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  1. oops lets try again. I didn't speak to anyone behind the Airfix stand on Saturday I did hear them tell a punter that they were aiming to make the BE2 as easy as possible to construct. The kit would be engineered in a customer/builder friendly manner including jigs for strut and wing alignment etc. Lets hope its not those bloody awful cross braces we seen on the Gladiator and Tiger Moth recently. A colleague also told me that Airfix told him that they were just dipping their toe in the water with these two. To check out the market, if they sell well then they will make more WW1 subjects from n
  2. Just to share. Although I didn't speak to anyone on the Airfix stand at T
  3. Thanks very much gcn. PM sent. Have a great Karma...... Thanks again Snipeboy
  4. I wonder if any of you can help with a damaged decal issue I have. While carrying out some touch up work on the model I failed to realise paint had run down the fuselage sides spoiling the decals on fuselage sides. efforts to wipe/sand and gently scrape the images clean have ended in disaster and the decaled markings are now damaged beyond use. I am wondering if anyone has a set of unused markings for option 'C' on the instruction sheet Franz Buchner Jasta 13, Oct/Nov 1918. Only the checkerboards and Lion head markings are required rest of model unaffected Any help would be appreciated and
  5. Sorry beer gogles off, I meant the F2A retained short cable ducts while tail fin, ventral tank, and wings modified to F6 standard. Thats why I said reduce length of Matchbox cable ducts for mor accurate model. Snipeboy
  6. Brings back memories. Now my main era is ww1 aircraft, however many, many moons ago, Lightnings and me stood shoulder to shoulder ready to hurl back the Bolshavik hordes from sweeping down on Tyneside. One point I notice that no one has pointed out is the F2 had short cable ducts but the modified F2A had the longer ones. To make a 2A from matchbox kit you need to shorten the ducts which are correct for the F6. Not Rocket Science of course but overlooked by Matchbox. Matchbox do have the best rendition of these ducts however as FROG/Hasegawa/Revell and both the Airfix 72nd issues are far too e
  7. not that i'm aware of yet. However it has not been published that long ago, and I hope there would be a follow up volume by the same author as there were a lot of airfields built particulary in the Vale of Glamorgan during WW 2.The story of ww1 ace Ira jones as station commander LLandow in 1940 attacked a ju88 over the Bristol Channel in an unarmed Hawker Henly trainer fireing a very pistol at the a/cft in such an agresive manner the German aborted his bomb run, jetonsoned his bombs and fled for home. Fairwood Common on the Gower was a very active nght fighter station too, with responsabil
  8. Hi Paolo I agee with others "Tweny one squadrons" by Lesley Hunt is a very good source indeed. Well worth making the effort to obtain a copy. Another usefull book you could look for is "Eheda Glamorgan Aviation" by Robert C Thursby published by Temple Publishing Inc. of Stroud GLOS. 2002 There is a complete chapter at the end including photographs of the time when they were based at Pengam Moor ( next to the old steelworks at Splott) which was Cardiffs pre war airport. Sorry I almost forgot; if you want to do a search or ask your local Library to get it for you the ISBN number is 0 7524 27
  9. snipeboy

    Sopwith Triplane

    As usual ed surperb build. For info of visitors to the thread this is a rebuild of the original Eduard, and seen in the flesh is even moe impressive. When you've finnished with them; any chance of you denoting those eyes to me rather than medicil science ?? Well done Graham
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