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  1. The original post was wasn't made after the 0/400 had been announced. The original post stated an announcement would be made; any speculation after that could be construed as rumour mongering.
  2. After the Lancaster could be anything, but probably still not French. (Shame really as I'd like to see a Spad).
  3. Just read an e-mail from Wingnut Wings that says there will be a new model announcement at the IPMS nationals on Sunday! No idea what that could be.
  4. I find it difficult to believe anything that's posted from AMK any more. They announced this kit over 4 years ago, I suspect it didn't take Grumman that long to build the real thing, and there's still no sign of it; same story with the G-91. Think I'll stick with the Tamiya kit and fit aftermarket flaps; as for the Gina I'll try the 1:32 scale kit from DayGlo.
  5. Looks like the next release from Wingnut Wings will be a Sopwith Dolphin. http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/news Apologies but this has already been posted, I'll delete the post when I work out how to do it.
  6. Richard123

    1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk.III HK Models

    I hope they mean test shots Jan 1018.
  7. Can't be the 1990 car as they carried numbers 1 & 2. Prost was champion in '89.
  8. Richard123

    It's a Victor!

    I'd wait for the final boxing. I looked through the box with the the help of one of the Airfix people and neither of us could find the normal bomb doors. I live in hope they were just missing from that box otherwise it looks like we're looking at a wait for a standard bomber. I hope they don't release alternate parts as they did for the Valiant.
  9. Richard123

    It's a Victor!

    Checked the sprues in the box and I couldn't find a bomb door part other than the Blue Steel type.
  10. Any more news on the G-91 please?
  11. No thanks, I'd rather see something different please.
  12. Quite fancied one of these but that leaves rather a nasty taste. Don't think I'll be spending anything with Tanmodel.
  13. Richard123

    1/350 Ark Royal Merit

    Looks like Swordfish and Skuas to me. Unless the Russians fired on the Ark and it was hushed up. Looks like explosions in the water on the boxart.
  14. Richard123

    "German guys" all over the VC10 at Cosford.?

    I reckon Ryanair are looking to see if it fits in their hangers.