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  1. Just put a bid down on TradeMe for one of these, fancied doing a Aeronavale one and thought I’d google search Britmodeller for inspiration… Had completely forgotten you’d begun this project! I saw an Aussie one over in Caloundra last year so for variety I’ll go RAN if I win the auction. Keen to see how this is coming along when you’re ready for an update.
  2. A month since my last update! In the interim I’ve completed a few builds, so it’s back to the 262. The wing was attached to the fuselage first, and it took quite a bit of work to correct the dihedral. Thankfully Vallejo Plastic Putty was easy enough to apply to the root gap, and smooth in with a damp cotton bud. Next, the engines went on. The build order I had decided on meant the fit in both horizontal axes was pretty good. However even with overnight clamping and a nice fit on the underside, the top of the nacelle just wouldn’t reach high enough at the leading edge. I added more putty as above, but in hindsight should really have used some styrene card and faired that in. As it was I needed to apply a few rounds of putty. I used Tamiya Extra Fine Primer to determine surface continuity, and this took a few iterations to get right. Eventually the form became more cohesive, and I was able to rescribe the edges with a saw and scriber. I also knocked back the circular panels as they don’t really show in photographs particularly well. The underside was also sanded smooth and had some panel lines restored. I need to restore a few of the rivets around the wheel well.. Empennage next, then canopy masking, then I should be ready to black base and paint. I’m not sure if I’d bother with this build order next time, the roots still aren’t perfect, and I needed to do quite a bit of remedial work around the nacelles anyway. As a postscript, one of the local club members showed off a stunning Tamiya 1/48 Me-262 recently, and then a local store had a special edition of the Tamiya kit arrive with a Kettenkraftrad, so I’ve added that to the stash. I think I’ll still go for a Hobbyboss night fighter some time, and at least I have something to tow it with now!
  3. Karearea


    In my 20s I had a girlfriend whose father once imparted the following wisdom: ‘You’re always in the excrement, it’s just the depth that varies’
  4. Lovely work- I’ve liked the Iskra after seeing a privately owned one buzz a farmers market while living in Melbourne. You’ve packed some neat detail in there, the blind-flying curtain is especially clever.
  5. I lurked in the build thread and saw the tribulations it gave you, so let out a little cheer when I saw the end result- you’ve created a real beauty!
  6. Thanks guys. I’ve really enjoyed working on this, I like the scope for improvement the older kits give you. I spend my time on newer models nervous that I’m going to ruin the fine detailing. Give me an ancient Airfix, Monogram or Heller and I’m in a state of bliss. Thank you! I primed in Tamiya Extra Fine Primer from a rattle can while I was rescribing, then went over that with Stynylrez Gloss Black to try it out. One thing I’ve found with the Vallejo Metal Colour is it’s really durable, so doesn’t lift or react with masking tape, assuming you give it a few days to cure. If anything I found it more durable than the garden-variety Tamiya acrylics I usually use. It does seem to get sticky if you warm it up while holding it, and I found latex gloves stuck to it quite badly in an odd way, almost like they were starting to bond. So I tended to thoroughly wash my hands and handle it barehanded, but not for long. Once given a coat of Tamiya Acrylic X-22 thinned 50/50 with lacquer thinner it was more benign and safe to handle.
  7. Hi Colin, thank you! I would be interested in modelling an IAC example sometime. Are the decals you found still in print? @bigbadbadge @Matthew1974 @stevehnz @Billy54 Thanks very much for the kind words.
  8. Geez that video needs a content warning. I’m not exactly putting my hand up to ship it around the globe and stick it in my backyard but still..
  9. Thanks for the words of support, they really mean a lot. I’ve had that book recommended so have reserved a copy from the library. My wife signed me up to grief counselling because she knows I’d be too stubborn/phlegmatic to do so myself. I have to say I’m actually looking forward to it.
  10. Yes, it’s quite a neat contrast! For some reason it makes me think of big helicopters, Sea Kings etc. One of the next projects I’ve been considering is a contemporary RAF interceptor to go alongside the Shackleton. I’ve been reading Lightning Boys recently, and Lightning squadrons often seem to have used Shackleton AEW.2s as visident practice targets. Working on the decals has me convinced the Black Mike Phantom would look even better.
  11. Just bought an Arma Airacobra from RedRoo over in Aus. Comes with RAAF decals (which I would have happily bought seperately) and still came out almost half the local cost even with postage across the ditch. Lucky Country indeed!
  12. It’s been a very difficult week, but in order to decompress I’ve spent a few hours working away at the Shackleton. The fuselage is now decalled, with a clear coat to seal everything in. Note also the nose canopy blind detail- I’m not sure it’s quite working yet but a gloss varnish should help, once I’ve reinstated the frame line at the rear. Still a lot better than a crack down the centre!
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