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  1. Exhausts, weapons and tanks done. Those are the AIR-2 Genie rockets with a nuclear warhead! Air to air tactics have sure changed a bit since those days... Some of the smaller bits still to add and we can get to painting. Test fitting the pitot tube. I will leave it off until I'm done with painting & decaling. Preparing the nice resin wheels. The aircraft and pile of parts ready for painting! Black primer done, I followed this with white. I like to start with black, unless I'm doing really bright or light colour scheme. First layer of AD Grey done, this will be followed by second layer.
  2. @Ray_W If I remember correctly - not only it was better proportioned but actually faster than the single seater. @Sam Very nice camo on your F-105. Decals seem to have settled nicely too.
  3. Oh my, that is such nice looking Starfighter! Very nice finish
  4. Wow that is a great looking sharmouth!
  5. It's not easy to make decals of that size and shape to fit but that looks stunning!
  6. Great looking colourful Voodoo! I really like your accessories, really make the model come to life. Beautiful work all around
  7. I like the cover for your pointy things. I really should do that more often too, with the amount of antennas I'm breaking off during the building... Good looking Dagger and great work on converting the wings
  8. The landing gear are tricky but I think they came up good Overall the plane is looking really close to finished, is it just the missiles that are left to do? What colour did you use for the air defence grey btw?
  9. That is a stunning cockpit and seems to fit nicely after little bit of fitting
  10. Well, actually... US built jet fighters only would rule out a lot of F-104's! Canadair CF-104's, Fiat F-104S's, Mitsubishi F-104J's, Messerschmitt F-104G's and so on... Now where did I leave my coat? Oh there it is!
  11. Reini's aircraft factory has been mostly eating during the past month. Ribs! See how the meat starts to peel away from the bones, that's how you know you are done! Not sure what this is in english .... but maybe flank? Is that a piece of a pork? In any case, it was delicious! Well seasoned and glazed with sweet BBQ sauce - with some veggies on a stick. Burgers! With blue cheese, sweet red onions and bacon. Yummy! To be honest, modelling hasn't been on my mind lately as it has been unbearably hot - in general but especially in my modelling den. But I've really wanted to do some modelling so yesterday I took my stuff outside: Voodoo is in a pretty good place, actually. Cockpit is done and it didn't require too much sanding in order to fit, despite hearing horror stories about the resin cockpits. Fuselage is glued, wings are glued, most of the small bits are tidied up and majority of the sanding is done (not much was required anyway). So all I need to do is to clean up the landing gears, do some minor rescribing and I'm getting ready for paint!
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