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  1. Pulling up a chair to this one. I've got my mask on and will sit near the open window if I may? Always loved the Harrier. Did a GR5 last year but have most of the variants in the stash. Must get back to my Sea Harrier 'hovering' on the shelf of doom. Nice tips about the doppler panel colours, obvious now it's pointed out. Right, onwards and upwards Ced. Any particular aircraft you're modelling? Will you stick with the kit decals/serials or divert off-piste? Much variation and field (sea) applied paint alterations from what I gather.
  2. That really is something, it's stunning build and could pass for a much bigger scale. It's night and day compared to your older model. Deeply impressed at your skill.
  3. HP42

    Halifax bomb loadout.

    Interesting data there, quite fascinating. Quite a few things strike me: The number and type of aircraft used as pathfinders. I assumed they would have been Mosquitos to mark the area, but it was a sizeable force. The number of incendiaries was notable, though clearly they wanted to burn what was left. Could the Halifax really take anything bigger than a 2,000lb bomb? Surely not? Likewise the Wellington? I'm also amazed by the report that only 2 scientists were killed. You'd have thought anyone in the vicinity would have been blasted to bits in that pit of hell. Clearly not, I ass
  4. HP42

    Halifax bomb loadout.

    2am and I've been mooching about on the National Archives. What an easy way to spend an evening. Now found the 77 Sqn stuff I was after, the website is a bit clumsy but I got there. I've pieced so much together and it's now solved so many little mysteries. I've been cross referencing a Navigator's logbook with the records and building a better picture of his experience. Found a 2,000lb HC bomb now, coming from Poland. Thanks everyone for all the really fabulous contributions.
  5. HP42

    Halifax bomb loadout.

    Brilliant!!!! That's what I wanted. I need 'G' so it's 1 x 2000 lb HC inst, 1 x 1000 lb HC inst, 6 x 500 lb HC inst. That's 6,000lb in total, not huge. Now where do I get a 2,000lb from? Interesting that some did carry incendiaries. I guess they thought they'd burn what was left? I couldn't find 77Sqn ORB 16/17th August 1943 in the archives. It only goes up to June. I've been mooching about in there and getting lost. Loads of stuff...
  6. HP42

    Halifax bomb loadout.

    Thanks guys. The ORB looks like a fascinating resource. I'll have a delve. I've been listening to a talking book that covers the raid (Lancaster by John Nichol), and it discusses the main target being the scientists in the housing estate. Whilst it didn't mention the bomb loads I am wondering if incendiaries would have been particularly useful in such low density housing? Sure it would set a house fire and de-home them, but the likelihood of it killing the occupants who could escape, probably wouldn't be great. I guess the intention was to kill them in the explosive blast? The housing was targ
  7. HP42

    Halifax bomb loadout.

    Ooh that's interesting, thanks for that. Peenamunde is about as far away as Berlin, so I guess it could have been just 6,000lb? The set has 6 x 1,000lb bombs, so that works nicely. I'm going to have them on the trolley with the tractor, so that works out nicely and there's no need to muck about with the bomb bay as the aircraft is already built and finished. Just been looking at Peenamunde on Google Earth, you can still see the bomb craters even now,
  8. Hi all, quick question. I'm putting together a diorama with a 76 Sqn Mk2 Tollerton-nose Halifax preparing to go on the Peenemunde raid. What was the likely bomb load? I'm using the Airfix bomber resupply set. The cookies are out, the Halifax couldn't carry them. I guess they didn't bother with incendiaries as they wouldn't have been suitable. That leaves me the 1,000lb and 500lb bombs. On that basis, what combination and total load would have been likely? Thoughts, best guesses?
  9. If you find yyourself needing a little more red decal, I nicked a bit from the tail stripes of the previous scheme on the same decal sheet. Admittedly it was the Airfix decal sheet but they were the same colour. The Revell sheet is better printed and has graduated edges, worth a look though. I also found mine looked a bit odd and wrinkled until I mucked about with Microscale solvent and setting solutions, they conformed a treat in the end.
  10. I hadn't realised that. @One Man ModelI think your kit is incredible and a work of art even in kit form. I'm in the process of building it (well, only just started looking at it) and I'll have some feedback for you to make it even better. The work involved in making it is astonishing. I think a Dornier Do-X is my next order...
  11. Coming on nicely! Just to hijack the thread with one post, my HP42 has arrived from Japan and it's rather splendid I must say. For the most part the printing 'grain' is quite fine. Everything arrived exquisitely packaged, bags with tape had the end of the tape folded back to facilitate easy opening, each model is a labour of love even in kit form. Whilst much of the grain wont be tended to (e.g. internal parts), there is some clean-up to do, especially on the underside of the fuselage. I'm considering using Mr Surfacer possibly even through an airbrush. Any thoughts on doing that? The kit even
  12. No worries. Some clarification: The 1:72 Concorde requires much work but not of a highly skilled nature. Keep at it and you get a nice model, it's generally easy work, just lots of it. Thus if you're prepared to stick with it (fill-sand-repeat) you soon get a splendid looking model without it being too technical. Of course you CAN get all skilful and technical if you like (e.g. moving nose wheel bay) but it's not really necessary unless you're a rivet counter. My message is, 'don't be put off if a Concorde is what you always wanted'.
  13. The thing is, if you want a Concorde in this scale it really isn't hard to get a nice model, it's just quite a lot of work that's not overly skillful. You can go all out with photo etch like I did (mojo killer) or do as my mate did and just slap it together, fill in the gaps, sand the excess, wheels up, nose up, park it on it's stand and ignore most of the stencils. You'll get a gorgeous model very quickly. If you have very high standards, it's a challenge, though more workload than skill. Use the builds on here to guide you and you've cracked it. The Revell issue has better decals!
  14. Crikey Ced, you don't half rattle them out! Look fabulous. I'm not late for this build, just taking my seat early for the next 'showing'.
  15. Great build so far, you're taming it very nicely indeed. It's a pig of a kit but does look splendid when finished. Not sure if you saw my build from some years back. On page 4 I did a summary of things to consider, it might be useful to you. I used the photoetch, it does improve it but at a cost to one's sanity. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010669-airfix-concorde-172-taming-the-beast/
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