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  1. Hockeyboy76

    H builds “ Very small F14’s”

    Decals are close to being finished, just need to paint the missiles and tanks, then decal them. Thinking about not building the A-cat now, instead coming up with a suitable flight display for the D. On the plus I have found some 144 crew.
  2. Hockeyboy76

    Grumman F3F-2 "Flying Barrel"

    Nice work good buddy. Great to see some progress.
  3. Hockeyboy76

    Resistance Walker

    That looks great, can easily see that scouting around “The Forest Moon of Endor”, sensors going nuts with those pesky Ewoks.
  4. Hockeyboy76

    H builds “ Very small F14’s”

    It is my favourite Tomcat scheme.
  5. Hockeyboy76

    H builds “ Very small F14’s”

  6. Hockeyboy76

    H builds “ Very small F14’s”

    Decals are going on the Dcat, photos to follow when the lights better. PS Happy New Year 🥳, I blinked and missed it.
  7. Hockeyboy76

    Resistance Walker

    It’s the small one that comes with the snowspeeder, kit 008. Just bodged some random Humbrol paints on with the hairy stick. The decal is from an Italian 144 scale typhoon.
  8. Hockeyboy76

    Resistance Walker

    Oooooooo, Star Wars modding, love it. Looking good so far dude. My tiny camouflaged walker
  9. Hockeyboy76

    My 2018 - A Fairly Good Year.

    Another good year of builds buddy. Roll on the next GB.
  10. Hockeyboy76

    Bandai Box Scale Builds

    Great work as usual @AndyRM101, just curious as to where you order your kits from? Have got some of mine from amazon.
  11. Hockeyboy76

    H builds “ Very small F14’s”

    Thanks dude, It’s hard to find 144 scale aircrew, although If you buy Pit Roads TSR2 you do get some blobs that look like crew. @nimrod54 used n gauage railway figures painted up. I’m going with inflight without crew. Almost as good as the Airfix crew who can fly with their hands stuck on their knees.
  12. Hockeyboy76

    H builds “ Very small F14’s”

    Very clean Tomcat Ready for some gloss and the decals. I suppose I should really catch up with the “A-cat”
  13. Hockeyboy76

    1/72 Airfix F4F-4 Wildcat - FINISHED 09/12/18

    Hi Stix, I have just read through you build and picked up so many useful hints and tips. As a fellow brush painter, you work has shown me what is possible. Great build dude.
  14. Hockeyboy76

    H builds “ Very small F14’s”

    Paint going on the D, top has a coat of Hum 145, while the underside is Hum 127
  15. Hockeyboy76

    Grumman F3F-2 "Flying Barrel"

    All done! Very prepared this year for a change buddy. Had less diy projects to complete, but I feel this will change in the New year.