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  1. John, thanks, it is a very interesting concept. I'll give it a try on the next build.
  2. Please accept our condolences for your loss.
  3. Good Morning Jon, the best I can do for you right now is to direct you to: Red Oak Victory The first three (3) photos show where the name board is located on that type of ship. If my memory is correct, I have seen O'brien's name board in the same locations. The name board was oblong not with the corners cut out. The name boards were located on the uppermost deck attached to the railing on the port, starboard, aft, and forward.
  4. Jon, well you pick the one thing that I do not have a photo of, however, I know what you are 'talking' about. Let me check a few things out and get back to you.
  5. Jon, you are welcome, I have other photos not yet posted, let me know if there is a particular item you are looking for. Have an enjoyable weekend.
  6. If you are looking for more photos I hope these help. OBRIEN Drawing up the chair and will be following.
  7. Grabbing a bag of popcorn and dragging the chair up to watch. Looking good so far, much better than I can do.
  8. Hello Steve. Yes Arnold is correct in his guess. When the Iowa was towed from San Francisco to LA. The tow chain, which in this case, was the actual anchor chain. One end was wound around the casptan, then held in place with three(3) or four(4) stoppers on the Iowa passed through and directly attached to the tug. I have photos, unfortunately, I am unaware of how to post them.
  9. Hello David, and welcome to ship modeling. If you would like to see an in-progress build of the HOOD using the Pontos set, watch Steve on You Tube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfkPhaBJc0F6h5F1FzAM32Q/playlists I have the Big Ed sets and even those are intimating! Good luck, have fun and take your time to enjoy the build.
  10. We are all wishing you a quick and complete recovery.
  11. Getting the popcorn, drawing up the chair. Looking forward to your build, which looks really nice so far.
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