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  1. Ah, In for a penny in for a pound. You can add the Mk1 Royal Navy upgrade sets if you want to 'improve' your skills!
  2. Hey Guy, I echo New Zealand Steve, do what you feel comfortable in doing. If you want to expand your skills, by the looks of the Sea Vixen, are quite formidable, than try some minor things first. But what ever you decide remember this is your build, enjoy and have fun. I look forward to following your progress.
  3. Enjoyed your Graf Spee build, looking forward to this one.
  4. Iceman, I have been following your build since the beginning and am in awe of your skills. It seems that more of the modelers are now using lighting, LED and fiber optics, in their builds. Could you please show us more of your lighting progress? Thanks, and this is a great build.
  5. Looking forward to your build. For some reason the pictures are not being displayed.
  6. Iceman, I have said it before, your attention to detail and your craftsmanship are absolutely unbelievable. I only hope in my wildest dreams I can come close to your ability.
  7. Iceman, I like how you have drilled out the portholes, added eyebrow etch. Will you add a 'plastic window' later. Just love the detail and care that you are doing for this build.
  8. Iceman, will follow with great interest. Looking real good!
  9. UPDATE, just checked Trumpeter's Facebook page, as of 11hours ago they are accepting orders.
  10. OK, Within the Titanic model box there are inserts as you well know, one of those is a notice of a detail up set for US$180, that will be available sometime in March 2020. You are provided with two options for ordering, the first is to visit Trumpeter's Facebook page, the second is to email directly to the individual who is coordinating the purchasing for Trumpeter/Pontos. Go to Facebook and search for 'Trumpeter China Model Kits' then click send email with your request for the detail set. You will receive a reply instructions for payment. HOWEVER, as you are very aware the virus situation has caused massive shipping restrictions, and I do not think they are accepting any new orders right now. But do send the email that way when they restart the process you will be one step ahead. The other method is an email to: wg3939@vip.163.com. Hope this info helps.
  11. Hello Iceman 29, No I have not received the Pontos detail kit, I have to wait for the shipping restrictions to be lifted before the package can be sent. Are you asking who to order the detail set from?
  12. Hello Belt Armor, will be following with interest. Mine arrived two months earlier then I expected. So now I have to wait for the shipping restrictions to be lifted so that I can receive the add-on detail set from Pontos. Stay safe, and enjoy your build, I know I will.
  13. Steve, thank you. Your level of craftsmanship is extremely evident in the quality of your work. And yes if a model becomes a millstone then the enjoyment is lost. Thanks again for starting this build, I am really enjoying it.
  14. Great work! Beyond my capabilities, really enjoying and learning. Can you let us in on that hull that you have stored on the shelf above the gunboat?
  15. Following with great interest. Can not agree with you more concerning the 'straightness' phobia.
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