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  1. I think it was 1.8 pounds! And that's a kit that still fit basically in the palm of my hand when done. -matt
  2. Thanks! And he did! Yeah the price was rather steep but I gotta say, I was impressed overall with how well it went together for a kit from such a small company. -matt
  3. Thanks Andy! Trying to be a little less MIA round these parts but other things keep getting in the way. And you are certainly right about the metal. Honestly I was tempted to leave it unpainted as it looked pretty dang cool all silver. -matt
  4. Hello. It's been very long time but I've actually managed to get some modeling done. And finished. This is a predominantly white metal kit with some resin and brass photoetch. Tires are rubber. I believe the kit was supposed to come with clear plastic for the windows but mine did not. I have never built a multimedia kit like this before so was a fun and interesting experience. The finished kit was a birthday gift to my Dad since he got to ride in them during his brief stint in the Canadian Army one summer. Since I had a hard deadline my main goal was simply to finish and not get caught up on every little flaw. While this approach resulted in a model that is admittedly far from contest quality it did achieve two things. The model was to my amazement done early and, hold your breath. Was fun. received_1110039016044232 It took some time to find someone in the world who made a kit of the M135. Thankfully I eventually found ASAM. 20210725-20210725_152253 The instructions came on two pages and the assembly guide drawing appears to be hand drawn which is pretty cool. received_888989831961205 received_1457128877966708 received_504189691008119 The cast resin tarp is one solid block of resin. received_322884449530326 Two of the kit supplied axles were too short so I replaced them all with some brass tube I had. received_501336034418361 A slight modification was needed to make the truck match more closely what I saw in my limited amount of reference photos. This involved cutting away much of the metal connected to the roof and making new items from styrene sheet so the cab had the distinctive side windows. received_2903021029970949 To make painting easier the cab roof was not glued in place until interior painting was complete. With assemble mostly complete this relatively small model weighs just under one pound. received_2997512157240851 received_765461887467268 received_531885714593110 Department of National Defense license plates were made by first finding some usable photos online. These were then cleaned up in photoshop and printed on standard white paper. I then glued the license plates onto some aluminum foil from a tea container and cut them out. I decided not to add any other markings as none of my reference photos had dates so I had no idea which markings would have been appropriate. Thankfully DND license plates have not changed over the years so I was confident I did get those right at least. received_944965256075202 A little weathering and windows cut from clear plastic sheet I had lying around and she was done. 20210725-20210725_145700 20210725-20210725_150107 20210725-20210725_150115 20210725-20210725_151246 20210725-20210725_150204 Thanks for looking. Matt https://www.flickr.com/photos/92554273@N07/albums/72157719606170547/with/51338831695/
  5. Y'know I think they actually made it so Luke is in fact shorter! He looks almost the same height as Han here but Han is in a partial crouch. I should've done a comparison before giving them away. I have no idea if its correct but I love that Vader towers over everyone. -matt
  6. Absolutely magnificent little tank! -matt
  7. I got married this year and I wanted to make something as a gift for each of my groomsmen. Thankfully I remembered they all like Star Wars. So after a trip to Winnipeg's newest hobby shop Hobby Sense I was ready to go. 20190622-MJS_4300 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20190622-MJS_4257 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20190622-MJS_4250 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20190622-MJS_4248 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20190622-MJS_4313 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Thanks for looking -matt
  8. I may have to try that glaze technique on a 1/144 C-47 I'm about to start. Such a cool looking little tenk! -matt
  9. Oh! Ha! I just assumed these glasses were for scale. I didn't realize they are also for seeing things up close! This kit is amazing! -matt
  10. Another hum dinger of a build Andy! Looks ready for action! -matt
  11. As always, it's a real treat to watch you work Andy. The chipping on the wood in particular is just lovely. -matt
  12. Very cool Andy. Just read your review on TMN of the Yanmar tractor. I've never been so in love in with a tractor! She's gorgeous! Your control of the mud splatter is incredible. Really amazing job. The Rolls is looking lovely. Stowage bins came out great. Looking at the tires. Any plans to possibly add some ballast to the model to help the pneumatic tires sit down a little flatter? -matt
  13. Super cool build Andy. It's so odd seeing what look like modern wide tires on a vehicle that typically has such hilariously thin tires. The wood grain came out wonderful. A lovely touch (along with the exhaust pipe). Man, those decals look like they would could fairly easily be turned into custom vinyl masks The steam punk/Mad Max version sounds like too much fun to pass up! I'm more than happy to encourage this! -matt
  14. Thanks! I used Mig pigments thinned with some tap water. I sprayed on a scrap model first to see when the consistency seemed about right. Clean up was a breeze! Nice thing is is that if you screw up you can simply wipe it off and try again. Which I did a couple times. When I was satisfied I sprayed several light coats of Migs pigment fixer to hold it in place. -matt
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