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  1. Francis I have a book on landing craft lying around somewhere - I think it includes basic plans. PM me and maybe I can email you the relevant pages. Tim
  2. Try Dan Taylor modelworks or Milicast They do Landing craft in 72nd scale - they may even have such a kit. They do crew and I know they do an LCI, unless you specifically wan the small scale Tim
  3. Nice one Ian! Wish someone would do the WOT series in 1:72 though.
  4. Hardcastle

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter one and all Tim
  5. Given the colour of the one in the SA Military museum in Johannesburg (they were afterall built in SA), the Mk IV is pretty much correct colour. Tim
  6. Don't forget the decals from this lot (have not tried them myself - qualifier) https://www.lmdecals.gr/index.php/en/
  7. Hardcastle

    SAAF Furies

    Thanks Charlie and Stefaan Knew I could rely on my IPMS-ZA colleagues! Tim
  8. Hardcastle

    SAAF Furies

    Maybe @Stefaan can weigh in on this one chaps. He is based here in South Africa and I suspect has access to the museum data (if I remember correctly). I too can check later for you - I am out of town for the week, but when back home in Durban will contact my buds at the museum / check my references on this. Tim South Africa
  9. The East Africa Sky is a more grey-blue than the British one. Agree about the Belling book. Tim
  10. Maybe post this query on the diorama board - there are very expert members there - some great work done to assist you. Lots of good videos on you-tube to help with dio bases and water effects too.
  11. Hi all What I found interesting about the video clip was the Coles crane, while camouflaged on the sides still appears to have an RAF blue jib with the topside of the jib a yellow colour, unless I am missing something subtle. The same appeared to be true for the jib of the ?Rapier crane lifting the prop off the Lanc! Help me understand if I was wrong. So maybe the paint rules are not so rigidly applied as some others seem to have us believe. Or, was this movie-clip actually post-war recreation? Tim
  12. Indeed it seems to be - that is the other pic I was referring to! Tim
  13. Indeed you seem to agree with what I suggested. I checked numerous of my resources and could not find any Mk 1 or 2's. All images are of the Mk 3's. The other pic on Wikipedia (on the right of the screen) shows the 7V. I think I also replied to your post on another forum. Tim
  14. Suggest ;looking at the old Observer's Directory book as they featured some there. I will also check my resource stash and revert if I get something else to share. Tim
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