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  1. Corsairs are SUPPOSED to look this way. Very nice!!! Mike
  2. Like you, I prefer “stress free” kits. The 190 looks great!!! Mike
  3. The crisp lines on the windscreen / clear parts is perfect. A beautiful all around project. Mike
  4. OK Allan, here`s mine……………… Tamiya 1 / 72 scale Excellent posting and I look forward to all of the responses. Mike
  5. Well done Pete!!!!! The Lansen looks great when paired with the equally unique, two-seat Draken. Mike
  6. Andrew……..your attention to detail is superb. The photography is just as impressive as the Tomcat. I like it!!!!! Mike
  7. Werner, you just proved no matter how old a kit may be, there`s always a way to make it beautiful. Great results and perseverance. Mike
  8. YES!!!!!! This Vulcan is most impressive. I really like the story behind the Black Buck missions and I will refer back to this posting as a reference when I finally get my hands on the new Airfix Vulcan. Mike
  9. Very nice. Your attention to detail with a natural metal finish resulted in a masterpiece. The seams are flawless. I`m impressed. Mike
  10. Outstanding!!!! No it only is your A380 impressive to gaze upon, but it must be impressive on just how large it is even in 1 / 144 scale. Mike
  11. I hope to see you do that some day. Keep me updated. Thanks, Mike
  12. The weathering compliments an already beautifully reproduced subject. Congratulations!!!!! Mike
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