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  1. Niknak


    The ju 188 used Jumo 213 s were as the ju 88 a-4/ c-6 used Jumo 211 s the engine cowlings and radiators are different. I think only the hasegawa g-6 has both the BMW s and the Jumo engines, we're as the g-1 has only the BMW s. Nick
  2. Niknak


    Hi, On the aims Web sight he has a review of each kit and how a accurate each kit is. My vote goes for the new revell ju 88s, if you won't a BMW engined ju 88 you can use the sets aims had out for the amt kits. Thay need modified for the revell kit thou. I used them to build a ju 88 s-1 & a g-6 last year. The photos should still be on ready for inspection. Nick
  3. Excellent work, you are a very talented modeller
  4. Niknak

    Eduard g-2 trop

    Hi all, I've had a couple of oh dear!!! moment with this build when fitting the exhausts I managed to push one of the location blocks of the inside if the fusalarge. The easiest way I could see of fettling it was to remove the front bulkhead and fitting the exhaust to the block and fitting it from the inside. Which I think would have been easier than from the outside. 2nd ops moment I split the upper joint when I removed the bulkhead. Resulting in resanding and respraying the nose The exhausts are now fitted also the main undercarriage, and I've put the lenses onto the Gun sight using the coloured clear plastic card as shown at the start of this build Thanks for looking & comments are welcomed. Nick
  5. Super work, goes to show old kits can be built into great models
  6. Niknak

    Airfix Short Stirling

    Great work,
  7. Great collection, I've got some of them in my stash. Trumpeters 1/48 fw 200, Cant z 506. I take my hat off to you on you finishing the fm halifax
  8. Niknak

    Me 410 Fast bomber.

    Great work,
  9. Niknak


    Excellent work,
  10. Niknak

    Eduard g-2 trop

    Hi all, decals have been applied using daco red and a coat of vallejo matt acrylic varnish applied I have also fitted the brake pipes and weathered the undercarriage legs and started the tropical filter, Thank you for looking & comments welcomed. Nick
  11. Very nice bf 109 g-6as, great work.
  12. Niknak

    Geronimos last stand

    Great work dennis, super p-40. Nick
  13. Niknak

    Eduard g-2 trop

    Hi all, I have finished the camouflage and ready for the decals, I will be using xtradecal for the swastikas, aero master for the balkenkreuz, & my decal box for the rest. Also. I've made the brake pipes from the electrical wire, & started to weather the exhaust using black paste & grafite over Humbrol no 70 (brick red) Thank for looking comments welcomed, nick