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  1. Perfect as usual Roman. I like how you made the very complex spinner stripes with flawless precision. Outstanding!!!!! Mike
  2. Roman my friend, this is why you are a virtuoso of the hobby. By no means an “easy” kit to assemble especially to the level in which you have here. I like the very attractive camouflage scheme. Inspirational as usual!!!!!! Mike
  3. Alain……….you made the Finnish Air Force proud with the tribute to it`s unsung hero of the Winter and Continuation Wars, the Brewster Buffalo. Mike
  4. Chris, you overcame the flaws of the kit to turn out a beautiful rendition. Very nice!!!!! Mike
  5. Pete……..the shed produced another work of art. I`m going to make plans to visit the shed someday to see just how things get done. Great Fishbeds!!!!! Mike
  6. Impressive. I really like how you made the stripes contour perfectly to the fuselage. Mike
  7. Dragan, I continue to be amazed at your ability to turn poorly tooled kits into absolute masterpieces. Impressive results yet again!!!! Mike
  8. This Phantom is absolutely beautiful!!!!!! The model mirrors the actual subject to perfection. Congratulations on the outstanding result. Mike
  9. Large airplane kits tend to have issues with the lengthy seams found on them. You did an outstanding job at eliminating them to perfection with this one. Well done!!!!! Mike
  10. The results exceed your endorsement of the kit. This is the way the hobby should be. I like this one a lot. Mike
  11. Nice recovery Shaun from the malaise you found yourself in. That`s why I`m here to try and recapture it as well. I hope my next project is nearly as nice as your He-163 here. Mike
  12. Jean……..I`m with Bertie on this one. I could easily be convinced that is an actual P-47 basking in the sun and not a replica. A testament to your skills. Bravo good sir!!!! Mike
  13. Allan…….your perseverance has paid handsome rewards. Absolutely beautiful and even more so given the crude nature of the kit itself. Bravo good sir!!!!!! Mike
  14. Libor………I continue to be amazed by your works of art that you share with us. Another brilliant finish my friend!!!! Mike
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