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  1. I built this earlier this year & it is a REAL struggle - especially around the jet pipes! Nice job you're making of it!
  2. Well, while the chances of Airfix doing it are slim, the chances of a Tamiya, Kinetic or Hasegawa Scimitar have to be VANISHINGLY small!
  3. Aha! That's good to know, I didn't actually LOOK at the parts, just the instructions! Cheers!
  4. Looks good, first one of these KITS I've seen built for a LONG time!
  5. Just picked up one of these (it's big), had a quick flick through the instructions & it appears the rear seater's instrument panel is nothing like that for the G & probably that of an E (from which I expect this kit was developed). Any aftermarket to correct this?
  6. Nice kit & very nostalgic for me with that Airfix stand!!
  7. Wow! Tbh I've always wanted to build one of these properly (I did knock one together many years ago when I was a kid!) but have always been put off by the lack of cockpit/seat detail (I'm no scratchbuilder sadly). The kit has been around for a long time so it's surprising that no one has stepped up with some detail/improvemnt sets.
  8. Wow that's fantastic!!!
  9. This is a great kit but not the easiest to put together. Mind you, the Kinetic Mirages, one of which I'm building at the moment, are far from a walk in the park either!
  10. Lovely job. I LOVE this model & you've done a great job plus added some interesting (& scary) information!
  11. Can't find a 3 view that shows the spinners projecting beyond the nose on the B/FB Mossies, at least with the single stage Merlins.
  12. Beautiful. Just got mine & will be very happy if it turns out like yours. Also happy memories of building the Hasegawa kit in those markings 30 odd years ago!!
  13. Some do (the F-4E, EJ, F & G as I recall) but others - including the F-4C/D have raised lines but all nice kits with some work!
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