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  1. John, love the work on the machine guns. Looking forward to following your progress, which by the look of the guns, will be impressive.
  2. Your welcome, please give us an update on your adventure.
  3. Well, it depends how much money you are willing to spend. The conciseness is that the KA/MK1 detail set ($330.00 US) is better than the Pontos set. Then there are the 'Scale The Titanic' 3D (thru Shipways upward to $250.00 US) and their photoetch sets, no longer available (temporarily or permanently unknown at this time $300.00+ US). Then there are other Shipways 3D products $250.00+ US. As for the jigs for drilling out the portholes those are manufactured by Nigel in England, he also makes internal bracing to address the hull warp-edge. I would recommend you watch the his Youtube
  4. I understand about making a build more complicated. I'm always saying that my next build will be only be an "Out-of-the-box". Yah right! A third of the way through I have a bright idea (DUMMY), and then six months later I'm only half way completed.
  5. Yup, attaching the barrels can be a pesky task. Looks like you did a superb job.
  6. Hello Jon, Looking forward to tagging along.
  7. Hey Faraway, Have this in the stash, it is fourth in line for building. I'll be following!
  8. Happy New Year to you also and all the Britmodlers. Funny video and a bit chilling.
  9. As for a troglodyte (HMMM time machine?) I love painting so much.... and how much.... that I would visit the Dentist to have a root canal without the aid of any pain reducers!! Have fun and stay safe
  10. Arnold, matt finish is the way to go for a final coat over the paint. As for washing out your mouth, please use a very smooth whiskey without the soap.
  11. Chris, this is a very good looking build you have done. Congrats
  12. Steve, I will be following your build with interest. I am using the sections to build up a few ships myself. However I will be using .020" plastic for the frames, and 0.010" for the hull plating.
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