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  1. Hi all, here is another update, the cockpits have been finished painted. The fuel line for the drop tank was 1st painted pink then one coat of rlm 04. The rubber Union pipes were painted hunbrol 67. For the seat belts I have used eduard true fabric seat belts for the g-2 and the metal ones which come with the eduard kits. For the instrment panels I thave used the coloured etched panels. These were first given a coat of matt varnish, I used a drop of ca glue to tack then together. For the instrment glass I used Johnson klear this wold also help to glue the panels tog
  2. Hi Wm Blecky, unfortunately I did not do a build thread for this ju 88, I used the following from aimsmodels.co.uk. Engines, belly gun pack, tail horizontal & tail fin. Sn2 radar bases, tail, wheels are true details, propellers are quickboost vs 11 propellers & spinners, obleck mg 151's,marsters Sn2 aireals, the exhausts are brass tubes with strips of plastic around them. The main airframe of the ju 88 is basically the same for all marks except the h, some panel lines will need be filled and rescribed in different places, I added the radar unit to the cockpit. the tail uni
  3. There is a slight issue with the ju 88 g list at the link above.d5 + ax is listed twice at w.nr 620028 and also if you scroll down w.nr 621586. With the same infomation .so you'll pay your money and make your choice as my granddad would say.
  4. Hi Werdna, the comouflage is based on pictures of other aircraft of the same w.nr. block.i agree about the report it also said the raf covered it up too.(www.key.aero. last luftwaffe crash in the uk)I think i googled hptm Derher and losses of njg.3 to find out more infomation about the crash and aircraft. there is an artical in the yorkshire post about the crash.D5+ax was reported to be turning to attack a vehicle on the outer track of the airfield which he miss took as an aircraft when they hit the tree. The w.nr 621586 is given on the luftwaffe losses.co website. These should come up if you
  5. I built this aircraft in 2017. I used the revell 1/72 c-6 and converted it. It was reported the crew survived the crash (clipping a tree) and were killed by members of the French aircrew from Evington airfield. The codes were d5 + AX. I went for the w. Nr 621586. Sn2 radar airials, tail warning airial and belly gun pack. The post should still be still in the rfi section. Nick
  6. Hi all, I have just found this photo of black 2 of 2./jg77. In this photo it looks like it's got g-2 wings without the wing blues of the g-4. Mmmmm. Nick
  7. Hi, I have started to paint the details of The cockpit. I have used the plastic rudder pedels for the toe straps I used cigarette paper painting hemp cut into fine strips. The radiator fronts have been dry brushed with (model air) aluminum. The wheel Well walls have been painted hemp and leather. And finally I have filled the mg 131 ejection ports on the centre part of the wings using filler which was covered with liquid plastic ready to be sanded smooth. Thank you for looking comments and feed back are welcomed. Nick
  8. Hi all, here's an update of this build. I'm going to build them in tandem until the painting of the camouflage schemes. I first removed the cockpit side wall detail and thinned the cockpit sides ready for the resin cockpit. The rear cockpit, nose bulkheads have been fitted to one of the fuselarges to aid alinement the resin exhaust holders have been fitted also. Cockpit and undercarriage parts were first given a coat of matt black paint The undercarriage parts and wheel Wells were then painted rlm 02 The cockpit was painted rlm 66 (xtracolour) and the propellers have been
  9. Hi TonyOD, thanks, the jg 2 one isn't that bad as long as the hgw wet decals I have for the squiggles behave Thank's Ozzy, Yip I have built a few eduard 's bf 109 before, the other extras are eduard exhausts x2, masters mg 17 gun barrels, resin cockpits and wheels x2, and hgw wet decals for the squiggles on the camouflage for the jg 2 aircraft. Nick
  10. Hi, for this mto gb. I will be building two eduard bf 109 g's, a g-2 & a g-4. And the extra's The marking will be a g-2 of 2./jg2 Tunisia 1943 and a g-4 of365 squadrilia, 150 gruppo sicily 1943
  11. Yip it's me! Thank you Greg. It didn't turn out too bad. But it took a bit longer than I though it would and there are a couple of things I'll do differently next time. Nick
  12. Hi wolfman & sat69. Thank you for your comments. To be honest the weathering could have been done heavier Thank you Greg,
  13. Hi all, this was my entry for this year's ju 87 gb. Witch I did not finish in time. It is the airfix ju 87 b-2 converted to a d-3 early. The markings are for a d-3 s2+nm of 4./stg 77. Russia spring 1943. Here a link to the build. Weathering is pastels. Aerial is stretched sprue. Thank you for looking, comments and feed back is welcomed. Nick
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