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  1. Oh boy, only week left?! Luckily I'm in a good place with the Vigilante but I think the A-6 will be a no-show. Kinda spent all my energy on the Nordic GB, have to slow down a bit
  2. And the decals are on. Just in case, I applied some Liquid Deal film on the Print Scale decals - but atleast after that, they went on nicely and did not break up or anything. Nice and thin. Trumpeter decals weren't too bad to put down either - but some of the colors, alignment and size was bit questionable. But I'm sure they will do the trick and don't stick out too bad. They went on nicely too, especially after some Micro Sol. Next up, a coat of satin/semi gloss and we can start the weathering.
  3. Well that turned out great! Really nice effect, need to remember Vallejo Rust Texture and try it out too. And it all really ties up with the whole model - I love your style, at the same time very subtle and 'down-to-earth' - but also really pops out as it all looks so realistic!
  4. Thanks! Yeah, kinda. It's just that the body is made of about 10 parts that have to be glued onto the chassis - plus the clear parts. So It takes little bit figuring out that I'm painting stuff in the right order and so on. But the main color will go on once the whole body is together yeah. Just need to do some masking in the end as it is a soft top and I'm planning to display it roof down. - - - - - The insides got some rubber black and some of the details aluminium, engine was painted with duraluminium. Some basic shading with Tamiya Panel Liners. Some more details & grime added. A note to self, Flory Models washes stick REAL hard on a flat surface, really likes to bite down. But I actually don't mind, it's kinda cool effect that can later be added to with pigments etc. I'm putting this down as a happy accident and move on. Burned Rust from Lifecolors 'Rusty' set. Have not used Lifecolor before but they seem fine. Quite thick so they need quite a lot of thinning - similar to Vallejo Model Color. The 'Rusty' set comes with three paints and three pigments. Still learning how to best use them, I tried painting, making a wash out of them, sticking pigments with a binder and dry. After all that, I'm not much wiser but anyways, fun to experiment This is how they turned out. Needs bit more refinement here and there. Could have gone with bit more darker rust but hey - if I have a set of six different tones, gotta try out them all, right? Seats and side panels got some brown. Dark Brown panel liner to bring out some of the details and create shadows. After some drybrushing and a filter. It's funny how your cleaned up desk always gets crowded after a while... Engine and seats in place. And the undersides. Needs refinement still, like hiding the glue marks and bringing out some of the details. Not really a critical part of the build, but fun to try out stuff.
  5. Maybe try some washes? But I agree, it doesn't need much - just something to 'bring it all together'. Great looking effect!
  6. Hi there! I make aircraft models - but wanted to try out some cars too. I'm mainly interested in the weathering aspect of cars and adding them into diorama environment. So honestly, I'm not much of a 'car guy' but I suspect this will be fun and different kind of challenge in any case. So the kit that I have is this: And this is what we have in the box: It's a fine looking model for sure. Pretty crisp details and quite a lot of details overall. Not your average Heller 1:32 Volvo truck, eh @JeroenS ? In addition to this being my first car kit ever, it's my first ICM kit ever. First impression is good, nice box art, good sturdy box, crisp looking model and a manual that makes sense. So let the building commence. I thought I'd make a sacrifice to the carpet monster early on, before I lose something important. One of the pedals went missing so I made a new one from a piece of sprue. It's not completely straight forward kit, the exterior of the car is made from quite many pieces, have to think about a little in what order I will qlue the the parts down or do I need to paint them first. Planes tend to be bit more simple, you just paint the cockpit separately and once it's done you will put the fuselage together. Started putting together the engine too. Not much of this will be visible but it's nice that the underside of the car and the engine are well detailed too. There are lot of skinny parts - and the plastic is bit on the soft side so need to be extra careful not breaking anything. Next, some paint.
  7. First model?? Looks good to me! If you're having trouble with decals - you should look into decal setting and softening solutions. Like Micro Sol & Micro Set. But many other brands make similar products. They help decals adhere the surface better and makes them wrap around uneven surfaces better. But it's also good to remember that there are many different quality of decals - some are just easier to put down than others. Have fun with your modelling!
  8. Print Scale: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PSL72008
  9. Well, in any case I found decals for this bird: And I thought it would make an interesting choice for this GB. Recently I've been drawn towards early MiG's - so I might re-do my whole plan for this GB. No SEA camo but MiG's instead. We will see
  10. Can someone open up a bit Cambodia's involvement in the Vietnam War? I'm reading Squadron Signals MiG-17 Fresco In Action - and on one picture there is a mention of Cambodian MiG-17 combat against South Vietnamese Skyraiders. And on another photo from -72 a Cambodian MiG on an airfield next to South Vietnamese F-5's?
  11. I received something today, wrapped in a nice colourful paper: I'm not sure if Mrs. Reini meant the soldering iron and knife for the assembly of the kit or not, but nice to have anyways! @JeroenS, my summer holiday is right around the corner, so expect my first truck WIP thread soon
  12. You've got so many cool SEA camo planes, many of which I'm hoping to do one day. Well done, this is done to a very high standard
  13. Great looking Hun! It's a good kit and my choice of kit when I wanna do F-100 (done two... so far). Cockpit is little spartan, yes - but you've done great job making it more believable by adding DIY details. Just proves that you don't need aftermarket stuff to make a great looking build. Awesome metal paintjob and the decals look good too (as it's usually the case with Italeri). Both thumbs up!
  14. @Booty003 G-model has the wing pylons vertical, but if I'm not mistaken the C-model had them 90 degrees to the wing - can you verify @RidgeRunner ?
  15. Well done, impressive camo job. Definitely on my 'to-do' list - a Meng F-102 in SEA camo. It's a great kit.
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