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  1. I will attempt to build this ……... The Swordfish was one of four submarines in the Skate class, which was the first production class of nuclear subs in the U.S. Navy. When I can, I like modeling subjects with a local connection, in this case the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Of the Skate class, 2 of the four boats were built at Portsmouth, the Swordfish and the Sea Dragon. The Swordfish was first nuclear sub built at the Shipyard and thus the reason I selected her to be the subject of this build.
  2. You can put me down, plenty of interesting subjects in this one!
  3. Paint is on, decals next! Getting there
  4. Ernie

    1/35 Strv 103B

    I will take a chance at building the ubiquitous Swedish "S" tank using the Trumpeter 1/35 scale kit. It has been several years since I have built a piece of armor so this will be interesting. I have a couple of additions to add to the kit; Trumpeter's individual link tracks and an RB Productions barrel, both of which should be worthwhile additions to the kit.
  5. I will try to finish this one next; it was started for the 1980's Front Line Asia GB, but was interrupted by a hospital stay and ensuring surgery. So might as well bring it back to the bench and finish it up! And this is the state it was in when I left off / picked back up with it. Essentially all I had done was to assemble the two hull halves. It should not take too long hopefully to get through the remaining assembly and on to the painting.
  6. Going to take a break on this for a bit. Knocked the handrails off the sail on one of the subs, one landed on the bench and one hit the floor. After a few minutes searching and about to give up, I found the wayward rail which was happily tweezered up placed safely on the desk. Seemed like a good time to knock off for a bit! Before that though, most of the assembly was done and I have made a start on a display base. When we were put earlier in the day we stopped at the local craft store and I got piece of Bass wood which has been cut, sanded, and stained with the first coat of polyurethane applied.
  7. This will be my attempt using The Dad's Army Option. I never though of Iran as having a submarine force, but alas they do, as I discovered as I was browsing Ebay looking for sub kits a while back. I have not built an OKB Grigorov kit before so figured it would be a good excuse to try one out. There are two kits in the box, so I will attempt to build them both at the same time. The kit contains the two resin sub hulls, and a fret of photo etch for each with rear planes, rails, prop, and display stand. It has been quite a while since I have built a 1/700 scale kit, so this will be a challenge all in itself, not to mention these are mini-subs, so in 1/700 this means the hull is under 2" long...…. fits well on my pinky finger
  8. Sharp looking model Alexey, and impeccable repair work to the paint! The repairs are invisible, perfectly matched. Really looking forward to seeing this finished.
  9. I will join in, very wide scope of possible subjects as well. Might build a Delta 727 which was the first aircraft I ever flew on.
  10. Please add me in, I am sure I can find a coupe suitable kits!
  11. I was able to make a start on the P.1103. I have gotten the cockpit assembled and located in one fuselage half. Typical of short run kits, some effort was needed to get everything to fit as intended, or at least to fit. Either way, I managed to get everything in and the fuselage half's to close, so we'll call that a win I checked the fit of the wing as well, as this is the other major element of the kit. This is definitely a small kit for 1/48 scale. The cockpit area was painted in Tamiya German Grey and glossed to prepare for a darker wash. The feed chute for the canon was first painted aluminum and then treated to a layer of chipping fluid before spaying the grey. After the grey dried I used a toothpick to heavily chip and scratch the paint away.
  12. Well, I'll call this one done! Added the masts to the top of the sail and the props, then the final flat coat. The nav lights on the sail and the windows were made with Micro Scale Krystal Kleer tinted with Tamiya clear red and green for the lights and clear blue for the windows. I am happy with how it turned out; I remember seeing the kit when I was young, but never built it, so I am happy to have had the chance to do so now. If the weather cooperates over the next couple days I will try to get some better pics. This also makes the first group build I have completed, so happy about that as well!
  13. The Aurora Russian Guided missile Submarine.
  14. Thank you @thorfinn I like that sentiment, yes just adding little details along the way to spruce up the old kit a bit, as you say to take it a bit further than the conventional expectations for the kit. Thank you for that insight, I like it very much, and it is an apt description of this project.
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