a healthy clear coat before hand. Same thing occurred on my lil' Lancaster. Keep going Andy. She's a peach. -matt
  2. M_Sinclair

    M31 Recovery Vehicle

    The profile shots look beautiful. Great photography as always Andy Love this stage of the process. -matt
  3. M_Sinclair

    Meng Kids Lancaster "Ropey"

    Thanks gentlemen! -matt
  4. M_Sinclair

    Meng Kids Lancaster "Ropey"

    Thanks a lot everyone! Feels great getting the first one out of the way so early in the year. Andy I was quite impressed with the decals from Kits-World. They were thin and snuggled into the panel lines quite easily. And I was really surprised how close in size they were with the stickers included in the kit. I mean they were within about a millimeter of each other. -matt
  5. My first completed model of 2018! And it's not even December! Here is the very fun and very little Meng Kids Lancaster. Obviously inspired by the classic egg planes of the past. This is more of a cartoony or "chibi" style. The inspiration for this build once again came from Andy Moore who has built a couple of these in the past. The model is essentially OOB. The tires supplied are have very square shoulders so those were sanded to round them off. The bottom of each tire was also sanded to give the impression of weight. The three turrets come molded completely clear so I masked and sprayed on some simplified framing. The guns were drilled out and the decals came from Kits-World. I used a mix of 1/72 and 1/144 to fit the non scale nature of this model. There was a little silvering on the larger decals with clear sections but I'm sure that was more my fault as the decals seem to be of very high quality. The decals I used were only fractionally bigger than the markings provided in the kit. But due to the tiny size of the compressed fuselage there was VERY little room for decals of any kind! The aircraft serial number had to be located underneath the horizontal stabilizers. In reality, Ropey (KB772) was a Lancaster Mk.X operated by 419 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force. She was built in Canada and flew out of RAF Middleton St George. She survived the war and was brought back to Canada in anticipation of being used in the Pacific. But the war ended with Ropey in Canada and there KB772 would remain until being scrapped in 1947. The bombs were painted OD and given some non historically correct yellow stripes just to add a little visual interest. It really is a tiny little thing. This was a lot of fun and I would absolutely build another. Thanks for looking! -matt
  6. M_Sinclair

    M31 Recovery Vehicle

    For the scar on the stowage lid. Not sure if it would be easier, but you could possibly just file in a small dent. It'd be thin sheet metal in real life which would dent easily. Looking really good Andy. -matt
  7. M_Sinclair

    M31 Recovery Vehicle

    Happy fellow January birthday Andy! Hope it was a good one! I'm pumped to see this one come along. Especially after you made an absolute gem with the Soviet Lee. That thing is stunning. You made an all OD tank look nothing short of spectacular. -matt
  8. M_Sinclair

    1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Magnificent. I'm sure Mr Brooks would be proud. To quote Indiana Jones, "this belongs in a museum!" haha Thank you for sharing this journey with us. And thank you for having the tenacity to push through to the finish. -matt
  9. M_Sinclair

    1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Love the subtle weathering! I really appreciate that you didn't apply the wash evenly as so many of us are frequently guilty of doing. Airplanes do not weather symmetrically. And this just looks right. Bravo! Again!!!! -matt
  10. M_Sinclair

    1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Every single update leaves me in awe. I hope this model goes on a world wide tour! People everywhere need to see this in person! -matt
  11. M_Sinclair

    Stellar Envoy

    Stellar job Andy (I apologize but couldn't help myself). Seriously though, ship looks great. Love the blue and little bit of red. Any temptation to grab the 1/72 Falcon? Or are you going to go completely bonkers and get the Lego UCS? Makes the big Bandai kit look like a steal! lol -matt
  12. M_Sinclair

    Stellar Envoy

    Had no idea about the Falcon's previous history. The masking looks a nightmare but looks incredible wearing blue! -matt
  13. M_Sinclair

    1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    An absolute jewel you have made! And continue to make! This really does need to go on a big tour upon completion, sweeping contest after contest! -matt
  14. M_Sinclair

    Imperial AT-AT

    We continue to be spoiled by these unbelievably crisp kits by Bandai! Pretty sure near the jerry cans I spotted parts of a V8 engine. The livery is a tough choice. The darker special forces look is very intimidating in appearance. But that orange really pops and I wager would be fun to paint. Reminds me of Poe's black and orange T-70. If you do go with the darker one, I think the red panel offers a nice contrast with the otherwise cool looking grey. Also, red denotes bad guy right? -matt
  15. M_Sinclair

    1/35 Takom T29E3 "World of Tanks"

    Thank you very much everyone. Keith, I had the same thought. Reminded me of photos of Pershings in Korea I suppose. Happy to say that I just bought a display case from IKEA today so she should be much better protected from dust now! -matt