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  1. Back on the bench? Looking like a nice kit and I hope you have time for the trailer.
  2. Reminds me of Lil' Draken (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saab_210) which was similar proof-of-concept aircraft. Small & stubby size definitely makes the planes look less aerodynamic even if that necessary wasn't the case? Interesting looking thing in any case! Wasn't there a full fledged version of this made too? Atleast to a prototype stage.
  3. MPM 1:72 Boulton Paul Defiant TT MK.I Defiant with turret removed and target towing equipment installed instead. MK.I's were converted planes, Mk.III were built brand new - almost 300 were built/converted all together. Couple of plastic sprues. Clear parts, including specific vacuform part for this version. Plenty of resin and PE to add a nice amount of details. Also most/all of the TT variant parts seem to be resin. The scheme I'll be
  4. That seems like an interesting build BTW what's with the cockpit high up - this is not the only agricultural plane that has similar cockpit arrangement?
  5. Another Wirraway, cool I was also drawn towards the blue & gray scheme. Have fun with your build!
  6. Special Hobby 1/72 CAC CA-9 Wirraway First, to set the mood here's a video about making Wirraways: Wirraway is an Australian variant of the NA-16. Over 700 were built and it was used mainly as a trainer but also as a fighter. The kit is Special Hobby 1:72. Couple of sprues. Looks decent, not too bad. Resin engine and cowling. I'm going with camo A. It says in the description that this particular plane might have ha
  7. Masking done. Was pretty easy job as the windows are mostly squares. Ok, I better get on with the struts, there's no way around it... first I made tiny holes with a needle in order to center the drill and drilled 0,5mm holes to all the struts, both ends. Then 0,5mm brass rod was inseterted to the holes and cut to length. It was pretty tight fit so I probably should have used 0,6mm drill but oh well, they are there now attached with some superglue. And then little bit larger holes were cut to both up
  8. That looks great! Too bad I just build my CF100 recently...
  9. Well, it's not Tamiya. You have to work a bit for the fit. But so far nothing is really so messed up that would stand in the way of finishing the kit. Marrying the upper wing to the lower - - well, that still remains to be seen The kit offers two wings, few sticks and vague markings where all should go. I will try to add pins to the struts as suggested and see how it goes...
  10. Upper wing is coming together. Resin cowling fitted pretty nicely to the plastic wing, no major issues. So did the clear parts - had to do some minor adjusting and scraping of the fuselage but the canopy fit was OK after some adjusting.
  11. reini

    Africa GB chat

    It is an interesting GB for sure - but somehow I'm struggling to find a suitable subject. My candidates so far are Airfix MiG-17 for which I have some aftermarket stuff and decals - but still lacking the kit. Kinda hoping to keep that for the possible MiG-17 STGB though. Then I have Heller/Revell Alpha Jet lacking the decals - I'm sure there are some africa related around that would fit the build. Maybe. But I guess I'm still waiting for the right build to come along so that I can join the fun. Until then, I'm gonna enjoy your builds, there are many really cool ones for sure!
  12. @825 Looking good, I think your solution to the floats is nice, we will see if my parts need replacing. Still undecided on the scheme. BTW What's the story with the blue & white FAA insignia? Is it post war? @Marklo Great looking Swordfish and excellent rigging I have some Ammo/MiG rigging that I think I will try, I think it's rubber wire.
  13. @Marklo Very good tips, thank you! Also @Paul J thanks for the heads up, it's certainly a build you want to take slowly and steadily.
  14. Thanks guys Been spending some time with this one - I have couple other subject on the bench but somehow this has been hogging all my time. Fuselage closed and wings attached. Added a map and a photo to the navigators (?) table. Starting to look more like a plane and less like a boat. Underside of the fuselage started to come apart, I should have shaved off some more from the cockpit floor, the fit was bit tight. Oh well, a layer of superglue... ... and after some vigorous sanding, it's good as new again.
  15. I think I will go with this one Nice and colorful, it was painted for an air race event.
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