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  1. At first I was kind of skeptical. After seeing the sprue shots, gotta say I'm worried my wallet won't be able to keep up. I mean, come on, you can make virtually any version of F-14s here (providing you have the correct decal). I think I should start saving...
  2. Hmmm... I do remember someone somewhere showed a photo of F-14B (is it from VF-101? I forgot) parked with all slats and flaps hanging and airbrakes open during a static display on an airshow. If only I can find the photo...
  3. I thought this was supposed to be a peaceful, occasionally funny banter about AMK's F-14? Not some heated arguments? Can we please go back to a more peaceful discussion, maybe?
  4. Seeing Fishbone's thread, I got to say I HAVE to go to my trusted seller and ask them if they can order one for me. Maybe in 2 or 3 months time.
  5. I got a tip-off that 1/24th Supra A90 is coming. Hmmmmm...
  6. Finally Hobby Search listed it as October release. FINALLY. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10635901
  7. From what I have read around here, the F-4J and F/A-18E/F snap kits from Academy are actually rather good. The shape is correct and not toy-like, unlike their less detailed T-50 and F-16 snap kits. As for the F-35, I don't think that's a snap kit. Multi-coloured parts are not everyone's taste (and I don't like it either), but hey, black basing is a good answer.
  8. In 2003 F-14 received the GBU-38 carrying capability, just before their deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom, if I read my source correctly
  9. This sounds very DougScore to me. Amazing build, nonetheless. But for a 1/144 scale that's... quite sizeable. About as long as my 1/72nd F-14B.
  10. HobbySearch listed it at around $60, which is about Rp. 800k in my currency. Before shipping. Meanwhile, someone in a trade forum I joined is selling Hasegawa's 1/48 F-14D for the same amount of cash, but with extra aftermarket VF-2 decals and Verlinden resin seats. I REALLY wanted to like this kit but the price-for-scale ratio is prohibiting me to go any further...
  11. Hmmmm interesting... I might gonna give it a try in the future. Would be interesting to see if I can order one there... Anyway, next update will probably be up on Monday, since today I have to prepare for the launch of Aventador SVJ in Jakarta. Sooo... yeah. See you guys on Monday.
  12. Hi again, after trying to convince myself to start, here's how I started. Looking at the number of parts, it's kind of daunting for me. But I already made Hasegawa's great-but-notoriously-fiddly F-14Bs several times, so this might be easier. Probably. Didn;t take me long to realize that I was right. In no time at all I managed to build up the entire bodywork, no problem whatsoever. Might be a cliche, but this is that kind of kit where everything just falls together without even trying. Soon it's off to the painting booth... which is just my workshop table but with paint. Using Mr. Color Gold as basis (as well as for those stripes), I sprayed a thin layer of Mr. Color Red FS11136 with some gold flakes infused in, before finally spraying Clear Red (again, with infusion of gold flakes). Really hard to see here, but it's there in real life. Also, you might notice a little f-up on the stripe on the roof. My cackhandedness is to blame for that one... Anyway, that's all for today, next time you're here, it'll be chassis business...
  13. Pity I can't source Zero Paints on this side of the Earth. I heard they make the best colour to replicate the actual paint of the car. Oh well, guess I gotta resort to do metallic undercoat and layer it with some sort of red...
  14. When it comes to modelling, I'm mostly an aircraft person. But my first contact with model kit actually started with cars, way back when I was still a midget. My uncle used to make car kits, with Tamiya's R33 Skyline, Subaru Alcyone and Legacy Wagon to name a few. And my biggest interest was actually on cars, as expected from someone who can spell Lamborghini long before he can spell his dad's name properly. However, my experience with car model kits were few and far between, with successful attempt on MP4/4 and LaFerrari (and failed attempt at Huracan and Murcielago SV, both ruined by paint problems). Then came along Tamiya's Ford GT. When I heard the announcement last year, I immediately knew what I'm getting for my birthday last February. Took me 2 months, but the kit finally landed 2 days ago. First cut will have to wait though, for I'm still in process of moving all my stuffs to my new home. As for the idea, well... I know. I'm not creative. But I really dig Shmee150's spec for his Ford GT, what with the luscious Liquid Red paint and glorious gold stripe. Not getting the BBS FI-R wheels, though, since I can't reliably source any aftermarket parts from this side of the globe. Anyway, that's for the introductory bits, next time it will be the first cut
  15. My little brother might beg to differ because he always threaten to launch my Tomcats if I bought another Tomcat
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