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  1. Hardcastle

    Who among you has ever seen such camouflage in a Harvard?

    Very weird - never seen that - looks like wavy square patchwork style.
  2. Hardcastle

    Question on RN colours

    Early war was apparently a dark sea-grey with white over the mudguards to make visible in blackout (similar in style to the "Pool Board"), while later war everything used the camo of the army style. Mike Starmer is the paint expert for vehicles. Hope this helps, but also would like to see the picture.
  3. Hardcastle

    John Piper collection HMS Grey Goose

    John John Lambert had published a few articles on Grey Goose in various modeling mags that may assist you. Do you have those? If not DM me and I may be able to send them to you as scans. I don't have them all, but can send what I do have. Tim
  4. Hardcastle

    Model of a model club display 1/12

    Both very interesting and awesome work.
  5. Hardcastle

    Can somebody tell me what vehicle this is ???

    Maybe a Scammel LA15/20 tractor unit? Available from Langley models website
  6. Hardcastle

    Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    Hi all I would have to agree with @jaime here. The length to human ratio is in keeping with the 63' boat. But the arrangement of the two AA turrets is different to the usual UK variant - they were staggered over the ridge of the main compartment, while these seem to be side-to-side, more in keeping with the early Scott-Paine MGB, here without armament - there is no (usual) single Oerlikon on the rear and nor is there the larger gun on the front, or the wave deflector - maybe not yet fitted? As mentioned the wheelhouse is not correct for an Elco boat. My 2c
  7. Hardcastle

    Karrier Bantam Domestic fire Tender. A Solution !!

    Nice one Ian Glad the plan was helpful to you. Feel free to keep in touch via email if there are other plans you may need - I can always check what I have and share. Tim
  8. Hardcastle

    Karrier Bantam Domestic fire Tender. A Solution !!

    Ian That may be the plan I have - at least of the base-vehicle. Let me check on the weekend (busy at hospital today and tomorrow. If it is I will scan and PM to you. Tim
  9. Hardcastle

    Karrier Bantam Domestic fire Tender. A Solution !!

    Ian I believe Les Freathy built a model of one of these some time back. Also have a scale plan of the flatbed around somewhere. Tim
  10. Hardcastle


    Hi all He may have been flying out of either Ysterplaat in Cape Town or Wingfield Naval Station. Both had Ansons doing anti-sub patrols. I have a book about the history of the Wingfield base and can try to see what there is to share if you PM me. The only other bases near the coast were in Port Elizabeth and Durban. ASAIK they only had fighter units and training flights, but there are other SAAFers on the forum who may be able to assist better.
  11. Hardcastle

    Help to identify vehicle, please

    The Milicast is a good option. There used to be a white metal kit out there too, but not sure if still around.
  12. Hardcastle

    1/72 figures and wheels

    Airfix also do a soft plastic set of USAF ground crew. Still available as I got one for my son recently. Tim H
  13. Hardcastle

    RAF/SAAF pictures WWII

    Thanks Chariie Nice pics - really lekker. That one pic with Table Mountain in the rear is probably from either Wingfield or Ysterplaat. Tim H
  14. Hardcastle

    Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    Thanks @seadog Tim
  15. Dear all Copy and paste from wrong post in Aircraft group. Please assist if you can. I am looking for some long out of print model-magazine articles and was wondering if any of the longstanding members may have these and be willing to scan and share. Battle magazine was a Military Modelling offshoot in the late 1970's and they had a great series of articles on Allied Softskins by Mike Coniford. I have no 1 to 10 and 12, but am missing March 1977 (no 11) and those subsequent to April 1977 (13 ff, not sure how many more there were). Any chance that one or more of you would have them and be willing to share? If so please OM/DM me and we can share email addresses. This is not copyright infringement as these articles would be less than 20% of an issue (about 3 pages each) and are not even available on e-bay/google or in libraries. Thanks in advance Tim H