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  1. Heard a rumour that Ferrari is once again providing licenses for model kit manufacturers and I've heard somewhere (ModelCars Mag forum? I forgot) it's probably going to be Fujimi and/or Tamiya. Not holding my breath, though. But if they do I'd grab Enzo re-release and hope for 458 Speciale.
  2. What I wouldn't give to own an original 911 from 1963... Slate Grey with red leather interior looks absolutely spiffing.
  3. Got invited to TWO Porsche events last weekend, one is from Porsche Motorsport for their presentation for the second season of Porsche Sprint Challenge Indonesia and the other for the introduction of the new Macan Electric. I got sidetracked by this Porsche instead. One of only 19 TechArt GTStreetR Flyweight in existence. Basically a 992 Turbo S with 90kg less weight, LOADS of carbon fibre parts from TechArt and healthy 160hp boost to 800hp. This is actually the first production version, no. 1 out of 19 and now there are 2 more in Indonesia. Last time I saw this, I didn't spend too much time around it since there are Koenigsegg Regera and Pagani Huayra around but now I managed to take a proper look at it. All those Acid Green bits are painted over clear-lacquer carbon fibre. It is insane. Abarth 695 Biposto, my favourite Abarth of them all. Unapologetic little scamper. 992 GT3 RS. This thing is hugely popular in Indonesia, way more popular than any GT3 before it. I think there were only 8 997.2 GT3 RS including 3 RS 4.0 here, 6 991.1 3RS and 8 991.2 3RS, but so far we have more than 10 992.1 3RS arriving in our island nation. Many sports a wacky spec with Pyro Red accents and wheels. The real star of the show on Sunday. 718 GT4 RS Clubsport. I got a chance to sat in it and it doesn't help me with my dream of one day being able to do GT racing. New Macan Electric next. Lovely colour called Provence, and I think I'm going to like it as an EV, but charging issues will be a massive hurdle here in Indonesia.
  4. They're actually doing well, seems like their home market is good enough to keep them in the black. It is a shame that Hasegawa was not as widely available as it was before, but if they made enough profit, maybe one day we can expect them to cater world market again. Hopefully, anyway.
  5. Usual load during OIF/OEF are either a pair of GBU-12 Paveway or one GBU-12 Paveway and one GBU-38 JDAM on the forward bomb pallet. At least that's what I've read when I'm researching for my F-14D VF-213 last cruise build. Also, if I remembered correctly F-14 with LANTIRN only carried one Sidewinder on the left pylon, because they don't want the rocket blast destroyed the internal of LANTIRN. Other information includes the fact that if F-14 carries a 1000lb Paveway it can only carry one of them, for the fear that the fins might going to collide with each other if it were to fly with 2 1000lbs. Hope this helps.
  6. Was excited seeing a V12 Vantage S behind the 914 but realized it was a Roadster (which is not as pretty as the coupe) so it kinda lost its attraction. The Fulvia Sport Zagato, ChromaFlair Tuscan S and that Mercury Silver Alpine A110 GT though... absolutely love them all.
  7. First day after Eid al-Fitr celebration in Indonesia, and this thing is out again A JDM-spec 911 Targa G-body. It is a left hand drive car, though. The owner told me he found this car in Japan and brought it to Indonesia in a rather sorry state, with all the paint works fading, and basically no interior whatsoever. I think it took him about a year to restore it to running condition, before going back again to his workshop for a full repaint early this year. Now it looks as resplendent as it was before with its original Guards Red paint.
  8. I can understand the problem with the RML SWB. I think GTO Engineering did a better job with their upcoming 'Squalo'. I also remember the days when RML ran at Le Mans with that MG EX257 and later on an MG EX265-branded Lola B08/80 LMP2. Looks rather smashing with that white/Union Jack livery.
  9. Yes, there is a continuation of the Bizzarrini 5300 GT called the 5300 GT Corsa Revival. Built in Britain by Ray Mallock, Ltd. (same people responsible for the Chevrolet Lacetti and Cruze WTCC as well as Nissan Juke R and Ferrari 550-based RML Short Wheelbase, a tribute to Ferrari 250 GT SWB), which makes my non-existent inner British kind of proud. GBP1.65million though. I would need to commit fraud and crime against humanity to even be able to pay a deposit for one...
  10. Oh Jesus. That yellow Lancia Fulvia Berlina and Bizzarrini 5300GT. I'd do unholy things to even be able to see one.
  11. Last weekend I (begrudgingly) head back to Jakarta. I kinda don't want to because my salary has not been paid for 4 months but moral obligation forced me to do so. Tried the Kia Stinger GT-Line for the first time, this is the only Stinger in Indonesia. Blows my mind how good this car actually is, I am disappointed people would still prefer expensive BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe over this, when the quality of Stinger is decidedly better than many of modern BMWs and the standard equipment level exceeds any 4-series bar the M4. A Grigio Telesto Huracan STO. That's one way to make grey look shouty and loud. One of my favourite Ferrari of all time: 458 Speciale, here finished in Giallo Modena. That stripe was supposed to be Blu NART on white, but inexplicably the current owner covered it in red. Sunday, and wouldn't you know, another 458 Speciale. I think I have spent my entire year stock of luck for this. This is rather special. One of only 2 964 Carrera RS 3.6 in Indonesia, but this is THE spec that I always wanted. Rubystone Red, bucket seats and silver-painted magnesium alloys. An ex-Hongkong car. Speaking of holy grail, this one takes the cake. Only 50 Murcielago LP650-4 Roadsters were ever made, all finished in Grigio Telesto with Arancio Atlas accent. This was not my first time seeing this Murc, but this was my first time seeing it in the wild.
  12. Can't seem to find one, so consider me joining in. Kinda need a kick to bumpstart my enthusiasm again and a way to escape some bad stuffs so doing a group build could be a solution haha
  13. I just got this Typhoon FGR.4 from Hasegawa recently, looking forward to make RAF Typhoon from 3(F) Squadron. Does this count?
  14. Mk2 Focus did come with 4-door saloon bodystyle. In fact, when Ford Indonesia first entered Focus to our market, it was the saloon first to tackle Corollas and Civics, with hatchback followed later. I think even Mk.3 got saloon version as well
  15. Last week was a disastrous week for me, so as a bit of a therapy I went to do carspotting on Friday Finally met my favourite 911 GT3, the 991.2 GT3 with manual gearbox. This Guards Red GT3 came all the way from Surabaya on the far east side of Java with other sportscars and supercars as part of their West Java trip. So I was excited to take proper photos of it the next day... were I not being hounded and kicked by random security officer because they think people with cameras are nuisance. As a disclaimer, I already have coordination with the owners of these cars and they were very happy to have me and my team covering their event. But this security officer was adamant I was a nuisance, and sadly this is how journalists are treated in Indonesia since Suharto became CIA's puppet in 1960s. Suffice to say I was extremely angry and threw a massive tantrum. Didn't help that later that Saturday my grandpa collapsed and fell unconscious after his blood sugar level shot up to 5 times the maximum acceptable limit. I literally broke down in tears that day and decided to have a break on Sunday, and went to Jakarta instead. This is what awaits me there. A Praga R1. Praga is a Czech brand and R1 was their first car after... 80 years, I presume? This was supposed to be some sort of junior LMP car with carbon safety cell and 2-liter Renault engine at the back. There is a road legal version called R1R but I think this was not it, rather this is a new R1T, the same Praga R1 used in Praga Cup as the support races for BritCar series. A familiar Datsun 240Z. Used to live in Bandung not far from my home but the owner was appointed as commissioner for a national bank so he needs to relocate to Jakarta, and his collections followed suit. This, though, is my favourite for the day. A rather rarely-seen Ferrari F12tdf in Grigio Silverstone Opaco. Indonesia once had 7 F12tdfs, but 4 were either exported or stored somewhere away from prying eyes, and one was burnt crisp onboard a cargo ship. This particular car was once very much hidden for years, but these past 2 years the owner wanted to open up his dealership and his collections to public so he decided it's time to let the F12tdf loose once in a while. Now, I was supposed to do photoshoot with a recently imported Diablo 6.0, but the owner of said Diablo needed to attend a funeral so the plan was unfortunately canned. Still a bit disappointed, but with F12tdf around I did not feel as disappointed as I would have been. At least I had a bit of a therapy after what seemed to be a catastrophic week.
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