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  1. Thank you MM, yes, she will be in the all grey scheme! Should look pretty good with the colorful tail band, will make the overall grey less bland looking
  2. So, in looking at the map, Hawaii looks to be in play; if so would a Hawaii ANG F-4C circa 1982 be suitable for this??
  3. Ernie

    Fine Molds 1/48 Babs

    Thank you MM, I really appreciate it. The cockpit module was one of the reasons I got the kit. I thought it was a unique way of doing the cockpit and that it would offer a level of detail better than a lot of kits with the detail molded to the fuselage side walls. It certainly is a step above, unfortunately, the kit provides the canopy in a single piece, so all of this will be viewed with a closed canopy I do not think that cutting the canopy apart is a viable option as the open sections nest with the fixed sections, and the injected canopy is too thick to allow that. But that aside, it is still a very nicely detailed module that fits into the fuselage very well.
  4. Ernie

    Fine Molds 1/48 Babs

    Thank you sir, appreciate it! Next up was assembling all the separate cockpit parts into one unit. I must say I thought this was going to be a fiddley little bit of assemblage, but everything fit perfectly, really everything just clicked together Just to be sure everything was aligned correctly I popped the unit into the fuselage halves while the glue set up. After this the cockpit unit was cemented into the fuselage halves for real. The fuselage fit together very well, but just to be sure I added a bit of Mr. Dissolved Putty to the seams and will let that set up. Today should see the seams taken care of and a good bit d assembly of the rest of the airframe.
  5. Ernie

    Fine Molds 1/48 Babs

    And we're off! I apologize for the delay in starting this......The day after posting my intention to build this I ended up in the hospital for 15 days, undergoing 1 emergency surgery and a second follow up one. After returning home it took a coupe weeks to finally feel like sitting at the bench for a period of time to work on this. The plus side is in puttering with the kit pretty much all the subassemblies are together, so as soon as the cockpit is together everything should move ahead rather quickly The kit cockpit is very nicely detailed, though I am not sure how much will be seen on the finished build, but it was fun to paint up. The only thing I added were Eduard Japanese seat belts that I had spare in my P/E draw. As I mentioned the detail is pretty good, an example is the float gauge on the fuel tank behind the pilots seat! (I gave her a full tank, ready for the next mission) The kit instrument panel with the supplied instrument decals. I separated the decal into smaller sections so it would be easier to apply. Solvaset was needed to get the decals to settle into the detail on the panel. The smaller switches and buttons were picked out with paint instead to relying on the decal.
  6. Ernie

    Transport/cargo group build?

    I'll join in, have plenty of options I can pick from when the time comes!
  7. Awesome job, fantastic work, the camo looks excellent!
  8. Ernie

    Fine Molds 1/48 Babs

    Thank you all very much for the replies. I should be starting this soon.
  9. Ernie


    Thank you all so much for the welcome! It is very much appreciated,
  10. Ernie

    HT's Academy B-29 'Old Battler'

    Very cool build! The early B-29's in OD and NG are not often seen and look so menacing, I can't wait to see your finished build.
  11. Ernie

    Fine Molds 1/48 Babs

    Thank you sir! This is a new kit released earlier this year. Fine Molds are set to release two other different versions in December, both with more interesting camouflage schemes than this version in overall light grey. I am glad it fits into the GB as I am really excited to build it.
  12. Ernie

    Fine Molds 1/48 Babs

    Hello, I would like to join in with a 1/48 C5 M2 Babs from Fine Molds. The kit has decal options for two aircraft from PNG and one from Bali so it should fit ok I hope. If not please let me know. This looks like a really nice kit, so it hopefully will be a nice little build.
  13. Ernie


    Hello, have been a long time lurker mostly, but with winter coming looking forward to building more. I have always been impressed with the diversity of subjects and quality of work on display here and look forward joining in with my meager efforts.
  14. Hello! This will be my entry for the group build and my first build on Britmodeler This is the RusAir 1/144 resin kit of the Tu-134UBL crew trainer aircraft for bomber crews. The casing and detail on this kit is first rate all the way. I have found no casting defects and the surface detail is very fine a petite. The fuselage halfs as they come from the box, hardly any clean-up required. The wings and bag of small parts. I appologize for the poor photos, I have a couple of other projects on the go and my bench is more cluttered than usual......must take care of that. Ernie