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  1. @opus999 maybe try to mask around it with Tamiya or a thick painter's tape, carefully scrape the raised area with a knife, then remove the masks, and sand town to blend, then respray?
  2. Nice to see this one finished, the build thread was pretty interesting. I think detailing the wheel wells was well worth it in the end! As to the overall result, to me, this looks more like a real airplane than a scale model. I really like the subtle panel lines!
  3. @opus999 having seen what you are doing with the 1/72 Monogram P-51 build, I will be following this one too - really looking forward to see how you do the NMF on the Ki-84!
  4. I've been following this build for a while now and it's about time I join and say how inspiring it is! Starting off with a good research on the subject, using a vintage kit that you're improving and the result with the penciled panel lines, it has all come along fantastic! I fully agree with what @2996 Victor said, I was a bit skeptical but the kit's panel lines look great in 1/72! Very subtle yet still just noticeable, I have to say this is far, far more realistic to-scale representation than most of the engraved lines on modern kits (even very fine ones, like on new Eduard
  5. Great model of a beautiful plane! The fact that this is a scratchbuild makes it all the better. Always found it absolutely inspiring to be able to make one.
  6. A great, clean build that really allows the striking colors to shine! One more in support of the pilot, would have added even more. In any case, thumbs up! I had considered getting Zvezda's F-2 as I hear it's very accurate in shape and easy to build, and is very cheap where I live (unlike Tamiya's G-6). You build definitely convinces me to get one or two, although I doubt I can get such a good result!
  7. Okay, long time without any updates on this! Unfortunately, this was my second time spraying camouflage with an airbrush, and I made a total mess out of it. I wasn't sure whether to go freehand or with masks, so tried both and it turned out well but there were several bad places. So I decided to go back and redo them, and I learned that Hataka's Blue line paints (for brush use) tend to become brighter when thinned, at least with pure water or Mr. Color's acrylic thinner. The result was a blotchy camo, which I decided to strip... which resulted in the canopy frames becoming loose, and the cockp
  8. As someone who is a fan of the Lavochkin fighters, I am in the same boat. Currently building the Eduard La-7. In fact, if you want to have the complete La- family wartime line, get both the ClearProp and KP kits. The CP is an early series (1 through 5) La-5. One of the most distinctive features in scale would be the rounded front windscreen, same as on the Lagg-3. The KP La-5s are from series 5 onwards. They have the flat, armored front windscreen. This kit can also be used to represent the early series La-5F, which were regular razorback La-5s with the M-8
  9. One more confirmation for the dual tone camo on the upper wing and horizontal stabilizer surfaces of Bulgarian Avias. RLM 70/71 Dark Green and Black Green. For the best English (even Bulgarian) language source, I highly recommend the two volumes Bulgarian Fighter Colours published by MPM. There's a review here on the site, these books are pure gold!
  10. Ah... sadly, Eduard's 1/72 La-7 is a good kit but nowhere near excellent. It has some geometry and detail issues, errenous colour profiles. I would describe it as something like Academy's Spitfire XIV - great kit but not a great scale model. 35 litre and 1300hp actually. Probably because it was one of the best if not the best frontline dogfighter of the war. The fascination with raw speed isn't a great way to judge a fighter. I recently read an interview with a Soviet fighter pilot and they asked him the same thing, why the relatively slow Yak-3 was so successfull. He said that
  11. Build progress rather slow thanks to a bad case of food poisoning on Friday evening, and general lack of motivation at the moment. I assembled the fuselage and it turned out that I had glued seat position wrongly - it should be flush with the armored rear plate and fuselage sides. So it went from this.. ... back to separate parts, and again to this: To boot, I the location of the starboard PE part for the trim wheels given in the instruction is wrong! It should be right next to the pilot's right leg rather than behind the the seat
  12. That thing is tiny! Looks pretty good, painting the canopy framing must have been fun!
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