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  1. Awesome work, Jeroen! Totally realistic. I love the color you have achieved, and the rusted spots. The cans also look great. Long live to Van Dordt company!!
  2. Thank you Andy for your kind comment!
  3. Thank you very much. I tried to get the most realistic look...
  4. Many thanks Jeroen, I have seen your VW Van, and it's wonderful. I like also your registrered trade mark!!
  5. Many thanks! Sure it would be a lovely restoration!
  6. Hello fellows, Let me show you my last project: the Volkswagen Kafer (Beetle) from early 50's, in 1/16 Scale, from Revell. This was a little special built, since this kit was already started (...I got it in Wallapop). This added some extra difficulties, as you can imagine. The chasis, engine and other main parts were done by the previous owner, (almost sure a begginer in modelling...), and most of them painted in glossy black. Othe parts, were missing or damaged, as I explain in WIP thread My idea was to depict this old Beetle, in light green - a very common color for this cars-, in some parts rusted and also weathered. let's go! And that's all gentlemen! I hope you like it Here, my thread in WIP, if you want to check it: C&C will be welcome! Cheers! Josep
  7. Hello BM fellows, Hopefully, Revell was so kind to send me the optics, in just one week. Good! And when I opened the box, besides the optics, I received all the clear parts. A small box, with a big surprise...and, as I explained in the previous post, at no cost. Thank you, Revell!! Here, a pic of the new optic. Before the installation, I used some of the clear parts, in order to simulate the lamps... in this close up, you can see the result, after puttig both optics in their place: Inside the bonnet, I added a cloth, made from paper and airbrushed in dark red, with some drops of black. Handy to using in case the spare wheel needed change... And here the final reveal: I hope you enjoyed it. I'll put some more images in RFI Your comments will be welcomed, and thanks for watching!
  8. Hello fellows, Here are some more pics... In order to paint the bumpers, windscreen wipers and other chrome parts, I had to remove the chrome layer which came originally from the kit, since it seems totally toylike... I removed it using "Mr. Muscle", a product of Johnson for cleaning ovens. I put all the pieces in a plastic bag, sprayed the product over, and after one hour more or less, all pieces were clean. After this, I painted with Vallejo Chome 71.064. Over this first layer, I applied other colours in order to achieve a weathered and rusted effect. I took some pics of the dashboard and interiors, which afterwards barely will be visible: I left the right door closed, and the left slightly open: The windscreen wipers, here already painted, and put in their place. Front bumper with number plate, jack and wheel spanner, and rear-view mirror, painted and ready to installation: Of course this is a big scale model, but the level of detail is very good. My idea was to continue installing the optics, but... ...the previous owner glued on the clear optics, and they have become opaque (like white...). They are unusable... Here, you can see the both optics, with their support. I tried to cleaning them, but I couldn't achieve any good. So, as a last chance, I decided to ask for two new parts to Revell customer service. They answered to me, that I would receive the two optics in three working weekf, at NO COST. And that's all for the moment guys...The model is almost done, bout waiting for the optics... Thanks for watching!
  9. Ohh... I wish I had one of this old Beetles
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