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  1. Deleted - read the pinned post
  2. Hi there Well following the wonderful adventures of Phantom Modeling I just got a couple of Phantoms one Hasegawa F-4G new and another Hasegawa F-4E used (but almost complete) in other leage 1/48, so tomorrow I'll be using the office Photocopier to have my drawings in astonishing 1/72 scale ....... meaning I'm going to use the 1/48 ventral weapons pylon to have my accurate master https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/0/8/1/114081-82-instructions.pdf Regards Armando
  3. Yes Luigi you're right its on Limited Edition Hasegawa Phantom this kits included the USAF wing pylon https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10744010/70/3 And this (R)F-4EJ include underfuselage central pylon for both recon ECM pods https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10662389/70/3 Revell Germany recent F-4F Phantom II also not include clean wing fuel tank pylons nor central under fuselage pylon https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/7/8/4/103784-64-instructions.pdf But include two different type of wing ends that allow to do hard wing (early) and sla
  4. Yes Andre It look that something still doesn't makes sense as most recent 1/72 Hasegawa kits F/A-18E/F (include AIM 9X and AIM120 AMRAAM misiles), F-15E limited edition (included an extra modern weapons sprue) even F-35 include some missiles maybe because its market adversaries include more missiles and stencils Regards Armando PD I found one central Phantom pylon but I can scratch more all thanks your advice
  5. Thanks Iainpeden I think I still have one of those on the stash .......... So I'm going to look for the central pylon. The thing is that for Hasegawa Phantoms only load in the centra fuselaje is the fuel tank Thanks Armando
  6. Hi there Well with some modellers we been discussing about the central under fuselage pylon for the Phantom F-4 family in 1/72 scale and not find it anywere so maybe some of you can help us a bit The Hasewawa Phantom family has some issues that can be corrected taking from old kits (such as AIM-4 Falcon rails and the travel pod only to be found in old Hasewaga Phantoms) and the clean under wing pylon that you can find on Fujimi Phantoms (normally this position was used with fuel tanks but not for small carriers in Vietnam war) Lots of ordenance can be found
  7. Hi there Well I normally do 1/72 scale models and from time to time I found that actual aircraft have damaged roundels/markings and always have wonder if that is really possible to do. I clearly remember that once I was told that you do that with sandpaper but I always wonder if it really can be done that way or is another trick BTW look here I just find that Indian Mirage 2000 can launch israeli missile Popeye https://www.facebook.com/IndianDefenceFacts/posts/indian-air-force-mirage-2000-utilizes-the-popeye-air-to-surface-missile-to-hit-t/1954218801496886/
  8. Hi Tsepajev Well to start expensive and difficult to get. I saw one as my friend have it and we compared with the Italeri (same as you can find on online reviews it has something wrond with lenght and wide, that made it look awfull) but the weapons and fuel tanks very nice Cheers Armando
  9. Hi James Well having stalled previously on my Dassault Rafale builds let me say that only 2 kits actually worth the risk to try the Heller (supposed to be the prototype) and the Italeri (Revell is the same better the new one) Both kits lack of the nose sensors (you can look at modern or recent Hasegawa F-16 as they include a round sensor the other one can be done by taking around sprue slice 2-3 mm wide and then cut by half) Both kits lack the APU open doors but thy can be done with flat sprue Both kits lack of the Chaff/flare but they not difficult t
  10. Thanks Andre Now I understand those were included on Revells F-16A/B Falcon in 1/72 scale Best day Armando
  11. Hi there HTH Please post some photos or link Regards Armando
  12. Hi there Well for all that want to do more than one Dassault Mirage 2000C maybe I can suggest to get the Mistercraft kit. This one is actually a clone of the old Heller kit according to Scalemates https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mistercraft-e-31-mirage-2000c-5--1207717 And after a brief search I found this in their Facebook page that include decals for versions: Mirage 2000 C-5 EC 1/2 "Cicognes" French Air Force, Nancy Ochey France 2013 Mirage 2000C 331 Squadron(Mirra)"Thiseas" 114 FW Hellenic Air Force, Tanagra AFB, Greece 2016 Mirage 2000C E
  13. Hi there If you like Russian jet aircrat you better look for Akan paints there are 2 different cockpict colors one for MiGs and one for Sukhois fighter bombers, after you paint you notice they are really different Cheers Armando
  14. Hi Nigel I woder to ask from where did you got those model presses??? I saw them from time to time but unable to get some of them Cheers Armando PD I just found this at Air Graphics https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/ac-016-raaf-fa-18a-suu-63-pylon-with-bol-dispenser
  15. Hi there Well after this thread, I was looking for some Bilek kits so I order one from a modeller in Rep Republic in October 2020 and due the Covid and Burrocratic (Spanish wordplay that means something like donkeycratic issues) arrived this week but to my surprise not one but 2 Su-22M3 with lots of extra stuff even a couple of photoetched set for Su-22M4 and at the bottom of my stash found a very old Pavla set for the trainer version of the Su-22, now I'm looking for the vacum canopies Both kits inside this box https://www.scalemates.com/kits/bilek-950-sukhoi-su-1
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