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  1. Very nice Martin!!!! You captured the menacing appearance of the Foxhound perfectly!!!! Mike
  2. Excellent and very realistic with the painting and weathering. I like it!!!!!! Mike
  3. Way to present the muscle-bound physique of the Su-7 Robert. Very nicely done!!!!! Mike
  4. It`s a beauty!!!!!!! Very nice results. Mike
  5. Very nice Angelo. That`s just how a B-17 looks. Tired and beat up but pressing on. Great results!!!!! Mike
  6. Martin, With your absence from posting something new, I figured you were applying your mad skills at another outstanding subject. Sure enough, I was not disappointed when I came across this one. Keep `em coming because it only gets better. Superb as usual!!!! Mike
  7. Tony.......... You keep adding to the list of award winning works of art. All I ask is to never stop!!!!! Very nice!!! Mike
  8. Already imressive but when taking into account the difficult and old molds, it becomes worthy of residence inside a museum. Mike
  9. The classic colors of the WWII era RAF types looks perfect on this exceptional Whirlwind. Mike
  10. Your Liberator only compliments the even better story behind the subject. Mike
  11. Your meticulous attention to detail has produced one of the very finest presentations on this site. A site mind you that is filled with impressive talent and you my friend, rank as one of the finest. I stand in awe and amazement. Take a well deserved bow. Mike
  12. A very impressive rendition of the Me-410. Mike
  13. Well done Shaun. You have a great collection of the Century Series fighter aircraft. Very nice!!!!! Mike
  14. Yet another way that makes the Tomcat so very attractive. Great results!!!!! Mike
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