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  1. Thank you Sir, that is such an amazing complement! I am very humbled, and glad that you are finishing your build. I am also pleased that you have been able to get leads on archival photos to assist with your builds. Thank you again so much and I look forward to seeing your build!
  2. My entry will be the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 from The Original Series, using AMT's 50th Anniversary edition of their 1/650 scale kit. I thought this would be kind of cool as my birthday is September 7th, 1966; the 1st ever serial episode of Star Trek aired on September 8th, 1966. While not a diehard Star Trek fan, I have always enjoyed the different series and movies so I think this will be an appropriate subject represent the pop culture icon that began the day after my birth. Oh, and plus I have never built a Star Trek model yet
  3. I thought this would be a cool addition to the group build, and something a bit different. I had ordered it from Japan, and while waiting to start the OA-37 it arrived sooner than expected so here it is! It looks like it will be a nice straight forward build... The Yushio class of 10 submarines were all commissioned in the decade between 1980 and 1990 and were in service until 2006. The Yushio was launched in March 1979 and commissioned February 1980, serving until March 1999 when she was decommissioned and then scrapped. These were the first Japanese subs to have a teardrop hull shape, and were conventionally powered diesel electric boats.
  4. This is the 1/350 AFV Club kit, which itself is I believe the old DML kit of the Type XXI U-Boat. Regardless, it is a decent kit that goes together well. The model represents the USS U-2513 as she appeared when first arrived at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in July 1945. The U-2513 served in the U.S. Navy until the late 1950's when she was sunk off the Florida Keys.
  5. Awesome job Dennis! Excellent result, all the effort that went into it surely paid off with an excellent model in a paint scheme seldom done. Nice, unique model!
  6. Yeah, it took me quite a while to find them as well! Thank you MM, it is definitely one that I need to build a model of. I probably will not re-scribe this one; the overall Gunship Grey paint scheme should be able to be manipulated fairly easily with pre / post shading etc. to make it look interesting enough with out the added work of engraving panel lines. At the end of the day, if it looks good, great, I will snap a few photos to share, put it on a shelf and move on to the next build Thank you Dennis, I am looking forward to building this one.
  7. This is one I have been looking forward to for a while...…. The old Monogram kit updated with Aires cockpit and wheels. Super Scale / Micro Scale decals for an OA-37 based at Osan AB South Korea 1984.
  8. Beautiful work Dennis, despite all the trials, you have turned this into something special! Looking spectacular so far.
  9. Man, that is just fantastic work right there! Awesome result!
  10. Ah, thank you Sir! That was what I was thinking; that the black undersides were actually blue. I too have not been able to find a color picture of it as XS941. At least now I feel more comfortable painting the lower surfaces blue with either the G-APLK or XS941 registration. Thank you for the info on the training bands as well; that was going to be my fall back color scheme if I could not get clarification on the blue
  11. Sabrejet, thank you for the pictures, they are very helpful for details, particularly around the exhaust area. Much appreciated.
  12. Thank you very much Chris, much appreciated. By all means if you can check any other references you might have that could shed further light on the colors that would be great! I have nothing myself, and what I have found so far only confirms the dark areas were blue, but would like to be sure of the colors before I comit paint to the model.
  13. Hello, I am looking for some help / clarification on the colors the Miles M100 Student wore. I currently have the Protojets kit spread out across my workbench. According to the instructions at the time of its MOD Trials wearing the XS941 registration the lower fuse and underside of the wings and tail was black. However, color photos of the aircraft wearing the reg. G-APLK (which were apparently painted over in white before the XS941 reg. was painted on) show the lower fuse and wings / tail painted blue. Also according to the instructions the final scheme with reg. G-MIOO was "black and white with red trim". Again, color photos show the "black" areas to be blue. So, did the aircraft ever wear the black lower fuselage, wings and tail colors and if so were these the actual colors during the MOD trials?? Or, were these areas always blue and just misidentified by the instructions? Also, as rolled out and first flown the aircraft was in natural metal with "trainer bands" on the wings and fuselage. I would assume these were yellow?? I have seen another source that claims they were "dayglo color", again any clarification on this would be much appreciated.
  14. Looks good Dennis, very nice subtle color gradient over the yellow areas. Looking very good!
  15. Thank you Dennis, much appreciated.
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