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  1. going to be buying a roller blind for use as a plain background/base for photos. Just haven't got me head around all the aspects yet.
  2. 2nd gen phone camera. Better now, 5th Gen phone camera. still a crap photographer.
  3. Great reference picture Alex, I'm going to go for a mix of od/grey and all over od in varying shades. Maybe some ablative coated mk83/84 on another load too.
  4. nice to see a build in an unfamiliar scheme.
  5. The FAA one (one that keeps crashing) certainly didn't. The 2 seater i saw in Shaibah didn't either, but that was in poor repair. Both were perpendicular to the rudder.
  6. Well pizzle ma fa shizzle as da yoof say. Sniffing build and finish. Lovely.
  7. very aware of the twin or triple bands on the noses. i'm using very grainy(old) paint for the casings gives a slightly sandpaper feel and look. The decal set has a great background piece on reasons for 2 or 3 band yellow rings.
  8. Downsized our house. Upside- no mortgage Down-side, a hell of a lot smaller.
  9. Sorry to open this thread, but when did thr USN munitions from OD to grey.? I'm building an A7E/D from 1992. Which colour would the MK82's be?
  10. Are the pics showing ok? I can see them, but not sure anyone else can.
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