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  1. I just won an auction for an unboxed 1/72nd Dragon Rapide and, turns out, it's a Heller - I think I can wait a week or two to start it so I'm in.
  2. Columbo? The ITV Marple adaptations are pretty acceptable and give 'Monk' a try if you haven't seen it. Our personal barrel scraping round here is the 'Miss Fisher' series, which is... OK? I guess? But we've seen pretty much everything else...
  3. I just started one of these too, but mine has some serious mould misalignment going on with the smaller parts (and I suppose the larger parts too, though it's less noticeable). Looks like yours has some of that too but it doesn't look as bad as mine: I'll probably have to replace some struts and things with, I dunno, something or other. I'm sure you'll be doing that anyway. Lovely looking props there.
  4. Well, since you asked so nicely - (Did you get yours yet?)
  5. A short run kit of a beautifully weird aircraft from Mikro Mir. Build thread is here: And here's the result: If you like that, also check out @Andrew.S 's build of the same kit here: (because it's better than mine) Thanks!
  6. I know, it's just got that fantastic 30s look to it. The skies should be full of things like this, dodging between the airships. Thanks for following along, everyone. A few more pics: ... and I'm done. And I know I said I'd do something easy next but now I'm looking at that Lee Richards Annular Monoplane and thinking...
  7. So yesterday I made three things: Bread Sausages Both of those together ... but, more relevantly, a pitot tube ... which goes in under the pilot (no, not for that) ... with a bit of ez-line for that little bracing bit. Finally decals! There are only four, but I managed to ruin one so it's only the Sergei Kirov on one side. Sorry, Sergei. On the plus side that's the only side there's actually photographic evidence of so who's to say what's on the other side? So here it is. And I'm pretty much done here. I'll take another look tomorrow and see what needs tidying up then take a few more pics in the daylight. After that, I've got an Airfix Tiger Moth in the stash which needs building and I quite fancy something that fits together properly for a change.
  8. Right, so it's coming from directly below the pilot. That makes sense. I've got some brass tube, I'll give it a go.
  9. Nearly there! Today's a good news/bad news thing. Good news: I thought I might as well try the provided masks on the wheels. They fit very nicely and worked as advertised Lovely. Can't guarantee they'd be as good on the windows but they're way better than the last lot I tried. Bad news: well, there's a propeller and an engine. They are connected together... somehow. According to the instructions, it should go engine ->cowling->part 17->prop->spinner. Part 17 fits in OK ... but there's no way that prop's fitting on there. For extra funsies, there's also a part 11 that looks like it should be somewhere in the mix but doesn't appear anywhere in the instructions Well, I don't think part 17 fits in either. so I took 17 off, left 11 on the sprue, attached the prop straight onto the cowling (it fits beautifully, I think it's supposed to go on there) and put the spinner over the prop (it does not fit beautifully, the carving knife came out again for the prop hub and the inside of the spinner). And here we are: Now it needs decals, a few more touchups and whatever this thing is: Some sort of pitot tube? It's on the painting diagram - - but nowhere to be seen in the kit... Probably be a couple of days, tomorrow I will mostly be baking bread and making sausages. At least they'll fit together nicely.
  10. Thanks guys. The pilot sits in the front seat of the right hand gondola (left hand in the pics) which probably gives him a better view than a centre seat would. And yep, the passengers have a lovely view - of the wing. They should have made it with glass floors really. Blohm and Voss probably would have.
  11. Right, where were we. Masking off, silver and blue: More masking for the white: Masking off: Huh, not too bad. Needs a few touchups. Let's get those windows uncovered: Not too shabby. Next up, the engine. Not as nice as the job @Andrew.S made of his here ... but I'm OK with it for now Next up: undercarriage, decals, finishing up!
  12. Oh, that's very nice. I'd better get a move on with mine...
  13. Right, I finally got bored with finished all the sanding and puttying. I did an initial spray with a Tamiya can for the silver; I always have problems with silver for some reason but I've got something up my sleeve for later to (hopefully) perk it up a bit But for now: Masking! A bit of preshading: And finally, some blue. I don't really have a local model shop but I do have a local art supply shop and they recently started selling this stuff: 'Tru-Color', which is apparently made for the model railway guys. It's an acetone-based lacquer paint which airbrushes very nicely. Pity about the spelling but what can you do. I found a good match for the blue on the instruction sheet; it's 'EMD Late Demo Blue', whatever that means. So: Next up: more masking, white for the gondolas and tail, then undercarriage and engine. Nearly there.
  14. Stuff's going on, it's just not very visual! Cockpits glazing on - Fin and engine mounting - There's a lot of filling, sanding, priming and scribing but it's not the most fun bit to be honest. Proper paint'll be starting soon!
  15. Hi Mike, I had a stab at K5054 a few years back starting from the Tamiya kit and as I recall I took the windscreen, sanded and polished it to shape but then used that as the former(? is that the right word?) to plunge mould a replacement.
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