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  1. Brilliant work!! My congratulations.!! Honestly, your model is totally realistic. Bravo!
  2. Hello, Here the link to RFI thread, with new photos:
  3. Hello fellows, Here my P47-D Thunderbolt, "2 big and Too Heavy", finished. A wonderful kit from Trumpeter; the only drawaback was that the engine was impossible to fit in the cowling, as I explained in the WIP thread. I hope you like the fotos, as much I enjoyed building and painting this wonderful "jug". Your comments will be welcome... And here, the link to my WIP: Thanks for looking!
  4. My congratulations Martian!! Very good work
  5. Hello fellows! Finally the P47 has been completed... It took me almost one year. I'm happy with the final result, despite the problems with the engine and the cowling. Here the last pics... I was doubtfoul about using with the 500 lbs. bombs, drop tanks, or rocket launchers. Eventually I decided for the rocket launchers. Masking the canopy... Gear landing installed. And also the drop tank... And here, the final result revealed...! Important: notice the engine was totally "reduced", in order to fit the cowling. And that's all, I hope you like it, and thanks for watching. En few days I'll put some pics in WIP. See you in my next project!!
  6. Hello Col. Walter E Kurt! This is a great start! I'm already finishig this kit. It's lovely, but I found a lot of problems fitting the cowling... In fact, I had to sand a lot of the inner walls of it, and remove some parts of the intakes; if not it was impossible fitting the cowling with the fuselage. I hope you don't find the same issue. I'll follow your project with interest! Best regards,
  7. Very good work!! I like the weathering...! very realistic.
  8. Hello, fellows! After a long break, I've taken the model again... So, let's go with some pics. First of all, the cowling didn't fit in any way; so finally It needed a very (...very!!) big surgery. I had to cut the inner air intakes, as you can see here: And reducing them a lot... In that way, after make them shorter, the cowling finally fits... Of course, I was disappointed with that solution, but really I could'n find any better After this, I did a first layer of black primer (Vallejo surface primer 77.660) And after painting all plane with Vallejo 77.701 (aluminium), I also used Vallejo 77.704 (pale burnt metal), in some panels; I hope will made the model most interesting... Here, part of the masking process... I started by the tail... And here some general overviews of the plane: And here, the belly: Finally, I've also started the undercarriage. And that's all for now! I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for watching
  9. Congratulations Alan! Your model is impressive!! Extraordinary work!!!
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