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  1. Hi all this up date starts with a back track... I assumed the radiator flaps were the same as the bf 109. I was wrong. When I tried to fit them thay wouldn't fit extended. So after some more research. I found a few videos of the flaps beening deployed then retracted from the rear. In the videos the inner side of the flaps are connected to the end of the main flap. Ahhh. So I cut the part from the radiator sides and used 10 " plastic card to make them and fitted them to the flaps After these were fitted to the flaps and spayed. The flaps were taped retracted to the wing, then the exhaust stains were sprayed on using mrp smoke. The flaps were then glued to the wings in the deployed possision. The radiator flaps have had a shampher added so thay can be dropped to match the main flaps. I have replaced the trim Activision rods with copper wire ready for touching up. The rear mg 151 have been fitted to the fusalarge slightly depressed to match the controls Also I have started to weather the airframe using ak's aircraft engine set. Using 10/0 & 5/0 brushs Thank you for looking. Comments and feed back is welcomed. Nick
  2. Thanks antb. I think the rlm 75 after the varnish coat has gone too dark tho. But it's getting there.
  3. Yip, I took me awhile to decide which version to build myself.
  4. Thanks Greg, spirals are easier to do now you can get tape that's designed to curve. Nick
  5. Hi all here is the latest update, the undercarriage has been finished. I used 0.3 mm lead wire for the brake lines. The wire was painted rlm 02 and the flexable hoses painted humbrol 67 Also the gun barrels have been added to the external gun pack. The propellers have been fitted to the spinners. I have feathered one og the props The wheels have been been finished by dry brushing and stapling hunbrol 29 over the tread The undercarriage has been fitted. Props and flaps have been placed in place Thank for looking comments and feed back are welcomed. Nick
  6. Thanks thom216, its not a bad kit realy i think most of the issues are because of the thickness of the canopie . Nick
  7. Super work, I have the zvezda airbus and the same decals in my too do pile.
  8. Hi, there hasn't been much done since the last update. Most of the masks have been removed. In a couple of places the conopie masks pulled some paint of with them. Luckily the pant was large enough to be able to fixed back in place with Johnson's clear. The engine and the other cowlin has been fitted to the airframe. I did it after painting so the painted and weathering of the exhausts would be easier. But there has been a bit of blending in of the cowlings where thay join the airframe. So could I have fitted the cowling before painting and fitted the exhaust's through the front after painting. The barbette's which were pushed in place for painting have peen removed and the mg 131's have been fitted to them. Tank you for looking. Comments and feed back is welcomed. Nick
  9. Hi all all decals have been applied and the airframe giving a brushed coat of vallejo matt varnish ready for the masking to be removed an the rest of the build to continue. The spinners have had the spirals masked using tamiya tape. And sprayed humbrol white and the masking tape removed Thank you for looking comments and feedback welcomed. Nick
  10. Hi all, I have started the decaling. I have decided to finish it in the markings of a 2./zg26. For the balkenkreuz I used aeromaster. Swastika's I used xtradecal's. The aircraft codes I used fantasy printshop luftwaffe serials solid and outlines. The centres of the fuselarge balkenkreuz has been filled in with rlm 75 The decal setting solution has reacted with the k decal which will need touching up. Grrr Thank you for looking. Comments and feed back is welcomed. Nick
  11. Hi all, I start this update with an dohhhh moment! After finishing the main camouflage scheme. I realised I'd missed of the external trim tabs of the ailerons.(which are missing from the kit airerons. The kit airerons are of me 210. ) As I had made a few extra copies of the elivators I decided to cut the trim tabs down of them. These needed sanded down to match the ailerons then the ailerons resprayed. In hinesight might have been easier to use 5" plastic card. Oh well. With this sorted I masked the fuselarge band. And finally. If some of the panel lines get lost I uses this method to replace them. Spray a light mottle over them Then after 10 mins or so, run a cotton bud dipped in thinner over the mottle Thanks for looking, comments and feedback are welcomed. Nick
  12. Hi all, I have done the rlm 74 / 75 mottling on the fuselarge using a Badger 200 sg with a fine tip fitted. Thanks for looking, comments and feed back is welcomed. Nick
  13. Hi all, I've started the painting the colour scheme, I will be using a Badger 200 g with fine and medium tip and also a Badger 200 sg with a fine tip and extra colour paints.the camouflage will be sprayed free hand. First I applied the rlm 76.using the 200 g with a medium tip. Then the rlm 75 Then the rlm 74 The next step will be the painting of the mottling. Tank you for looking. Comments and feed back are welcomed. Nick
  14. Hi all, the canopie has been blended into the fuselarge using white putty And. 5" plastic card at the rear of the canopie as it was slightly raised above the fuselarge. ( barblets have been filled with playdoh and put in place for painting. These will be removed after painting and the varnishing to have the mg 131's fitted) The canopie has been masked using eduard masks and bits of spunge giving a coat of pva glue. The lower nose glazing was then sprayed rlm 02.as this is the front of the gun/bomb bay. Before the primer coat of rlm 66 to show the blemishes that need fettled Thank you for looking, comments and feed back are welcomed. Nick
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