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  1. Welcome aboard! Nice to see some interest. Also I think it's good idea to expand the GB a little bit, so we can maybe see some lesser seen choices as models too. So if this would be South Asia GB, it could include the following: Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan India Nepal Pakistan Sri Lanka Maldives Myanmar/Burma Now, I'm no expert on the matter and it seems that there is little bit of variance on what countries are 'officially' part of South Asia depending on who you ask - but these are what I found to be part of it atleast by some definition. How would this sound?
  2. Decal time. They were few and good quality. Just the way I like it At this point I realised that the landing lights were included in the kit (part C1) but there was no mention in the instructions that you have to cut a slot for them yourself. So little bit cutting was in order. This saw is from Hasegawa Dauntless kit that comes with a PE fret for the dive flaps. Few moments later. At this point the weathering started. I went with Flory Models Grime, it's bit lighter than Dark Dirt so I thought it would be more suitable for such a bright colour. Excess wash cleaned off. Landing lights glued in and continued work with the weathering, I made some chipping on the leading edge. Landing gear were pretty complicated affair but had no big issues putting them together. Giving the extra support by pinning the main landing gear legs was a good idea, they seem really sturdy now. Wheel well doors attached. Exhaust painted and glued. Continued work with the weathering. Getting real close now... There was no parts for the antenna attachment points in the elevators so I had to go thru my bits box. These are from Eduard PE fret, I think they were eject handles from an ejection seat. Lots of antenna wires in the tail! Hard to make them stand out in a photo, the Mig rigging wire is quite thin. Next up, finished plane once I get around taking proper pics Until next time.
  3. Thanks. But I won't get my hopes up
  4. @Alex Gordon Thanks. This is a TT Mk. I which was Mk. II nighfighter retrofitted to target towing duty. So I guess black wheel wells wouldn't be too far fetched.
  5. Thanks! I just poke a small starting point with a needle as center as possible - and hope for the best really If it ends up not quite center I enlarge the hole tiny bit to give me some wiggle room and let the glue do the rest. - - - - - -- Question about wheel well colous. It says here that the landing gear legs are aluminium/silver, wheel well covers (inside) are interior gray green and the wheel wells themselves are black. Does this seem right? Seems like a lot of colours some of which don't make sense (black) but I really don't know any better. It's quite hard to see because of the yellow tape on yellow paint but... it's masked! ... and painted! But you know what I think I will leave the great reveal until next time. That's ok, right? So, see ya! Bye! ..... byeeeee! . . . ... still here? Oh what the heck! Ta-da! I'm pretty happy, mostly worked out nicely, no big oversprays or paint sliding under the tape. Looks quite... weird! And dangerous! Not that it really was but anyways. Some parts were extra neat so I was really happy about that... ... but there were couple jagged edges and small imperfections in the mix too. Nothing that can't be easily sorted out though - I'm just happy that there isn't any big spills as trying to fix the yellow over black would be impossible. I will let it dry and work out the possible other details I've missed and I think we will put down some clear coat for the decals
  6. Disaster! I thought I'd speed up my process and quickly spray over some white Maston spray to make the yellow pop a little bit more - and I guess it was partly user error (too much paint, too close) and poor paint but the end result you can see here I was ready to put it back in the box and stuff it into the darkest corner on my shelf of doom. But I knew if I do that, this plane was never to be seen again - and I really wanted to finish this as I've spent quite a bit of time on it. So after some vigorous rubbing... with the lacquer thinner... all was good again. It took some effort but the paint came of quite nicely. What a relief! I did have to clean the panel lines with a scriber so that took bit extra time. But I was really planning to finish this during my couple days off from work so I continued... Primed... again! This time I followed the Tamiya Fine Surface Primer spray with some Tamiya Lacquer white, will not be trying the Maston white again! And ta-da! It's a bright and yellow canary! I was showing my wife the scheme I was about to make and her eyes were immediately drawn onto this option instead, which is full yellow with black stripes, and dared me to do that instead. Well, it was all it took - I get to do camo planes all day but bright yellow ones not so often. So why not! I let everything settle and continue tomorrow with some masking for the black stripes. Phew, what a day!
  7. Vacuform rear canopy - comes with two in case you mess it up the first time. Which I did Landing gear, with some PE details added. Do it yourself propeller... It felt like a good idea to pin it to make the assembly easier. Also the landing gear, the fit is quite vague so I felt some strenghtening was in order. We are ready for some primer. Tamiya Fine Surface primer, that's good stuff. This fit did not pass my inspection, the top rear part is bulging out a little bit, need to sand it in order to make it look like it fits the plane better. I think we are ready for primer, round two,
  8. After a bit of break, next in line is the Defiant. It's been way too hot upstairs where my modelling bench is so I've relocated to downstairs on a makeshift bench. All kinds of lumps and bumbs are to be glued onto the Defiant. Well. they definitely won't make it any prettier, eh? Next up will be all kinds of small bits here and there, preparing them and the aiframe itself for the paint.
  9. Sure thing, welcome aboard Just hoping to get more names down...
  10. ... and a year later, it's done! Almost beat you to it @JeroenS, but not quite Here it is: More photos in the RFI over here: Thanks for looking
  11. ICM 1/35 ZiL-131 KshM in Chernobyl 1986 Kit: ICM 1/35 Chernobyl #1 Radiation monitoring station (ZiL-131 KshM) (#35901) Scale: 1/35 Paints: Vallejo Model Air Aftermarket: Balaton Models resin wheels Weathering: Vallejo, Ammo Mig, AK Been a year in the making, finally finished this. The Chernobyl box came with the nice background and some extra stuff such as a guard post and several figures. Partial WIP can be found here:
  12. @John Masters Thanks. I used oil paints mostly and Flory Models wash to tidy up things where I had removed too much of the oil paint.
  13. @Deano353 Sounds like interesting stuff! I'm sure there are plenty of other interesting stories just waiting to be found I'm actually contemplating to turn this MiG into a diorama, together with SAAF Mirage F. 1. Both parked on the ground and Lt Bomba presenting the plane to spectators.
  14. @Deano353 Apparently they had such plans. For evaluation / training purpose according to this forum: http://www.saairforce.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?t=938
  15. Thanks! I think its a rather good kit, maybe just the nose can give you some extra trouble. Sure, the tail modification and PE parts added complications to this build but they were mostly self-induced
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