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  1. I hope you have your special modelling specs ready. You may or may not know about a certain colour primer that’s amazing for Black..........
  2. This is egggsactly why I love Egg builds, there’s always some smashing egg related madness boiling over easy. You are correct Sir, 1 Full kits, with a 2 in 1 bargain, which translates as one kit, two decal options for the same “Cat” one High Viz one Low Viz.
  3. Exactly, Shirley you mean eggggggsactly!!!!
  4. All praise our Glorious Leader @Col.
  5. Very nice, the pink primer obviously has made this fabulous. Great build good buddy.
  6. After a very slow boil, this is where the eggs are Looking at the options are you happy with a WHIF paint scheme @DaveJL
  7. Egggscellent work chaps, I have been busy hiding in the BlitzBuild GB but now I’m back, scrambling to catch up.
  8. Good luck with the final session dude.
  9. Well done on finishing in time good buddy.
  10. We got “To da Choppa” finally. Revell 1/100 Huey
  11. The final push Finally we have made it to “da choppa” only to find @nimrod54 sat there waving
  12. Little H has decided that she does not want to rush this, so is calling it time on her build I will put it RFI when we finish this later in the week. Little H says thanks to everyone who has supported her build and wishes you all good luck with yours.
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