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  1. Lovely work. Never knew KH did this subject!
  2. My iPod contains everything from: The Hives to Handel, Grieg to Green Day, Steps to Shostokovich, Muse to Mendelshonn, The Hollies to Holst, Roxy Music to Rossini & pretty well everything in between. Yes, pretty eclectic! (My daughter found Taylor Swift on there the other day & her response was: "Taylor Swift? What are you?, a 12 year old girl?! )
  3. Well wrestled into shape but remind me to avoid this kit!
  4. Last built this kit about 30 years ago. A year or so back, I had a crack at the KH recon version & that kit is a REAL dog so thought I'd give this a go to restore my faith. Not disappointed - it really is a very nice kit with beautifully detailed cockpits, u/c bays, flap & airbrakes. Raised panel lines of course but none the worse for that, just needs a bit of extra care during assembly in order reduce any sanding/filling to a minumum. The only issue I had was in trying to work out how the internal screen that separates the two cockpits along with the canopy jack are positioned & arranged. Some images from helpful BMers were provided in response to my pleas but I'm not entirely convinced I have them right. I lost the clear cover to the port-side lamp below the cockpits so knocked up a replacement from clear sheet. However I am ABSOLUTELY STEAMING THAT I LOST THE STARBOARD STABILISOR!! I had it painted & all ready to attach & it simply disappeared. I have applied to Revell for a replacement but it seems the kit is OOP & spares are no longer available . Anyway, still pleased with how it turned out!
  5. Graham T

    Phantom FG1

    Too right but Airfix are not the only guilty ones here. I was highly disappointed with the main bays on the Academy 1/48 F-4 I built recently - utterly devoid of even a vague pastiche of what should be there! On a related matter, I'm working on the 1/48 Revell F-101B which is of course the old Monogram kit. The moulds have "1985" stamped on them (reproduced therefore on the actual kit!); the attention to & quality of the detail on the u/c, wheel bays, flaps, airbrakes, cockpit, ejector seats (full moulded harnesses) shames pretty well all current manufacturers.
  6. Thanks. Looking on the Scalemates site, it seems that Revell simply "lifted" the instructions for their issue from the Monogram original. I can believe that 30+ years ago the instructions weren't better in the areas I'm having issues with as I have no recollection of them being so dubious! I wonder if Monogram re-did them at some time?
  7. Thanks, that ARC post shows just what I was looking for!!
  8. Building the Revell (Monogram) F-101B at the moment & the F-106 was finished earlier this year!
  9. I built this kit many years ago in the original Monogram boxing & apparently the instructions were FAR better cos the Revell ones are utter crap. Anyway I'm having trouble figuring out exactly where the windscreen between the cockpits goes (part 84), along with the canopy actuating jack) part 60. There doesn't seem to be accurate or obvious locations for either. Anyone got a shot of how they did it perhaps?
  10. Beautiful build (but that isn't Suffolk in the background! )
  11. Yea, I thought long & hard about building mine; they go for stupid money on bay when they do crop up. Of course, now I want one with the PR kit!
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