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  1. Well the U-2 had a setback. The orange did not dry properly and was all tacky and messy. Tried to smooth it out with gloss varnish, not a good idea really. It just went worse. I have to do some paint removal, but I want to keep the metal surface as intact as possible as I'm happy with that. M60 stuck in mud is progressing. The landscape is pretty close to done and I've done some initial weathering on the tank.
  2. Yeah, it's been way too long since my last F-104 and I'm always finishing other projects. I thought that now it's time for Zipper (or three! ). And it's starting to look like a proper Zipper! I added the extra bits - ie. air refuelling probe... ... and radar warning receivers under the nose and tail. Notice the damage on the tail pipe, I accidentally dropped the model and the brittle resin exhaust pipe broke.😬 Tried to fix it best I can... I think it's time for primer.
  3. Sure thing! Well, kinda. It's round two of putty & sanding The fuselage has been concaved in a bit so I was bit more liberal with the another round of putty. It's the end of the Tamiya tube so it's bit chalky, we'll see how it holds up to sanding... But other than that, wings are on, tail is on etc. Thanks for the info on the colour scheme, Temperate Sea it is.
  4. It's a good kit but Eduard PE definitely raises the cockpit to the next level. Have fun!
  5. It's like watching a slasher movie - but you're making great work at putting it up back together! Love all the details you've done with the interior too.
  6. In the process of cleaning all the smaller parts. Seat is done. Both front & rear fuselages are now closed - I cleaned them up first and then applied little bit of putty just to make sure that the seams are nice. Kit has quite nice and delicate panel lines so they needed bit of rescribing after the sanding. I use stiff tape as a quide for the scriber. The way I build my Hasegawa 104's is to glue font and back fuselages separately first - and then attach them in the middle at the same time as I glue the intakes. I can make small adjustments during the process and make sure that no gaps or steps appear on difficult locations. I guess one way would be build left and right half of the plane separately and attach them together in the end but I have not tried that. On the bottom, I needed some thin plasticard as a shim to make a snug fit. And on the spine small amount of putty just to make the fit real nice. I also puttied over the other pylon holes on the outer edge of the wing. I think these are only needed in later Italian S-variants. External stores also got some love. I stippled the front section with Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer to create a rough cast iron like surface. I will also paint and weather them differently. Starting to show the beautiful 104 lines I'm working on Dutch 104G at the same time (on top).
  7. Well that is good too ------------------ Another model done! Roden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog is done ✅ WIP here: RFI with more pics here:
  8. Some additional weathering on the underside. Antennas attached. These were metal rods that came with the kit. Remove before flight tags for the rockets. I'll leave the door open. And I think we are done! Thanks for following! You can see more pics here:
  9. Roden's O-1 Bird Dog in 1/48 scale is not the most straightforward kit. But with the right attitude (not all kits are Tamiya kits!) the experience was pleasant in the end. Big parts went on well mostly and it was the small parts that required some extra attention. Biggest flaw with the kit is probably the clear parts which are quite foggy. And my careless glue handling skills didn't make them any better. But given the subjects down-to-earth attitude, I didn't go the extra mile trying to make them clearer. Only thing that I spent quite a lot of time improving the cockpit with some greenstuff, lead wire, plasticard and brass rods that majority of them is not visible. But atleast I know they are there! And I did leave the door open. Other than the cockpit, I only added the 'Remove Before Flight' labels on the rockets. Kit was painted with Vallejo acrylic paints. Decals required some extra attention with some varnish, sanding & polishing & painting. Not all came out perfect but atleast majority of the big ones came out OK. Weathering was done with enamel products mostly. First, dark gray panel line wash, followed by Vallejo Premium satin varnish. Then some more localized weathering like muddy wheels, exhaust stains and engine grime. O-1 Bird Dog presented here is a forward air controller plane in Lai Keh, South Vietnam in 1966. They were called in by ground forces to scout out the enemy forces and mark them out with white phosphorus rockets for the fast movers like F-100 Super Sabres. This required some slow & low flying which suited the plane well and it had excellent visibility. Only thing that it didn't have much in the way of defense, just the flak vest that was not worn, but instead laid flat on the seat and sat on! Oh, and you could use your CAR-15 rifle by reaching out the side window, far enough that the hot shell casings didn't fly into the cockpit, While flying the plane _below_ treeline. Crazy stuff! WIP here:
  10. Very well executed details & paint job! Makes me wanna build Euro A-10 too... Tervetuloa foorumille! 🇫🇮
  11. reini

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    Dutch? Well let's summon @JeroenS then 😁
  12. This is my kit. But nevermind the cover art - I won't be doing that special colour scheme. I'm still undecided on the nationality of my Starfighter but I got lots to do before it comes relevant so I have time to figure it out. I don't have exact details but this is the idea I'm going for. An abandoned Starfighter with parts missing, all the doors hanging open showing interiors - and just worn and dirty. Most likely some simple base for it too. The plane in the photo is Belgian air force - and I rather like the worn paint on it so I might go Belgian. Anyone know what 'Oud Yzer' means btw? This is the main reason for this build. I've had this detail set for years but I've realized that I don't want to build kits with all the doors open and details hanging out - I'd rather build them showing their nice lines and how they really are. But this GB is the perfect opponity to let it all hang out! But it doesn't seem like a simple task - there's a lot of resin to be mixed with the kit parts! 😮 So we've got some maintenance panels, engine, radar, cockpit, wheel wells etc etc. I will use as much of this as possible.
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