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  1. @John Masters That is a great looking pair! The camo came out great.
  2. The fit of the tail was not too bad, actually it was quite good in the end. No putty, just little sanding. Sanded the intakes, they look ok now but primer will tell the truth. Then the extended wings - I started gluing couple of sheets ot styrene together as I didn't have thick enough sheet. Then cutting them to size, leaving some extra for the sanding process. Then sanding the profile. Despite having some extra material for sanding, I
  3. @vppelt68 There are people that like 109's - and then there are people who have already built over a dozen of them and has over twice as many waiting in the boxes
  4. I think I will join with Eduard's 1/48 "Mersu", with the air race special livery that's on the box cover. I'll try to get my dad to join too - he likes 109's.
  5. @John Masters I was just thinking the same thing, - 14 celsius here now and it goes down to - 20 celsius in the evening Beautiful day, though - but I think a grocery shopping trip will be enough outdoors for today and the rest will be indoor modelling related activities.
  6. @Smithy1961 I quite like Vallejo 70.968 Flat Green. I used it on my MiG-21: It's slightly brighter originally, mine has been weathered a bit.
  7. Oh yes, and I already have a theme and kits pretty much figured out
  8. Interesting! Nice to see the kit up and close and how it builds up.
  9. Or @trickyrich spelling my name reiki instead of reini in the first group?
  10. The cockpit is rather spartan so I will be keeping it mostly black - and concentrating mostly on the seats which look rather nice. The aftermarket seats that is, not the originals... they are pretty awful. Some weight to the nose. Started working on the intakes. The 'bullets' had small blades on them, decided I would model them in as they are quite prominent. Cut thin plasticard sheet to strips and glued them on... ... and cut them to length.
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