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  1. Thanks Jeroen! Next work will be a P47 Thunderbolt... A lot of work and fun, I hope.
  2. Outstanding work Jeroen!! Very realistic. Hats off!!
  3. Thanks Alpha Delta for your kind comment. Yes, the watermark is the "price to pay" for "free" storing images in Photobucket
  4. Here the link to ready for inspecion: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235085651-citroën-fourgon-type-h-124-heller/&do=findComment&comment=3935142
  5. Hello everybody, Here the Citroën Fourgon Type H, "Guiness" (Heller, 1/24). It took me three months to built it (but working only a cupole of hours in the weekeend.. The model is fun, and improves a lot with the Motobitz decals. Apart from some fit issues, I only have a little complaint about the Heller instruction manual; in my opinon is no good. I hope you like it, and also I'm looking forward for your comments....
  6. Hello everybody! This weekend, I finished the Citroën Type H "Guiness" van. Basically, I put the lights, doors in place, handles, rear-view mirrors....little things. But, at the same time, two important decisions were made: a) Leave the driver's door open. And also the door in the upper half in the rear. b) Leave the spare wheel visible. This gives the van a very different ...(maybe oddy?) look, which i liked. I hope you like, too! Fin
  7. Hello everybody! Here some more pics. I've put a little bit of detail around the radiator. The cream color has been dull down (I think now it's better), and after I started with the decals... The decals are excellent! My congratulations to Motobitz. Now, I'm masking the cover for painting the Citroën logo. My idea is that the cover could be removable, in order to see the radiator and huses... But I need to think an easy way. That's all for the moment. T
  8. Hello everybody! Let me show you some more pics: (First of all, this is the subject I'm trying to reproduce): Before airbrushing, I applied a lay of MIG chipping effect with brush. Then, I started to achieve the colour cream of the van, mixing Tamiya colours. And this are the Tamiya colours I've mixed, in order to get the "cream" colour: XF2, XF-3, XF-7 (only few drops) and XF-57. And this is the result: I think the colour it's a little bit intense in yellow, but later I'll down.
  9. Hello guys! Here some news pics. First of all, I've managed to solve the gap in the roof (sliding door). That was a great problem... After, I've installed the seats, pedals and leavers. Also, putting exhaust and engine in place: The dashboard was finished and weathered during the week. I used the Motobitz decals for the speedmeter and gearbox: so far better that provides by Heller. As well happens with the engine, after finished the model, the dashboard
  10. An also, some weathering with tyres: And also with the inner parts of panels: Thanks PatW, Your Citroën looks great, and also the diorama. How did you achieve the Michelin logo? BTW: my model comes without "le Marché" decals, only the license plate...
  11. Hello guys! Today I've started preparing some parts for weathering (...chipping effects). The first layer is Tamita XF-9 Hull red, suitable for rust effects:
  12. Hello JeroenS, Thanks for your comment about wheels...Actually, I'm thinking of not gluing the front transmission parts, in order to be wheels steereable. And also, I've done a fitting test, and there is a big gap in the front roof:
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