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  1. Lovely job! I built this kit several years ago & it didn't look a 10th as good as yours! I wish Airfix would consider this in 1/48! Alright the real thing was a bit of a dog but at least it was good looking!…….
  2. A plane that LOOKED 10 times better than it actually was! What a shame!!
  3. Great job. Kudos for applying all that stencilling!!!
  4. Graham T


    This is the text from my listing, just as it appeared. Little ambiguity there I feel! Offloading a few that no longer fit my collection & are just gathering dust but too good & representing too many hours of work to simply put in the bin. Here’s a 1/72 scale Airfix Douglas Dakota DC-3. Authentic colours & markings for an early post war RAF machine. Nice addition to any collection. See my other items for more 1/72 bombers & others. I simply can’t pack this well enough to post so for COLLECTION ONLY (please do not message me for postage costs) from near Stanst
  5. Had me going there! All excited about a nicely engineered & detailed 1/48 Whirlwind kit…….then I read on!
  6. Graham T


    And by the by, earlier I listed 2 x Airfix Lancs & a B-17, again all CLEARLY listed for collection. One buyer bought all three & as I was invoicing I saw he was in AUSTRALIA!!! I contact him, he was apologetic & I cancelled the order.
  7. Graham T


    About 3 weeks ago I listed a few built models on eBay, having had success in the past. One was an Airfix Dakota, CLEARLY described in BOLD script in the description as for collection only, In addition the P&P section of the listing stated, no postage, collection only. A buyer bought it, I invoiced & AGAIN the invoice states "for collection", the buyer paid & I simply sat back to await his contact to arrange collection. Yesterday he sent me a VERY aggressive message via eBay to the effect that he hadn't noticed the collection business & he wasn't prepared to travel 140 mile
  8. The ending looks like they were planning some kind of sequel! What happened there?!
  9. A bit lacking in the wheel bay detail dept IIRC but otherwise a nice kit!
  10. SNEB pods would seem the obvious answer. Others many know differently.
  11. Trying to view a response to a question I raised in one of the forums but when I click on the "bell" top right of the screen, I get told that I "do not have permission to view this"!??
  12. Nice work so far. Having built a couple of these models, I can confirm the an old mini engine should provide enough nose weight!
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