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  1. Spoke to Alan at the Huddersfield show, couldn't meet a nicer bloke with such enthusiasm! The Gannet looks fantastic but I can't wait for the Hastings. Hopefully he might consider a Varsity.
  2. Check wikipedia, apparently both appeared but I"ll go with the HL-10 serial 804. Nice one, I stand corrected!
  3. 750€ for the kit then 75€ for the flaps! That's ridiculous when you compare it to the cost of the HK 1/32 Lancaster and a bit cheeky, I think, to charge extra for the flaps. I can get a Wingnut Wings kit for the cost of the flaps alone and probably 3 of their Lancasters, when it's finally released, for the cost of the Dakota.
  4. The original post was wasn't made after the 0/400 had been announced. The original post stated an announcement would be made; any speculation after that could be construed as rumour mongering.
  5. After the Lancaster could be anything, but probably still not French. (Shame really as I'd like to see a Spad).
  6. Just read an e-mail from Wingnut Wings that says there will be a new model announcement at the IPMS nationals on Sunday! No idea what that could be.
  7. I find it difficult to believe anything that's posted from AMK any more. They announced this kit over 4 years ago, I suspect it didn't take Grumman that long to build the real thing, and there's still no sign of it; same story with the G-91. Think I'll stick with the Tamiya kit and fit aftermarket flaps; as for the Gina I'll try the 1:32 scale kit from DayGlo.
  8. Looks like the next release from Wingnut Wings will be a Sopwith Dolphin. http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/news Apologies but this has already been posted, I'll delete the post when I work out how to do it.
  9. Can't be the 1990 car as they carried numbers 1 & 2. Prost was champion in '89.
  10. I'd wait for the final boxing. I looked through the box with the the help of one of the Airfix people and neither of us could find the normal bomb doors. I live in hope they were just missing from that box otherwise it looks like we're looking at a wait for a standard bomber. I hope they don't release alternate parts as they did for the Valiant.
  11. Checked the sprues in the box and I couldn't find a bomb door part other than the Blue Steel type.
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