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  1. They were used in the first part of the war in France prior to Dunkirk and in the desert. There are pics in various sources (e,g. Les Freathy's book and the classic VanderVeen books) - if you email me traumadoc2ATgmail.com I can send you some stuff. Tim
  2. Hi @Juan R-S - did you get a plan or should I scan for you - you can email me on traumadoc2ATgmail.com if you need it and I will scan and send to you. I have the Airfix RAF vehicles booklet in my reference library.
  3. I think there was one in the "Airfix RAF vehicles" booklet. I will check and let you know. I can scan and share privately if I find it. Tim
  4. Hi Heather The Osprey book "British Home Defence" from their Fortress series number 20 and also "Britain's Air Defences" (Elite 104) will give useful tips. Private message me or email me on traumadoc2ATgmail.com if you need assistance getting these. Tim
  5. @Al Gunthwaite Are these resin (both the 72nd and 144th sets) or are they in white metal - the website is not clear on this. These are good looking figures, just a bit pricey with the Rand-Pound rate of almost 20 at the moment Thanks Tim
  6. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies is your source for all things Royal Navy paint schemes - I am sure he will respond. The two sides of a ship were often slightly different in the cam scheme, that much I do know. Tim
  7. Hi I see Etienne and Stefaan beat me to it. Well done chaps. Tim
  8. Hi Dave The best I can offer is the two pics and small diagrams on page 176 and 177 of David Mondey's Concise Guide to British Aircraft of WW2, ISBN 600 34951 9-Aerospace Publishing Ltd 1982. It appears Mk 1 and 2 had the RR Kestrel XXX and Bristol Mercury XX engines respectively (this had a similar nose shape to the Hurricane), while the Mk 3 had the Pratt and Whitley Wasp Junior engine and had a similar look to the Martinet as you mention. The Master was, however primarily a trainer, a two-seater, although a few were converted to fighters, but never used in that role. I will happily scan and send the two pages if that may assist you - email me on traumadoc2 AT gmail.com
  9. There are SAAF museum experts on the forum who may have more info. Tim
  10. Hi all I discovered why "No stock/Sold out" when I asked about it - none of the UK sellers post to South Africa, So will have to go without. (Also the Rand-Pound exchange rate is a killer - almost 20 rand for a pound!) My luck Tim
  11. Pity - Justin from Bookworld replied to my query to say "sold out" and to try Paul; Meekens books as he sold a large number to them. Tim
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