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  1. BTW, Russia has prepared a promotional (or rather propaganda) video with the mysterious Mr. Mansour Al-Sajwani, in which the Su-75 obviously can do everything and is the best in the world. Enjoy!
  2. Beautiful detail and a piece of good design work, but given that this aircraft hasn't even made its first flight yet, I'm afraid it's complete sci-fi.
  3. The last news on the company website is from 2019, so...
  4. Is it any obligation to question the accuracy of the model? Especially since 99% of such cases show that the questioner has no idea what he is writing about?
  5. A few years ago Mr Sulc announced that Bf 109s in 1/72 would be released in 2022-2023. I'm betting that the launch will take place during Eday 2023, which is next September.
  6. The life of a model manufacturer is very simple - no matter what you release, it will always be the wrong choice. Do you release a Bf 109 or a Spitfire? Wrong, after all there are so many of them on the market, who will buy it. You should have released something less popular that nobody does, it would have been a money printing machine. Do you release a less popular theme? Wrong, after all nobody is interested in it, so who will buy it. You should have released a Bf 109 or a Spitfire, that would have been a money printing machine.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, there is no magic slider to downsize an existing project.
  8. I wouldn't count on too much. In this kit is seems they are using the old ZiL-131 chassis and adding new electrical unit box components to it. I don't know how many specialist vehicles have been built on this chassis.
  9. I guess that this photo is the best summary of the current status of Dora Wings.
  10. IBG Models released PDF with detailed description of differences between variants / kits: http://www.ibgmodels.com/resources/Fw190Dvar.pdf
  11. Every modelling company has hard data on the sales of their own products and this is something obvious. But they don't have hard data on the sales of other companies' products, because that is a company secret. Eduard is first and foremost a manufacturer of aftermarket items for kits. The production of models itself is in the background and this Mr Sulc has emphasised many times. This does not mean that it is unimportant, but the difference can be seen, for example, by the number of new products - a few dozens of new tool add-ons released every month and three new tool kits per year on average. They have tools to analyse their own sales, but this is at the same time an analysis of the popularity of add-ons for models from dozens of other manufacturers. On this basis, in turn, it is possible to assess the popularity of various themes, and this popularity is no secret - World War II fighter aircraft models sell noticeably better than Cold War jet models. With a wide distribution network, they talk to many distributors and from them, too, they have another portion of information about which types of models sell better and which sell worse. By producing extras they can judge the quality of the models, and the prices of the models in the shops are not some kind of secret either. If you put it all together, you can get a pretty good picture of what will sell better and what will sell worse. Then all you have to do is add to this the internal rules for evaluating themes. Generally they are similar everywhere - labour intensity, time, cost, number of potential kits per theme and so on. And this produces a list of what is worth doing and what doesn't make sense to do, because with an identical investment there will be much less profit from it. Eduard produces add-ons for all models, from World War I to the latest combat aircraft. LOL, local market is about 20% of their sales, 80% of the kits is sold abroad. And this is not the secret either, Mr Sulc wrote about it many times. So you expect the company to subsidise production? After all, it is obvious that if the production of an aircraft X is more expensive and the expected profits are lower, no one will release such a model. Running a company is not charity, if the spreadsheet shows that it doesn't make sense, then nobody will go for it. Of course. Mr Sulc would write that you are not obliged to like the company and its policies, but you are not obliged to buy its products either. It is up to your judgement as to whether the product we offer provides you with a utility and benefit that matches its price, or whether the quality/price ratio is interesting enough for you. If it is not, you will not buy. We understand this and have no problem with it. We don't blame you for it, nor do we scold you for it. On the other hand, if you don't like our product, I'd appreciate it if you didn't scold us. I think it's enough if you don't buy it. Source: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?p=2462447#p2462447 And what specifically has Eduard promised, given a release date and failed to deliver without any explanation? I am eager to find out, because when one starts checking such claims, it turns out that: the announcement was not an announcement, and only someone thought something or overinterpreted a statement (as in the case of the new P-39 in 1/48), the topic in question was only considered without any decision on production, the topic in question is something the company would like to do, but there are dozens of such topics, no one gave any specific date (as in the case of "some chance" for a new MiG-15 in 1/48), it has been made clear that there will be delays (as with the Bf 109G-12 and K-4 in 1/48). Anyway, in general it would be nice if those complaining had some better idea of what was going on in the company in question. Since the beginning of 2020 we have had a coronavirus pandemic and the disease has also affected the Eduard crew. After the fire in December 2020, the company had to rebuild the entire stock of models, so their availability and the order in which new products are released has changed. Since last year, the industry as a whole has been struggling to cope with the constant increase in the price of various products and services, affecting the change in the cost of producing models at virtually every stage, from cutting moulds to packing boxes. And yet a large proportion of those complaining behave as if they have no intention of noticing all these problems and as if they do not accept that this has an impact on kit production.
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