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  1. I like how the 88 turned out. My favorite picture was of the three lined up as viewed towards the tail sections. A sinister trio indeed. Mike
  2. Giampiero, my only criticism is that there are no criticisms. Flawless precision. Well done my friend. Mike
  3. Whew!!!! Thanks Bertie. I was worried that would get me banned. I can sure count on you my friend. Mike
  4. Dragan…….I agree with the previous comments from Alan and Alpha Delta. You did a superb job at recreating the Raptor especially with it`s complex camouflage pattern. Mike
  5. Excellent and the build process explained quite nicely with the series of pictures. Mike
  6. Superb work again Dragan!!!! Floggers are certainly difficult to reproduce without any significant issues due to the lack of high quality molds and upgraded modern techniques in the production of a kit. Your efforts have paid handsome rewards!!!!! Mike
  7. The “old” Fujimi Sluff still makes for a beautiful presentation. Very nice!!!! Mike
  8. You never realize just how small this subject is until it is posed next to a bottle of Tamiya paint. The results are superb!!! Mike
  9. Good day friends, Disappointed with my previous submission of the Tamiya P-47 Thunderbolt, I tried different techniques for a higher quality photograph. I still have some ways to go but here are the results. Please let me know your thoughts on this method compared to the previous photographs. Thank you, Mike
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