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  1. Hi Stevej60, I believe the wheel wells were standard black colour; the aircraft were all delivered new to the squadron direct from Avro. Hope this helps.
  2. F/Lt Larry Curtis flew in the crew of Nick Knilans on the first Tirpitz raid in LK492, KC-W. Both 9 & 617 carried code letters on the tailplanes on the Tirpitz raids too.
  3. DV385 'Thumper' flew on the second and third Tirpitz attacks, piloted by P/O Castagnola and coded KC-V as per the 617 ORB. There is photographic proof that on the first raid in September 1944 the Lancasters had the red codes with yellow outlines which were introduced across 5 Group in the autumn of that year, so they must have had them on the latter two raids as well.
  4. Just noticed this build, what fantastic attention to detail.)One thing though, your pilot is going to need very long arms to reach the control yoke..
  5. Yorki, the dambusting Lancasters all had the side windows unpainted.
  6. Lovely model........except the guns on the rear turret are upside down...should have the outer guns set higher then the inner guns.
  7. I think most Lancs had the starboard blister, but those aircraft with H2S had the port blister deleted because the H2S equipment on the navigators desk prevented access to the blister for the aircrew. Dave.
  8. S/Ldr Maltby did indeed have an extra crew member that night: F/Eng Sgt W Hatton; Nav F/Sgt Nicholson; W/Op F/Sgt Stone; B/Aimer P/O Fort; Gunners Sgt Hill, W/O Welch & Sgt Simmonds. Incidentally the 12000lb blockbuster was three 4000lb units bolted together - it wasn't three 4000lb cookies bolted together. Matthies.
  9. Hi Johnny, I think you must be referring to the picture of PB995 carrying a Grand Slam whilst on trials at Boscombe Down. These trials resulted in a recommendation that the front turret be removed and faired over to save weight. It is unclear whether this was done wholly at Avro or on the squadron. Only 32 Lancasters were converted to B1(Special) configuration. Codes of some on 617 were as follows (YZ the squadron code on these 'craft):PB996-C;PB997-E;PB998-D; PD112-S;PD113-T;PD114-B;PD115-K;PD116-A;PD117-L;PD118-M;PD119-J;PD121-S;PD127-F;PD128-R;PD129-O;PD130-D/W/U;PD131-V;PD133-P;PD134-Y;PD1
  10. Graeme, If you're modelling ED763, as per the Hasegawa kit decals, you won't need paddle blade props, as that particular Lanc had needle point props. Dave.
  11. Dogbrush, you've got your rear turret guns upside down. The inner two guns should be lower than the outer two. matthies.
  12. Well Steve, confusion reigns! Two reference books I have give Lancaster fuselage roundels at 60" (and those for the Lincoln at 58". In a model, the difference is negligible I reckon. In all the photos I've seen of the 617 B1Specials, the codes look to be the same size as the roundels. Dave.
  13. Fuselage letters are standard 60" and those on the tailplanes 48". Standard 5 Group red with a thin yellow surround for the former and all yellow for the latter. UNLESS you've decided to model PD121, YZ-Z which had the colours on the fuselage letters reversed. I don't htink there's documentary proof of any other of the Lancs being so lettered. Don't forget you'll have to fabricate a SABS as well...................... Dave.
  14. It shouldn't be too difficult to scratchbuild a bomb bay. Try and get hold of the Osprey book on 617 Sqn, some good plan views and photos in there of the B1Specials. The Airfix Grand Slam Lanc does appear on Ebay quite regularly so that might be an option for you to obtain the bomb and bomb bay inseet..............or write to Airfix directly? Dave.
  15. Thanks for that. I got my Lanc off EvilBay, Airfix grand slam version but with no canopy sprue. Hence the purchase of the Squadron canopy. I just don't trust myself not to cock up the painting of it and was looking for the easiest alternative, coward that I am. Dave.
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