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  1. Hello guys! Here some news pics. First of all, I've managed to solve the gap in the roof (sliding door). That was a great problem... After, I've installed the seats, pedals and leavers. Also, putting exhaust and engine in place: The dashboard was finished and weathered during the week. I used the Motobitz decals for the speedmeter and gearbox: so far better that provides by Heller. As well happens with the engine, after finished the model, the dashboard
  2. An also, some weathering with tyres: And also with the inner parts of panels: Thanks PatW, Your Citroën looks great, and also the diorama. How did you achieve the Michelin logo? BTW: my model comes without "le Marché" decals, only the license plate...
  3. Hello guys! Today I've started preparing some parts for weathering (...chipping effects). The first layer is Tamita XF-9 Hull red, suitable for rust effects:
  4. Hello JeroenS, Thanks for your comment about wheels...Actually, I'm thinking of not gluing the front transmission parts, in order to be wheels steereable. And also, I've done a fitting test, and there is a big gap in the front roof:
  5. Hello fellows, Let me show my WIP - The Citroën Fourgon Type H 1/24 from Heller. I was hooked with this model, after seeing the awesome work made by MBdesignart in Britmodeller, and his choice as a Guiness Van. So, I decided to make the same subjet...I grab the model in a store in Barcelona (24 Euros), and ordered the decals to Motobitz. In few days the decals arrived at home... Let's start with some pics. Your comments will be appreciate!
  6. Hi Steve, Believe me, New Zealand is one of the places I would want to visit! The landscapes are incredible!! I felt in love of your country, watching The Lord of rings. But the trip is quite expensive... Cheers
  7. Hi Opus999, Thank you very much! I put a lot of effort making the Merlin engine, but the final result was a little bit of luck...
  8. Thanks for your review! And totally agree: I put the flap actuators visible, only for being my model a little bit more different. Now, i realize that was a mistake! And I put the crowbar in red, according to restored models pics. You know a lot!
  9. Hi Dennis, Thanks for your kind remark and translation. Actually, I'm learning English as advanced level. But always I'm afraid of making mistakes...!!
  10. Great work Miguel, I love also the way you show your work. Very professional! Josep
  11. Hello, Finally, I could upload the pics (....at first, I was trying to upload the whole album from Photobucket) Sorry for the delay, and I hope you enjoy. Warm regards,
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