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  2. 1/72.
  3. Really lovely mottling. Beautiful.
  4. but, the SH Seafire III 'last flights over the pacific' boxing does have the right markings, plus hook, folding wing, strengthening plates etc. For some reason the SH Spitfire kits get niggled on a lot, and, yes, the wing is 'too far back' as it's a bit short in the fuselage, but the Hase V is a little slim, and it's too short as well, IIRC, in the same place as the Hase V.... this is the SH Seafire III with an extension, the orange on the rear wing fillet is how much you need to remove note the light grey fuselage is the new tool Airfix V, which is rated as being right by everyonewho has an opinion on Spitfire kits and this from above, the orange is the bit too remove, when you move the wing this shows just how 'short' the SH kit is compared to the new tool Airfix VB, and how much and where you need to add a couple of splices if you think it's needed. Note these are lined up on the cutting matt grid see the links in here for more about the SH Spitfire/Seafire family Steve have a read, but IMO even faffing about with the splices is easier than cross kitting, as you still need to then fill and fair in the different underwing cooler between the V and IX, and then add the naval stuff, and deal with the ICM having cack wheel hubs, etc etc. when the SH kits has the rest of whe you need in the box, plus the right decals and some useful etch. And the right cockpit sidewalls, unlike most older Spitfire kits. And, worth noting that if you want a Avenger with folded wings the Hobby Boss Avenger has them, and this seems to be one of Hobby Boss better kits (prob scaled down from the 1/32nd Trumpeter Avenger) and is supposed to have a better canopy, I've read that the AM Avenger has a canopy that is a bit too narrow at the top, the HB is supposed to be better. here's a inbox review of the HB and HTH
  5. One of the kitsworld decals sheets depicts a raf b-25j gunship, so that suggests there were ones
  6. My vote is for "Beautiful Bitch" but that's probably because I'm an American with a penchant for profanity 😂😂 The speed of your builds is amazing, such a joy to watch too!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Fantastic Typhoon Johnny and you captured it perfectly in the morning light.
  9. This will be my first WIP ever, and my first build (other than a no paint snaptite for the kiddo) in 15 years. No pictures yet as the kit is in the mail, but I do have questions I'm hoping some of you masters can help me with prior to the start of construction. First, did any Huey's fly without pilot's doors? I know in the GWOT the Kiowa's rarely if ever did, and there's something sexy about a bird with no doors. Second, I'd like to splurge on aftermarket, I'm a "grown-up" with a real job now and I can actually afford them, but I don't even know where to begin, any recommendations? And finally, all I have for paints are enamels, but I'd like to make the switch to acrylics, so if you were starting from scratch, what colors would you buy? ((Primarily for the UH-1, but some general purpose colors always help)) I know this is a pretty significant request for information, but hopefully in a week or so I'll start uploading pictures as the build begins.
  10. Love it. The weathering is just superb.
  11. Wow, that was quick! I see you have the usual problem with the fuselage seams - horrid on this kit IIRC. Might be worth sanding them a bit and filling before you go much further? My advice with the Vallejo primer is chuck it out - I've had some horrible problems with it - peeling, not sanding, etc etc. My favourite is Badger Stynylrez (also now branded by Ultimate); it's easy to spray straight from the bottle, sands well and it's non-smelly too. Good work on the wing joins, they're really neat
  12. Good job Cam and some nice detailing there. What's next?
  13. Its odd but true Ced most of this was done simply using the abilities of the much maligned MS Word Their templates Their colour selection options Beats me why they get so much stick from some peeps But to import wood grains I think H has to use one of those
  14. Hi Sean this is a scan of the colour chips Graham is referring too, and this is a fair reproduction of the colours (I have the book and paint chips) the 'red' is the colours above has a definite brown cast good quality period colour shots show this as well Sea Hurricane by Etienne du Plessis, on FlickrSea Hurricane by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr New Mosquito. by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr I have some of the Hannants sheets, and they look to be decent matches to the full size colours, so perhaps a bit dark on a model. IIRC you were making masks, so what paint did you use for 'red' when using those? HTH T
  15. Not related to the bird, but your pup's colors are beautiful. Is it just her front legs with the white?
  16. Cracking job. Nice scratch building too!
  17. That's a large part of it. The other side are the operational changes that are going on with the introduction of 5th Gen aircraft. As seen over Syria, F-22s are basically directing the battlespace, almost operating as mini-awacs/jstars: they have superior situational awareness to any other aircraft. Consequently the 4th gen aircraft are becoming less autonamous and more valuable for their ordnance capabilities. As the F-35 comes online it will be increasingly rare that the F-15 will operate alone without one of these assets around, therefore its air to air only ordinance are less valuable.
  18. I have these 2 interesting kits in my stash waiting for some good references, but their waiting time is already too long. So let me ask for the help here - can anyone provide reference photos of cockpits and wheel well details of these planes? Also any other interior arrangement as well as some close up photos revealing small surface details would be most welcome. Thank you.
  19. Ah good old rudimentary scratch building.
  20. You've done a lot better with he wing to fuselage joint than I did, more filler than kit! If you can get hold of it small lead or steel shot also makes good ballast and can be secured with PVA adhesive. As much of the Vampire structure was, like the Mosquito, fabric-covered moulded plywood a "natural metal" finish isn't appropriate; the aeroplanes were sprayed High Speed Silver, an aluminium-pigmented finish with a satin sheen, rather than highly polished or dead matt. I've used Humbrol matt aluminium Metalcote for this finish with varying degrees of success, usually satisfactory, but automotive spray paints will also do the job.
  21. Yep, they use those big kitty cat eyes to lull you into a false sense of well being & then unleash the claws....well, ours does anyway!! Keith
  22. Master Modeler. (Superb finished model) Master at Photography. (Scenery/Model/Quality) Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  23. Yup. But if I found a good, or even useful, supplier I'd want to pass the info on - with all the usual caveats. Traders 'cheating' by sneaking their own stuff on is not acceptable. Give a good service and good products and the endorsements will follow unbidden.
  24. Very impressive. Excellent weathering. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  25. Hello Tony, Nice and very bright in color scheme. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  26. Hi Alex, Excellent model and superb photography. Enjoyed every bit. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  27. Quick Demo:- Here's a piece left over from the 1/72 revell F101B. It's the weapons tray panel for the big missiles - "Air2" ? I left it off as I didn't want a rotating missile pallet. There's a few features on it, but I reckon it will go in one.... I'm going to get it on the middle and work outward. It's gonna be OK. Watch.... Little bit of rubbing to pick up some details, and gently with the cocktail stick, don't start poking holes in the foil. Use the lengthways dimension of the stick to ease the foil in around the long forms. Get to the edges and trim surplus. Go over it as can be done with fingers and your worn-out rubbing stick trying to find the panel lines Here they come... Now pick them up with the fresh cocktail stick, nice and sharp tip, and run over the lines of rivets too. Let the stick follow the panel lines, and little details you'd forgotten will reappear and remind you. There are a couple of little antenna type pieces to be added - do these after, they'd really get in the way of the foil process. The ordnance covers a lot of the piece in the end, so it's a walk in the park really...! Later....
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