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  2. Hi Steve: This build just ended wonderful, looks wonderful and who cares about the wheel size??? Congratulations for the wondeful job done!!1 Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  3. Sorry to dig up this past thread, but new evidence (at least to me) has come up that changes my opinion on the matter. On my recently observed birthday, my wife gave me a copy of a book "WWII American War Eagles 1937 - 1942" , subtitled "America's Arsenal of Democracy - Vol 1", featuring all original Kodachrome color photos, by Mr Warren M Bodie. A beautiful book of photos, many of lesser-seen types of aircraft in U.S. (and some British markings). I highly recommend it. In any event, one of the photos was relevant to our discussion here, about the odd coloring on the P-38E, and single P-38F on a LIFE magazine cover. The photo and the page are reproduced here, which is only fair, given the plug for the book. This photo is readily available on-line, but the book has a better copy: This, for me, is clearly the same as the type of markings on the Life cover aircraft. I present it here FWIW. Ed
  4. Hi Habu: Nice bird and nice work!!! Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  5. Hi Cristian: Nice build of a nice bird!! This wonderful detail in the flaps looks wonderful and the weathering superb!!! Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  6. Hi Celt!!! Wonderful build and nice ended kit. I have one to be re-glued after an accident prior to be painted, and will try to improve her and add something not so complicated. Without a doubt SHMBO knew you need this build and Thought good!!! Thank you very much for sharing and inspiring a build My Friend!!!. Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  7. A little more today: Terry
  8. Thanks alot Kev had a break which was brilliant Loved how the guns came out, and yes I sure do like the Sherline lathe, taught how to use one back in Poole Dorset many years ago Thanks again Stix Hi Jens have bought a lot from the car details sites, and because I like to build in 1:24 scale you can find almost all the items you require Thanks very much Julian, I think that the small details bring out the model, would love to see a pic of your Typhoon Regards Richard
  9. Here is a better picture.
  10. Hi Buccymad, Reason -- 1) I was afraid of ruining the canopy by trying to cut it apart, and 2) I expected the canopy, after having been dipped in Future, to show more than it does. -Bill
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  12. Hi rob Lyttle,most of my kits end up in the plastic recycling bag and very few make it to my shelves,the main reason is I am not that good a modeller and prefer not have my failures around to taunt me.
  13. Just excellent Tony... the accompanying text and the WIP. Hat's off to the very neat & straight application of underwing and rear fuselage seials - not something that's easy to pull off successfully. Cheers.. Dave.
  14. At least you had the courtesy to blindfold her before the op....... Ian
  15. So sorry to hear that PC, my thoughts are with your family. Ian
  16. Four Ospreys in line abreast heading at a fast rate of knots over work towards the airport around 10 this morning. I've seen them individually in the past, but 4 in formation - what a racket! (But a good one!)
  17. Here is a link to the Oxford door arrangement. My notes say this is also P8833 and was serving with 24 Sqn:
  18. Going strictly on the ease of building, I recommend the Superjet. It's a pleasure to put together which the Revell can't even come close to. Zvezda also do an A320 which if you can find it is far superior to the Revell kit, but I find Zvezda's decals to be a trifle difficult to work with. They're very thin and temperamental. I prefer to use aftermarket markings on my Zvezda kits if I have the option.
  19. I'm very interested in the elevator mods, from the pic it looks like the earlier type are smaller? There was a post from Jamie from Sovereign Hobbies mentioning that the Tamiya Beaufighter had some problems with the tail plane. A bit more information on the wing panels would be useful too, IIRXC the Tamiya is based on an Australian example, and they faithfully reproduced the repair patches? Great build, I particularly like what look to be some subtle use of washes. cheers T
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  21. Well these are marching right along, great stuff Tony. Lots of tips and tricks too.
  22. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful build and nice history bit right there.
  23. Don`t the colour Life magazine Blenheim photos also show the presence of pre war serials retained on some rudders, indicating that they were painted in the UK,.... and a mixture of dark wartime coloured roundels from the factory with fin flashes added in pre war brighter colours using paints from the stores in the far east? A right old hotch potch and the Sky Blue undersides could even have been hand mixed,...... the Fleet Air Arm units aboard carriers in the Med hand mixed a light blue colour when told to paint the undersides of their fighters (Skuas and Fulmars) Sky,.... without a description of what Sky actually was and no paint of that name to hand, they looked up into the sky and concluded,......light blue! Cheers Tony
  24. Fascinating,......I had wondered about the colours quite a few years ago when I saw that colour photo of EH-B further up and corresponded with Peter Malone about it,...... that film of 30 Sqn RAAF is brilliant,..never seen that before. I did read that 30 Sqn had repainted some of its Beau`s in green/brown as they disliked the `coastal' colours,....but whether that is accurate or not I just don`t know. I`ve done quite a few RAAF Beau models and I`m quite happy with the colours on this one; and this one; BUT,..... This one I`m not too sure about, having built it some years ago when I was unsure about whether it was TSS or TLS and eventually opted for the latter when I read about the possible repainting,...with the dome behind the cockpit I`m aware that it should be a Mk.Ic, but weren`t early ones delivered in TLS too?; If anybody can comment that would be great as I`m pondering whether to repaint this last one! Sorry for hijacking the thread with my own personal query, Cheers Tony
  25. Ah yes - actually as I think about it - unless I fit CBLS - which I weren't planning to, I'm not sure if and where there'd be any stripey jobbers.....
  26. That sounds like my schooling at St Phil's to a tee H I was so bad I didn't even fail We parted company under equally satisfactory terms before I had to (In later years, especially recently, I wish I'd gone in that day more often. Far too easy if you have the application to fail at youth as well as in later years) As we are talking 'small' I did find my 'beer mat' template just to have a giggle en piste Note beer can for scale, I couldn't find the beer mat Looks oversized at the hinged section oooooh dear hmm, perspective's a lady dog isn't it Looks better further away It has to fit all round on the template Okayyy seems -ish Free and gratuitous advertising for British Red Cross Christmas appeal, I think that is OK in the scheme of things As we can see, "The Troupe de Mlle EGLANTINE" completes three sides within the box but I won't show the front wall You wouldn't be able to see the jollychopter but it all fits nicely Phew
  27. That's fantastic, what a build and what a plane.
  28. Scratch building is the most satisfying form of modelling for me. This is a really excellent demonstration of what can be done with plastic. First class in every way. P
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