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  1. Hi there Well I was wondering if you can provide the ID or number for Mr Color and Tamiya paint but for the 4 color, light tan light gray and 2 kinds of Greens 1000 Thanks in advance Armando
  2. Hi there Now that you discussing this aircraft the Mitsubishi F-4 I wonder to ask about the right colors for the cammo scheme, maybe you can mention the right ones specially of rTamiya or model Master paints Best modelling Armando
  3. Maybe you can look for the Orion plastic soldiers, so let a look here http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/PeriodList.aspx?period=46

    Indian Jaguars.

    Hi there Well in 1/72 scale the best Sea Eagle ASM is inside the Hasegawa Sea Harrier FRS.1 if someone interested on the nose I can cast some of them Best day Armando
  5. Ahhhhhhh that just fine then I have to do another one 10000 Thanks Armando
  6. You can find those kits at Ebay by searching as Testors (they are the same Fujimi kits)
  7. Hi Laurie Let me say something about the Argentinian Chinooks. Let's start that all were CH-47C versions there were 4 of them 2 from Argentinian Air force originally bought for Antartic tasks/deployment so they received 2 color camouflaged and 3 MG Browning 12.7 mm one at each door and one at the ramp, both return to the continent before the surrender And 2 Argentinian Army on normal US Helo Green drab no weapons, one got with mechanical problems (the one captured) and the other one was strafed by Sea Harriers on the ground I hope you enjoy this Cheers Armando Best link this one http://malvinasguerraaerea.blogspot.com/2018/11/helicopteros-chinook-de-la-fuerza-aerea-argentina-en-la-guerra-de-malvinas.html
  8. Hey I already start 6 of them Cheers Armando
  9. The real thing about the Fujimi Skyhawk is to find them for non prohibitive weird prices different than Evilbay
  10. Hi Patrick Look here https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aires-7367-1-72-A-4-Skyhawk-IDF-Exhaust-Nozzles-For-Fujimi/192957436272?hash=item2ced28d170:g:D3QAAOSwB3JdC8zl
  11. So then the other 2 Phantom FGR.2 still in the Dk Green/Dk Sea Grey scheme XV489/A, XV421/B, then dd they go down south in that scheme???/ Phantom XV401 had a trip South too, but when??? Really interesting Cheers Armando
  12. Hi there As I understand this Please notice this, most of my information came from web sources as I don't have the book you mention, maybe here the most important link https://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/operation-black-buck/post-conflict-and-raf-stanley/ 24 May 1982, 29 Sqn arrived Ascension, first three FGR2's: XV466, XV468 and XV484 for air defense, departed back to UK 18 July 6 Phantoms I found a photo with full normal 29 Sqn markings but Do they got Falklands badge?? Once the Port Stanley runway was available for jets, HMS Illustrious was relieved by four RAF F-4 Phantom FGR.2 (named ‘Faith’, ‘Hope’, Charity’ and ‘Desperation’ by the crews – the first three named after the three Gloster Gladiators that according to legend were the names of the three RAF fighters defending Malta in the Second World War). 17 October 1982 29 Sqn arrived Stanley, air defense 4 more Phantoms Do they got Falklands badge?? 1 Nov 1983, 23 Sqn arrived Stanley, replacing 29 Sqn Do they rotate the Phantoms or replace them??? So they have the red hawk or eagle at the tail?? Do they got Falklands badge?? Mount Pleasant, to the west of Stanley, was chosen as the site for the new station. The construction, which had extraordinary challenges to get materials on site, was undertaken by a Laing-Mowlem-ARC consortium. The airfield was opened by Prince Andrew (who served in the Falklands War) on 12th May 1985, and became fully operational in 1986. 1 Nov 1988, 1435 Flt reformed at Stanley and replaced 23 Sqn At that time appear the Maltese Cross and Falklands badge So Charity Peace Hope and Desperation Phantom (is this the one included on new Airfix Phantom FGR.2 kit?) Flights of Phantoms were rotated through the airfield until 1992 when they were replaced with Tornado F3s. The Tornado was replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoon in September 2009. These have been supported throughout by C-130s and, since 1996, VC10s, equipped for aerial refuelling, transport, search and rescue and maritime patrol. Phantom F-4 Gate Guard at MPA Serial is XV409 [H] Currently located at Mount Pleasant are No. 905 Expeditionary Air Wing, No. 1435 Flight with four Eurofighter Typhoons, No. 1312 Flight, with a single Voyager tanker/transport and one Hercules. There are also two Sikorsky S-61 civilian Helicopters run by British International Helicopters Limited (Brintel). Ground units include No 7, 303, and 751 Signals Units and a Rapier detachment from the Royal Artillery. This was previously handled by the RAF Regiment but the RA now have sole responsibility for operating the Rapier. 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) provides constant support and is part of the Joint Service Falkland Islands Detachment which consists of RAF and RLC EOD teams. It is mainly located in Stanley but there is also a detachment at Mount Pleasant. The group’s role is to destroy unexploded munitions from the Falklands War; to brief troops, tourists and citizens on which areas are safe; and to mark uncleared minefields. Best regards you all Armando PS I'm just a lonely guy at a Banana Republic who always pointed as the guy who paint little airplanes and there is not a single aviation enthusiast library who also had to wait at least 2 months for everything model related (with the exception from UK cheaper and only 4-6 weeks as waiting time)
  13. As Gentleman as noble as always John, deeply appreciated your comment Regards Armando
  14. Hi there Well I found that So RAF Phantoms FGR.2 were deployed in August 1982 initially (XV484/C, XV466/E, XV468/W). But when Faith Hope and Charity arrived So, if during March -July 1983 more FGR2's were sent to the island, RAF Stanley from Nov 82 to Apr 83 and that info is correct. Ten Phantoms FGR.2s were deployed with XV468 damaged in a landing incident and was beyond repair in theater - they had all arrived by end of Sep 82. Those three were most likely the first to arrive. In time the aircraft were rotated and of course dropped to four aircraft when it changed to 1435 Flight. Full list from Mar - Jul 1983: XV426(Q), XV464 (U), XV474 (P), XV484 (C), XV423(D), XV402 (A), XV495 (N), XV466 (E), XV419 (G) and the wreck of XV468. The key to this all is that the RAF didn't decide to buy 15 Phantom F-4J's from superplus at David Montan AFB (some were blue and some were grey, as the squadron song went, but that's another story) to replace 3 FGR.2s. The deployment of FGR.2 from 29 Sqn was followed by a full squadron deployment (eventually as 23 Sqn), which left a hole in the UK Air Defence Region and commitments to NATO. As such, the J's were purchased. So when the Malta Cross was used? So when the tail was painted white? Until when was taken from Sqn 23?, when the Sqn 29 take over? So air defense scheme was designed for air superiority, then please confirm the mos accurate color paint??? About the RAF Phantoms FGR.2 do they used stencils? If so please to indicate also the color of the stencils? So please help me to figurate a bit Cheers Armando
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