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  1. Revell kit so only their paint refs, three of which have to be mixed for the main colour!
  2. Title says it all! Guidance please before I make a big mistake!
  3. Right! That's decided me! My Hasegawa F-104C will be the next one on the bench. Beautiful job.
  4. Auto-land system default setting is "Running out of fuel"!
  5. Great builds & conversions. The old Matchbox NF14 scrubs up pretty well shapewise I always think!
  6. Thats a superb finish for an all white machine. Sincerely wish I could replicate it!
  7. Less time has elapsed since the time of Cleopatra than elapsed between Cleopatra & the construction of the Great Pyramid. My dad is 99 in Feb, born in 1921. Napoleon died in 1821. It is JUST feasible that just before he died, he held a new born baby that lived to be 100 & could have held my dad when he was born...............I've lost track of where I was going with this.......
  8. You're a nut-job! I nearly had a go at this kit with the GM improvements. Looking at this, I'm glad I didn't & offloaded the kit itself just to make it hard to change my mind!
  9. Watching......watching. Got this to do soon. It's quite hard to find nowadays. I had an example about 5-6 years ago but foolishly let it go. Searched for a reasonably priced replacement for about 4 years.
  10. This is a GREAT KIT & builds into an ACCURATE representation...............says me remembering when I built it over 50 yrs ago!
  11. Super job. I have the Eduard issue of this kit & will be building it as an RAF machine. Very happy if it turned out this good!
  12. DON'T DO NMF!! The RAF used an aluminium paint called "High Speed Silver" & this was also applied to export machines. On top of which quite a bit of the Vampire was wood! Xtracolour produce a good HSS paint.
  13. Isn't that an Italian AF Tiffie?
  14. Great pics, thanks for sharing them. She is "mahoosive". I believe PoW isn't far off a visit to Portsmouth - be great to see them alongside together. Even more so to see them "steaming" in line astern just like some of the old shots from WW2 & into the 50s.
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