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  1. Hi Martin Sorry to correct you but not Zunni rocket pod as those are for 4 shots of 5" and they are supposed´to be 7 shot but 2.75" FFAR same from Bell UH-1 choppers, Cessna A-37, Cessna O-2 Cheers Armando
  2. Please notice That Salvadoran and Colombian AC-47 (and also Turbo Bassler AC-47) didnt use the 20 mm but 3 x 50 cal MG Best modeling Armando
  3. Hi Martin 


    Well I just saw you nice Uruguayan P-51, then let me ask something

    So I wonder if you have the extra uncuffed propeller if so can we trade it I got a Tamiya kit too but without those parts the propeller and the nose propeller


    Best regards




    1. RidgeRunner


      Hi Armando! I am sorry but I only just saw this message. I'm not sure that I have a spare un-cuffed prop. I will check. Best regards, Martin

  4. The Heller Draken Molds still exist in Argentina they appear ocationally every time so at Ebay
  5. Hi there Please post some photo and more details of Aeronavale Hellcats in Indochine!!! Cheers Armando
  6. http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=561 But it include the dog I can send you some
  7. Hi Dave I think you can start with this https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CMF72352?result-token=bBZmQ
  8. By the way my Airfix Phantom arrived from Oye England after 112 days
  9. Hi Eric I'm pretty impress with Eduard MiG-21MF and it look that only you got my question right; I also never mention any time frame but maybe it's better to say late 60's early 70's which one to choose the interceptor or the fighter bomber (for Arab no matter if Egyptian or Syrian or Irakian sample) Best modeling Armando
  10. Hi there I was reading that same book today you can find on page 86 an illustration of F-15C # 530 (but also mention single seater #840) both of them with FAST Packs and full air to air weapons (4 x AIM-9 Sidewinders and 4 AIM-7 Sparrows) plus to wing fuel tanks and also a the description it said that was a MER with 6 x Mk 82 Best Modeling Armando
  11. Hi there Well let me say that even I been keeping myself to the new Eduard MiG-21 in 1/72 scale, at least I understood one simple thing both the Interceptor and the Fighter Bomber version include the same weapons sprue, really interesting for one simple guy returning to active modeling (so helps to fulfill some more models the ones once forgotten or started at the stash) So here my question which kit I have to look for as my intention is to do an Egyptian or Syrian aircraft??? Best modeling Armando
  12. Let me say that the biggest value of these kit is the decal sheet
  13. Geeee let's tell them that!!!! I also been waiting for a AMX in 1/72 still on waiting
  14. Hi there Still Asking about the Super Mystere B2, I wonder to ask if the original ejection seat is the right one for the F-84 Thunderstreak or F-100 Super Sabre???? Cheers Armando
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