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  1. Hi there I normally go around the aircraft forums but I also do some Braille Scale and have a few Ace so One very single time a coment spoted On the Way website (I think) regarding that you need to use Revell Contacta use for Low Injection Limited Editions Western Europe plastica models and that also aplied for Eduard, KP or Kovosavody Mars Regarrds Armando
  2. Thanks for your answer Andre Your opinion confirm my suspicion: lot of extra things for the Fujimis MiG-21 (as they're not MF but BIS models, I still have around 4-5 on the stash) and those only include R-13 Atolls and use the R-3R on RV/KP MiG-23 There are also a pair of AA-1 Alkali that better be use in a MiG-17PM or MiG-19PM Regards Armando PD Sadly only one UB-32 and a single pair of UB-16
  3. Yes RidgeRunner After all the previously mention the Fighter Bomber (but at least now I understand whats the difference (mainly some panels on the fuselage and wings) on the models only the fuselage/wings sprue are different the weapons sprue is the same I was looking and find out that there is no practical detail on 4+Publications books for Early and Late MiG-21, but the bomb rack appear on MiG-23 book Regards Armando 0 th
  4. Hi there During this week I received a package from Hannants that indluded an Eduard MiG-21MF Weekend Edition and I realized some things 1 it was a bad buy as what I really need was a Profipack then I was some sort of consoled as there also included emgraved or detailed parts for the cockpit Then when I was looking the weapons sprue I thought that maybe the takeoff assist rockets can be used in an Yak or in an Il-28 I really appreciate the wide selection of weapons as some of them its the first time that I have in plastic inyected form, some of them sadly on
  5. David Reskit do them in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale https://www.amazon.com/Reskit-RS48-0107-Launcher-Aircraft-Equipment/dp/B083M8W27S

    Best Su-17/22

    Hi there Let me say a bit of old Pantera/Mastercraft/Mistercraft kits there are let say early and late type. early type 1/72 scale they have as diference the nose intake, dorsal spine and of course the small canopy, they go good for Fitter C. D and F Then we got the late type Su-22 M2, M3 and M4 The rest of the kits are the same You need for both kits Pavla Ejection seat SK-3 I think if memory don't fail me its a different from KM-1 or KM-36 In any case the original issue I hadn't the chance but got some etched parts from Jada
  7. Hi there Regardng that I already order my Modelsvit kit *(from Hannants) so during this waiting due the normal (bad or worst) service at my local mail service. I wonder if the Italeri underfuselage pylons are well shaped and can be used also wondering about the right shape and dimension of the under fuselage Mica pylons Cheers Armando
  8. Allow me to lol a bit I live down the US border right in the middle of nowhere Banana Republics ( we got even a Borat clon as President but as extrange can be sound we have US $ as currency) none know anything about aircraft or plastic modeling and of course no hobby shop not even Hobby Citty so I have buying kits on line right now for about 30 years so its a way cheaper to buy a single kit from Europe or UK (yeah you around but different bunch) let say a kit cost about $20-30 well coming from US mail is about $45-75, coming from Europe around $ 10-12, from UK 7-9 pounds (sorry d
  9. Hi there For those interested on gracious and wonderful 1/72 our fellow chaps at Hannant's have these 2 different sets https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BDOA72007?result-token=i2d1B https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CMQ72310 other IFR probe this https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MMMK7274?result-token=i2d1B Regards Armando
  10. Hi there I strongly suggest you all get a copy of Dick Lord Vlamgat book https://www.amazon.com/Vlamgat-Story-Mirage-South-African/dp/0620241160 "...Perhaps it is the early morning chill that awakens them. They are mostly young and enthusiastic - but combat is a maturing process that can change a youth into an adult overnight. ...At last they have suited up and completed the briefing. The weapons are loaded and the aircraft are servicable to fly. The pilots forget the anxieties and tension of the early morning hours. ...The peace of the morning is shattered
  11. Well one of my mayor handicaps in life other to be world hero is not meen able to post ohots on Britmodeller so need a valid email to send Douglas AC-47 photos Valid vor all Britmodellers of course Regards Armando
  12. Meaning I could provide you with the actual photos Regards Armando
  13. Hi there Well actually the first Douglas AC-47 Turbo Basler was deliver to Fuerza Aerea SalvadoreƱa to be used in combat support during El Salvador Civil war 1980-1992 in 1985 or 1986, the shole fleet were fixed to fulfill gunship role starting in 1980 but only later were upgraded to Turbo Basler standard also one was shoot dow during night operations with a MANPAD SAM14 in 1989 (only one of the gunners survived) Regards Armando
  14. Hi there I put an order to Hannants last Friday because they just message the availability of the Modelsvit AMD Mirage 2000C, so I got one of those plus some other stuff (to be honest I also have order 2 Heller Mirage 2000 C and 1 Mirage 2000N from Kingkit, then I'll keep you posted which of them arrive here down the border in middle of Bananas Republics at the other side of the pond Regards Armando
  15. Hi there Well I'm just restocking modern French aircraft kits and according to Scalemates galaxy hichicker guide Dassault Mirage 2000C and Dassault Rafale A/C are now under Mistercraft boxing in Poland (one thing is they got some interesting decals schemes) Regards Armando
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