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  1. It looks perfect to me. A superb replica!!!!! Mike
  2. Ah Martin my friend. I had been looking forward to your latest history lesson and somehow missed this one that you posted back on Tuesday. I really enjoy everything about your presentations............the history and the subject itself. Bravo!!!!!!! Mike
  3. Now you are showing off Miguel. To complete that type of paint scheme and pattern in 1/144 scale illustrates just how skilled of an artist you are. Mike
  4. Well done Miguel!!!!! I like the unique subject that you have shared with us here. It looks great!!! Mike
  5. Wow!!!!!! What a great addition to your collection. I like it!!!!! Mike
  6. Spot on perfect Dragan. Then again, that is normal for you!!!!! Mike
  7. Superb as usual Libor. A work of art. Weathered to perfection and the subject is set off nicely with the equally realistic base. Mike
  8. Superb results with a poor quality kit Fuad. You made it look easy especially with the “circus tent” appearance. Mike
  9. Very nice Andrew. Great idea ( and results ) on the formation lights. Mike
  10. Wow!!!!! Your perseverance has paid handsome rewards. I`m certain that this Prowler shines bright in your display cabinet. Exceptional weathering too!! It really sets off the look of the EA-6B. Mike
  11. Mr Stix............... This is as authentic as a Hurricane could possibly be. Not only am I impressed, but I really like it a lot!!!!!! Mike
  12. This Mustang compliments your recent Spire Mk I very nicely Andy!!!!!!! Mike
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