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  1. Plenty of empty HAS at Boscombe down that the yanks built, nice long runway but don’t think it’s an option as it’s MOD run by Qinetiq.
  2. I will follow your build taking notes before I start mine
  3. So instead of scratch building a rear bulkhead I just bunged a load of wheel weights in Fuse joined and one wing and engine assembled
  4. Some work on the Wessex, interior coloured blue using Little H’s paint pens The wheel weights are for the Andover, as you can see below along with the Wessex Fuse joined
  5. That leaves me with Scheme C to build with my kits
  6. Thanks Cliff. The instructions give you exact measurements for the new windows, but have gone with the good old Mark 1 eyeball.
  7. Definitely a Marineflieger bird in the decals, and the Ammo by Mig paint set has arrived, plus a chance for some pink primer for the dayglo tanks, what more could you ask for.
  8. Almost finished turning perfectly good plastic into holes and dust
  9. front gear bay made, but for some reason there is no rear bulkhead so some spares raiding is needed.
  10. Undecided as yet, definitely a T-bird.
  11. The compact 104, I hope to crack on next week
  12. The NL 104 Tail markings look the business
  13. A nice little kit from the stash dude. I wonder what will replace it?
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