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  1. Thank you, the fw 190 a-8/r2 was to be flown close to the enemy's bombers to shoot them down. It had extra armour to protect the pilot and parts of the aircraft which increased the aircrafts weight and affected its performance .so most r2 had the mg 131's removed to save weight. Nick
  2. Hi this is the eduard kit no 8175. In the markings of 5./jg300. Which was flown by Ofw Karl Russack. Based at Lobnitz, German 1945. He survived the war. I was drawn to building this aircraft because of The external weights on the prop blades and the extra ground concealment camouflage applied by the ground crew I replaced the engine with an Eduard brassen resin engine. This was detailed with 0.2, 0.4 lead wire. The 20 mm & 30mm cannon barrels were replaced with brass tubing. The upper and wing bays were scratch build and detailed with lead wire and plastic card brass tubing. The propeller with the external weights is an ultra cast item. I over laided the cockpit armour with 5" plactic card.. Quick boost wing flaps True details resin wheels. The decals are from the kagero book fw 190'S over Europe Extra colour paints were used for the rlm colours. There are photos of this aircraft in Jagdgeschwader " Wilde 300 Sau" vol 2 on page 168. Thank you for looking. Comments are welcomed. Nick
  3. Hi all, this is the Eduard fw 190 a-2. Flown by Oblt. Siegfried Schnell when he was Co of 9./ jg 2. Based at The ville. France 1942. The kit is Eduard's profipack kit. The markings are supplied in the kit. Masters mg 17 gun barrels and pitot tube have been added also true details resin wheels. Extra Color paints were used for the rlm colours 74, 75, 76.( The rlm 75 from the tin looked to dark so I mixed the 2 parts 75 with 1 part 76.) Badger 200 g was used fitted with a fine tip. Stretched sprue was used for the aerial and head armour support cables Thank you for looking, comments and feed back is welcomed. Nick
  4. Nice cockpit Ray.Mmmmm. I never thought of using the hair spray method for cockpits always dry brushed them. Think i'll try it. Hope the wife doesn't. Miss her hairspray.
  5. Was planning to build a bf 109 k-14 for this gb Ray, using the eduard k-4 and the antares conversion set...... Eduard haven't released the k-4 yet. I could use the hasegawa k-4 that the antares set is designed for. But as I'm on building a couple of eduard fw 190 a's a a-2 & a-8 r2. And converting another 1/48 airfix ju 87 b to a g-2. This time. I don't think I'll get it finished in time again.
  6. Hi Ray, a couple of books that may help you identify your bf 109 are. Messerschmitt bf 109 f, g, k series by prien & rodeike. And messerschmitt bf 109 recognition manual by Marco fernandez sommerau. They are old books but still can be picked up second hand. Nick
  7. Me too. I'm waiting for the Dec, Jan, Feb, March issues. I've been emailing them since Dec. The replies if I receive from Mark just say. I'll send replacement issues out. But they never arrive. Nick
  8. Thank you Harold 55, the painted out markings is what drew me to this scheme. Nick.
  9. Thank you VolkerR. There are spayed free hand. Nick
  10. Hi all, this is the second bf 109 I build for the mto gb this year but did not finish in time. The link to the build is below The kit used was eduard's bf 109 g-2, the kit markings were used. A resin cockpit,& wheels were used. Xtracolor enamels were used for the rlm colours. Badger 200 g & sg fitted with a fine tip. Thank you for looking comments and feedback is welcomed. Nick
  11. Hi all, this is the 1st of two bf 109's which I did but did not finish on time for the mto gb this year. It is the eduard kit, in the kit markings for the aircraft flown by Ten. G. Gianelli of 365 squadriglia, 150 gruppo autonomo, Sciacca, Sicily 1943. The link to the build is below I used a resin cockpit, wheels. Eduard's mg 151 gun pods. Paints used were extra colour for the rlm colours & colourcoats for the Italian colours. Airbrush used was a badger 200 g & sg Thank you for looking, comments and feedback is welcomed. Nick
  12. The last time last week I got the option of cancelling my subscription and getting a refund. Think I should of taken the offer.
  13. I've e-mailed them 3 times asking about the dec issue since 18 dec and have been told each time it should be with me nxt week . been a month now and still no issue. Im in Durham
  14. Hi all another update on the builds..the gunsights have had the lenses fitted these were made from. 5" clear plastic card. The clear lenses were coated in Johnson clear and the tinted lenses were coated with alclad's armoured glass The head armour has had the lower attachment fitted using copper wire ready for fitting to the camopies I have also used lead wire for the exectrical and pumatic connections for the mg 151 Eduard exhausts have been fitted to the g-2 as well as the trop filter and undercarriage The mass balances, airiel masts, shoulder straps and pitot tubes have also been fitted to both aircrafts. And I have managed to split the side of the 151 gun pod. When removing it from the sprue Tripped up just before the Finish line arrrr! I think this will stop the builds being finished in time as this will need repaired sprayed. As well as the props fitted, aireals, weathering, head armour finished and fitted and the canopies fitted. Thank you for looking comment and feedback welcomed. Nick
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