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  1. Having built Hase's excellent 1/72nd, I'd say you'll need some extra space for the 1/48. Only F-14B and B-24D is bigger in my collection of 1/72nd birds.
  2. This I just heard about now. No, seriously, I didn't know about that one. No wonder I can no longer access Hasegawa's USA page last year. If they owed Hase about $1million, that would hit Hase real hard. Makes sense if they decided to concentrate on Japanese market plus some kits that they know would still make sales like the MV-22, F-35 or (sigh) Jolly Rogers-liveried F-14s...
  3. Hasegawa does not seem to be too overly excited about tackling worldwide market these days. This is evident by just looking at their instruction manuals. Now, I have experiences with Hase's older, popular models (by which I mean their F-14 kits). The instructions in English are done properly, with proper translation. Easy to understand. Things are still pretty good with their Super Hornet kits (which is also rather popular). But a glance at their latest release (the 240Z kit with chin spoiler, for example), and it is easy that they could not be bothered. Whatever English there on the inst
  4. Thanks, it really helps learning from doing photoshoots with real cars. Kinda hard doing it in lowlight, though
  5. Since the day one McLaren announced Senna to the public, back in late 2017, I immediately know I want one. Sure, it is nothing like a beautifully sculpted design like P1 on 675LT, instead looking more like it was designed with pickax, but the fact that it pretty much obliterate all other road cars on track is enough to make me want one badly. Even better, there was a rumour that at least 4 or 5 Sennas are coming to Indonesia. Thanks to the murderous tax here, though, all the owners I knew who ordered one decided to keep their car in Singapore, bar one unit in basic spec. And it's not like I ca
  6. I always wanted to do Singer restomodding for 964 kits. I thing I once saw a post of one, but those resin transkit are beyond the reach of my wallet, as well as unavailable anywhere within 500km radius...
  7. Atom 3.5R or Nomad R would be excellent. Would put it alongside Mono 2.5.
  8. Ah, yes. the S60 TC1-powered P1800 from Valhalla. If I got 3-car garage for restomodded cars, Cyan P1800 will be there with Alfaholics GTA-R 290 and Singer 911 DLS. Would be catastrophically expensive for my wallet.
  9. Not much of a fan of old British cars (exception for XKSS and E-Types, as well as M6GT) so I can't say much about what I want in the old-school pre-1980s front. Post-1980, however... Kinda hope Tamiya would make kits of Exige Cup 430 or BAC Mono. Maybe some 675LT and P1 as well.
  10. Ah, Euro cars. I would like myself a 911 GT3 post-996 to be made as a 1/24 kits. 991.2 GT3 Touring in particular. AMG GT R Pro would be nice too, had a major want after testing one with my friend and seeing another one in AMG Solarbeam. As for old stuffs... more old 911s and perhaps Alfa 105 coupes.
  11. Man, I can't get excited about Hase's release anymore. Except perhaps for the VFA-151 CAG bird. And every F-14 releases from Hase is just another iteration of VF-84/VF-103. I know, Macross and stuffs, but... it gets tiresome.
  12. Aw yes finally, a VF-102 showbird. I missed the Hasegawa's release by... I don't know, 15 years maybe?
  13. Old F1 drivers have to deal with physical issues, how to hustle their cars to slightly above the limit of the grip without throwing themselves on to a telephone pole, having to deal with unassisted steering and brakes that were probably more suitable on a pram, etc. For current drivers, however, the load is more on the mental side. How to keep your tyre temperature, how much fuel they should use, when to apply brake without either locking up and looking like an idiot or braking too soon and looking like an idiot, etc. My point is, these guys had their own era, we cannot directly comp
  14. Seconded that, especially on F1 kits. I find it reeeeeally hard to get Tamiya's 1/20 MP4/4 these days, kinda regret not buying one from my local store back when it was something like Rp 420k (roughly GBP21). Now it's something closer to GBP50-60. If I can find one. Which I can't. Then again, I'm happy they're about to release Senna in 1/24, although I'm still waiting for their 1/72nd F-14D.
  15. Ah, the Civic EF. Your build looks really good, making me wanting the EF hatchback even more. Dad actually owns an EF saloon now, probably the best car my family owned... yet.
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