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  1. Sorry for my late reply! The stomach flue got me, so I was out for a couple of days. Many, many thanks for all the nice words guys! Much appreciated Many thanks for your offer! I will keep that in mind for futre projects I really liked your decals and the errors I mentioned are only small ones. I usually don't do this either, but as the pylons go through the wings and need to be sanded I thought it was easier to do it this way to prevent accidental damages to the fusealge etc. while sanding the pylons. Couldn't agree more. I love all civil aircraft, but it's definitely more boring nowadays. Even the narrow bodies are just the Airbus A320 family (40%) and Boeing 737 family (48%)...
  2. Hahaha, I've done that too in the past! Just FYI, I always use Xtracolor X371 KLM 2004 Pale grey for the engines and underbelly. The colour is spot-on IMHO Sure, you can find it here: https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=269&t=52175. It's just a request to join thread for now (already a lively discussion going on though). The official sub-thread will be opened October 7th (as this is the official "birthday" of KLM} I just opened a RFI thread for the CV990. The 763 has to wait a bit as I have decided to first build the Antonov 74TK-300D as a stopgap before the 7th of October when I will start with the BAC1-11, followed by the 763 We can never have enough KLM builds! If they turn up as nice as this 737, I'm really looking forward to it!
  3. My latest build is the Authentic Airliners 1:144 Convair 990 in Spantax colours (You can find the Dutch build report over here: https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=52016). I choose this livery because EC-BZO is still standing proud in Mallorca (albeit in a deplorable state). Hope is they will refurbish her and open her up for public display. There is not much to say otherwise. The Kit by AA is a masterpiece as per usual. The kit comes highly recommended and is a much more accurate offering then the F-RSIN kit. The flight deck decals are from Authentic Airliner decals. In wanted to use their window decals as well, but the spacing of the windows on the decals from TwoSix where too narrow to have them fit over it. As the windows were printed on the cheatline, there was nothing I could do (apart from applying the window decals from AA one by one, but obviously I wasn’t in the mood for that). Also, the engine logo decals were wrongly printed for the engines on the right side, but that was easily fixed by simply turning them around (laser printed, so no white background). Also the right side has two windows too many near the tail, but again no way to fixed that. Anyway, on with the pictures! As for my next project; The 7th of October, KLM will celebrate its 100th birthday! Over at the Dutch ModelBrouwers forum we will honour this by having a KLM buddy build (i.e. anyone can enter with a kit, as long as it has a KLM logo on it). I have at least 23 modelkits laying around that I want to build in a KLM livery, so I will be around in this buddy build for a while. I want to start with the Authentic Airliners BAC1-11, followed by the Zvezda 767-300. However, as the 7th of October is still two months away, I will first make the PAS-Models 1:144 Antonov 74TK-300D of the Ukrainian Government, as this is a relatively easy kit and livery to make. As always thank you kindly for the view and see you next time!
  4. Hi Ian, Another winner! What a splendid model. A KLM livery is always appreciated by my opinion ;). I really like your conversion work. Superb paint-job as well! Can I give one minor point of critique though? The engines look pure white on your pictures, but in real-life they are the same colour as the underbelly of the aircraft (a very light shade of grey). I know people who work for KLM and they have confirmed that both the engines an underbelly are a light shade of grey (that way the aircraft doesn’t look dirty quickly). The wings and stabilizers are your typical “Boeing grey”. The vertical stabilizer is most definitely pure white though. As KLM celebrates its hundredth birthday this year, on the Dutch forum where I’m usually at we are hosting a buddy build 100 years KLM, where everyone can build something KLM related (aircraft, trainers, trucks, etc.). So expect more KLM from me as well! (beginning with the 767-300ER, after I finish the convair 990 in Spantax colours).
  5. Thanks guys! That is eerie indeed! You will enjoy the building the Tu-204 kit. I'm looking forward to your results, especially with the Air Koryo livery. One thing to note though is that the decals are designed for the Rus-Air kit (at least my Cubana decals were), so you might have some fit issue's when applying them on the Zvezda kit.
  6. More than that I think, it's the same picture! (although I scaled it differently on purpose because at some airports the lines are as thick as the front wheels of an avarge airliner, and I thought it looked more impressive that way. On hindight I might have overdone it a little. Either that or the printing company overscaled it :p). FYI, you can find the original stockphoto here: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-airfield-marking-on-taxiway-is-heading-to-runway-134523255.html
  7. Hi Ian, Thanks! I had zero problems with this build (nice for a change). The undercarriage is as detailed as other Zvezda kits, but I found the engines to be a but less detailed. Yes, the window decals are from 8a Decs as well. Nope, I made this one myself, based on some pictures I bought from Shutterstock. I made all the other bases myself as well (you can find more on my A320 RFI thread). I'm looking forward to building the kit as well. The AA kit is really, really great! Way better then the F-RSIN offering and that kit wasn't too bad already.
  8. I have a great affection for Russian (or Soviet) civil aircraft and the Tupolev 204 is no exception. Bearing a striking resemblance to the 757 (my girlfriend couldn’t tell the difference), the Tu-204 was poised to replace the Tu-154, but due to political and economic turmoil never became successful as Tupolev’s predecessors (although technically there was nothing wrong with the aircraft) I was planning to build the Rus-air version (also a very nice looking kit), but when Zvezda decided to release the Tu-204, I decided to build that version instead. The kit by Zvezda is great (as always) and comes highly recommended. I wanted to build something else than the Red Wings version (you see that livery on Russian forums everywhere) and since I have never had a livery from South America, this seemed like a good opportunity to build something in the colours of Cubana. The decals come from 8a Decs, with some extra details from the Zvezda decal sheet. The cockpit decals are from PAS. You can find the (Dutch) build report here in case you're interested. My next project will be either the Authentic airliners Convair 990 in the last Spantax livery, or the Rus-Air Antonov 24 in Aeorflot colours if that kit arrives sooner than expected. At any rate, thanks for looking and hopefully see you next time!
  9. Beautiful build Dave! I've build the Il-18 from Easter Express years ago and while not a bad kit by any means, your build convinced me to buy the Rus-air kit as well (together with their An-24 and Be-200). The Il-18 is a great looking aircraft and deserves a kit to match. I will be looking to your build for inspiration.
  10. Great looking build! I quite like the SSJ100 and as a fan of Russian aircraft I should really start building the one I have in the stash. As far as airliners go, Zvezda is one of the best brands out there (apart from Authentic Airliners, but that is a whole different ballpark)
  11. Very nice build! The 720 is an aircraft that deserves more love from modellers. Great job!
  12. Wow Ian, another winner! That is a killer conversion and wonderful end result. I think it was a good idea to redesign and print your own decals so they would fit. Keep up the good work my friend!
  13. Thanks Dave! Yes, you are right. Their Li-2 was simply a rebox (the different engine intakes of the Li-2 weren't even included). I would say that it's even worse than the Minicraft offering (the engines were just terrible). Simply always go for the Roden kit IMHO.
  14. Thanks guys! Yeah, I have one more too. I will make that one in a KLM livery, but I'm still debating which version of the livery. That project will only start by the end of the year though.
  15. Very good build! I'm really itching now to build one as well. I'm a big fan of Soviet civil aircraft. You can't beat those designs.
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