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  1. I drove past her many, many, many times. Poor thing but great that someone is taking care of her.
  2. Blimey, must be 0ver 50 years since I built this! In those days it came in a box with frameable box art!!
  3. I used the Flightpath cockpit & if I'm honest it is not a huge improvement over the kit parts. Bit of a waste of effort & not a brilliant fit either!
  4. If I'D been the pilot, I'd have refused to fly that!
  5. Graham T

    Mis-heard words

    My youngest daughter (now 23) vividly recalls that when I played Don Henley's "Down at the Sunset Grill" in the car, he was singing "Down at the SAUSAGE grill"!
  6. The Hunter really was a beautiful piece of aeronautical design.
  7. The Gnat looks like 1/72 even in 1/48!
  8. News to me but Anglia Aircraft Restorations are just waiting a few Centaurus parts before Tempest II MW763 G-TEMT takes to the air at Sywell. I had no idea that a Tempest existed ANYwhere let alone a flying example! https://www.facebook.com/SywellAviationMuseum/
  9. I've used cotton buds in the past - no good for small detail work but fine for larger areas!
  10. Not exactly "backdating" but I WAS going to use the gun bay from an Airfix F8 on my CA F4. I did some jiggling about (before cutting away the panel in the F4 fuselage side!) and decided that with a bit of surgery on the Airfix part it WOULD fit. However I decided that given the thickness of the CA plastic it probably wouldn't look good so abandoned the idea!
  11. Slightly jumping the gun here as I've started a CA F4. God I'd forgotten what an utter DOG this kit is!!!!!!!!!
  12. Nice built, nice jet! I've only built one KH offering - their RF101 - & I have to say I was NOT impressed with it on so many levels but this one might be different!
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