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  1. Very cool! I was fortunate to be able to get one of these kits a number of years ago, and years before that I was very fortunate to see one in the flesh that happened to stop in at and open house at Pease AFB. It will be great to have your masterclass on building this kit to follow!
  2. The hull is together. Being an older Zvezda kit, there will be some filling and sanding of seams involved, but so far doesn't look to be too bad.
  3. Off to a late start for this, so unfortunately, I do not think I would be able to finish the kit I had planned to build for this GB. I did however find a kit that is suitable, and I should be able to finish in time, the 1/350 Zvezda November Class submarine. While the kit looks simple, it is an older Zvezda release so the surface finish is not great on some parts, and not sure how the fit is going to be.
  4. I will attempt to build this...... Revell box, Hasegawa plastic. This boxing includes marking for a French Navy Falcon 10, which is my intended paint scheme. ๐Ÿง
  5. That is looking nice! I built that same kit as a class project in the 5th grade. My dad did most of the rigging though๐Ÿ˜ I have fond memories of that kit.
  6. This is my unfinished entry from the Matchbox GB earlier in the year. It got as far as the paint shop before the end of the group build deadline, I did a bit more work on it after that, I started the initial weathering and made a start on a simple base for it to reside on. I admit I am surprising myself with how the kit is turning out, exceeding my expectations despite a couple of self-induced errors. Anyway, I also went and purchased a set of Ammo 3 printed 50 cal. guns and shell cans so I can replace the barrel on the kit gun, which is completely lacking in detail, and will probably add an ammo can or two to the stowage bins.
  7. At the moment plan A is this... I had this on my wish list for a while, and finally found one recently, so looking forward to getting it on the bench.
  8. Very happy to see this get through the Bunfight. This will be my entry
  9. I've made a small start on this. Basic cockpit is painted and will now be subjected to washes, detail painting, and destressing the leather cushions. Not much at all will be seen of the cockpit interior once the canopy goes on, but I want to try to make what little can be seen visually interesting.
  10. Done; now to sit back, watch and wait!!
  11. Very nice, I like the idea of using the dowel for strength, simple but effective ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Thank you Col. The plastic parts are a bit rough around the edges, figuratively and literally, so the resin parts should be a definite improvement to the kit.! Hi Dennis, yes, this is one of the glide fighter prototypes.
  13. I will attempt the old Czech Model 1/48 BV-40 Attack Glider. This was an armed glider with frontal armor that was designed to be towed aloft above Allied bomber formations and then glide through them attacking the bombers. Five prototypes were built and tested, but no further production was pursued, and plans to develop a rocket powered version were also abandoned. The kit contains limited run injection parts, resin detail parts, and vacformed canopies. Should be interesting
  14. Sorry I have been delinquent in getting this updated. I have had to spend the past few months handlining my mother's estate, and also since there was not a lot of time for modeling, I also gave my workspace a makeover (which is not finished, of course, but very close!). I have managed to get the Abrams assembled and ready for primer, which also hopefully means I might yet finish it before the end of the GB. So off to primer it goes!
  15. I will be building the HMS Vanguard in 1/350 scale by Bronco, [ And I also have the White Ensign Models P/E detail set to add to it a well, Looking forward to getting started on this, it will be the first British Submarine I have built.
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