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  1. OMG, in on the front row of a Ced build. Popcorn in hand, drink ready, let the journey commence!
  2. That looks fabulous Ced! What's next?
  3. I did wonder about the phraseology but figured nobody would take it out of context. ...probl'y…. then again... . Calypso, is mostly done but needs the final titivations (fnnar, you've got me doing it now). Not done a WIP as I'm a bit befuddled with picture hosting these days after the PB debacle. I think I did Village photos but that's lost in the midst of time. The Stranraer is mostly together but could receive a WIP, it's about a 3rd of the workload through. Trouble is, work has taken off like a rocket and I'm not checking in here as often as I was in recent months, so WIPs would be somewhat glacial. Have worked out that my stash is 30 years of work at my present build rate! I'll be 80 by then!
  4. Hey, found it!! Looks fabulous Ced. Glad to see it on the ceiling at last. I was looking at the reference pics regarding the weathering and wondered if you'd pull it off. Needless to say it looks the part unquestionably. I almost broke mine out of the stash the other day but the Stranraer waved at me instead and became the Christmas holiday model.
  5. Crikey Ced, you're certainly knocking them out recently. Still not found the RFI for the Sunderland and here you are two planes later! The Calypso is coming on by the way, not too far from decal application.
  6. Looks great here, fabulous result. Just bought this kit, better get some putty lined up...
  7. A truly superb model! Blown away by the detail, quality of modelling and sheer skill. Would love to see it in a desert setting on one of its many fuel and refreshment stops to the outer edges of the old empire. I'd so love to see an injection version of this kit in this scale. Airfix, fancy going a little off-piste?
  8. That's fabulous and bears testament to your excellent modelling skills. From a less confident modellers point of view, how would this compare to the Special Hobby (?) version. Is it a far superior moulding negating the need for much of your fine work, or is the Frog still a good starting point?
  9. That's rather lovely, very well built indeed. I also miss Gee-Dee models. No models shops left in Nottingham now unless you want to go to Hobbycraft and see mainstream boxes at huge expense. Best place now is Access Models in Newark or Newark Air Museum.
  10. Looking forward to seeing this one built, but my goodness, it's a dreadful looking moulding. I've had a few Pegasus kits and they leave everything to be desired. Good luck!
  11. Looks stunning Ced! I'd never have completed the kit so it's great to see it resplendent in such a nice scheme and so well made.
  12. Ooh, crikey! 24 hours and 3 pages in already. Glad you're doing this beasty. I did the Hasegawa (?) version some time back and got pleasing results, though the decals were a pain, especially the red panel stripes. I was chasing them all over the place. It's a mean looking bird when finished, will look fab on the ceiling.
  13. Really enjoyed those links, that was an hour or so well spent. Many thanks!
  14. Checked back and you're getting along with it nicely Ced. Some very interesting contributions from Lightning types as well. It does make we wonder if the Lightning could jettison its overwing tanks? Would it need to roll inverted I wonder? Love the new puppy by the way, sweeeeet!
  15. Thanks for that. I'm in Duxford on Sat so I'll have a chat with folk then.
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