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  1. This is a lovely looking model, but I've got to say - that's kind of a niche market, isn't it?
  2. Ohhhh, that makes sense. I was wondering what the heck was going on there.
  3. Flaps and ailerons: Those inboard panels are the flaps - they look pretty strange and on the underside there's a noticeable gap: It does look a bit odd, but I found this, um, action shot of a guy fiddling with his flaps on the internet - so I can actually believe that yep, there's a big gap under there where the whole thing hinges out. I also masked up the canopy. I don't usually use pre-cut masks but these were provided, easy to position and seem to fit really well. No idea why they're made out of transparent grey film but there's enough colour to them that you can see what you're doing so I'm not complaining. Next post should be paint time! edit: found a pic here: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/314584/g-aezj-private-percival-p-10-vega-gull/ - which seems to show a gap where that underside flap line is, so I'm leaving it.
  4. Current plan is to spray the whole thing silver and then do the blue over that, but I might do some more tests first.
  5. Further paint update: I found this stuff in a local hardware store Now, this is not designed for scale modelling or even for plastic; it's a water based acrylic that says 'general craft and decorative painting' on 'wood, canvas, plaster, clay, metal, bisque and more'. But it's almost exactly the colour I'm looking for, so... I thinned some with IPA and tried airbrushing it onto a test I-16 I keep around for the purpose. That's actually not bad, and it's only one coat. Takes a while to dry but I can live with that. I think I can use this. In actual model building news, I've also stuck a few more bits on!
  6. So, paint. This is what I ordered: This is what I got: Looks like I've got some mixing to do. Sigh.
  7. Thanks, I thought as much. OK then, let the fettling begin! Yep, that's better. Might need a smidge of putty in there but it fits now. Easily fixable but I don't get how they missed that. I still haven't got my turquoise paint - the guy very nicely sent me a replacement for the one that's obviously lost in the post somewhere between Poland and Vermont, but according to the tracking the replacement's still in Poland so there might be another delay coming up...
  8. I don't think it's that, but I certainly wouldn't rule out me being the PEBCAK. My problem is this: That squarish bit I've circled is a hinge or catch or something for the engine panels and it's definitely supposed to be there; the problem is that when I try and fit the coaming (is that the right word?) then I get either or both of which are clearly wrong. The obvious thing to do is fettle a little bit off the coaming so it fits, which I'll do today, but I can't see how it was supposed to fit at all. What does the 1/72nd look like there? edit: Peter, looking at your thread I think I can see a little cutout exactly where I need to make one, is that right? Also, you've got more detail in your 72nd cockpit than I have in 48th...
  9. Well hello again chaps, looks like I actually got some stuff done a bit more quickly this time. Engine: Half a dozen parts, two bits of PE. I think it'd look good with the inspection panels open, but there's no provision for that in the kit and you'd have to take a saw to it which I'm not going to do. As it is, it's a bit of a shame that all you can see is Ah well. Also finished up my auxiliary fuel tank: ... and here's where we are at the moment with the fuselage closed up: Next bit might be a while as I'm completely baffled as to how the instrument panel/coaming/canopy all fit together at the front of the cockpit; my dry runs so far have a huge gap whichever way I try to fit them together. I'll try again tomorrow, hopefully something will click.
  10. Told you I was slow... OK, the interior. Dora give you seats that look like this: The rear one isn't too bad but the two front seats don't really look like the ones in the diagram and I remember one of the threads on here saying they're more like military seats. But I think you can get a good compromise by just cutting the tops down a bit, which makes them match the rear seat. They also need a couple of cushions, and since I won't be using the rear cushion bit: I've also decide that the all-grey cockpit looks a bit drab, so I'm arbitrarily declaring that these guys probably forked out extra for some nice blue leather cushions. Here's where I am now: The belts, compass holder and the barely visible black lever are all from the provided PE. There should be at least one more lever which is currently, ah, somewhere in my house I guess. I've also made a stab at the rear fuel tank, which I made out of a cut down rocket launcher or something from the spares box; needs a bit more work though. And that's where I am now. If anyone else has this kit, does anyone know what PE parts 18 and 19 are? They look like small instrument panels and it's be nice to fill the cockpit up a bit if I can use them somewhere.
  11. Grey it is then, just what I was looking for, thanks.
  12. Something about this one really appealed to me. A lovely art deco-y 1930s plane with no struts or rigging? Sign me up. Sprue shot! Also includes a small PE fret and canopy masks. There's a bit of flash to clean up, but nothing too terrible OK, this is going to be pretty much OOB and probably quite slow; I haven't actually finished anything this year and I think only one last year, so this thread's mostly here for a kick up the a to remind me to get it done. So far I've stuck tailplanes/wings together just to get started, and I've had a go at the instrument panel: The dials were supposed to come on acetate which was missing, but Dora provided a pdf replacement to download, and I think it looks pretty good, actually. There are four decal options and I've decided to go with G-AEKE, winner of the Schlesinger air race. According to the instructions it's a similar blue/silver to Beryl Markham's plane so I'll go with that. I've ordered a pot of this for the main colour: - looks pretty good to me, but according to Polish Post tracking it's been sitting in Warsaw for the last two weeks so there might be some delay there. As for the interior, I found this cutaway on the net: I think I'll put that extra fuel tank in the back, replacing the back seat. Unfortunately, I can't find any info about interior colours. I have found some pics of a red Gull and its interior is all red so I'm thinking of making mine all blue. Does anyone know any better about interior colours? Anyway, let's see if I can actually finish one this year.
  13. I've been looking around for a good match for that Pantone colour suggested earlier, which looks like this, and I found a soviet cockpit blue-green that looks pretty good to me: http://hataka-hobby.com/products/soviet-cockpit-blue-green/ I'm not familiar with the manufacturer, though.
  14. Sorry, what is it exactly that's missing? Is it just the acetate sheet? I want to get one of these but I'm not sure whether I should wait...
  15. Well I think I'm done. It was a nice idea but try as I might I cannot get the canopy to look right. It just doesn't fit and I'm not starting again at this stage. It doesn't look too bad from some angles... But from the front... Yikes. Maybe I'll go back to it at some point but that's it for now folks. Sorry!
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