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  1. Right, I finally got bored with finished all the sanding and puttying. I did an initial spray with a Tamiya can for the silver; I always have problems with silver for some reason but I've got something up my sleeve for later to (hopefully) perk it up a bit But for now: Masking! A bit of preshading: And finally, some blue. I don't really have a local model shop but I do have a local art supply shop and they recently started selling this stuff: 'Tru-Color', which is apparently made for the model railway guys. It's an acetone-based lacquer paint which airbrushes very nicely. Pity about the spelling but what can you do. I found a good match for the blue on the instruction sheet; it's 'EMD Late Demo Blue', whatever that means. So: Next up: more masking, white for the gondolas and tail, then undercarriage and engine. Nearly there.
  2. Stuff's going on, it's just not very visual! Cockpits glazing on - Fin and engine mounting - There's a lot of filling, sanding, priming and scribing but it's not the most fun bit to be honest. Proper paint'll be starting soon!
  3. Hi Mike, I had a stab at K5054 a few years back starting from the Tamiya kit and as I recall I took the windscreen, sanded and polished it to shape but then used that as the former(? is that the right word?) to plunge mould a replacement.
  4. I do seem to be doing a lot more actual carving off chunks of plastic with a knife than I normally do.
  5. Oh yes. Determination and patience later... I did put a little bit of plastic sheet in that gap to strengthen the joints, but seem to have forgotten to take any pictures. What a maroon. But, the wings did eventually get stuck on in a passably symmetrical way at a dihedral approximating the diagrams. That's one. As you can see there's a little shim in the top to get the angle where I wanted it. Same on the other side: And from the front: Nearly ready for priming, but there's a lot of putty and sanding to do before that, plus the engine mounting and the rudder. Still, progress.
  6. Nice to see your thread Andrew, two builds are better than one. Yes, I'm coming up to the wings and I can already tell that it's going to be another fun fettling exercise. Speaking of fun: That was fun. Got all the seats in: The top middle section didn't fit very well I added a bit of sprue for a bracing/strengthening thing That's a bit closer. My wings had some moulding issues: And as Andrew found the trailing edges need considerable thinning to fit properly. I've got them together, and just to have a quick look at how they fit - I want to put some bracing/strengthening in the wing to gondola joints as there's no location holes or tabs but there really isn't much room to work with in there. So I think that's the next job.
  7. Oh hey, look at that! Good to know the engine can come out so nicely, I haven't even got mine off the sprue yet,
  8. Welcome all! Thanks for the pics, Moa. I've decided to stick with the suggested exterior colour scheme for three reasons: first, it looks like this image to the extent you can tell; second, I've had a look around for other 30s Soviet airliners and, while there aren't a lot to be found, there's a lovely build of a Kalinin K-5 here: - that has a very similar white-blue-silver scheme. And thirdly, I like the look of it. So there. As for interior colours - basically, I'm making it up. Something neutral for the walls and floor; I've picked Deck Tan for no better reason than I've got a pot of it handy. Seats in blue to match the exterior. So, here we go. Two identical gondolas come in three pieces each. The braver and more imaginative may want to add some sidewall detail to spice things up. No idea what it might look like, though, so I'm leaving it. That's one. These fit into the bottom half of the centre section. Or at least they do when suitably fettled. There we go. And with a bit of colour: The right hand gondola has the pilot's position. You're provided with an instrument panel, a decal for that and a two-part joystick. The instructions show a locating hole for the stick but that seems to have gone missing, so a wee bit of drilling is in order. On the bright side, the stick does actually look like the one in the drawing Moa posted above (if a little chunky). Pilot's station now looks like this: The seats got a coat of sky blue: ... and I spent too long yesterday doing 12 tiny seat belts from painted tape and scrap PE. Today's aim is to get all those in, all nicely lined up despite the lack of any positioning lugs. I'm going to go with this - I had a MikroMir Fanera-2 which ended up on the shelf of doom after an Unfortunate Event; I pulled it down last month to see if I could salvage it and the masks seemed like they were superglued to the windows. It's back on the shelf. I'll be using Tamiya tape for this one.
  9. Not sure what it is about this kit but I actually ordered it November 17th last year and it took exactly two months to get here. A week of that was from NYC to VT which frankly you could walk in that time... Anything from your folder would be most welcome!
  10. Now what the heck is that, I hear you ask? It's one of these: Now what the heck is that, I hear you ask again? Well, from a Google translated page at airwar.ru - (hopefully this will work:) http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.airwar.ru%2Fenc%2Fcw1%2Fhai3.html According to that site 'for some time it was used for transportation on local lines', so apparently it actually got used in real life. I've got to admit though, details about this plane are scarce and I can't find anything outside that website and Wikipedia. That includes any details about colour scheme, interior or exterior, so I'm just following orders from MikroMir on that count. (There was apparently a previous kit of this by Unicraft in resin and all the built examples of that I can find have an all-over yellow scheme, but frankly I prefer the blue and white, so.) So, what's in the (unexpectedly large) box? Instructions: It's fairly straightforward. This thing'll have a wingspan over a foot, but there are only 36 parts and a third of those are seats. Bits: - 6 sprues of grey plastic;; two are identical, for the left and right gondolas; two for the wings; two for all the other bits and bobs. Two clear identical canopies. Moulding quality: ehhh, it's a short run kit. Details a bit soft, a bit of flash. No locating pegs/holes. In particular, See on the instructions how the square pegs on the seats fit into the square holes on the floor? See those pegs on the seats? No, me neither. Not the end of the world though, I shall just use extra strong glue. Also in there is a small decal sheet and that blue sheet is masks for all those windows. I've got the canopies off and soaked in Future and I've made a start fettling the gondolas*. I can tell already that this one will be mostly fettling but them's the breaks with this kind of thing. While I've got you here, some questions for the audience: Does anyone have any colour scheme references? If you don't can anyone suggest what the interior colours might be for a soviet plane of this type in the 30s? And would it have seatbelts? *Oo-er
  11. Beautiful work, as per usual. I've got to be honest, I left the windscreen off mine because I just couldn't make it out on the photos I was looking at...
  12. Oh, I was waiting for this, the aforementioned 'Braver man than me' who will do justice to that rat's nest of pipework up at the front. Looking forward to it!
  13. Another short run kit from Avis of an obscure subject, this time the one-off M.1D racer variant of the M1 fighter. Typical short run, needed a lot of fettling but I quite like the result. A braver man than me would do more justice to that engine piping up front, maybe replacing with carefully bent brass tubing or something, but I used the kit parts and they're not too bad. Anyway: With its Avis Bristol buddy:
  14. For civilians it's worth remembering that 1/48th is (pretty much) O gauge for model railways, and there's no shortage of figures available there.
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