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  1. Niknak

    A Desert Tempest

    Great tempest Dennis. Nick
  2. Niknak

    Them Maltese blues again !

    Super work Dennis. Nick
  3. Niknak

    Factory camouflaged RLM 79 desert yellow He-111s?

    Most luftwaffe aircraft that entered the mto theater arrived in European colours and were repainted using Italian colours. The rlm 78,79,80 colours were not readily available in theater until the arrival of the bf 109 f-4/g-2 This is what Micheal Ullman's says in his Luftwaffe colours book
  4. Niknak

    FHC FW190A-5 colors

    The luftwaffe made use of captured russian paint stocks. the green colours could be rlm 71 and russian amt-4 green .thats the colours i used .nick
  5. Niknak

    Ju 88 g-1 ii/ njg 2 1944

    Thank you kapam, and a lot of research. Nick Thank you silenoz, I think it's sloppy painting if it's just below the lower nose mg I'll do it today. Thank you did not notice it. Nick
  6. Niknak

    Frog/Russian Kit Blenheim

    Excellent result, well worth the effort. Nick
  7. Yip Greg, I think these type of builds are a good learning curve and a good experience , my dad always told me a good Modeller is a Modeller that can hid there mistakes well. Nick
  8. Excellent work. Nick
  9. Thanks Dennis,thanks Greg, this model naily did not get finished, had to partly respray it as was going to be in different markings and wasn't happy with the result, also some of the conopie masks were an to long and marked the Johnson, when removing them removed some of the conopie frames.was going to replace the rear sections of the canopie but would probably be worse. So hand paint them and reapply the Johnsons. Just noticed I have missed some of the frames when I hand painted them.haven't had a build like this one for a while, all my fault thou. Building two models at the same never goes well for me.
  10. Hi all, my second ju 88 build of the year, in the markings of lt. Udo Cordes. 6 (Eis) kg3 Poltava may 1943. By April 1943 he had distroyed 63 locos and by May 1943 he was also credited with 8 bridges, 19 tanks, 32 artillery pieces, 96 trucks and 9 complete trains making him one of kg3s most successful pilots. He was killed with his crew on 15 May 1943.while flying ju 88 c-6 w nr 360366. By this time he had destroyed 81 locos and 2 aircraft. The kit is revell's ju 88 c-6 kit no 04856 Quick boost mg 81's & pitot tube Resin wheels Scatch built radio altimeter aerials Streched sprue radio aerials Aims decals. (as most references state codes are 5k+rt. I changed the 5k+et codes on the aims sheet) All paint are extacolor rlm 02, 66, 65, 70, 71, (humbrol 154 for the rlm 04 theater markings) Weathering was by pastels and mrp exhaust soot. Thank for looking, as always all comments are welcomed. Nick
  11. Hi all, this is my first finished model of 2019. It's the ju 88 g-1 r4+ac flown by major Paul Semran gruppenkommador of 2/njg 2. Based at Kassel-Roth spring 1944. Major Paul Semran and his crew (obfw Hantusch, fhr/obfw Behrens.) were killed in a ju 88 g-6 while landing after a maintenance flight near Twente (Netherlands) on the 8 Feb 1945. He had 46 kills at the time of his death. The kit is a conversion of revell's ju 88 c-6 z/n. Kit no 04856. This is the 3rd conversion I have done of this kit. The engines are copied from the hasegawa ju 88 g-6 kit. Lower fuselage gun pack are copied from the modified kit parts I did for my ju 88 g-6 conversion. Tail, wheels are resin. Quickboost- mg 81, mg 151 gun barrels (gunpack), pitot tube. Schatton modellbau- mg 151/20 nightfighter barrels (nose). Barracuda- props and spinners (fw 190). Marsters- sn2 aerials. Scratch build radio alter meter aerials Radio aerial stretched sprue, d/f loop, aerials copper wire. Dicals are aims.(experten) Paints are xtracolor rlm 66,02,76,75. Vallejo varnish. Weathering is done with pastels. Exhaust stains are mrp exhaust soot. (1st time I have used the mrp soot.) Airbrushed with a Badger 200 g. Thank you for looking, comments are welcomed. Nick These are the other conversions I have done of the revell ju 88 a-4 /c-6 kits. Ju 88 s-1 Ju 88 g-6
  12. Hi all thought I would post my 1/48 fw 190 s-8, It was built in 2006 and is based on the tamya 1/48 fw 190 f-8, the cockpit & rear fusalarge is scratch build using 5 thou plastic card, super glue & bicarb. The vac formed conopie is by falcon with truedetails wheels. Streched sprue aerials Paints used are xtracolor rlm 74,75,76. Sprayed using a Badger 200 g Thank's for looking. comments are welcomed. Nick