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  1. Really enjoyed those links, that was an hour or so well spent. Many thanks!
  2. Checked back and you're getting along with it nicely Ced. Some very interesting contributions from Lightning types as well. It does make we wonder if the Lightning could jettison its overwing tanks? Would it need to roll inverted I wonder? Love the new puppy by the way, sweeeeet!
  3. Thanks for that. I'm in Duxford on Sat so I'll have a chat with folk then.
  4. They're certainly very special aircraft. They had one display at Duxford some years ago. Apparently they can barely stall with a modest headwind, they pretty much float down. I think it might have been last year when one turned up at Duxford carrying a contingent over from the continent. At the end of the airship it clattered down the runway, took off in very short order and turned left. I did wince a bit when it only just made it over the hillside.
  5. Yep, that step is quite a leap but it's still a WIP. If it was to go on public display I'd add an extra one as well as detail the steps a little more as they're a tad basic. The people are only held onto the surface with Blu-tac at the moment. Needs a proper base with a concrete surface etc. If the café is no longer suitable I did wonder if Duxford might take it to place in the Concorde they have there, suitable display case notwithstanding.
  6. Here was a mojo restoration build! It's the Italeri boxing of the An-2 Colt. I really enjoyed seeing the Estonian airforce Colt fly over to RIAT (must have taken a few days to get over here!) and wanted to build the model. It's a bit of a composite of the few they still fly. A very basic set of decals were all that was available, so it's near enough. There's a small sheet of photoetch in there which I picked up from Hannants. Most is useable but an aerial and a few other bits were flung to the carpet monster by way of a sacrificial offering. Canopy was a two part affair, it went together OK but was like cutting the masking for the Crystal Palace, new blade in the Exacto and much tongue out of mouth corner required. Overall it was a reasonable build. EZ line used for rigging which was a bit tricky. Found a better technique for placing it now. Had fun and it sits nicely in the cabinet.
  7. Just getting the hang of Village Photos after the Photobucket debacle. As requested by @CedB here is the Condor in all its glory. The original decals were toast so Ced kindly did a trick for me and scanned the orginal decals before putting them through his CNC cutter. The resulting masks allowed me to produce the engine masking and curve around the nose. Thanks Ced, much appreciated! I sprayed the model black, masked off then applied the Vallejo chrome from their metallic range. Other decals were from LF as seen here https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/LFMC72198 The aircraft depicted is Hitler's personal transport. Not that I wanted to do this one especially, I'd rather have done the Danish version, but I couldn't obtain the decals for it. Overall a nice if simple kit, it went together quite well with no real hiccups. Aerials are EZ line. Precious few reference shots it must be said.
  8. Just resurrecting this thread now my Photobucket images have reappeared. Moved to Village Photos for new pics though. Concorde was going to go in a café on an airfield but the display area was moved and no long suitable. Here's the basic diorama components just tacked into place temporarily.
  9. Strewth Ced, fast build! I'm sooo glad a gave this kit a new home, I'd have mumbled about it knowing I had new Airfix to do. Looking good though, I bet it will scrub up to look very nice on the celling. Like the look of the silver pens and I do wonder if the masking one could ever give the crispness required for a canopy? I'll keep watching with interest! Finished that Condor by the way, along with half a dozen others. That masking you did for the engine nacelles was brilliant, thanks so much, saved the day on that one. Just need to figure out how to post piccys and they can go up on the board.
  10. Thanks for that. I've actually finished it and it's in the cabinet. Very majestic looking thing, have a spare kit so may do the Danish version one day.
  11. Keep going, you're nearly there. If I'd realised you were in Leicestershire all this time I'd have popped over, doh! Got another kit for you to complete! As regarding the zillions of stencils, put the radio on with something to occupy you and the time will fly by. Looking really good, love the bomb bay. Mine has moved up the stash pile a few notches now.
  12. HP42

    Harrier GR.5

    9 years on, I'm asking the same question! What Vallejo Model Air colour would be vest suited to the underside of a GR5? I know it's Lichen Green from Xtracolour but I've only got access to Vallejo.
  13. https://tw.tv.yahoo.com/storyful-sg/ryanair-plane-hits-flock-seagulls-143709709.html Doesn't look like much on first viewing but it looks like it go about 20 of the critters and a double engine ingestion to boot. Quite a red puff can be seen comping out of the stbd engine. I wonder they might quietly put little seagull 'kill markings' under the pilot's window? Must have a been noticeable at the time with a quite a few bangs and a possible change in engine note? Happened in Barcelona apparently. What's the procedure for this aircraft now? Will the engines need a full overhaul or would they be able to carry on after an inspection?
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