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  1. Possibly something Eggy, maybe something in 1/144( if my new special seeing specs have arrived), Pink primer obviously!!!! Any body heard from @JeroenS ?
  2. She’s been pre warned. I might be tempted to join too.
  3. Putting the swearing and canopy to one side, painting commences
  4. Canopy is pinched inward behind front framing, some heating, swearing, stretching, swearing, expanding, swearing and finally more swearing has slightly helped.
  5. Wings joined with fuse, after a little struggle, second engine added, funnily enough there seems to be an issue with the canopy…..
  6. Yesterdays “progress” The Etch and the resin engine are both for the Academy kit, so much merriment, swearing and bodging was required.
  7. Some extras added, I made a start earlier today, will upload progress pictures later
  8. I wasn’t on the list but did vote so I’m joining with this one from the stash Resin engine & in the post, Xtradecals and a PE cockpit, hopefully arriving on Saturday
  9. Yesterday Little h got some Tamiya dinosaur kits as presents and a modelling tool kit, once the table was clear she assembled and painted one of them. Today she asked if it could be entered as the Blitzenbuild, unfortunately when she was building yesterday no pictures were taken. Here’s what she’s done The train is heading back into the stash.
  10. H builds Blue Sqn X-Wing. Free style with the paints
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