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  1. But they've just done most of the work with their 72nd scale effort. Hopefully they'll scale the CAD up and release a 48th scale version. I live in hope.
  2. That looks awesome, do you have a rough timescale for the project?
  3. With next weekend's Shizuoka hobby fair cancelled, does anyone reckon we'll get any announcements from manufacturers?
  4. Has anyone heard if Danny is any further along with the Magister? I checked his website and it doesn't appear to have been updated since last year. thanks,
  5. My thoughts too. Hopefully someone will do the instrument panels too but I'm not too bothered, it looks a fantastic kit to me bar the silly mistakes.
  6. Am I right in thinking then that the kit is basically sound apart from the decals, which I probably wouldn't use anyway, and the instrument panels?
  7. That looks amazing, ICM are becoming my favourite manufacturer. I'm build their HE-111, albeit in a Revell box, and that's fantastic!
  8. Me 264 or early He-111 with stepped cockpit.
  9. Regarding "licensing", I don't think it has anything to do with accuracy it's more about copyright. The respective companies own the rights to the name and shapes of the aircraft so the model companies have to pay them off in some cases and say so on the box. I think some of the car manufacturers do the same which is why some of the kits are more expensive than others to cover the licence cost. It's also why some kits don't carry the common name of the item, check a certain 4 wheel drive WW2 American truck, it's rarely called by it's nickname on the box nowadays. I think that's because of licensing. I believe the Americans tried to introduce a law to stop the copyright problems for model kits but it was attached to a larger bill that failed so we're stuck with the problem.
  10. That's exactly my point, we have yet another state of the art MkI Spitfire when I would have preferred to see a Griffon powered machine. I know it might/will sell well for Eduard and I'm sure it will be a fantastic kit but I'd like to see more of the Spitfire family in high quality plastic. They might not sell as well as all the Battle of Britain based kits but I'm sure they'd pay for themselves or Airfix wouldn't have turned out their Mk XIV.
  11. Sorry, but that doesn't really wash with me. If you apply the same logic to the 109 then there should be very few F or G model kits available but there are. The late model Spitfires have been very poorly served by the larger manufacturers, particularly the Griffon powered machines, and with a couple of exceptions from Airfix aren't really state of the art.
  12. Awful news, another Merlin powered Spitfire. Why not a decent Griffon powered machine!
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