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  1. Let me say that the biggest value of these kit is the decal sheet
  2. Geeee let's tell them that!!!! I also been waiting for a AMX in 1/72 still on waiting
  3. Hi there Still Asking about the Super Mystere B2, I wonder to ask if the original ejection seat is the right one for the F-84 Thunderstreak or F-100 Super Sabre???? Cheers Armando
  4. Well you got it right. it's supposed to be a Martin Baker Mk 6 taken from Mirage superplus Cheers Armando
  5. Hi there I wonder to ask as I have seen some F-15D two seaters and F-15I with some sort of R2D2 in the back of the canopy and wonder about a upside photo my guess is that has circular form Best regards Armando
  6. Well it look that Special Hobby did it again as they just have the Viggen in maybe the definitive way, look at Hannants btw I just order mine
  7. So it was you Pappy Let me say that you contributed a lot for my Buccaneer midl life crisis (about 15 of them) in wonderful 1/72 scale Cheers to you Armando
  8. Hi there Selwyn I'm just following but long ago evolved from a Vernier manual rule to a digital one Cheers Armando
  9. I got one set of those are simply Phantastic
  10. Hi there Please clarify me if I'm wrong but later on service the SAAF Buccaneers got the extended bomb bay covers??? Cheers Armando PS I remember a build up here also with a Matchbox kit but with precision guided bombs
  11. Bow I get those Maybe says Ivan hates his wonderful drill instructor I want to screw all those crazy occidentals that here says nothing important but look wonderful for rivet counter referees and else Like I was pretty much bore today. That hatch use is reserved by Corporal Ilich to keep a lunch free of freezing
  12. Hi there A very similar illustration coming from the Matchbox kit inflamate my youth, as I promised then to be a good boy if got that kit as a gift, because it look so mean but unfortunately no bombs whatsoever inside the box!!! cheers Armando
  13. Hi there I'm really interested on follow your build up Cheers Armando
  14. Hi there Well I supposed that the Airfix gang are planing to do Buccaneers as same as British Phantoms only now they just started with RN samples and maybe next year we going to have RAF Buccaneers Cheers Armando PS I 'm just waiting mailman came with my RAF Phantom
  15. Hi there Well I feel obliged to advice you a bit, not about modelling as I saw that part is already sorted but in my limited experience those Special Hobbies (Azur also Ace models from Ukraine) low pressure plastic inyected kits are build a lo of easier with Revell Contacta Cement Best modelling Armando
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