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  1. That's exactly my point, we have yet another state of the art MkI Spitfire when I would have preferred to see a Griffon powered machine. I know it might/will sell well for Eduard and I'm sure it will be a fantastic kit but I'd like to see more of the Spitfire family in high quality plastic. They might not sell as well as all the Battle of Britain based kits but I'm sure they'd pay for themselves or Airfix wouldn't have turned out their Mk XIV.
  2. Sorry, but that doesn't really wash with me. If you apply the same logic to the 109 then there should be very few F or G model kits available but there are. The late model Spitfires have been very poorly served by the larger manufacturers, particularly the Griffon powered machines, and with a couple of exceptions from Airfix aren't really state of the art.
  3. Awful news, another Merlin powered Spitfire. Why not a decent Griffon powered machine!
  4. Thanks for the help, much appreciated. Need to get to work on the radome. Thanks for the photo Tom, I rather like the fact it still has the ball turret in place. Bit more work for serials and markings and wait for the kit to turn up. Hopefully by the nationals.
  5. Thanks for the help. Do you know if the RAF Fortress had the offset waist gun position please? Cheers
  6. Is it possible to build a Fortress III from this please? I know it'll need the radome but is the rest of it ok? Thanks
  7. Is it possible to build the RAE helicopter from this version please?
  8. No apologies needed Unc2 (sorry, haven't sorted superscript yet). I find the Monogram chat interesting and didn't know DMold did a correction for the Thud. Does anyone have a release date for the B-17 yet please?
  9. I was hoping to read about the HK B-17 when I opened this thread but all I find is talk about how good/bad Monogram kits are! Can we get back to the point please. Why not open another thread to discuss Monogram?
  10. Only ten years to go before I retire, don't think the pension will stretch to many of those. Think I'll stick to Hasegawa and Daco.
  11. Wingnuts 30270 to 32076 inclusive are all Sopwiths, all Camels except 32073 which is the Dolphin, so my money's on another Camel.
  12. I was just looking through the Wingnut Wings kit listing and noticed there are a few gaps in the box numbers. 32032 and 32033 for instance are missing from the list. The 0/400 is 32039 so I wonder what may be in the pipeline. Assuming the numbers were assigned to a project we may have some larger kits on their way judging by the time the kit's have taken to reach an announcement, or lack of. The smaller kits seem to be released almost in number order, the exceptions are the bigger kits, Lancasters for instance. On a sadder note, maybe they just got canned.
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