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  1. Yesterday
  2. 1/72 Airfix P-51D - first model in two decades

    @Yvan S ... I built models till i was 34 then took a 10yr hiatus. Sometimes you can get through lifes issues with no problem, Sometimes not. I wish you luck in that endeavor and hope you dont stop building. Dennis
  3. not posted in a while, my first 1/32 scale kit. Hope you like it.
  4. Arma Hobby 1:72 PZL P.7A

    Beautiful job,one of my favourite aircraft.
  5. Look's superb,great job.
  6. Revell Mosquito Mk. IV (1/48)

    Nicely done on a tough kit. I built this one a few years ago. Replaced the wheels with resin but tackled the kit spinners with my "home-made lathe":
  7. 1/48 French Nuclear ASMP-A missile?

    Thank you for the quick answer
  8. Airfix Vulcan XM607 Black Buck

    Looks fantastic Mark, very impressive work and well worth the wait. Glad the jet pipes fitted ok, they do look somewhat better than the kits offering. Cheers, gazza l
  9. Vintage Airfix Kits

    I would be interested in hearing more about the deficiencies of the ICM kit, but wouldn't want to derail OP's thread. I'm currently building the Revell (nee ICM) Do 17Z-10 and it is possible that I have been seduced by the sharp delicate mouldings and exquisite fit, which are up there with Eduard IMHO. Whereas the Airfix kit has soft and sometimes heavy detail and needs flash trimming, distorted parts bent back into shape, etc, which means it has scarcely made it out of the box so far. I had however noticed that the Airfix kit is generously furnished with spare machine gun magazines of which the ICM kit has precisely none. Maybe the ICM's kit's flaws will be more obvious to me when (or if) I complete an Airfix one to compare it with.
  10. Shorts c-23 Sherpa

    you need these And take note, what you think is Europe One, isn't Shorts did not finish them in the very dark Foresty green colour of Europe One but in the more browny green shown here Contrast with the 'proper' scheme is marked where repairs have been carried out in service This is 40458 taken at Fairford in the 1985 Tattoo As I was planning to scratch a Sherpa I took two rolls of film of her in all her glory When I built the model I attached lots of the relevant ones to my buildboard so I could access them en-route The patched in paint shows very well on the bottom row I think, patches were the colour listed in Europe One, the darker green is the factory paint job Shorts sent me lots of drawings and photos back on the pre Bombardier days and recently when I began my build Bombardier sent me many superb pictures I have been asked not to put in the P.D, a promise is a promise This is the Welsh Models instruction sheet These might help too I like these drawings but advise you not to rely upon them for shapes of the sponsons, my photographs show serious deviation from these on the actual airframes I am glad you posted the question, it has reminded me that Photobucket's debacle has decimated my build thread NOTE TO SELF Sort it!
  11. NEW : SARAGOSSA expo (Spain) : http://www.capitole-kit-club.fr/expo/saragosse/
  12. I have absolutely no idea how you can do that with an airbrush. I have trouble touching up whole wings without overspray! Ian
  13. Just love what you can do with a bit of brass, solder , torch and imagination .... Kev
  14. Almost 9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    As mentioned here is an update from last weekends work. Not much progress to show, just some panel washes. Ranging from: light grey on white bits, medium grey overall, deep grey along hinge lines and lastly black in the deepest vents and hole. So a picture which isn’t really anything to shout about - the overall mid grey wash has been done, and a few selected areas have the deep grey & black in them, waiting to dry off a bit before it was cleaned up. Cheers, Tony
  15. That interior is looking excellent Crisp. You've really made a nice tidy job of getting all that PE in there and making it look realistic. I'm positive that amount of would have driven me to distraction.
  16. Spitfire Mk Ia, P9544, 92 squadron, 'Wimpy' Wade

    @Troy Smith Cant help with a serial but the small rectangle on the cowling by the hole for the starter handle is indicative of a Mk.I (unless of course it has been swapped out). Trevor
  17. Tempting, aren't they? In that case bring them on! Martian
  18. Westland Sea King HAS/R 5

    Radar operators position gets some paint, this was hard to paint for some reason, I might have to redo this bit I've also primed the inside and put the first colours down for the main cabin, several tones of grey used so far just the light is pretty dodgy. Cheers for looking Dan
  19. A great looking model, really coming together now and looking stunning. Your attention to detail and hard work is paying off.
  20. Very nice, your brush work is excellent looks like it was sprayed.
  21. Italeri Kfir 1/72

    Looks good to me.
  22. Italeri Tornado IDS into a GR.4 1:72

    Go Revell, without a doubt the better option. Only other thing to do to it is shorten the nose gear oleo slightly, I personally feel it's slightly too long and as such your Tornado will sit a bit too nose high. Some of the later production Revell kits I have in my stash suffer from very poorly moulded transparencies and I haven't yet decided how I'll tackle these for the cockpit, probably have a go at vac-forming. You may be lucky and pick up a kit that doesn't suffer this problem I've built 2 so far, have another 2 in work....... and have at least another 8 in the stash! Almost more than the RAF 😉 Eng
  23. More Douglas A-26 Invader questions! Now a JD-1 question!

    I would imagine it to be the gunners jump seat
  24. Me262 pictures link.

    Ive considered doing one of these for the STGB next year.
  25. Indeed,Mach 2 kits are a bit of a struggle at the best of times. Yours is exceptional.
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