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  1. Great build of a very weathered bird! That's the ride of Gerhard Barkhorn in Autumn 1943 over the Kuban and Crimea as part of II/JG52, if I'm not mistaking?
  2. Hello everyone, Wanted to share that there will be a scale modeling show in Sofia, Bulgaria's capital city, on October 15-16 2022. Might be a long way from the UK but it would be great to have more international guests and participants! Link to the event: https://scalemodelsclub.com/
  3. A great model with an inspiring story! Reminds me of my first scale model, a long lost now 1/72 Revell Spitfire Mk.Vb back in 1997. Your rescribed panel lines definitely look better than what I can do!
  4. Excellent work on both the Komet and the tractor! The mottling effect looks great, very subtle. The Komet itself maybe looks a bit too chipped, didn't the real ones have a very short lifespan (sometimes jus a single sortie)? I really like the tractor. Is it painted RLM-04 yellow? Adds a nice contrast to the camo of the Me-163.
  5. Nice to see an old kit restored! I still have a small stash of kits from my school years that I need to save. I have to agree that the Revell kkit looks better. It's too slim but the overall shape is closer to a real Yak-38, the other kit looks far too square and boxier.
  6. MLA will be the first release followed up by the ML and MLD, if I understand correctly from previous posts in the thread?
  7. Sad to hear about your condition, as someone with severe myopia and having to work all day in front of a monitor, I can related to the pain. Yet, that's a fantastic model you have there! Looks like a very clean build and excellent paint work.
  8. I don't want to open that can of worms, so this is my personal opinion only - a P-39Q without Soviet markings at 25 euro is a hard pass for me. It's a beautiful plane and I wouldn't mind adding a PTO P-39D/L in USAAF markings but the Q's combat career was mostly with the Red Air Force, and at that steep price I am not buying extra decal sheets for a single build... Sadly, because I expect it to be a great kit. Anyway. Any idea if the new P-51 boxing has new decals or the same ones from the Expert kit? And while I'm at it asking questions, any idea if Arma are stopping production on the Yak-1b? Previously they even sold overtrees but I don't see either them or the basic boxing anymore, just the Expert one.
  9. Great finish! I just started the Bandai B-Wing this Sunday, nice to know there will be fitting issues with the lower gun pod. I was planning to paint the different color sections separately and then just assemble but it may not go as expected.. I applaud the decision to go for a custom paint scheme! That's the fun part of scifi builds, I think. And yours has turned out great, it reminds me of the ships from the Homeworld series.
  10. I am calling it now, 1/72 IAR-80/81 announcement tomorrow!
  11. Of course, as @MarkoZGalready pointed out, this discussion is going on at scalemodel.ru - here are the links: Choice of Yak-1, Yak-3, Yak-7, Yak-9 in 1/72 (general discussion) and Announcement of Zvezda 1/72 Yak-9D "snap-fit". In short, while the overall geometry of the kit is praised, there's a lot of negative feedback regarding the engine exhausts, undercarriage, wheels and wheel wells. Thanks to @JohnThompson for posting a link to the instructions - I see that there's gratitude to Sergei Kuznetsov, among others. Given the praise the 1/48 Yak-9D kit is receiving on the Russian forums, Kuznetsov having advised (his work on the Yak-1 is excellent and I would love for Kagero to get him to do Yak-7/9 books), it seems that downscaling isn't the problem but rather simplifying and "adjusting" a number of details to allow for a snap-fit kit. @JohnThompson the Yak-9T used the same wing with additional fuel tanks as the -9D, the difference is the fuselage. If you take a look at the last step in the instructions, I'd say they'll provide new fuselage halves for the Yak-9T (hopefully, -9M too) and reuse the rest. Yet another subject over the past decade or so that has great 1/48 kits and either non-existent, inaccurate or expensive/hard to find 1/72 downscales..
  12. Opinions on the Russian modelling forums seems to range from mixed to quite negative - it seema this is a mish-mash of different Series. To be honest, even ArmaHobby don't specify what's the exact Series their excellent Yak-1b kit is based on but still, it would be nice if manufacturers did this.
  13. Someone did stencils for the G-2s in Bulgarian? If only I had the shelf space for 1/32 airplanes...
  14. An excellent Emil in an unusual scheme! I am currently building a 1/72 Avia B.135 model in RLM70/71 upper surfaces and I suspect I've lightened them too much for the 'scale effect' because I can also verify thay on period B&W photos the actual planes look almost black; the original German colors were indeed very dark. Your model has turned out great and props on the excellent build description, a very nice read!
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