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  1. A little tinkering with the base. The Zero has been assembled painted and drying under a coat of gloss varnish. Forgot to get some construction pictures.
  2. Just a place holder while I finish off my vintage egg in the Japanese classic GB. Maybe @Hewy will have a few pointers on this one.
  3. @Robert Stuart, In the rules it says any scale. Hope this includes “Egg” scale. I have a lovely 747 Shuttle carrier just waiting for this type of GB
  4. Lovely work and great use of pink primer. Pink is the word brother.
  5. Looking great but why not motorise it? Time for me and Little h to search evilbay. Well they are not pocket money kits.
  6. Yep Gold ones! These crazy Japs and ideas of Scottish Gods, I mean he looks nothing like Billy Connolly
  7. The original releases of the Egg planes came with bases, and for this build I’m going with the “God Fighter” Zero, from a reboxing special Egg of the World. And no I’m not going to do what @Enzo the Magnificent says and build them all, I have another cracker lined up for build2. Time to crack an Egg A closer look at our “God” Little h said “He looks Scottish!”……. So ginger hair then!?
  8. Little h has made a start today on her Egg shuttle with a little Minion inspiration Some crew are needed for the void that is the cockpit Crew in and “shell” glued
  9. The eyes are a struggling Pat, I’m not sure if I’m going Eggy like Little H, or Tomcat-in 72 scale.
  10. @JOCKNEY @JeroenS & all fans of Little H. Little H has decided to go Big in Japan with a true Japanese classic, one of the 3 first egg plane series releases , using a rebox Egg Shuttle, kindly sent by her Uncle John not from Jamaica ( @nimrod54) Planning to start next week
  11. I’m still here A little assembly, primer and some Tamiya Olive greens Just making a start on the details now.
  12. It’s good to see the most advanced fighter in the world used to shoot down one of the least advanced flying machines ever produced.
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