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  1. Before painting the lower hull, I applied a layer of hairspray along the stern post, keel and bow, as well as the rudder. The waterline was masked off and the lower hull was painted with a mixture of Tamiya XF-10 brown and X-7 red. When that had dried I sprayed on a light coat of water and added some sea salt for a go at using the salt as a mask for further weathering; of course I could just leave it and call it an infestation of barnacles We'll have to see how it turns out!
  2. The basic hull is together and I have started the paint work with he wood tones on the hull and deck parts to start. These are all done with inexpensive acrylic craft paints following am example I saw on Youtube. I am pleased with how they turned out They have been given a coat of gloss to protect them for the time being and to prepare for follow on painting and weathering.
  3. Thanks guys, I did in fact start the Panther F hull last night, and as typical of Dragon kits, 4 parts were misnumbered in the first step This is gonna be fun!
  4. I went digging in the dungeon to see what Panthers I had hiding there and came up with these two..... Panther G with all steel road wheels. The kit comes only with the late mantlet with the chin, however I found a replacement early G mantlet on Ebay so ordered that. I will have to see what I have for etch for this as the kit came with none. Also ordered a set of Echelon decals as well. And then we hive this one, Panther F and digging even deeper I came up with a Verlinden Coelian turret. Not sure where the rest of the parts for it are, but not
  5. I would like to join with this if I might, according to Scalemates the kit was first released in 1979, This will be a first for me as I have never built a sailing vessel of any kind before, so I'm not too sure how this will end...
  6. I finally was able to finish this one up after a torturous build process that had nothing to do with the kit at all, The kit is very nice, typical of Pitroad kits having great detail, very good fit and ease of assembly. After a couple of false starts at finishing I finally buckled down and got it done and am pleased with how it turned out. Again, not the fault of the kit, just my inability to focus on it
  7. Thank you!, but I actually sprayed the upper hull color on each, and used thinned layers of Tamiya NATO black on the lower hulls. The thinned paint and a fine brush allowed me to get a decent finish without masking, which I really didn't want to try to attempt
  8. Thank you, yes Sir, you are correct; not sure how I missed that.
  9. This pair of subs were built from a OKB Grigorov kit. Rather unusual little subs, but very well detailed for 1/700 scale, and the first 1/700 scale ships I have built in a number of years. I replaced the snorkels with ones made from Albion Alloys tube as the resin ones were not well molded. Thank you for checking these little guys out.
  10. Recently finished this little guy. Used the p/e set Brengun offers for the kit, and made a simple little base for it to sit on. Finished with Xtracolor enamels for the main camo, AK Real Colors for the late war RLM 76 fairing under the wing and Poly Scale RLM 23 for the fuselage band. Kit decals used along with some MicroScale and Eduard stencils. Thank you for looking and hope you like it.
  11. Having never built a Brengun kit before I though I would give this little guy a try. It is a cool little rocket powered fighter that was designed to be a contender in the Light Weight Fighter program that the Natter eventually won. The kit comes on one sprue save for the clear canopy. The low parts count belies the fact that this is a limited run type kit with no locating features and butt joins. Still, it is well molded with nice surface detail. I also got the photo etch set designed for the kit by Brengun as well thinking it would add some extra details. The
  12. I will attempt to build this ……... The Swordfish was one of four submarines in the Skate class, which was the first production class of nuclear subs in the U.S. Navy. When I can, I like modeling subjects with a local connection, in this case the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Of the Skate class, 2 of the four boats were built at Portsmouth, the Swordfish and the Sea Dragon. The Swordfish was first nuclear sub built at the Shipyard and thus the reason I selected her to be the subject of this build.
  13. Paint is on, decals next! Getting there
  14. Ernie

    1/35 Strv 103B

    I will take a chance at building the ubiquitous Swedish "S" tank using the Trumpeter 1/35 scale kit. It has been several years since I have built a piece of armor so this will be interesting. I have a couple of additions to add to the kit; Trumpeter's individual link tracks and an RB Productions barrel, both of which should be worthwhile additions to the kit.
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