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  1. Great model and gets over fiddly figure painting for an aircraft in flight I like the prop blur too.
  2. ... she was looking good in October last year at Kemble Unfortunately I can't seem to post a pic
  3. She's still looking very good at Kemble.
  4. The Fury was such a simple kit of a wonderful looking plane - we miss Matchbox
  5. No words, just no words! I envy (in a positive way) your skill and collection.
  6. Me in my Hotchkiss M201 (1943 Willys chassis and engine, rebuilt twice for the French Army and maintained in French colours)
  7. I have flying models smaller than that! Good luck to anyone who buys that and I hope the divorce settlement isn't too harsh
  8. Mine too.....looking forward to this one being completed
  9. .....my M201 and kept as a genuine French one although t had a 1943 chassis and engine. Mine was in French war reserve stock until 2000. Unusually for an M201 it had been updated with a roll bar and safety belts (I removed as the roll bar made the M201 top heavy); it had the then current French markings but it had never had indicators fitted. Many M201's lost the little blackout sidelights which were replaced by large orange indicator lenses. (Will try and post a pick later...)
  10. We had a Riley Kestrel 1300 (mk2). Beautiful car and quick for its day. Leather and walnut, a more sporting and less opulent car than the Vanden Plas. The Riley rusted, failed it's MOT and we put the twin carb engine in a mk2 Austin 1300, my first car. My friends all laughed as they had Escorts and Capris and I had "granny car". BUT - they couldn't keep up with me on twisty roads and they were always being stopped by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary's finest while my teal blue 1300 with the strategically placed tartan picnic rug on the rear parcel shelf just sailed on past. Happy 'inno
  11. A kit I'd forgotten. I had this when I was about 10 in the 1970's. The bomber version with a clear nose in pale blue plastic. I was so happy as it made a very substantial model. Looking forward to what you can do.
  12. Good to see the stand being used though
  13. I'd forgotten that. As a kiddie I lived in West Park, Plymouth. There was a little cycle shop and do it yourself shop. They sold paraffin too. Upstairs was the cycle side with a few toys AND the rotary stand of Airfix kits in bags (15p ?). The memories are flooding back - especially as an 11 year getting a purple Mk2 Raleigh Chopper from the shop ...and back to the thread ....
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