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  1. I will undertake building what is reportedly Classic Airframes last ever kit........ It looks very nice in the box, so excited to get started!
  2. Finished this little guy after about 2 decades! I thinned the front shield and replaced the details with photo etched foliage loops and rivet decals. The snow covered base was a first for me and I am very happy with how it turned out. The whitewash finish is a combination of Mig Washable White and Tamiya white built up and removed in layers to get the worn finish. The field grass is Woodland Scenics dry brushed with Tamiya Dark Yellow to give it a more realistic color and to also add some variation to the color.
  3. I am going to throw this into the mix next, this is at least my second, maybe even my third attempt at this kit. Anyway, I needed something to mess with as my airbrush compressor crapped out about two weeks ago and while I have gotten another one I have not had time to properly switch the fittings etc. over so as to be able to use it. Since this guy needed some assembly and messing with before it needed paint I moved it to the bench. [/url] I decided to go a different route with this and have the rear propulsion tentacles closed to give the DSV a more streamlined and sq
  4. Some more done on tis little guy....... Shell crates with wood texture added and painted in wood grain. First coat of white on over a layer of chipping fluid. I have safely sequestered my self in the hobby room for (hopefully) most of the rest of the day so more progress should be forthcoming!
  5. Count me in! Choices would be a B-45 first U.S. jet powered nuke bomber, Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated or a nuke powered sub.
  6. One final push to get this through,,,,,,,,We are one vote below the cutoff to getting through. There must be a couple more votes out there somewhere?!!!!!!
  7. I was able to get some paint on this morning, Tamiya Dark Yellow for the base,, and then Lightened with Deck Tan for the highlights. Looks like I might be able to save this one yet! After a good coat of clear I will attempt a worn winter camo. Haven't done that in years so should be interesting.
  8. Thanks Dennis, yeah the box is pretty beat. One reason it's getting built; any kits with damaged boxes that can't be packed easily for storage purposes are being weeded out. The front of the thinned down gun shield after the details have been replaced.
  9. I started this little guy 22 years ago when the kit was first released in 1998; so I guess it is about time I finish it Plus, over the years the box and instructions suffered some water damage while it was in storage so it is down to either build it or junk it. Since I hate to throw plastic away, I guess I will try to make something of it. When I first started the kit I guess I was in a hurry as I didn't do a very good of it and so part of the challenge is to fix a couple broken parts and glue smears etc. The first thing done was to replace a broken gra
  10. I'm in, this was delivered today. Really looking forward to building a decent Sheridan.
  11. Before painting the lower hull, I applied a layer of hairspray along the stern post, keel and bow, as well as the rudder. The waterline was masked off and the lower hull was painted with a mixture of Tamiya XF-10 brown and X-7 red. When that had dried I sprayed on a light coat of water and added some sea salt for a go at using the salt as a mask for further weathering; of course I could just leave it and call it an infestation of barnacles We'll have to see how it turns out!
  12. The basic hull is together and I have started the paint work with he wood tones on the hull and deck parts to start. These are all done with inexpensive acrylic craft paints following am example I saw on Youtube. I am pleased with how they turned out They have been given a coat of gloss to protect them for the time being and to prepare for follow on painting and weathering.
  13. Thanks guys, I did in fact start the Panther F hull last night, and as typical of Dragon kits, 4 parts were misnumbered in the first step This is gonna be fun!
  14. I went digging in the dungeon to see what Panthers I had hiding there and came up with these two..... Panther G with all steel road wheels. The kit comes only with the late mantlet with the chin, however I found a replacement early G mantlet on Ebay so ordered that. I will have to see what I have for etch for this as the kit came with none. Also ordered a set of Echelon decals as well. And then we hive this one, Panther F and digging even deeper I came up with a Verlinden Coelian turret. Not sure where the rest of the parts for it are, but not
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