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  1. Over on FB there's a page dedicated to British Aviation Modelling where one member spent a lot of time & money on a replacement cockpit (Neomega?), only to have to rip a lot of it out as it simply wouldn't fit between the fuselage halves. Replace the seat if you find one but as a British subject with the usual black-hole of a cockpit, I'd leave it at that! And yes I had built one, it's a lovely kit OOB!
  2. Welcome & looking forward to seeing your work! This is a great site for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and advise, don't be afraid to ask! Cheers Graham
  3. That's a lovely build & finish. I remember reading about Paddy Finucane in a childhood magazine, called "Look and Learn", waaaaaay back in the 60s. In that article his final words were "this is it chaps" rather than "this is it Butch" to his wingman, according to the Wiki article I just read to refresh my memory.
  4. You'll need the FG1 kit to build an FAA machine (different stabs, nose gear, cat attachment points (actually these might be of the FGR2 sprues).
  5. Nice! I'm currently "into" French aircraft & Mirages in particular having recently finished the Heller IVP & currently working on the Eduard III
  6. I'm sure there are a few sheets out there - search Hannants site? The Airfix kit will be out in the spring so there are bound to be sheets issued to go with it!
  7. On top of that it's a vast country with a long coastline, bordered by two powerful & not entirely friendly neighbours in China & Pakistan so many priorities for India should lie closer to home perhaps?
  8. Graham T

    Covid Jab

    Dad - 100(!) had his right at the start of the process. Daughter - 24, had hers today on the back of her part time carers job. Wife - 57 has her's Friday as she is "clinically vulnerable" due to treatment she is undergoing. All carried out swiftly & extremely well organised! Me - 62, no underlying health issues (thanks God), gonna have to wait a few more weeks I expect!
  9. Love the Venom! The CMK kits are superb (I built their Wyvern a while back) but the only one I have at the moment is the 1/48 CA kit.
  10. That's a REAL beauty . I have been looking forward to this kit & followed your WIP but I must say I was surprised & disappointed by some of the mods/corrections you had to it. I'll still buy it but couldn't possibly attempt many of the improvements so I'll end up with an imperfect representation but will probably be happy enough!
  11. Not seen the footage but I'd guess that they COULD be French designs impressed by the Germans after the capitulation.
  12. Really nice build. I'm quite getting in to Mirages at the moment!
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