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  1. Jeepboy

    Golden Arado 196

    I do like that. I've made a few models and finished them in silver (sort of like silver ornaments or presentation ieces). I find they look good on a shelf and allow me a little modelling time without getting hung up on finishing.
  2. Jeepboy

    HMS Agincourt

    .....and what a name to choose - that will help Anglo French exercises.
  3. Jeepboy


    I still want to know where you get those huge giant sized Parker pens to put alongside your models
  4. Now that is a diorama to be made
  5. Jeepboy

    1/72 Frog Sea Fury X

    So looking forward to this - I bought the self same kit as a kiddie at St Mawgan airshow in about 1974 when we had a school trip from Plymouth (for those who'd passed the 11 plus - it was a only minibus full, small school but a teacher had contacts to get us in free). I sincerey beieve you wil make a better build than I did with gluey fingers and nail clippers but the memory of the day when we had real airshow and that Sea Fury taxiing past to take of are still there.
  6. Jeepboy

    Matchbox II GB Chat

    I'll miss this Group Build. So many childhood memories stirred by seeing Matchbox kits again. I'd forgotten how simple some of the kits were and what unusual subjects. The diorama base included with the armoured kits added so much and the moveable stand with the aircraft kits. Happy days revisited. Thank you Matchbox and Thank you all the Contributors.
  7. Respect the comment about the power pack spending it's life in a REME workshop. Interesting thought about painting, I have nearly always painted everything before assembly as I don't see how I could paint fiddly bits after assembly, like the rubber tyres on the wheels and suspension components.... Build looks great, I can't wait to see the Berlin Brigade paint finish.
  8. Jeepboy

    Boeing 737 Reference Thread

    If anyone is near Gloucestershire there are some 737's being "recycled" at Kemble (formerly home of the Red Arrows and now Cotswold Airport)
  9. Jeepboy

    1:72 Willys British Airborne Jeep

    Post war mod PASSENGER SEAT for radio op. The drivers seat was original to ensure the steering wheel still rubbed the tummy!
  10. Jeepboy

    1:72 Willys British Airborne Jeep

    Mine had a little rubber cushion fillet toward the back and was slightly higher on the front "legs" by about 1" (2.54cm)
  11. Jeepboy

    1:72 Willys British Airborne Jeep

    I've just sold my Jeep but will dig some pics - often passenger seats were reset back to allow more room. People so often forget that there were many many field mods carried out to all sorts of equipment from Lancaster gun turrets (remove plexiglass) to Jeeps (bumper mounted wire cutters). It's your jeep - make it to suit.
  12. Jeepboy

    1/25 AMT Escort XR3i Question

    Ah - the M201 Jeep was fully fitted for radio - 24 volt, two 12 volt batteries - the starter virtually threw the engine through the bonnet when it started :-)
  13. Jeepboy

    1/25 AMT Escort XR3i Question

    Mexico long gone. My third car! 1st - blue Austin 1300 with a Riley Kestrel (MG) twin carb engine 2nd - yellow Skoda S110R (very under rated) 3rd - orange MkI Mexico with black vinyl roof (mid- 80's in the days it was just a quick twitchy Escort without all the kudos cos everyone wanted an XR3 / 3i. Happy days when you could tinker with a car :-)