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  2. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    The time is ripe for final work and time is up. But I not sure. ..to be continue. I need to think about cowlings.
  3. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    That is mind blowing! When the last set of pictures opened uo I truly thought I was looking at parts of a real aircraft. Really wish I could come up with something more constructive to say, but simply superb. Wish I could make Telford to see your Spitfire.
  4. First off sorry this initial post has one solitary photo but I thought I'd start this in the Work in Progress section to spur me on. This is the first time that I've done any modelling in 3 and a half years as moving country, small children, work and fly fishing have intervened. However with the days getting shorter I finally dug into the stash and pulled the Tamiya 1/72 Spit Vb out. This will be a bit special for me as I will be making this as the mount of an old golfing mate of my father and a fellow I was fortunate enough to visit and talk with several times about his experiences during the war. I picked up the recent DK Decals 485 Sqn sheet the other week which has the airframe I want to do but unfortunately the serial number is wrong so I'll only be using the codes and nose art - not a biggie though. As she'll have the canopy closed I didn't go to town with the cockpit apart from adding some Eduard seatbelts. I also had to remove the wing strakes and also the headrest as this airframe didn't have them. As can be seen the fuselage is buttoned up so with a bit of cleaning up, putting the canopy on and masking it, and it'll be time for paint. Lovely little kit by the way.
  5. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Not at all René a good question, the go to reference for me is the Canberra minor repair AP for the British Canberra's, this gives all the panel details for the B.2 and all the variants. For the American Canberra's I use the equivalent T.O. but in the case of this RB,57D it has it's own T.O.'s but it only gives details of the wing skins. Classic Airframes did a good job on both the Canberra and B.57 but as with all kit manufactures they have had to compromise with some details. The Airfix kit is all over the place unfortunately, I guess they used a published plan, rather than checking out an actual aircraft or an AP. I have done some more accurate drawings for the B.57 which are on my site, but I don,t have the time or inclination to do the same for the British Canberra's as they are too many and varied. I do call out the differences when I do a WIP. John
  6. 1/48 Westland Scout

    Cheers Colin i can leave this one for now Its less important at the mo' but I may remember this later 😉
  7. Hi Les I think it can best be described as a deep blue! Here is an example which is less of a retinal cosh! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-O_ug2V-eiTA/VX5ymyPNrRI/AAAAAAAAFOo/tiDBoQ0uQ4s/s1600/B-00-02%2B-%2Bcopia.jpg Still very attractive. Trevor
  8. Malta 1949

    VERY interesting pics. Especially the B-17 rescue version. Thanks for taking the effort to share this with us. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  9. 11 Sqn Brisfit Markings Sep-Nov 1918?

    He was there when my Grandad was, Flt Sgt Airframes, Handley Page V 1500s for part of his time there, he was the NCO I/C scrapping them at Henlow. He also went to Hythe school of Gunnery but I suppose nearly everyone did. That was interesting about No8 TS Witney .I take it that's the Witney near Brize Norton ,think that would have been on the Burford Road, where Smiths Instruments ended up later. They had aircraft there at some point. Some thing to do with British Interrupter gear development for firing though the propeller arc, had tie down pans for ground range firing.
  10. HMS Sultan Visit

    Thanks for sharing. Large number of Sea Kings available in the RN inventory. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  11. NATO Day 16.09.2017

    Hello Upnorth, Thanks for sharing your pictures. Some very interesting air frames, for me especially the Fokker 100. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  12. Hello HL, Wessex is definitely my favorite helicopter, even more today. You did a first class job with this 1/32 scale model. My compliments, Orion / The Netherlands.
  13. Modern Polish Mig-29 Scheme

    I have just looked at my pictures of the two Migs at KB/Sanicole the other week; I think that they are a 2 tone grey - close to Dark Dea Grey and Medium sea grey. However the 2 patterns of disruptive camo are very different - not just slight variations. As ever, it sounds like the old adage - get pictures of the airframe you are modelling.
  14. Devoitine D-520 overall sand

    may be entirely aluminium dope finish as all french liaison aircrafts of this period? on right, comparison between one color pic and b& w conversion
  15. Dominican F-47D NMF and F-51D

    Notice the Aztec decal sheet (already sold out) have the early Dominican roundels (like a RAF roundel with a white cross over it) that were applied to the all-black P-51D, and NMF P-51C and the (astonishing) P-51A flown by Brazilian mercenaries paid by Trujillo in the late 1940s. The more commonly known roundel (with alternate blue-white-blue and red-white-red sectors) was used from the 1950s on. Surprisingly, decals for 1950s NMF Dominican P-51Ds appeared as a bonus on the Hobbycraft decal sheet for their 1/72 P-51B/C, complete with roundels, rudder checkerboard, sharkmouth and the Escuadrón Ramfis bage, along with numbers for a bunch of aircraft, in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales, with no comment or mention whatsoever in the instruction sheet (this boxing: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1008078-hobbycraft-hc1325-p-51-b-c-mustang). BTW, the Escuadrón Ramfis was named after Ramfis Trujillo, the illegitimate son of the dictator, a playboy wastrel who was allegedly appointed by his father a Colonel of the Air Force at the age of four; by the age of nine he had ascended to the rank of Brigadier General. The camouflaged sharkmouthed examples on the Aztec decal sheet are later incarnations of the originally NMF planes of that squadron.
  16. Impressive! Did they use to take off vertically, like rockets? Alright, I'll get my Ciao
  17. Today
  18. A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    I haven't congrated you for the wonderful landing gear yet. May be a bit on the dark side, but another real gem for these lovely kits you're building. I think these nice little things will be another milestone.To me the one which can be easily cut and bent and is of the right thickness.I'm curious bout your plan B home-made PE parts, but I think they might be too thick... I'm really curious to see what you can perform this time!!! Well done for everything!!!
  19. Some kind of a very special AAA battery

    No problems, you're welcome !! Some mutants are in the making !!! Parakeets and tennis ball ! Wimbledon is doomed for sure Imagine the noise of parakeets echoed by the grunts of the William sisters ! Sincerely Long life the puffins and the tennis parakeets, and last but not least Möttled Otto ! CC
  20. RAN Wessex 31A

    Hi Colin, tail rotor has been done but I didn't know about the u/c legs. Can you explain further? Thanks.
  21. 1/72 Buccaneer...what's out there

    I'd not heard of filler when I made it 😆 Trevor
  22. The landing lights certainly look the part! Martian
  23. That is a brilliant rendition of one of my favourite aircraft. It brings back very fond memories of seeing them overflying my home when they were operating out of RAF Valley. Smashing build which has inspired me to build one myself! Cheers
  24. 1/72 Airfix Harrier Gr.1

    Certainly is, great little model. The only problem is there is a problem with the moulding on the tail fin, on one of the panel lines. Tried to rescribe it but made a hash of it, so ended up filling both sides. The experts will notice it but I can live with it. Hope to do the Airfix GR9 next just to compare, and I love Harriers.
  25. Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    That's good to hear, waiting for a Ninak myself, and I did wonder what the damage would be bearing in mind the price. Hopefully will be getting my ransom demand any day now.
  26. the Nimrod? Nope. I have absolutely no idea which a/c I'll end up modeling. With around 3 years in NMSU and another 4 years in ASF I think I must have worked on every Nimrod that we had. I'm not even sure what scheme I should choose. But as @Martian Hale so observantly noted above, I have a few years yet before I have to commit to anything Two that spring to mind are XV256 (that crashed during take off at Kinloss) or another that gave us 6 weeks off when someone forgot to take the lock pin out of the undercarriage when they were doing hydraulic functionals at the end of the major. The lock pin worked. The undercarriage went in one side of the wing and out the other without folding, destroying the "Y" beam and a few other bits in the process. I was in the cockpit at the time and remember the airframe vibrating and shaking so much we thought it was going to fall off the jacks. Thankfully, I was not the one at the controls, but I did learn some new Anglo Saxon phrases that day. I don't know how I would find out that a/c serial though
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