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  2. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    XV574 sans centreline tank. http://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p412807271/h2CD36C51#h2cd36c51 Rob.
  3. 1/48 Mosquito XVIII - TseTse

    Hasegawa released a limited edition with resin upgrades. I was fortunate to pick one up before the disappeared. One's up for trade on Ebay as below https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hasegawa-1-72-DeHavilland-Mosquito-Mk18-Anti-Ship-Attacker-Model-Kit-02024/232652760099?epid=16012148472&hash=item362b2f6423:g:KQcAAOSwqbxaQ76r
  4. Blue Jug (P-47M, 63rd FS 1945)

    Solid kit the Academy P-47 & married to the SH update it's a real gem. MPM have re-released the Hasegawa Beaufighter & Academy P-39 in the same respect.
  5. Haystack

    Fantastic work on a rare beast. Love it.
  6. Oh boy that Wimpy got slapped by something big. Have to be careful of those sea monsters.
  7. Today
  8. from http://www.americanairmuseum.com/person/140906 pic is a P-51B, so most likely is standard Olive Drab over Neutral Gray
  9. I used the Hataka early Israeli jet paint set. I look forward to seeing your finished model
  10. I put the broken antenna mast where nothing could happen to it. Even that I would find it. So I had to make a brass one, which is good, since they tend to be knocked off and brake, and sometimes the plastic buckles under the antenna wire tension. As you can see, this is the lesser seen J-BAAL - a reg. dreaded by some distinguished members of this hospitable site- instead of the more commonly represented J-BAAI:
  11. Best 1/48 A-4

    Why has the 1/48 Hasegawa A-4B been MIA for so long? It goes for silly money on eBay. Can’t Hasegawa notice this?
  12. Old KP 1/72 Spitfire LF.IXe

    Quite nice Spitfire, further enhance by these little details that add life (and bring joy to the hearts of Spitfire nerds), such as the offset control surfaces and the castoring tailwheel! I agree that it's particularly uplifting to see an ancient kit built to good standards. Kind regards, Joachim
  13. Spitphoon 1/72 Airfix.

    Hello Simon, just came across this. Very nice work on both so far. For the Tiffie my favourite scheme would be an "arctic viper scheme" with some nice "what if" Greenland independece markings (danish ones with a polar bear inside the roundels ) Ok that's a bit of Hello Kitty, I know. But some sort of artifical freedom. Cheers
  14. 1/48 Tamiya F-16c "Misawa"

    Thanks you guys for the kind words, much apreciated! I addmit I didn't paint the intake's interior, ups I got lazy cheers
  15. Am I Screwed?

    Hi Coutinho! Judging by your choice of kits, it seems you have a strong interest in Russian aircraft, and in my book, that's a very good thing! Welcome aboard! It's actually dredged up from the 70s, being a reboxing of a kit released by Italeri (or Italaeri, to be period-correct for that era) that was first released in 1972! That said, it's a reasonably easy build if I remember correctly, although it's not as accurate a representation of a La-5FN as one might wish for. But I suspect you aren't fanatical about accuracy at this point in your enjoyment of the hobby - the thrill of "rivet-counting" is a taste acquired over many years! The Amodel I-16 has been issued/reissued several times; originally it was one of Amodel's first kits, in the 1990s, according to Scalemates. Check this link for the various reboxings (the first 4 kits, not the UTI-4 trainers at the bottom of the list), which are all basically the same kit except for decals: https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=Amodel+I-16 The only difference among them regarding the plastic which comes to mind is the inclusion of skis and RS-82 rockets with the "type 6", kit no.72164. I actually like this kit in any of its 4 versions although it's pretty rough in places as J-W has pointed out. Overall it's reasonably accurate; my main beef about it is that the trailing edges of the wings are rather thick, but this can be improved by sanding them thinner on the undersides where the damage this does to the aileron details isn't as noticeable. The canopy is pretty ugly too, unfortunately. A new kit of the type 5 is long overdue - I keep hoping Amodel will retool it, but so far, no luck. Enjoy! John
  16. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Bill, the RAF Museum site at Cosford, near Wolverhampton , holds XR220. It’s a bit of a flog from London, about a 2 1/2 hour drive or two train journeys each way. The Imperial War Museum at Duxford keeps XR222: south west of Cambridge it is far closer but is a train journey of about an hour from King’s Cross station and then a very-not-inexpensive taxi ride from the nearest station at Whittlesford IIRC. I live about 50 miles from London (an hour on the train) so a meet-up for a beer or coffee wouldn’t be beyond the bounds of possibility. I don’t blame you for “cheating” on the plumbing: unless you use extremely fine solder you run the risk of the area looking cluttered. I’m sure we won’t tell if you don’t. The undercarriage design was intended to give this 50-ton aeroplane as big a footprint as possible to allow operation from semi-prepared and/or low bearing strength runways whilst keeping the fuselage cross-sectional area as small as possible to meet the top end of the specified performance envelope.
  17. I have a spare set of the clear parts from the Trumpeter Wyvern S4 that you could have, just send me a pm with your name and address and I'll will get them in the post to you over the weekend.
  18. Hi All I bit half the bullet and fitted the rear seats and front seat runners to the floor before sealing them inside. It's been put aside to set for an indefinite time while I do a little bit of sub assembly The locating pins were generally out by half a mm on all of these, just enough to not seat them flush. I removed them and they mate ok, still need sanding and filling. Comments and suggestions welcome Cheers Steve
  19. Airfix 1/72 Vulcan XL360

    Oo, Oo, two white triangles on the go! Excellent! Nice work. Graham
  20. RAF Dk.Green camouflage color

    My experience of Xtracolour enamels
  21. RAF Edzell vampires

    thanks guys. I have the decal sheet and plan to do a heller kit in this scheme. I will contact harry lime. I think the gentlemans name was brian that sent me the photos. Black and white and one of them had a picture of an anson in the background with the vampires taxing with underwing fuel tanks.
  22. RAM Models F4 decals

    I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I ordered the two 1/72 sheets last October and they were posted about a week after the order was placed. It took me a very long time to decide whether to go for it but using Paypal at least meant that the risk was minimised. I'd like the equivalent 1/48 sheets but probably won't push my luck just yet unless I can find them from another source. It's a shame as they're very nice sheets and cover some interesting subjects (although a few have already appeared on the new Xtradecal sheets). I guess that in time more of them will eventually be covered by other manufacturers. Sheet 72-002 was printed by Fantasy Printshop and I suspect the first was too so there should be no issues with applying them. Melvyn, you should be able to get the '53' and '153' codes from Xtradecal X72129 (https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72129). Alternatively, they're also on Modeldecal set 002 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MD002 . Hope it all gets sorted out for you. Jonathan
  23. Yesterday
  24. Wheel-well colours - BoB Spitfire, Hurricane, & Defiant

    from @Etiennedup invaluable Flickr Engine overhaul c1943. by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr Spitfire P R Mk. XI by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr Seafire by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr
  25. PBM-3 Mariner

    The existing Minicraft PBM-5A kit includes cover plates for the main landing gear bays, so a flying boat version can be done. For the nose gear, just glue the supplied doors shut and fill and sand them to eliminate the panel lines. I have read, but can't confirm that the next release will have blanking plates for the turrets and a different radome type, as well as beaching gear- I'm just guessing, but think that suggests it will be a PBM-5 and PBM-5R transport version, not a PBM-3. Mike I just saw an illustration/description for a new Minicraft PBM-5, kit number 11684: the kit is described as having beaching gear, depth bombs for the nacelle armament bays, and a choice of three and four blade props, which doesn't make sense, as all PBY-5/5A's had four blade props. Not sure what that is all about. The plot thickens!
  26. Love the way you did those hinges Ian, a tiny little detail that combined with the corrected ailerons will make a huge difference to the finished look - great stuff! Keith
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