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  1. So unusually I went to Jakarta today for some business discussion with my friend. What I did not expect is seeing this thing. I always love Porsche 911, but the 991.2 Speedster is my absolute dream 911. My goodness it looks amazing.
  2. Doing usual carspotting on Sunday, met some cool stuffs like a modded Evo VII, Huracan and FF. But this Karmann Ghia is probably the coolest. But hey this Huracan is cool too. And sounds ungodly.
  3. So it's new year, and I went out carspotting on Sunday. Sweet-looking Ferrari FF in what I believe is Bianco Fuji, with what looks like some Novitec parts on it. Used to have Novitec wheels too but the owner who bought it after selling his R8 changed it back to standard. My friend hates FF a lot. I don't understand his views. Then a 720S appeared. The owner once had the Volcano Yellow 12C I posted here before, sold it for this 720S, Huracan, and Aventador. Always a special thing to see 720S on the road, looks like an absolute spaceship.
  4. Seen the 365 GTC/4 in real-life (I even got a photo of it), I have to say it is one hell of a looker. I can see where Ferrari got their inspiration for both the Roma and 812 Superfast. Well, probably Roma since 812 is a strict 2-seater.
  5. I am not the type of guy who can live with just one brand so I guess here's my laundry list of what brands and why they appealed so much to me: 1. Ferrari. This goes without saying. I love Ferrari since I was a 3-years-old with 348tb diecast as my first ever car-related toy. But it was the 458 Speciale and 599 GTO that sealed the long-time lust after that black horse on a yellow shield to me. Seeing both being driven hard on a street circuit back in 2017 is just... something. 2. Lamborghini. One of my favouritest die-cast from my childhood days was this yellow Diablo 5.7. I mean IT GOT SCISSOR DOORS AND IT'S YELLOW. Not gonna lie, with Aventador being a ubiquitous animal it kinda dilutes the mystique of Lamborghini a little bit, but Murcielago 640 in Verde Hydra and Diablo 6.0 VT Special Edition certainly has their space in my imaginary garage. Especially after seeing the Diablo in real life for the first time back in 2016. And had a chance to sit in it. 3. Porsche. This was more of a new-found love. Back when I was young I did not really understand the appeal of Porsche. Until they came up with the 997 GT3 RS 4.0, that is. But it was what happened in 2019 that basically turned me into a Porschephile. Spending 4 days with Porsche Club Indonesia and trying both the 991.1 GT3 RS and 991.1 Turbo S was more than enough to make me wanting a 911. That 9000rpm howl on the GT3 RS sealed the deal for me, but the impressive build quality and overall usability also impresses me a lot. My experience with my local Porsche Centre also left a good impression with me. A 991.2 Speedster in PTS Voodoo Blue, please. 4. McLaren. Despite me being a Ferrari fan, the F1 team I supported the most since 2001 is McLaren. And I was so happy when I found out McLaren's going to make the MP4-12C back in 2011. There were ups and downs with McLaren, particularly about build quality (experienced a 540C with crashy IRIS system as well as 12C with wonky suspension), but the technical details and their pursuit for lightness always fascinates me. Which explains my ecstatic reaction when I met my first McLaren Senna early this year. 5. AMG. At first I never really cared about AMG. They're just fast loud Mercs. Until Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the SLS AMG on his DVD. The SLS, to me, was the car that defined AMG to me (despite their line-up dominated by not-at-all-supercars). Still have a major lusting after a Solarbeam AMG SLS Black and GT R PRO. At least that was my top 5 brands. There are other brands I haven't mentioned, but most of them only have 1 or 2 cars that appealed to me. Lexus LFA, for example. Or the new Corvette Z06. Perhaps with the exception of Tesla. Bad build quality, uninspiring, and led by a delusional billionaire who fooled everyone into thinking they're saving the world by buying his product. Give me a Lucid Air, give me a Rivian, give me a Taycan. Heck, give me a Nissan LEAF. But not Tesla.
  6. Last Saturday we were supposed to have a car-meet event, but the venue was just too far away from my home, not very accessible with public transport. But I got this. Pretty sure this Supra isn't powered by 2JZ-GTE. Instead it's powered by... family. This though, an NA1 NSX with Regamaster EVO II sets, was the one that forced me to go out for carspotting that day even though I have yet to take a bath. Owned by the same guy who drove a grey A80 Supra I posted once before.
  7. Definitely an M Coupe, this. The bumper and wheels are giveaway clues.
  8. RS 4.0 is THE daddy. Though I would love to have a go in 991.2 GT3 manual. Once had a taster in a 991.1 GT3 RS, that thing is cracks on 4 wheels. That 9000rpm flat-six buzz is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Even better than Aventador's V12.
  9. Unusually, I went to Jakarta for 3 days last weekend. My team got an AMG GLE53 press car to test as well as invited by AMG Club Indonesia for their anniversary event, so naturally I would not say no to such invitation... Found this Exige Cup 260 during a breakfast event with Ferrari on Saturday, I think the owner of this Exige very rarely took the car out. His Espada or Morgan AeroMax saw more daylight than the Exige. Did not expect this SL60 AMG to arrive, one of only 49 RHD SL60 AMG ever built. GT3 RS 4.0, the holy grail of 997-generation 911. I think there are only 3 in the whole country, all in Carrara White. A neat 190E Cossie passing by is a normal occurrence in Jakarta. Also did a photoshoot with this AMG SLS Black, which is something I never thought I would ever be able to do. This being one of my all-time top 5 favourite car ever, I was giggling like a child.
  10. Sunday morning spot as usual This M4 is finished in a special BMW Individual paint of Speed Yellow, basically a Porsche colour. One of 12 special M4 Individual cars built for members of M Owners Club Indonesia. And a 458 Spider in Rosso Corsa with Cuoio interior. Basically a resale spec, but when it looks this good I will let it slide.
  11. Been a surprisingly busy week in car stuffs, for me and my team decided to create some contents with this big boi last weekend: A 700hp A80 Supra. Got my friend's new A90 GR Supra with 500hp tagging along too. And just last Thursday we have BMW M dealer visiting out hometown for a test drive event with new M3 and M4 New M4 actually looks fine in real life. True spiritual successor of A80 Supra in my book. Would still take the M3 instead, though, that one looks ruddy special.
  12. It really is an unusual car. Still remember the day I saw one in the flesh, I just can't believe how intricate those details are. Also, now I really want to build another Senna (in an even more insane spec than my previous build) but I haven't even finished my NSX...
  13. Usual Sunday spotting, found this Nero Daytona 458 Italia with AL13 wheels, along with the usual GT3 RS, as well as an R8 V10 and Gallardo 560 at the motorway rest area before heading back to my town after a morning drive Then going back home for a little review on the Ferrari 488 as well as a photoshoot And then came the new G80 M3 Competition, only recently launched in Indonesia. Gonna say this: I have grown to like the looks of it. In photo it looks terrifying but in real life it's quite handsome. Not in a conventional way, but it is certainly striking in a good way.
  14. Report from last Sunday: Missed a GC8 Impreza WRX STi in WR Blue (with gold wheel, of course), an A90 GR Supra, and a 992 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition in the launch colour of Cherry Metallic. Pretty gutted. At least I got a McLaren 12C... ... a mint 458... ... and a 997.2 911 GT3 RS. Which would be my choice over the Targa Heritage Edition, obviously.
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