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  1. Finished finally aside the decals. It looks great if you apply the 3ft test. It fought me all the way but the end result is very pleasing indeed. Would love to have a Vostock but I'll never build another Mach 2 kit if this is the quality to expect. How do I post pictures again? The decals are simply a Soviet Flag and a Union Jack, no stencil details at all. It does make me wonder if I could print my own decals and go for Tim Peake's machine. I think most of the differences are not visible at 1:72 scale and I can live with the odd change on lumps and bumps as the kit is very approximate a
  2. Well it's arrived and I've started it. It's the worst moulding of a plastic kit I have ever seen. It makes Pegasus stuff look good. It's a nightmare of flash, poorly moulded parts and short-shot bits and general crapness. The main sprue trees are rough and what would ordinarily be a straight and smooth rod, they feel like I'm picking up a giant spidercrab's leg. The plastic doesn't like cement much either. I'm having to use cyno on the more stubborn parts. Is it unbuildable? No, but it's a putty queen and much sanding and filling is indeed needed. Fit and finish is blooming awful.
  3. Thanks Chris. I already have this shot and it looks rather good blown up like this. It makes me think the part that enters the fuselage at the bottom is actually a V shape but seen sideways on. There's an artefact hanging about in the centre of the assembly below the main framework. No idea what that is but it looks like there's a wire coming out of it and going to the fuselage. It wouldn't be a brake line. No idea what it could be. I've got some 1mm brass rod on order. I think I might try soft soldering a frame work and see what happens. Anyone tried this?
  4. I'm inclined to agree with you. So easy to damage parts otherwise. I just wondered if anyone had tried.
  5. Thanks Malc and JWM. Useful points there chaps. Currently I'm refurbishing the Contrail kit but when I master putting photos back on servers I'll take a few piccys of the OMM kit and show you. The attention to detail is excellent and whilst it's not for the faint hearted, it's certainly buildable and well engineered. The packaging is like a Japanese tea ceremony, quite exquisite!
  6. Thanks for the links @rossm, that last picture is probably the best. It's still not entirely clear how the tail wheel operates but I think I can work with it. Many thanks. Just need to look at the acetone trick now for sorting out the 3D printing texture! The props are struggling a little with the layered effects, less so the fuselage.
  7. Only taken me 4 years but I have a Mach 2 Soyuz on order. It's the Helen Sharman edition, Filing and sanding stuff at the ready...
  8. Doh! Just realised I put this in the military section not civil. That said, at least one of them had very brief military career, so I'm not entirely wrong...prob'ly...
  9. Hi all, Well I wait years to get my all time 'fave' aircraft on the bench and two come along at the same time. I bought a 3D printed kit from One Man Models last year and it's certainly not for the faint-hearted though it's a triumph of the 3D printed artform. Whilst the 'grain' for want of a better word is actually quite fine, it does need some attention. Thankfully the kit came with a test piece (a failed upper wing section) and whilst I've tried various fillers on it, it does look like a heck of a lot of work and I'm not convinced I'll get it looking as it should. I have however
  10. Just inherited an HP42 in 1:72 for repair. This thread is invaluable!!! Please keep the piccys in place on whatever server they reside upon. Amazing build, far above my standard but it gives me many pointers, not least a source of decals!
  11. Ooh goody, I'm in on a Ced build. Oddly enough I have the exact same kit in the stash and it's risen towards the top of the pile in since he sadly passed. I also bought the paints too, I think it's a green orange mix to make the orange of the aircraft, but you've sussed it obviously. I saw the original in the Smithsonian a few years back, quite something, great museum. CorsairFoxFourUncle, I hadn't realised that Chuck had made a cameo appearance in the film!
  12. HP42

    Stirling wheel wells

    Doh, of course it is. Schoolboy error. Black it is then. Thanks.
  13. HP42

    Stirling wheel wells

    Hi all, quick question, what colour were the wheel wells on a Short Stirling?
  14. Pulling up a chair to this one. I've got my mask on and will sit near the open window if I may? Always loved the Harrier. Did a GR5 last year but have most of the variants in the stash. Must get back to my Sea Harrier 'hovering' on the shelf of doom. Nice tips about the doppler panel colours, obvious now it's pointed out. Right, onwards and upwards Ced. Any particular aircraft you're modelling? Will you stick with the kit decals/serials or divert off-piste? Much variation and field (sea) applied paint alterations from what I gather.
  15. That really is something, it's stunning build and could pass for a much bigger scale. It's night and day compared to your older model. Deeply impressed at your skill.
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