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  1. Hi there Well you can consider me one Salvadoran modeller and I can tell you there is no upper side photo and there is no record of any organized pattern, they were camouflaged using hardware store paints and in a hurry. I know for sure you not going to liked but no aircraft (Corsair or Mustang P-51D) used the yellow ID during the actual fighting they were done practically at the end of the 100 Hours War Best regards Armando
  2. Hi there Part of the problem is quality but the extra trouble is the bad custommer service, I tried to get an extra Zvesda Sukhoi Su-34 cockpit and send a request to them and yes they just answer that they aren't responsible for any kit sold at Ebay ( I agree with that but was a kit made by them and I was asking them to sold it and also a decal set) At end I only buy kits for hobby not to sell or anything else Best day Armando PD For other part Hannants, JadarHobby, Maestro Models, Hobby Link Japan, Kinetic Revell and Airfix all send replacement parts. Italeri send only prepaid parts
  3. Another wonderful example of people that really understood customer service, the fine chaps from Hannants (you know here down the border not many people that chalenge the Forces of the Darkests World Mail Service I always keep you in mind not only wonderful and rare very up modelling stuff but wonderful service_ Regards Armando
  4. Hi there Well I always wonder if they really hit the tip V-1 wing or if it was enough to move the wing closely to turn the bomb down Cheers Armando
  5. They made them in both scales!!!! you have to put the cursor on the scale and then to sellect the desired scale to order them Best modeling Armando
  6. Hi there Well after chatting with a friend I just notice that maybe lots of you haven't notice the fantastics paint mask by Aztec Models so here the link, some people knows them but the excelent whole bunch of decals sets but there are more than decals https://aztecmodels.com/collections/types?q=Masks Best modeling Armando
  7. Hi there Aztec model have paint masks in 1/48 scale here the link https://aztecmodels.com/collections/masks/viggen Best modeling Armando
  8. Hi there The Russian tatical nuclear bomb is included on the Modelsvit Su-7 in 1/72 scale at least on my kit Best modeling Armando
  9. Hi there Look here I just found at the web https://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/russia/rn-28.htm
  10. Please tell us about the decals from where they from???? Cheers Armando PD I also have to do one Indonesian AF F-16 some day but with local decals made by a modeller felow
  11. Hi Michael Well one thing that the Mastercraft kits included on the instructions manuals was a Leyend calling the modellers for a stencil decal sheet and I did and they send me thoe decals but never was able to know how to put them because they forgot to send me some instructions, only by fat chance do ou have those instructions???? Cheers Armando
  12. Hi there I was looking and it look very similar to those boxed under Mastercraft/Mistercraft only appreciable difference is the fixup on the external fuel wings tanks Best day Armando
  13. Hi Booty003 Wonderful kit, I'm stock with one F-111A but it will have Rolling Thunder 1972 markings Cheers Armando
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