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  1. Basically any easily accessible 1:72 kit will do, though I prefer aircraft. A BaE Hawk will do just fine.
  2. Was there even an option for fuselage launchers with the C? G-model had it and I think also J but not sure about C?
  3. It sure is nice looking - it's actually quite a bit more streamlined and aggressive looking than MiG-17 - but still has the very classic look. Great looking plane. And in general I'm drawn more towards these types of planes that maybe are bit rough on the edges - than the planes with actually beautiful lines such as the Hunter for example.
  4. Sure thing, Netherlands F-104 and Belgian (or Netherlands) Air Force Hunter is waiting in the stash. Maybe @JeroenS would have some interest to this GB too?
  5. I did change the tone a bit, more yellow as Jeroen suggested - few drops of beige did the trick. First layer of paint is on. Two more colors to go. I think I will draw the camo on a paper to get some idea how it would work.
  6. Right, one out of the way - time to concentrate on another MiG. Cockpit first, what else. I've build one of these Eduard 1/72 MiG's and I instantly remembered again why it's one of my favourite kits. Such a nice design, great to build and looks awesome in the end. Cockpit assembled, IP is not yet glued. I get some paint down and start figuring out the PE. There are very good quality plastic options too if you prefer those, but the panels intended for PE parts have indents for the PE so they will fit nicely and look good. Wheel well. The business end of MiG. They story goes that they wanted to know the top speed of MiG-21 - so they sent out the pilot to fly it and call out the speeds... "mach 2... mach 2.1... mach 2.2...." and so on. Once the call outs ended, they used the last radio call as the top speed But in reality, structural integrity was the limiting factor of MiG-21 top speed - it just kept accelerating beyond the point where it was in danger to start breaking into pieces. The fuselage halves. Wings. Also note the landing (?) lights as clear parts - that double up as a details in the wheel wells. I will paint the lights with silver, that will show up on the other side. Part of the assembly process was one nosy cat. Batman always get anxious and noisy around 8 o'clock in the morning, which is breakfast time. Sometimes it can start even hour or half an hour before - and one way to silence the cat is to include it into the hobby So I let her sit in my lap and watch what I am doing. You just have to be bit careful with dangerous liquids, small parts and sharp objects though Started the painting, I went with Vallejo Nato black first. Some parts were left black and for the other spots it will create little bit shadow. Then some Vallejo 71.335 Flanker Light Gray for the wheel wells and cockpit. They're not really supposed to be the same color but I will create some dinstinction between them with washes and stuff. And I'm not too picky with my colors... And then some washes. I will probably continue with the photo etch parts and finish the weathering.
  7. reini

    M35 Gun Truck

    That is pretty awful, I hate ejector pin marks...
  8. @Johnv I dropped the slats on my Danish F-100F build:
  9. Sounds like fun! Would like to join - if I can squeeze one more model this year. I'm sure I can
  10. @JeroenS You might be right - I'll add little bit tan to the paint and see how it looks.
  11. Time to choose colours - these are the ones I chose. What do you think? I didn't have much to go on, just the side profile drawing. Started from the bottom, I painted some black to create shadows/dirt. After first layer of re-applying the underside colour. And second layer. I'll let it dry and mask it off and start painting the camo.
  12. Thanks! Luckily basically all grocery stores here have stuff like that, atleast in the summer. - - - - - - - - Plastic cannons were removed and holes drilled for the brass cannons. Instructions with the Master products are really good, they tell you the drill sizes etc. Cannons installed. I will leave the resin bits off for now, don't want to knock them off during the painting process. The underside cannon was not included as a brass barrel, but the resin muzzle flash did come with the Master set. That one part looks like a faired over gun port - but I think it's somekind of antenna instead. MiG-19/J-6 was armed with three cannons and radar equipped variants with just two guns on the wing fairings. This particular variant, MiG-19S/J-6 had 3x30mm cannons, which packed quite a punch. Canopy masking to be done and we are ready for primer. Canopy masked... ... and primer is on!
  13. Sorry guys, I was bit unclear - that was not a list from which I choose, but a rather a list that I have chosen (for now) to be built. All of them. In a true Enzo fashion ...but gotta go back to my cave and build couple of MiG's before that And thanks for the insight on the kits, Yak-25 looks bit intimidating but nice to know it look like a real thing. Bit of a bummer was that I realized that the CF-100 is Mk.4B, I was hoping to do a Belgian machine but they were Mk.5 which didn't have the guns. Im not sure whether the gun ports were just filled over or was the whole belly shape different (not to mention another possible differences) but I'll have to do some research on that.
  14. reini

    M49 Fuel Tanker

    ... or they could just add normal stickers
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