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  1. Very good job! I love the engines.
  2. Very great work Alan, And I also admire your ability to do several jobs at the same time!!
  3. Hello everybody! Trying to find a solution to align properly the cowling, which remains lowered from the bottom line of the plane, I filed and sanded it, as much as I could (in fact, I made a little damage in it). But even though the inner walls remained very thin, the problem continued. So, I decide to go for main surgery...I cut totally part of the intake, and also sanded a lot all this part: Compare the picture (above) and after sanding (below)... Now, the cowling fits better (my idea is that be e
  4. Hello fellow modelmakers! Let me put some new pics... This is the rear part of the engine, which barely will be visible at the end. And this is the whole engine already mounted, with the ducts connected: This is the first test to join the two halves of the fuselage: Just a little bit difficult (...since ther are a two big chunks) Here, with the two covers that I made and the cowling on.
  5. Thank you Dov! I'll try resize the photos... Kind regards,
  6. Hello fellows, Here some more pics, regarding to the painting of the engine. I've used Vallejo Metal color Pale Burnt, Cooper (for inside pipes), and Tamiya Medium Blue for the nose casing. All the cylindres were weathered with Tamiya Pane line accent: This is the result, after putting all pieces in place: I also added the ignition cables, using 0,5 mm copper wire.... An this is all for the moment...
  7. Very impressive Alan. Lot of work and detail! Congratulations
  8. Hello fellow modelmakers, Today, I put some more pics, related to addding wires in the area between the engine and the cockpit: I've used 0,5 mm copper wire for this, and some spare parts from other kit, for simulating the holes and connexions. This part is almost done (...regarding to add extra detail). After, I've continued with the engine: This pieces fitted very bad, and needed a lot of sanding... Now, all the pie
  9. Thanks Alan, I've cut this two parts of fuselage: I hope they work as a cover, which can always be put on and removed to make the details visible... The problem will be to fit them....
  10. Hello fellows, Let me show you my new project. The Trumpeter P-47 Thunderbolt, bubbletop, "2 Big and too Heavy", in 1/32 scale. As you know, this Tumpeter's model has a lot of interior details, which I'll try to made visible...(at least some of them). And here some pics...; this is the real bird, and the Trumpeter art box. As usual, I've started with the cockpit: As aftermarket, I only bought the Yahu Instrument panel. In my opinion It's worthy,
  11. Thanks Jeroen! Next work will be a P47 Thunderbolt... A lot of work and fun, I hope.
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