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  1. Hi all I discovered why "No stock/Sold out" when I asked about it - none of the UK sellers post to South Africa, So will have to go without. (Also the Rand-Pound exchange rate is a killer - almost 20 rand for a pound!) My luck Tim
  2. Pity - Justin from Bookworld replied to my query to say "sold out" and to try Paul; Meekens books as he sold a large number to them. Tim
  3. There are pictures of a fake bow wave on one or two of the Corvettes used in the Med during 41-43 as well.
  4. You could email me too - traumadoc2 AT gmail.com Tim
  5. Hi all Found some pics and a potentially useful book - maybe helpful? @Olmec Head: PM me and I will share - cannot seem to post pictures into the text-post and I do not have Flickr or similar. Tim
  6. Hi all Chatted to our in-house expert Eric at the Durban IPMS meeting tonight (yes, we are back to in-person meetings). He suggested not to look too far off the norm - he suggests a book that may help and will look up the aircraft once I send him the squadron code. He said it is unlikely to be any color than yellow leading edges and a dark red around the guns, similar to other Spitfires. He is not aware of any SAAF spits having a scheme different to the AM requirements. Will revert once I have more feedback from him. Tim
  7. Has anyone considered asking the SAAF museum or the local SAAF experts in South Africa (Murray Baxter and co, or Ettiene - he is on this Forum) Tim
  8. Mostly British AFV's had indeed a white internal colour except for items that would be externally visible (turret flaps etc.). A few were silver inside. The experts will define which had what colour. Tim
  9. Not sure if there are any there, but try Pat Ware's series of "images of War" magazines???
  10. So true Badger, so true - the Freathy book is a major one!
  11. Yep - Dan Taylor stuff or the other supplier is Milicast Models from Scotland, who also sell Dan's products for him. Tim
  12. In the top picture the breadown truck is more likely the Mack or Diamond T given the shape of the crane jib. Tim
  13. If I remember correctly the only "pennants" routinely used were the boat numbers - other signals were by light-flashing or semaphore Regards Tim
  14. Hi Dave Now that I have context - give me till the weekend then I can scan the articles and send to you. Tim
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