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  1. Looks good Dennis, very nice subtle color gradient over the yellow areas. Looking very good!
  2. Thank you Dennis, much appreciated.
  3. Ah, I think you are correct, A-14, I will double check when I get home.
  4. Thank you Dennis, it was a rather productive weekend, managed the start on this, finished my BB-8 droid that is in the Sci-fi section above, and worked on the cockpit of my La-15 in the NATO group build I was thinking of the desert MERDC as well, we'll see, don't have to make up my mind quite yet Thank you! She is beginning to roll along now!
  5. I was able to finish BB-8 over the weekend, so work now moves on to R2. All his parts have been cleaned up and prepped for painting. Hopefully I will be able to get the parts through the painting stage this week.
  6. I was able to BB-8 finished up over the weekend. The final pieces added were the two sensor eyes, the larger on was given a light coat of Tamiya Clear Red on the inside, and smaller one clear blue, as these colors were visible in lenses in photos of the auctual BB-8 ;D The orange and white were mixed from formulas in the instructions using Tamiya paints. He was slightly weathered using oils to match photos of the filming miniature and sat on a small desert sand base. The wooden base was made from a piece of Sapele wood as an added touch. The parts for R2-D2 should be going through the paint shop this week, so his companion should be coming along soon
  7. Thank you for the info Serge, I appreciate it. There was no color callout for the ball, but I assumed it was a reservoir of some type. The photos of the cockpit of the surviving La-15 do show that it was overpainted (poorly), the instructions indicate that the cockpit should be AMT 7. In the pictures of the wheel bay, the tank appears silver, and the paint is in better condition than the cockpit, so maybe it is original?? Hard to say?
  8. I was able to make a start on this. So far I am very happy with this kit. The plastic parts are nicely done, and the extra fine, detail is made up from photo etch elements. I started with the cockpit. Almost every plastic part had photo etch added to it. In looking at photos of a surviving La-15 the cockpit seems to be quite faithful to the original. The front bulkhead with etched rudder pedals. The seat, which is a multi part assembly of plastic parts before etched details are added. A couple photos of the cockpit with the pieces just sat into place. On to the painting now, which hopefully will bring all the pieces to life!
  9. So, made a little progress on this over the weekend! Where I started, a box of still sealed sprues This kit is from the first production run in 1994, so it is about time to free the sprues! These two cylinders are the supports for the boom. I spent some time pondering this aspect of the construction process as the instructions want one to attach the boom early in the construction process, where it will inevitably be in the way. So the arms were assembled, they need to be moveable, so they were taped in place and the pins inserted through the arms into the support blocks, A drop of thick superglue was placed on the ends of the pins and left to harden, the though being the thick glue would not leach back along the pins and cement the arms, thus making them immovable. The suspension added. This is as much as I can do to the suspension until I figure out what paint scheme I am going to do. I had always planed to do this in a Desert Storm paint scheme, but the more I look at the different MERDC schemes, the more I am considering going with one of those instead. No mater, there is plenty of work ahead with the upper hull.
  10. Looking forward to your build, I like this vehicle, just have never gotten around to getting a kit.
  11. Thank you, yes they are cool looking vehicles...... Thank you, the kit does look very nice and I am looking forward to building it......I've had it since it was first released, so it is about time I reckon
  12. Thank you Dennis ! Thank you, I should be able to start soon, I ordered what I needed very early this morning after work and it has already shipped, so should have by next week. Thank you Sir, I too tend to like the engineering / support vehicles so this should be a fun build!
  13. I will enter with this guy...…. I might not start immediately as I have a couple of things to finish first, and one of the kits tracks is damaged so I have ordered a new set of tracks, an etch set, and a reference book, so I will need to wait for those to show up before I can get too far into this build.
  14. That is cool!, Thank you for sharing the pictures!
  15. Over the weekend I worked on the base. The kit gives you a small generic square base which I filled the slots where it can join to other bases, and a clear plastic base and support to hold BB-8. I epoxied the clear base piece to the square plastic one and build up a desert sand area from Milliput putty. The rippled desert surface was sculpted before the Milliput hardened, and a cap from a can of Tamyia spray paint was used as a "cookie cutter" to form the Milliput into a circle. After the Milliput hardened it was shot with Tamyia Grey Surface Primer ad then airbrushed with Model Master Sand, given a wash of Lifecolor Italian sand and them drybrushed with Lifecolor Italian White, which is an off-white color. Looking at photos of BB-8 he had some weathering effects around the orange panels on his body, sometimes these were quite pronounced, and at other times less conspicuous. I used some dark brown weathering oils to add some subtle staining around his body and on his head following the pictures. I kept these fairly restrained as I didn't want to make him look like he was all beat to heck, but rather give an impression of how he looked in the movie in general. I gave BB-8 a test run on the base...…..Shouldn't be too much longer to finish him and the base up!
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