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  1. Not sure if there are any there, but try Pat Ware's series of "images of War" magazines???
  2. So true Badger, so true - the Freathy book is a major one!
  3. Yep - Dan Taylor stuff or the other supplier is Milicast Models from Scotland, who also sell Dan's products for him. Tim
  4. In the top picture the breadown truck is more likely the Mack or Diamond T given the shape of the crane jib. Tim
  5. If I remember correctly the only "pennants" routinely used were the boat numbers - other signals were by light-flashing or semaphore Regards Tim
  6. Hi Dave Now that I have context - give me till the weekend then I can scan the articles and send to you. Tim
  7. Love the website @SquireBev thanks for the hard work. Tim
  8. Hi Never built one myself, but heard good things about Wespe in general. Resin is rein! Tim
  9. We had a kit (Airfix Kittyhawk) my son built and the entire thing went all frosty once the Humbrol matt coat dried - had to sand it and start again. Not a perfect result, but did improve the look. Not sure why it did this - it was a new bottle. Tim
  10. Hi all To my eye the Tamiya "Buff" is the closest I have got to LS61, Not sure of other's experiences in that regard. May have been the South African LS61 version used in WW2 was slightly lighter than the UK one? Tim
  11. Ettienne who runs that site is a member on here as far as I know0 Tim.
  12. Hi all Yes, MavDecals are the South African go-to producer of SAAF decals. Can be a little brittle at times, so gently with the applications. Tim South Africa.
  13. Francis I have a book on landing craft lying around somewhere - I think it includes basic plans. PM me and maybe I can email you the relevant pages. Tim
  14. Try Dan Taylor modelworks or Milicast They do Landing craft in 72nd scale - they may even have such a kit. They do crew and I know they do an LCI, unless you specifically wan the small scale Tim
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