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  1. I had started this thread earlier and was kindly redirected by Army_Air_Force to the proper location. So here`s what I have............... Mike
  2. Not only is the kit beautiful as you have described Joel, your work on it is equally beautiful. What a perfect rendition. Mike
  3. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!! Pass on my congratulations to your lovely wife Bjorn!!!! Mike
  4. That`s a great subject along with the growing collection Jerzy!!!!!!!! Mike
  5. Good day to all, Without knowing if this subject has previously been started, let`s just see how much everyone has “collected” through the years and where you put together your many works of art. Let me begin................ Unbuilt collection : And the table : Yep, I have far more than I`ll ever build. I look forward to all of the responses. Mike
  6. What an excellent topic. It has been going strong for almost four years. I enjoyed reading each and every posted trip down memory lane. I remember because I was an aviation “enthusiast” ( aka nut job ) in my younger days, I would beg of my mom to build me a model airplane. Frustrated by my never ending insistence, she ended up teaching me how to build a model and pretty much the rest is history. While my memory is a bit hazy, I am unable to recall the exact scale of the kit. I still remember with much fondness sitting at the kitchen table with mom, having spread the previous day`s newsp
  7. Very nice!!!!! Japanese combat aircraft of WWII are a delight to replicate for weathering. Your`s looks superb!!!!! Mike
  8. Absolutely beautiful Dragan ( AGAIN!!!! ). How you take a poor quality kit and turn it into something that belongs in a museum makes it all the more impressive. I stand in awe Mike
  9. Ok Ralph.........I`m going to say it but “I HATE YOU!!!!!!” Yet another masterpiece from you. Exceptionally well done and you have my respect as a talented artist and modeller. Mike
  10. WOW Chris!!!!! I would have suffered an aneurysm had I tried this kit. This is a testament to your skills and supreme attention to detail. I am not worthy Mike
  11. Put me down as IMPRESSED!!!!!! Your attention to detail is superb!!!!! I really like this one. Mike
  12. Superb considering how difficult the color yellow is to apply. I applaud this beautiful rendition of the Sea King. Mike
  13. Very nice Juan. The camouflage pattern looks great!!!!!! Mike
  14. Roman, you have mastered the famed Bf-109 series of combat aircraft. The complex camouflage pattern is done to perfection and the weathering completes this outstanding work of art all in 72nd scale no less. A standing ovation is in order!!!!!! Mike
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