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  1. Hi Ray, thank you.i Should get her finished in the next couple of weeks hopefully. Nick
  2. Hi all the markings & stencilschave now been applied and the airframe given a coat of varnish. A more detailed update is in the link above thank you for looking. Nick
  3. Hi all, here is another update, the decals have been put on. The aircrafts squadron's codes are superscale 10 mm luftwaffe codes black & white. The s had to be modified to have rounded end to the horizontal parts. I was lazy and used a cut up no 3 The national markings are xtradecal and aeromaster. The stencils are a mixture of peddinghaus, kit and h-model.(the reason I used a mixture of the stencils was because the h - model decals were miss numbered on the placement sheet so would have had to guess which was witch) the walk ways are black decal strips from xtradecal. After a quick wash in soapy water to removed the decal softener a coat of vallejo matt varnish was applied. I have also fitted the dive brakes I used a left over cut up balkenkreuz for the air brakes. Radiator flaps & the modified airfix tail surports have been fitted also As most d/g's had smooth treaded tyres I filled the tread on the true details tyres using tamiya filler after sanding them a couple of coats of primer/ filler. They were then painted humbrol no 67 Thank you for looking, comments are welcomed. Nick
  4. Hi, if I remember correctly. Falcons 1/48 bf 109 g-12 has the cigar style drop tank in it. This kit has been rereleased by Jay's hobby. Nick
  5. Hi all, I have sprayed the theater markings using humbrol 154. I used the following reference photos of the aircraft for the fuselarge band. And noticed that the fuselarge balkenkreuz are offset slightly. The port inside edge runs down the panel line we're as the starboard balkenkreuz the panel line runs through the balkenkreuz.. To get the correct possision for the band I used a 6mm strip of masking tape( size of the balkenkreuz arm) against the panel line. Then a 10 mm strip(width of the fuselarge band) against the 6mm strip. I then removed the 6mm strip. Then used 2mm flexable tape around the edges of the 10mm tape then removed the 10mm tape. External canopie frames have been varnished and the masks removed. As I don't like to leave the masks on too long. Thank you for looking. Nick
  6. Hi all this is a build i started for this years ju 87 gb. As i did not get it finished in time i have decided to continue it in the wip section. All updates will be added to the ju 87 gb above. thank you for looking , comments are always welcomed. Nick
  7. Hi all, i have painted the camouflage patten onto the airframe using extracolour rlm 65 , 70 , 71. The pattern was masked using 2mm & 10 mm tamya tape there was o small part of the rlm 71 was lifted with the tape when it was removed . but this were i cut the tape were it overlaped so i could have cut into the paint . the canopie was masked using montex masks and spunge. Thank you for looking .Nick.
  8. I will thank you Peter, I've just started painting the airframe. when it's finished I'll post it in rfi section. Nick
  9. Hi all, internal frames on gunners and pilots canopie have been masked and sprayed. Those masks have been removed and the canopies just need the residue left by the masks removed. The build is about at the stage for painting as most of the airframe is complete just a few places need minor fettling around the landing light, direction finding cover will use liquid plastic and/or filler. She scales out using Sam scale rules as 36' 3" which is 1" short of 11.1 m As it won't be finished it time here are a few pictures of the airframe I must have one undercarage leg slightly longer as. I will correct this by adjusting the flat on one of the wheels Thank you for looking. Nick
  10. Thank you Peter. She might be built by the end of this group build. But she won't be dressed. Nick
  11. Thank 's Ray. I think the frame lines are a bit thick. Next time I think i' ll do them a bit narrower. Nick
  12. Thank you JR. Welcome aboard. Nick
  13. Hi all, I have been on with the canopie. The gunners canopie needed to be widened to match the airfix fuselarge. I did this the same way as the center part. But to stop the overhang from deforming I first made a cut through it. When the canopie was still playable I used a cocktail stick to open the split to help to keep this part of the canopie flat. When the canopie had cooled. I filled the hole with plastic card and liquid plastic The center part has had the internal frames sprayed and the masks removed and with the roll over bar has been fitted to the fuselarge. The step was filled with plastic card. I am on with fettling the gunners canopie to fit the fuselarge more sanding and test fitting! Thank you for looking Nick.
  14. Hi all not much of an update this time. A bit of 1 step forward and 2 back. I was not happy with the modified airies roll over bar. So I decided to scratch build a replacement. I started by drawing round the airies part on masking tape. Then putting the cut out shape onto 20"plastic card. After a bit of fettling with a sanding stick. To improve the shape, I cut out The open sections. I removed the radios and round part from the airies part and glued onto the plastic card frame. I used. 2 mm lead wire for the wiring and. 4 mm for the u shaped support? This was painted using xtracolor rlm 66 with the wiring painted humbrol 54. The gap at the top of the mg 81z magazines was filled with liquid plastic and painted rlm 66 (the roll over structure is the original modified airies part) I have also widened the italieri centre canopie part to match the airfix fuselarge. Using Ray's hairbrush method. Witch I think is better than the method I use (usually use hot water or a kettle). Then the internal frames were masked using montex masks for italieri's ju 87 d/g. These masks have internal and external masks. I have left the canopie frame lines on to help with the alinement of the masks. After spraying I will remove them with 3000 grade wet n dry then polish the canopie ready for the external masking and spraying Thank you for looking. Nick
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