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  1. Steve, thank you. Your level of craftsmanship is extremely evident in the quality of your work. And yes if a model becomes a millstone then the enjoyment is lost. Thanks again for starting this build, I am really enjoying it.
  2. Great work! Beyond my capabilities, really enjoying and learning. Can you let us in on that hull that you have stored on the shelf above the gunboat?
  3. Following with great interest. Can not agree with you more concerning the 'straightness' phobia.
  4. OK, another follow-up, and some crow eating. This afternoon to my surprise I received an email containing the drawings that were ordered. I understand that Sławomir Brzeziński is running a one man shop and does not check his email daily, however, if he could check and at least acknowledge emails once every three days it would alleviate many misunderstandings. As I said before, he does provide a good service to the ship modeler with his plans and booklets. And yes, I will be ordering from him in the future, November, books and LARGE drawings.
  5. As a follow up, I received the books as ordered. However I am greatly disappointed because the drawings that I ordered, 1/200 Large PDF, were not sent. Instead I received 1/200 A4 PDF. I have no use for that size. I have sent two (2) emails requesting that the 1/200 Large PDF, that were ordered and paid for be sent. Absolutely no reply from PM. I would advise others not to purchase items from them, I know I will not. Jerry
  6. Hope all goes well with your request. Will you be doing a build in progress? I am gathering info on the ALGERIA to see if I can do a 1/200. Still stuck on the main guns, looking for a drawing.
  7. I had a similar problem with PM. I sent an email via their instructions on the home page about ten (10) days ago, including the paypal receipt numbers. This morning I received from them confirmation that my order has been sent, including a tracking number; but not the name of the shipping company!? Also that the pdf plans will arrive in a few days. You may have to send another email, their response to quires is slow at best for a one man operation, however he does provide a service for the model builders. At least in my opinion. On the side what are you going to build when the plans arrive?
  8. Jamie, Thank you. I guess the casting department felt that it would be easier and probably less expensive to attach the bosses to the hull than make new molds for the item, which would cascade into new sprue molds, packaging etc.
  9. Hi Jamie, Could you post a photo of the propeller boss work so this novice can learn? Also thanks for all the information you have provided so far. On the side Pete, take care of yourself and get well soon.
  10. Looking quite good. Like the painting. How much filling on the hull did you have to do? Also how do you feel about the model, fit up that is, so far?
  11. Hello, have this in the stash, sans PE, will be following your build for pointers when I start mine.
  12. Love the rigging!! You must have the patients of a saint.
  13. An extremely well built model. Love the weathering, however the netting and associated detail is quite impressive. Congrats' on a well done job!
  14. Hi Jamie, I will be following your build with interest. Yours is now the third concurrent build of the HOOD on Britmodeller. Thanks for taking the time to show a novice how to do the corrective work.
  15. Great work on the boats and catapult!
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