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  1. In my mind this kit is one of the new line of Spitfire’s, a quick look on scalemates tells me it’s actually almost ten years old and only reissued once in 2016 through High Planes Models, so easy to see how it would be relatively rare now. I guess I just don’t see “Modern Airfix” as collectible, which is obviously just daft. I would love to do Revells 1/48 Catalina but not enough to pay what is being asked by current sellers, hopefully it will get rereleased sometime soon. I didn’t realise the PR Spits had a different windscreen, I assume without armoured glass for weight and aerodynamics.
  2. Not really relevant to your build thread but I was watching one of these Airfix kits on EBay, bidding finished at £41.00 plus post. These newer Airfix kits are really very nice but nearly £45.00 delivered seems awfully expensive or am I missing something. Your build is coming on nicely. Richard
  3. That’s really very nice Redshift. If this is your bag have a look at this, https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/threads/arado-196.138771/ this guy posts quite frequently on that site and does some really interesting stuff. Hope you like it. Richard
  4. Really nice, super job all very subtle and not over cooked. Thanks for showing.
  5. That’s really nice, echo the comments above re. the markings. I’ve a few single seat fighters lined up for this campaign when current project is completed, but I do have a weakness for twin engined types too. Richard
  6. Thanks Graham, I think the ones you identified might be 1/72, my bad as I didn’t say but I need 1/48, I think I have some in an ICM Spitfire but they may be 250lb versions, time for a closer look. I’m pretty sure US 500lbers where fairly frequently used but I would prefer British in this instance.
  7. Thank you all for your help and input with this, it is all very much appreciated. I think on balance rockets are not an option and it’s back to plan A , drop tank and bombs, just need to find some British pattern 500 pounders. I’m only recently back to this hobby and I don’t think I’m up to a WIP but I will post the finished article. I am trying to not get bogged down attempting to produce perfect models ( one of the reasons I gave up modelling for a while) but on the other hand I don’t want to make something that is obviously not correct. Also a big shout out for Ed who has been most generous with his time and assistance and took the trouble to contact me via pm as well, thank you.
  8. Wow, Ed that’s really good of you, when I asked for advice I just assumed people would either know or not and chime in as such, not take time to actually research these things for me. I am so grateful. I’m not exactly new to this hobby but I am returning after an extended hiatus, having sold my stash and the majority of my reference library ten years or so ago. I’m slowly building back up my references and your help here is sincerely appreciated.
  9. Thanks Ed, I thought I’d found a photo of one carrying the bazooka style ones but on further inspection that turned out to be a picture from a simulator type game, then one was captioned P47 with US 5” HVAR’s but that was actually a misidentified TBM Avenger. I’m pretty sure the British had stocks of RP60’s in theatre for the Beaufighter’s and Mosquito squadrons but do not know if the Thunderbolts where even capable of carrying them, let alone actually did. Thanks again
  10. I’ve just started the Tamiya P47 Razorback. It will be finished in RAF colours / markings for India / Burma. I was originally going to go with a centre line drop tank and bombs under the wings, but now I’m thinking I would like to do a set of 60lb rockets, I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that rockets where occasionally used but can’t seem to now find where I read it nor turn up anything on the web. Does anyone know if rockets where used in this theatre or have I got it all wrong? Thanks in advance of any help that can be offered. Richard.
  11. Thanks everyone for the informative replies. I think sandpaper and finger it shall be!
  12. Hi, returning modeller here after ten year hiatus and well out of touch. I’ve got the Academy B25 waiting to start,which I believe is ex Accurate Miniatures but didn’t know there is a problem with the cowls. Does anyone know what the problem is with the kit parts? TIA Richard
  13. Looks great. I love the colour schemes of the aircraft. Earth and middlestone have always been a favourite of mine, more specifically second world warm, but looks just as cool on these later types. Excellent work.
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