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  1. Superb looking Starfighter! I can only hope my Italeri 1/32 will end up half as decent as yours. What was the problem with Life Colour paints? Ive been using Vallejo Air - but thinking of testing Life Colour for some Italian tones.
  2. My models are far from perfect - but I'm having fun making them. And I try to learn something from every build - and take that lesson to my next build. And sometimes its better just to finish a build an move on - rather than get bogged down on possible problems or mistakes.
  3. @mirageiv Thanks David! Finnish postal service is definitely something that you can't affect - so don't worry about it. Finnish Post never ceases to amaze me really - they stopped delivering post on tuesdays and started offering lawn mowing services instead (yes, lawn mowing). Saying that there's not enough cash to be made with package deliveries - all while the managing director earns almost a million a year. And now they're cutting the salaries of the already low wages of their workers - hence the strike. - - - - Another thing, I was looking at this site: http://www.sbap.be/aircraft/f104g/f104g.htm ... and realized that it's actually the darker green that looks to be of a different tone than in normal SEA camo. More of a 'deep' green and less brown. But on the other hand, some of the panels look to be more closer to SEA green? Not sure what to think about it - probably not gonna repaint it but definitely something to think about when revisiting Belgian F-104.
  4. Well, I love it! Great looking bird, your painting is nice and tidy, weathering spot on. Subtle, but effective. And I don't get the 'toy like' feeling looking at the pics.
  5. I really think it's not about the scale - rather about the model kit itself. By that I mean that 1/72 kit can be as detailed and build up like a 1/48 kit and vice versa. So for me there really is no difference - build wise - unless you go to the actual pros and cons of the different scale. And those of course can vary from person to person. For me who builds mainly cold war jets, 1/72 is the sweet spot - they are good size with good enough detail. In 1/48 the detail can be tempting but in general they are too expensive and takes up too much space when done. That's not to say that I won't dabble with 1/48 and 1/32 every now and then for some 'special' subjects
  6. ITALERI 1/32 F-104G STARFIGHTER The front cockpit sent by @mirageiv hasn't arrived yet - and I figured it will take a while longer because today the Finnish Postal service went on strike. I couldn't resist starting to paint the airframe - I glued the front canopy with PVA glue so it will be easy enough to swap out at a later stage. I went with grey undercoat and highlighted the panel lines with NATO black. Yeah. I know - not my tidiest work. I'm quite the beginner when it comes to airbrushing I learned this technique watching YouTube videos (what else... ) and tried it only once before in my Eduard 1/72 DDR Mig-21MF. And I think it worked nicely so here we go. Not really a problem that it's not tidy - it will be sorted out when you start painting the base colour. If something, it might be even benefical being not TOO uniformal so you get bit more varied effect going on. First layer painted on the forward fuselage with Vallejo USAAF Light Grey. The black shines too much still but it will be toned down with the second layer where we smoothen things out. Second layer painted on. I think it works ok, or what do you think? Creates a little variance in the large mono colour surfaces. Top surface, first layers on all three colours. I was really struggling at getting decent demarcation line working but I got there in the end. By no means perfect, but good enough, considering the scale I suppose. Need more practice. I went with the colours that Vallejo suggests for SEA colour scheme - but looking at the photos, the lighter green seems like a different tone in the Belgian machines. So at the second layer I added some white & Green Zinc Chromate to the mix to get a slightly different tone. I tried tidying up the colour line between the top & bottom - but it didn't go well I couldn't get it tidy enough line and always made a small mistake - and the line kept creeping up and up. I needed to mask it in order to get a decent line. For masking I used this kind of stuff - don't know the english name but you can use it to stick posters onto walls and whatnot. Picked this up at my local grocery store for under 2€. Word of caution though - it can be bit greasy so test it before sticking it onto your paint. It did work great for me, it was on only for couple hours and didn't leave any grease stains. Ready and masked. Here you can see how high my colour line had went while trying to fix it Anyway, idea of the sticky stuff instead of tape is that if you spray at 90 degrees angle you should get really nice slightly blended but still tidy demarcation line - instead of hard cut line. Let's see... Yay - much better! Here you can also see the slightly altered Vallejo Air US Dark Green to get little bit more closer to Belgian colours. I'm just going by feeling here, and looking at the photos - so my take on the colour might be miles off - just to warn you Masking some of the panels to finish off the exterior painting. This is where we stand now - getting close to apply some clear varnish and start decaling! Here are the colours I used for the exterior. Like I mentioned earlier, I slightly adjusted the US Dark Green (which actually - in this case - is LIGHTER of the greens). Sidewinder for the wingtips. Belgians sometimes painted the Aim-9 body green to better blend it with the plane's camouflage. I thought it was perfect as I really dislike painting white Like always - comments & constructive criticism welcomed!
  7. 'Ultimate Interceptor' - I've got Meng F-106 that would be perfect for this. Sign me up!
  8. Will be joining this - already voted! I have Hasegawa F-111 lying around with decals - it also adds to my collection of century series fighters that I have been working on this year.
  9. Stunning work! Details really bring this to life and your quality of work and skills really show.
  10. @Giorgio N Thanks for the link to the Italian forum post laying out the differences between Italian Starfighter versions. It is understandable with Google translate, thanks to good pics. Great information and really got me interested in making more Italian Starfighters! One reason being that I realised what I had one wrong in my first one (like the ventral fin...).
  11. Nicely bringing an old kit to life! Always happy to see a Starfighter
  12. Already did - check couple of the latest posts
  13. Absolutely great looking Scorpion! Great job! Do you remember how the kit was to build? Im thinking of getting one...
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