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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Will pick this one up when available. Probably be the last kit I buy for a while (maybe forever). Have run out of room/time.
  2. Thanks! Be warned though....clicking the Kitty Hawk link at the end of the review takes you to a Web site that tries to trick you into downloading an "Adobe installer." For whatever reason, KH abandoned their Web site and are now only on FB. So either they let their domain expire and a bad agent snapped it up, or there is some kind of hack/redirect happening, or both.
  3. Wow, the detail on that KAB is awesome (thanks for the link). Maybe I will have to do a second build.
  4. Orly?? Geez, more stuff I wish had been available last summer. I'll have to check out your photos (even if doing so will make me sad).
  5. Thanks!! It was a fun--if not totally drama-free--build. I know the load-out is completely ridiculous but....I like a lot of crap hanging off jets. I wouldn't mind building another one, but have too many other projects to finish. Ah well.
  6. The KH kit does look nice! Too bad I'm this far along on the HB (CWS nose and tail in place, Vallejo primer and AKAN base coat): Looks like an Su-34? But dangit, if the KH turns out to be not overly engineered like their other kits, might have to get that one, too. Hm.
  7. Thanks! I would've liked to have compared aftermarket noses after they were all released and then picked the "best," but I got tired of waiting.
  8. Thanks! I'm still learning proper techniques when it comes to sawing plastic (ie, haven't done it much yet), so the large gaps are probably the result of my hack job more than the nose dimensions. I had to sand down the connecting tab bits on the top and bottom of the nose to get the nose to sit flush with the sides of the fuselage, and also sand about 1 mm off of the nose where the front of the canopy meets the nose to get canopy to sit properly. The only quibble I have is that on the other side (ie, opposite of where I took photo), the "seam" line running the length of nose didn't quite line up with the seam line on the fuselage. Again, not sure if bc I did something wrong (probably) or if it's the CWS nose. Regardless, I can live with that vs. having proper nose shape. And, more importantly, I can finally stop worrying about the #@#$% nose and move on with the rest of the build. Also, pro tip for anyone about to build: don't follow the kit instructions and install the thin, fragile, protruding landing gear bits at beginning. Obvious, but.....I'm dumb. Broken them off about ten times and I just got started.
  9. I don't like trashing companies on public forums but... I'll just say politely that based on my experience with their Su-27 nose, I'll have to pass.
  10. Well, I got as far as assembling the cockpit and gear but....now must wait for various aftermarket bits. Guess I'll start something else!
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