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  1. Many thanks for all the nice words guys! That is really, really appreciated. Also everyone thanks for the tips for the aerial antennas. Many more options it would seem. I'm going to experiment a bit for future builds. I thought so too at first Dave, but I have the Airfix kit as well and after checking, the decals wouldn't have fitted this kit properly either.
  2. Fantastic build, especially for the Revell kit. I have build that kit a couple of times, but never made one that truly satisfied me. Probably go for the Authentic Airliner version next.
  3. Great build! The minicraft kit is definitely not the best, but you can't tell that by your excellent build. I like set-up for the pictures as well!
  4. Very nice build! I like your SAS collection as well. Are you planning on building on building more SAS aircraft (to complete the fleet :))?
  5. My latest build is de BAC1-11-300 in KLM colours. KLM leased this aircraft from Eagle Airways for a few months in the 60's, while waiting for their DC-9's to arrive. KLM flew this aircraft in full KLM colours, but only a few pictures exist online. This build is part of the "100 years KLM group build" over at the Dutch Modelbrouwer forums. The kit is by Authentic Airliners and is excellent as per usual. The decals were by F-decal, but the fit wasn't too great (the vertical stabilizer decal for example was way too large). The window and flightdeck decals by Authentic Airliner decals were great too. I made the wire antennas too short, but fixing that would cause more damage than it would solve, so I decided to let them be (and also they are not tight enough, which tends to happen over time. I'm going to experiment with different methods of applying them to prevent this from happening again). I am happy with the way the engines turned out. I used a different paint on a recommendation from my buddy Vintage Jet (Inspire Chrome) and that works really great! It's expensive but it gives a clear shining metal result. At any rate the pictures: My next build will be the Zvezda 767-300, in the latest KLM livery this aircraft has flown in. Thanks for looking and see you next time!
  6. Great looking model! I really like it, especially the wings as that is quite a challenging paint job. I would like to know as well what you used on the wings (I assume you painted the corogard as well?) I should really should start building the -63 in KLM colours... Anyway, great work. Looking forward to your other builds.
  7. I somehow missed this one as well. A great looking result as always Dave. I build one years ago in the JAL livery. Since KLM has bought E175's, I should really build a new version (Authentic Airlines this time though). Out of interest Dave, who did you choose this particular livery? Just because it is so nice looking? I'm always interested in people's reasons for choosing particular liveries. Yes please :). I already build the E190 in KLM colours, but as stated not yet the E175. How about a duo build Ian?
  8. Thanks for the nice words guys and thanks to Dave especially. The bases on these pictures are custom printed posters, but they still tend to bulge over time. I recently had one printed on forex and although it's much more expensive, wow does that look great (see my recent Convair 990 and AN-74 build for the newly printed bases on Forex). I will have different bases printed on forex as well in the future.
  9. I was sure I posted a thank you message, but I guess I didn't. Thanks for the nice words guys, much appreciated as always. Yep that's the one: Painting is already done, so the decal fase is starting soon!
  10. Wow Dave, what a fantastic result! I was tempted to also make an Air Koryo version but in the end decided to make the Cubana one (I still have the RusAir kit, so who knows one day...) How did you do the metal lines on the middels of the engines? I did mine with decals, so I'm curious to your method. p.s. I had the same issues with the engines. Superglue to the rescue!
  11. My next project is the Antonov 74TK-300D. Quite a special aircraft since only two of this variant were built: the two prototypes. One of which ended up in Iran and other is used as the presidential aircraft of Ukraine. The An-74TK-300D is a variant of the An-74, which is a further development of the An-72. The most important characteristic of the An-72 are the engines, which are mounted half-way in the wings in order to obtain excellent STOL qualities (thanks to the Coandă effect). The nickname of the An-72, by the way, was Чебурашка (Cherboerashka) after the well-known Soviet film figure: The An-74 is in fact an An-72, but then intended for use in arctic conditions. This later formed the basis for the An-74TK, which was intended for passengers instead of cargo. The -300 was a special variant of the An-74TK as it was originally intended for civil passenger transport, with the most striking feature being that this time the engines are suspended with pylons under wings as STOL was not necessary for the intended application. Potential customers, however, saw more in a clean sheet design, which ultimately resulted in the (not entirely successful) An-148. I made the An-148 four years ago, see also: https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=46870. The An-74TK-300D has not actually transported any paying passengers, but it does have a civil registration as it is used by the government of Ukraine (similar to our Dutch PH-GOV or its predecessor PH-KBX, of which it is forever a shame that it did not go to the Aviodrome). Anyway, as said only two An-74TK-300D aircraft were ever build, but still there is a kit, that of PAS models. I already had experience with PAS, since I once made a 757 from them. And indeed I was not disappointed by the An-74TK-300D as well, although the fit of the fuselage wasn’t too great. Anyway the pictures (I’m aware that I used two different registrations on the model. That has since been corrected, but I didn’t feel like taking new pictures): And lastly a picture with it’s granddaughter (the An-148): My next model will be the Authentic Airliners BAC1-11 in KLM colours. Thanks for watching and see you next time.
  12. Sorry for my late reply! The stomach flue got me, so I was out for a couple of days. Many, many thanks for all the nice words guys! Much appreciated Many thanks for your offer! I will keep that in mind for futre projects I really liked your decals and the errors I mentioned are only small ones. I usually don't do this either, but as the pylons go through the wings and need to be sanded I thought it was easier to do it this way to prevent accidental damages to the fusealge etc. while sanding the pylons. Couldn't agree more. I love all civil aircraft, but it's definitely more boring nowadays. Even the narrow bodies are just the Airbus A320 family (40%) and Boeing 737 family (48%)...
  13. Hahaha, I've done that too in the past! Just FYI, I always use Xtracolor X371 KLM 2004 Pale grey for the engines and underbelly. The colour is spot-on IMHO Sure, you can find it here: https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=269&t=52175. It's just a request to join thread for now (already a lively discussion going on though). The official sub-thread will be opened October 7th (as this is the official "birthday" of KLM} I just opened a RFI thread for the CV990. The 763 has to wait a bit as I have decided to first build the Antonov 74TK-300D as a stopgap before the 7th of October when I will start with the BAC1-11, followed by the 763 We can never have enough KLM builds! If they turn up as nice as this 737, I'm really looking forward to it!
  14. My latest build is the Authentic Airliners 1:144 Convair 990 in Spantax colours (You can find the Dutch build report over here: https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=52016). I choose this livery because EC-BZO is still standing proud in Mallorca (albeit in a deplorable state). Hope is they will refurbish her and open her up for public display. There is not much to say otherwise. The Kit by AA is a masterpiece as per usual. The kit comes highly recommended and is a much more accurate offering then the F-RSIN kit. The flight deck decals are from Authentic Airliner decals. In wanted to use their window decals as well, but the spacing of the windows on the decals from TwoSix where too narrow to have them fit over it. As the windows were printed on the cheatline, there was nothing I could do (apart from applying the window decals from AA one by one, but obviously I wasn’t in the mood for that). Also, the engine logo decals were wrongly printed for the engines on the right side, but that was easily fixed by simply turning them around (laser printed, so no white background). Also the right side has two windows too many near the tail, but again no way to fixed that. Anyway, on with the pictures! As for my next project; The 7th of October, KLM will celebrate its 100th birthday! Over at the Dutch ModelBrouwers forum we will honour this by having a KLM buddy build (i.e. anyone can enter with a kit, as long as it has a KLM logo on it). I have at least 23 modelkits laying around that I want to build in a KLM livery, so I will be around in this buddy build for a while. I want to start with the Authentic Airliners BAC1-11, followed by the Zvezda 767-300. However, as the 7th of October is still two months away, I will first make the PAS-Models 1:144 Antonov 74TK-300D of the Ukrainian Government, as this is a relatively easy kit and livery to make. As always thank you kindly for the view and see you next time!
  15. Hi Ian, Another winner! What a splendid model. A KLM livery is always appreciated by my opinion ;). I really like your conversion work. Superb paint-job as well! Can I give one minor point of critique though? The engines look pure white on your pictures, but in real-life they are the same colour as the underbelly of the aircraft (a very light shade of grey). I know people who work for KLM and they have confirmed that both the engines an underbelly are a light shade of grey (that way the aircraft doesn’t look dirty quickly). The wings and stabilizers are your typical “Boeing grey”. The vertical stabilizer is most definitely pure white though. As KLM celebrates its hundredth birthday this year, on the Dutch forum where I’m usually at we are hosting a buddy build 100 years KLM, where everyone can build something KLM related (aircraft, trainers, trucks, etc.). So expect more KLM from me as well! (beginning with the 767-300ER, after I finish the convair 990 in Spantax colours).
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