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  1. You can get them from evilbay. Sticky tyre weights.
  2. You must have had a stop inside a giant space worm, attempting to repair the hyperdrive. Nice to to see some progress dude.
  3. A great choice to build. it’s amazing the amount of “reading” material that can be found in the various storage boxes.
  4. Great work Cookie, who knew you were so good with a saw.
  5. Really nice work good buddy. The etch is fantastic, those special glasses are working overtime
  6. Thanks Dave, anyone would think it’s personal, especially with @JOCKNEY lurking about I have no idea what your on about An amoeba named Max and his brother Were sharing a drink with each other; In the midst of their quaffing, They split themselves laughing, And each of them now is a mother.
  7. Ooooo a teaser of a placeholder. Details to follow.
  8. Nice choice good buddy. Looking forward to you starting.
  9. Cracking on with this Fuse is already closed up, seams to be sanded then could be ready for some primer.
  10. That doesn’t surprise me much. I hope you sampled the Warstiener while you had the chance.
  11. Ooooo nice. Enjoy your build. Nice Stein, October fest?
  12. Blimey, Steve’s grabbed a granny, oldie. That looks really nice.
  13. Blitzkreig-in this to some Serious Jockin on the BBC sounds App
  14. Having road moved plenty of aircraft in and out of Cosford I can tell you it’s not easy. The main road has a low railway bridge, leaving only Long lane down the side of the camp and a tight left turn before the humped railway bridge and right turn into the gates of the museum. Moving something the size of the Victor in that way makes my eyes water. IIRC an RAF station is only allowed (funded?) one official gate guard. There’s obviously not many bad boys and girls on “jankers” to keep it clean.
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