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  1. Beautiful work, as per usual. I've got to be honest, I left the windscreen off mine because I just couldn't make it out on the photos I was looking at...
  2. Oh, I was waiting for this, the aforementioned 'Braver man than me' who will do justice to that rat's nest of pipework up at the front. Looking forward to it!
  3. Another short run kit from Avis of an obscure subject, this time the one-off M.1D racer variant of the M1 fighter. Typical short run, needed a lot of fettling but I quite like the result. A braver man than me would do more justice to that engine piping up front, maybe replacing with carefully bent brass tubing or something, but I used the kit parts and they're not too bad. Anyway: With its Avis Bristol buddy:
  4. For civilians it's worth remembering that 1/48th is (pretty much) O gauge for model railways, and there's no shortage of figures available there.
  5. Just confirming that I can't see your posts on Aircraft WIP either and get the same message.
  6. "The Absolutely Ugly State of Things" 2019. Pegs, styrene and acrylics; on loan from the Moa collection.
  7. Yep, see my edit; it's actually supposed to be out this month according to this: http://www.roden.eu/HTML/framemodels1.htm
  8. Oh, right. Don't know if you knew but Roden have a new 72nd B-type bus out, though it's in army colours. Should be fairly simple to re-civilianise I'm thinking. edit: actually it looks like they have a civvy version coming out soon, which is nice.
  9. Oh no - you painted the spinner! That's asking for trouble... Seriously, another lovely job. And is that the Roden bus in the background? I was thinking of getting one for exactly that purpose.
  10. I have a carpet monster that bizarrely lives on hardwood flooring. He's currently digesting a double helping of tiger moth windscreens, but I can't work out how.
  11. Oh, I could have used some of those. Are they from a kit or some sort of generic set?
  12. Oh, this'll be good. I'm almost glad I didn't find the plans with the undercarriage problems because I had enough trouble as it is. Looks like you managed those rods a great deal better than me, too - have you test fitted them yet? They have to fit in behind the engine back plate and I'm pretty sure the length they give in the instructions (11mm?) is too long.
  13. Thanks all! Yes, that spinner's a bit weird - the instructions say it's white but it doesn't look white in any of the photos (all the photos I've seen are handily collected here, btw) and it clearly isn't red like everything else. According to wiki it's made of laminated wood and: ... so I suppose it's the first, unpainted spinner, so wood coloured.
  14. Ohhhh, that would explain it. I managed to miss those plans. Probably a good thing, I'd have cocked the whole thing up trying to get that extra groove in there...
  15. And there it is! Thanks to everyone who followed along, this was a fun one.
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