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Graham T

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    From a time when dinosaurs weren't just confined to zoos

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  1. Graham T

    Airfix Victor

    So, one coat of primer, two of satin white & a final gloss white, hopefully ready for decalling! Never applied so much paint on one kit!
  2. Graham T

    Airfix Victor

    More progress. Primed yesterday with Alclad grey primer & rubbed down. Now on with a coat of Humbrol Satin white. Nearly a whole tin on the uppers & still not finished. Another coat plus undersides to follow when I return from holiday so nothing for a couple of weeks
  3. Graham T

    Whitley Mk.V

    Top job!
  4. Graham T

    Airfix Victor

    Oh, well, this is, errrr awkward! Forgot the starboard engine fronts! NO ONE LOOK UP THE INTAKE!, NO ONE LOOoh whats the use. On the plus side I've applied just a few of the parts from the Eduard external detailing set, really just the u/c door parts although there are a few others I might use.
  5. Graham T

    PRU Beaufighters

    Medium Sea Grey?
  6. Graham T

    Airfix Victor

    Cockpit & airbrake all assembled & painted & installed along with bomb bay & nose gear bay. I didn't go over board with the cockpit as little will be seen once installed - just looking for an effect. Fuselage together & wing assembly attached. Despite taking great care, the intakes "popped" apart while trying to manoeuvre the wings into position so I need to reseal, refill AND resand them which is a bit of a fag due to the awkwardness of the latter along with the care needed in handling a large assembly while doing so, really hoped to avoid that! Fit is generally superb however & the whole thing is proving a real mojo restorer. The Blue Steel is a neat little kit on its own.
  7. Graham T

    Airfix Victor

    Quite a lot to squeeze between the upper & lower wings but it all fits. Really quite superb engineering by Airfix.
  8. Graham T

    Airfix Victor

    Boy oh boy what a kit. Assembled the cockpit, main u/c, nose gear & bay, air brake, tailplane & bomb bay. Installed the intake trunking into the lower wings, then, placed the upper trunking on top & slid the rather complex intake splitters down through the top halves before securing them with liquid cement & allowing to set before removing them. Then sprayed the trunking gloss white. There will be the inevitable seam but I can probably live with it. Also assembled the main u/c bays into the wings. I don't think the instructions are very clear with the cockpit colouring. I had thought black (it's a British post war jet - deal with it!) but suspect it's some form of mid grey which is what I used; not really critical as it's not really going to be visible! Mind you I'm mightily impressed with the five(!) part ejector seats in 1/72 scale! I had to consider the scheme I'll be building. I'm not good with over all white finishes but the though of all the masking necessary for the camouflaged scheme fills me with dread so I'll go with the former. Anyway it's going together surprisingly fast & I'll try to post more pics down the line.
  9. Graham T

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    looks 1/144 to me
  10. Just finished with thanks to Special Hobby for coming through with a new clear sprue after I spilled glue on the original on my bench! Pictured with my Mk V for comparison
  11. Oooo that brings back some memories! Nice work.
  12. Graham T

    Tempest canopy replacement

    Yes received yesterday, many thanks! Now I can crack on & finish it!
  13. Graham T

    Tempest canopy replacement

    Hi about 3 weeks ago I contacted SH via the form on your website about obtaining a new clear sprue for the 1/32 Tempest II. Nothing received or any acknowledgment; can you confirm that it's in hand?
  14. Lovely job.