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  1. Nice built. The subject looks like a Beaufighter mated with a Hampden! v
  2. Nice work so far. Are you aware that the kit does NOT provide the AAR probe as I see you've left it open. I recently built the same kit & left MINE open intending to fit a deployed probe. Very disappointed to find it wasn't supplied & also had to fit the closed cover & repaint! Is there an AM product?
  3. I've got this kit along with the Neomega cockpit & replacement wheels. I'll let you start & look out for tips!
  4. Thanks very much but I found it this afternoon whilst clearing the bench for the next project!
  5. A long time since I built a Hasegawa F-4 but just as good as I remember. The weak points are the cockpit (although still better then the much newer Academy kits IMHO) & a lack of stores (where the Academy kit is better IMHO). Anyway, I used the Aries cockpit which once you can get it to fit is a vast improvement although the etched seat belts were a real problem for me & I ended up with a pretty poor representation! Also from Aires are the jet nozzles which are far better than the kit parts but are very hard to fit, being much longer them the kit's plastic offerings. It's necessary
  6. Managed to pick up an Eduard Profipack Mirage III at a reasonable price - it's a beauty, I know because I built one a few years back. Anyway, that one was over all NMF but this time I want to finish it with the "blue-grey" upper surface scheme. can anyone advise the best colour here? Humbrol or Extracolour?
  7. On the one Sea Vixen I've built, I interpreted the colour call out "blue/grey" as Medium Sea Grey. Looks ok to me!
  8. Don't blame you, that's a beautiful job!
  9. Probably males sense that they would have been repainted in UK colours at some stage of their lives. I'm building an early FGR2 so will probably go with the US Dark green delivery colour.
  10. Yes looks good. I'll see what I've got that might match!
  11. Can anyone advise of the best colour for the gun pod on an RAF FGR2? The Revell instructions call for "green" but I suspect this might be a US rather than UK green. Also some shots show the pod in the underside colour of LAG. Prefer the green to break up the underside monotone but appreciate some guidance on the exact shade if poss!
  12. My daughter came home from work today with an Arma Hobby Yak 1-b. Her boss bought it and asked her to give it to me - no idea why, except he knew I build models! Anyway, it's really the wrong scale & subject matter for me but it looks really, really nice so I'll nail it together & let him see the result.
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