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  1. Thanks for the compliment, I don't actually polish this kit, only carefully layering Mr Color clear red over a thin layer of gold in several stages. Also, I decided to redo LaFerrari since this was the first ever hypercar I ever saw by myself during Ferrari's anniversary event. So... yeah. I got to have one once again.
  2. Another day, another build. This time it's Tamiya's 1/24 LaFerrari. Still one of Tamiya's best in my opinion. Now this was not the first time I built this kit, my first attempt being in 2016 back when my building skills were basically nonexistent. Wanting to redeem that sin I decided to build another one. Finding one, though, was a problem, since the kit has become quite a bit of a rarity. In the end my local hobby shop still has 2 listed at over GBP47. Eh, I'd rather regret buying this than not buying one and missed my chance forever. So the spec of choice would be Rosso F1 2007 with Nero DS roof and Blu Sterling interior and silver wheels with silver calipers. Overall build experience is just nice, as with pretty much every Tamiya car kits I have experienced. My only gripe with this kit is the use of clear parts with decals to replace the rear mesh. I don't like it, so I replaced it with... actual mesh. Not perfect, nowhere near as good as Tamiya's PE parts but I gotta do with whatever materials available. Oh, and that exhaust was a little wonky, that was also my fault. Anyway, please do enjoy some of the pics A little photoshoot together with Senna won't hurt, I guess.
  3. Elva is just not proportional. Especially with the US-mandatory bolt-on windscreen. Besides, why would 149 people want to spend GBP1.4million on a topless windscreen-less slightly more powerful 765LT with blower on it? Just wait for a 765LT Spider and get BAC Mono if you want a stone on your face. And use the GBP700k change to buy something else. A secondhand Senna, perhaps. Or a GT3 Touring and some changes.
  4. That Valkyrie. That Valkyrie to me is the star of the supercar show. Man I wish I could go to GFoS one day...
  5. Aw shucks, 1/144... I was hoping for another 1/72nd Hawkeye since Hasegawa's offering is basically nigh-on impossible to obtain. And Fujimi's Hawkeye is... lacking, to say the least.
  6. Shooting brake ones... the FF? Or GTC4Lusso? The one Ferrari would buy if I can only buy one car for the rest of my life.
  7. If they based it on something like Vauxhall Insignia (or if you really want to be serious, GM Alpha platform that is used by Camaro and ATS/CTS) it would have fared much better, save for badge image but that would be more on customer's fault. But they didn't. They based it on an Astra then pitched it as an A5 rival and puts its price somewhere in between. Too expensive for an Astra-based car, but not premium enough to go against the likes of A5, 4-series, or (God forbid) the Lexus IS Convertible.
  8. Doing my usual Sunday morning spotting, met this Namaka Blue McLaren GT I'm a McLaren fan (see my McLaren Senna RFI post for example ) but the McLaren GT is one car I just can't get on with. It is far too compromised, a bit too intense for a GT car McLaren wants you to believe but a little too soft for a supercar which it clearly is. 570GT was perfect because it simply is a more practical, more comfortable 570S without trying to fool anyone that it is not a variant of 570S. Also, 570GT is a better-looking car.
  9. I mean, Land Rover does offer Range Rover SVAutobiography with special Spectral colour range, but at least those are gorgeous and intricate. Chrome wrap should be treated as a crime against humanity. Also, doubt that Evoque Convertible can be used on a school run
  10. - An Evoque - An Evoque Convertible - An Evoque Convertible with 20-inch optional wheel - An Evoque Convertible with 20-inch optional wheel in a chrome wrap Yea it was the case of sick all over my clothing.
  11. I went back carspotting again last Sunday. Snapped a white 2009 R8 V8, a very nice unmodified 2000 NB MX-5 Roadster and an LHD 1988 911 G-Body in Cassis Red Metallic. This, however, takes the crown. I haven't seen a mint, unmodified 458 Italia in the 'iconic' Rosso Corsa 'hero spec' for a while. So to see one gliding effortlessly heading out for a run is something to behold. Absolutely made my Sunday.
  12. I wanted one of this, but not to make a Carrera Cup racer. From your information, I think this could be built into a nice 964 Carrera RS 3.6 in Leichtbau spec. Or a Touring spec if I kitbashed it with Fujimi's regular 964 Carrera 2.
  13. Considering how difficult it is to obtain kits here: 1. Tamiya's 1/24 DBS V12 2. Fujimi's 1/24 430 Scuderia 3. Fujimi's 1/24 911 G-body/930 Turbos 4. Tamiya's 1/24 NC1 NSX 5. Tamiya's 1/24 LFA And no, importing by myself is out of question because Indonesian government imposes something between 15-30% VAT on goods that costs more than $3.
  14. Gorgeous Plus Four, not gonna lie. In the most retro of specs, with wire mesh wheels, spare wheel rack and Cibie spotlamps. Cannot wait for the Plus Six to make its way here.
  15. A little British invasion to my hometown. BAC and Morgan recently opened their first retail and service centre in Indonesia, so BAC and Morgan Indonesia did a little roadshow in several big cities, starting with Jakarta last month and my hometown yesterday. Perhaps less of a 'spot' since my team lend some helping hands for the coverage but a nice photo nonetheless.
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