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  1. 1/76 Bedford MK Refueller as used by TSW RAF. Scratch built, Wing mirrors with mirror reflecting tape and arms from brass rod, also scratch built replacement ladder, with top walkway plastic cut out and replaced with metal mesh. Exhaust cut and replaced with hollow brass rod. Great And finally the front indicators made from clear sprue. All brush painted with Humbrol enamels and weathered with Humbrol black and Mig white oil brusher.
  2. A week away? I’m falling behind already. Lets see I have a Bedford MK and a Jag GR1 to finish in the Gulf war GB, a Vampire to start in the Mates and Bros GB, something for the Africa GB and now this. Anybody would think I was in lockdown with time on my hands!!!!
  3. I’m sure the MKs used by RAF Tactical Supply Wing were desert pink, looking at the instructions now it has Hum 93, Matt desert sand.
  4. It’s the pouring stubs off of an Airfix canopy sprue, painted solid orange instead of clear orange as it was raining outside and I didn’t fancy running down to the man cave to get some. Once it’s coated in Klear it should look ok. Probably over scale but good enough for me.
  5. It’s almost finished, I’m just tinkering with it now After being challenged by @nimrod54, @Courageous, to replace the ladder and the metal mesh walkway, I revisited the cab. Having already scratch built mirror arms and real reflecting mirrors, something was niggling me. The prominent front indicators, now where the dickens did I put that spare clear sprue. That will do.
  6. Your far tooo kind Sir, as for my technique it’s purely along the lines of those famous decorators “Bodge it & Scarper”
  7. Wing mirrors made from plasticard and reflective foil , with the spares box raided for the dials
  8. Thanks dude, very happy with it and even better it hasn’t fallen apart yet even after I dropped it a few times.
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