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  1. I recently bought a new ICM Ki-21 in 1/72 scale, so I thought it would be interesting to build this 1980 release from Takara/Revell for comparison. Originally released in 1975, the T/R kit has some very nice recessed surface detail, including a multitude of rivets. A trial fit of the major components this evening suggests that the fit will be reasonably good. Apart from a pair of resin wheels from Kora, and some decals from Rising, it'll be out of the box. I don't intend to provide any extra interior detail, as I doubt it will be visible. Cheers, Mark.
  2. The photos you refer to were taken by Australian photographer Frank Hurley, using the Paget process. https://www.awm.gov.au/visit/exhibitions/captured/official Cheers, Mark.
  3. G'day Will, Thanks for the welcome and the compliment. I'm hoping that the skills I've developed in one area are transferable to another. Cheers, Mark.
  4. Guilty as charged, Mick. The obscure/offbeat/esoteric has always appealed to me, same with my railway modelling. I'll certainly post some photos when I get started. All the best, Mark.
  5. Thanks Steve. I see you've built a model of AE2, its a beauty. I recently read Stoker's biography, which is a fascinating story. All the best, Mark.
  6. G'day Arnold. Sleep? I'm a night owl and a shift worker! I've got both versions of the Dinah by Hasegawa in my stash, and some nice aftermarket markings from Rising Decals to go with them. I think they're a very attractive aircraft. I've never built any ships, but there's a couple of models I've seen recently that take my fancy. Early subs, river gunboats and pre-dreadnoughts appeal to me, so I may take the plunge. All the best, Mark.
  7. G'day, fellow plastic wranglers, Like many forum members, I'm returning to scale modelling after a long break. I used to be a member of IPMS here in Sydney, eventually becoming the magazine editor. I enjoyed doing that, but it limited the time I had available for actual modelling. A change of job and residence meant that I was no longer active with the club, and I went back to railway modelling instead. I might add that I work for Sydney Trains, but don't model my own railway. My avatar tells the story... Last year a conversation with a workmate led me to visit a nearby hobby shop that I didn't previously know about. I was amazed at the variety and quality of modern kits - nothing like what I remembered from the 1980s and 90s. I bought a few models, and started looking around for information to bring me up to speed. That in turn led me here. The standard of modelling featured really impressed me, as well as the obvious good nature of the forum's discussions, so I signed up immediately. My main previous modelling interest was Great War aircraft, particularly two-seaters of the Central Powers, and biplanes generally. That's still my primary area of interest, but I'm also interested in civil aircraft from between the wars, naval/maritime aircraft, Japanese twins and Great War armour. My main scale is 1/72 for the aircraft and 1/35 for the armour. One thing that's surprised me is the speed at which I've gotten a "stash" again! I look forward to posting my modelling projects and the discussions that will follow. All the best, Mark.
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