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  1. Yes. Received new MLU upgrades including compatibility for AMRAAM, AIM-9X and JDAM. I don't know at what cost, and personally I am not going to like where this is going, though...
  2. Holy smokes I just realized there's a Sniper XR pod there. What is going on here...
  3. Yes, for some reason we went for the usual dark grey-light grey Hill One camouflage like... well, pretty much every other F-16 operators, save for countries like UAE, Poland and Greece.
  4. We are 'democratic'. I mean, we can vote for president and vote them out. But they seems to be serving only for majorities. Minorities like me? Tough luck, laddie. You got to be filthy rich if you want government to pay attention. But then again, the government seems to be really good at maintaining facade to let EU and USA approve the sale of Typhoon.
  5. Bad news, TNI-AU now uses Hill One camo for the F-16s. Can't imagine Typhoon (if ever it comes) will use our old camo like the one on this F-5E.
  6. I don't remember Angkatan Laut's Gannet to look this good. Last time I saw one on military museum at Jakarta it was pretty dull. Really fantastic work on a plane that not much people here realize we once owned.
  7. Wouldn't you know, there is a rumour that our MoD might gonna cancel Su-35 in exchange for F-35A, and probably some F-16V to complement the F-16A/B MLU and F-16C/D Block 25. Possibly because US does not want to lose allies in South East Asia. And probably because they're worried we're going to possess threat to Australia if we got those Su-35s. The only saving grace for Eurofighters in Indonesia, as far as we concerned, is that we got Airbus as our partners at Indonesian Aerospace. But the memory of previous embargo from UK still lingers, apparently.
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA... ... Ha. Ha. I might gonna get 'unpersoned' soon.
  9. We have not. Just as we don't have money to stop COVID-19 from killing everyone.
  10. Deleted- read the pinned post in chat regarding swearing
  11. Seems so. I think the procurement teams for AW101 were investigated by Corruption Eradication Committee (yes, there is such things as that here, such is the corruption within the government since the day of the murderer--I mean Harto). So... no other news as of yet.
  12. Oh we actually ordered 2 Merlins. Much to the chagrin of indonesian Aerospace who builds Super Puma with licenses from Airbus.
  13. Locals here, I think Indonesian Armed Forces wanted something that is a good compromise between Cougar's VTOL capability (being helicopter and all) and CN-235's payload. Kind of neccessary considering the terrain here. Accessibility to remote islands and capability of carrying good amount of essential cargos for locals are very important for us. And they probably saw that good compromise in the MV-22B. Although I don't know if we have enough capabilities to actually maintain one.
  14. Another F-14B is good and all, but VF-103? AGAIN?! And the only bonus is a patch? Where's VF-32 OIF bird, VF-41 OEF A-bombcat or VF-14 80th Anniversary scheme A-Tomcat?
  15. Academy's F-8 Crusaders are one of those kits that needs no introduction. Easily the best Crusader kits out there, on par with Hasegawa's 1/48th kit (similar breakdown, surprisingly). Really happy to see how nice you pulled it off, makes me want to add another F-8E alongside Richard Bellinger's MiG killer of VF-162.
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