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  1. Isn't that an Italian AF Tiffie?
  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing them. She is "mahoosive". I believe PoW isn't far off a visit to Portsmouth - be great to see them alongside together. Even more so to see them "steaming" in line astern just like some of the old shots from WW2 & into the 50s.
  3. Great build & paint job. I have fond memories of the old Monogram F-105 series. I've got the Revell D "Thunderstick" model in the to do pile which I think is the old Monogram D with extra parts? I'm also building the HB G at the mo!
  4. Hey I'm building this at the moment! Just assembled the engine but will not be painting it as I don't think anything will be visible when the fuselage is all buttoned up! Also got the Caracel decal sheet & will also be doing a wrap-around scheme. Obviously you have been reading my thoughts - quite disgraceful .
  5. IIRC it was either an Airfix Antarctic Auster (with a steel pin holding the prop on so it would spin), or a Frog Tempest V on which I used a green felt tip to create the camo! Hmmm, not sure my skills have improved sometimes!
  6. Graham T

    Javelin Colours

    Humbrol 11 in my recent experience is not what it was & seems virtually impossible to differentiate between this & their 56. I use Xtracolour High Speed Silver for all my RAF subjects - does what it says on the tin!
  7. I got this one from Hannants earlier this year & picked up another a couple of weeks back on Amazon for the pretty much the same price.
  8. Yes you're right. I realise there was no actual frame but an inflatable seal which I erroneously though was on the canopy but as pointed out below was actually on the spine. I'll have to get rid of it. Airfix have correctly provided the canopy with a line just like the real thing which I THINK represented a slightly thicker area of the canopy?
  9. Thanks. No need for nose weight. Someone mentioned elsewhere that the instructions say no need for nose weight if you fit all the cameras but I couldn't see this & anyway they weigh next to nothing so can't see how this would work! If you don't open the nose hatches you could get a lot in all the space available but as I say I didn't & there's no need!
  10. Graham T

    F/RF-84 canopy

    Having just finished the Tanmodel RF-84F I have a question that has bothered me for a while. Why did Republic go for that "up & over" canopy opening mechanism rather than the more usual rear hinge or a simple sliding mechanism? Always wondered. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mycockpit.org%2Fphotopost%2Fdata%2F534%2FCanopy_small.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mycockpit.org%2Fphotopost%2Fshowphoto.php%3Fphoto%3D2813%26title%3Df-84f-canopy-open%26cat%3D534&docid=fkDvyXsVld5-QM&tbnid=G5NUykZ-P7w3mM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwj6tb_roNXjAhVEyoUKHVD-DPcQMwhnKBcwFw..i&w=640&h=480&client=safari&bih=737&biw=1280&q=F-84 canopy&ved=0ahUKEwj6tb_roNXjAhVEyoUKHVD-DPcQMwhnKBcwFw&iact=mrc&uact=8
  11. Been a bit busy lately. Just finished this & I highly recommend it! Very well moulded with good fit throughout, nice clear parts, a wide selection of markings & nationalities provided on a good quality decal sheet. A full set of masks is provided for all of the clear parts & for the antiglare panel on the nose. There's a lot to squeeze in before you join the fuselage halves & assembly & positioning of the triple camera mount in the nose is not very well detailed in the instructions so use your "skill & judgement". One of the assemblies to be included before joining the fuselage halves & one that gave me the most trouble is the internal intake trunking & fan assembly. To be totally honest unless your model is going on a competition table where a judge might shine his penlight down the intakes, you could totally OMIT most of this - it really cannot be seen! Nice cockpit though. The camera windows can be fitted from the outside which was a great help as it means you can fit them after any of the required filling & sanding has been completed & (hopefully) avoid them getting mucked up. The open camera bays are produced by removing the marked areas on each fuselage halve before assembly & using parts provided for the hinged doors. Tbh, on the next one I build I won't bother with this. Firstly because I now feel it spoils the lines of the model, secondly because I suspect there's a lot of detail missing from the opened bays (don't get me wrong some nice detail IS provided but I'm not certain that it's ALL there). The nose wheel leg is very long & a potential weak spot, plus the location points for the main gear legs are a little "soft" so I elected to reinforce them all with brass wire - actually drilling up THROUGH the upper wing surface so I could push the reinforcement rod right through before cutting & filing/sanding flush. I Used a Caracel decal sheet for the national/unit markings with the kit stencils, walkways etc. My only issue is finding a match for the blue on the nose flash which is meant to wrap around the nose. Nothing in my stock of paints so I'll have to keep a look out!
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