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  1. reini


    Noo! You gotta have a Zipper for the Century Fighters GB! I made a start. Not much but I can say it's started. Cockpit has it's base colour. I'm still deciding whether I will actually use some of the PE parts, I think the plastic cockpit has some great details that should really pop out after some paint. I will probably use the PE instrument panel but probably not the side consoles. Fuselage also got some bits painted and glued on. Cockpit side walls has some colour, wheel well and engine are attached and primed/painted.
  2. NMF and SEA - best 'schemes' there are, both are fine And let's not forget air defense gray
  3. reini


    Certainly, that is one of the options. Pretty cool looking at that
  4. EDUARD Eikó 1/48 - F-104J Starfighter F-104J was a version of the F-104G specifically built for interceptor role for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. F-104J was armed with cannon and up to four sidewinders but lacked any strike capability. A total of 210 were built, most of them under license by Mitsubishi. A dual-control trainer version F-104Dj was also produced. The kit is Eduard 1/48 special edition box set which comes with some extra goodies. Also multiple paint schemes to choose from. Plastic parts are from Hasegawa - which should be a good kit apart from some excessive riveting. Not sure whether I will let that bother me. Hasegawa kit is fair bit older than the rather new Kinetic Starfighter but we will see how it holds up against it. I have built the Kinetic kit before but not Hasegawa. Some of the extra stuff that comes with the kit. Paint masks, resin ejection seat, PE cherry blossom and PE parts for the cockpit. Ejection seat is rather nice - even more so after some paint and PE harnesses. Some aftermarket stuff I got. Not sure whether the 'remove before flight' tags are correct for the Japanese machine but if not I will just leave them out. I also have some extra PE parts and resin pitot tube to spice things up. The kit not only comes with brilliant full color instruction booklet but with a reference book also. While I could do any of the paintjobs that come with the kit, these two catch my eye the most. High quality photos in the reference book. Pretty handy! This truly is pretty inspiring kit and I can't wait to do one of those Air Combat Meet -paintjobs on a Starfighter
  5. @Marlin Thanks for the warning! Looking real tasty and F-16 is looking good too
  6. @vppelt68 We will attend the show - but as spectators. But we are planning to keep the store open during that weekend too, we will sort out the details later. So, welcome
  7. @vppelt68 I like your new avatar, nice to see someone support Satakunta ICM's Do-17 looks pretty sweet - we will see if I'm able to resist temptation...
  8. I know - but they were out of stock the last time we ordered But good to know it's a good kit
  9. Good thing about this GB is that there are only good options to choose from But maybe F-104 is slightly better choice than the rest What kit have you planned to do? ------------------------------- The last batch of AM stuff arrived for this GB. Well, I say last but I'm most likely lying - I'm still missing atleast a pitot tube for the F-101B. They should make a law that model kits would be required to include Master pitot tube in the boxes as standard I'm so excited that I might build couple Century fighters even before this GB starts
  10. That came out looking great What kind of stand do you have planned for it?
  11. It seems impossible to catch the real colours on photo - these still show the greens brighter than they are. Oh well, we will see once I take the final photos how they turn up and if I can get a decent photo out of it. But for now, I lightly sanded the surface and added some paint patches on some of the more used areas that might have been repainted. Looks a bit messy still but makes more sense after additional weathering and panel line washes. We are ready for decals! And quite big decals they are First ones I did in the tail I cut out the film in the middle, just leaving the black lines but they were near impossible to align neatly and not to break into million pieces. Much nicer to put down with the big carrier film but quite easy to trap air bubbles under it. Decals themselves work ok, I don't have bad thing to say about them but next time I will paint line decals such as this, no question about it. I'm also working on yet another KUTA build which will probably finish before the C-130 - the Italeri 1/72 Carrier Deck Section. I've done the main paintjob and decals, once dried there will be plenty of weathering to be done.
  12. Dark green is done, ready to take out the masking tape.... I bet you wanna see the tape coming off? - - Well, here it is: Looks pretty nice, eh? - - - Just kidding, here it is It looks VERY vivid under the desktop light I mind you. I mean it's a bit on the bright side but it's not THAT vivid. I'll try to take a pic under natural light tomorrow to see if I can get bit more realistic photo out of it. But the colours aside, the masking job was succesful I only need to do couple little touch ups. Now I will let it dry for a day or two and mask couple smaller metallic areas to finish the paintjob.
  13. It's a big hunk of junk! I rarely buy ready made canopy masks but I made an exception this time. Due to the shape of the windows it would have been quite easy to cut them out - but there's quite many windows so I guess I just wanted an easy way out... Gray basecolour done and I've post-shaded it with darker grey and patches of light grey here and there. I added another opaque layer of the base colour after this to bring it all together. Grey done and masked over. A lot of work I wouldn't have needed to done as the amount of grey on the upper side is quite little but I guess I got little carried away... And I guess with light enough layers the shading will add some slight variation to the greens too. I know! It looks extra bright! But it's bit out of context as the amount of the lighter green is not that much in the final product plus my camera settings were bit wonky. I changed the colour as @JeroenS suggested, but in reality it really is not THAT bright and and... it will be toned down with the weathering and what else? I dunno, I just hope it all works out in the end! I went with pretty heavy shading with this build as it seems, I guess it's fun to try out different things. I just hope it doesn't look too cartoony in the end but hey, I guess there's nothing wrong with that either. Same recipe as with the grey - base colour, shading with darker green and patches of lighter green here and there. Final layer of base colour again to bring it all together. I'm kinda curious how it all looks in the end as now it looks like ... maybe bit too much. But I'm pretty confident that weathering will make it all work out. Props I painted black first and then masked the silver bit in the middle. This is not mentioned in the instructions BTW, they are just all black, but looking at the photos the middle part is dull silver. I'm glad they are not all black as they look kinda snazzy this way
  14. Yeah, and as it ages it tends to shift more towards green.
  15. Looks great, looks even better when finished I like all the ground equipment too. Have you planned somekind of display base for it?
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