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  1. Very bouncy suspension from my dim memory, although i was very very drunk
  2. These 2 are just my most recent completed builds. I have almost all the Revell 1/35 BW kits and a few others too already built and a few more yet to be build.
  3. no idea and the only footage i've seen isn't all that good. I suspect it's a piano type hinge on all 3 hinge points.
  4. Not being one to make a kit oob or as per the easy path i decided to convert/alter these 2 Both Revell recent re-releases, both 1/35. Now does anyone know of a decent scale hinge, cos the tamiya tape hinges are frankly a pain and look rubbish.
  5. i can feel a kidney and or lung being sold .
  6. Does anyone know of anyone making 1/35 Leopard pioneerpanzer bits? Dozer blade, telescopic crane arm, solid towing bar - 2 piece, construction buckets. Looked in all my usual places, MBK, LeoClub, Accurate Armour, but there seems to be a hole in ( admittedly small ) niche area of interest. ideally looking for U.K. supplier.
  7. that looks epic. If you don't need the spares i'll happily relieve you of them to add to the F16 pile.????
  8. do a hawk before the bean counters ground them all then sell them for scrap.
  9. I've done that on a version i did 20 (ish) years ago when it was 1st released. Easier said than done.
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