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  1. That’s a great build and finish Craig
  2. Nice start Pat. Your crew look like the hear no evil monkeys, with feet warmers.
  3. I have been doing a bit both both. You may recognise the spare sprue dude. I used the 144 Lancaster exhaust shrouds to replace the top vents on the engine bay. Just cut down a bit and one end rounded off. I didn’t realise you could draw crap arrows in the editor.
  4. Some more details, the front of the engine is extended to join into the fuse using a spare rocket pod Fuse joined and correct panel lines for engine covers marked for rescribing And that’s the top done Now, to do the front wings, back wings and tail fin.
  5. I was wondering what to fill in the APU intake with. I did think about using the PE I have for another Harrier as a template, but then found a radiator from a Mustang I forgot to fit and went hmmmmmmmmmmmm Job done
  6. That’s a great save after fitting the wing. Are you sure the pictures are your model and not the real thing?
  7. Thanks Pat Thank you very much. I like playing with planes. Thank you, I have lots of dinosaurs but haven’t built a model kit of one yet, only lego ones.
  8. I look forward to seeing it. There are great little kits.
  9. Pink primer, in a BlitzBuild build, with all the known issues of paint drying..... are you mad?
  10. Great work Mrs S, that looks fab on the base.
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