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  1. OUTSTANDING Roman!!!!!!! I marvel at your skills to replicate an accurate rendition of these complex camouflage patterns found on Luftwaffe aircraft. Making the subject even better is that the Hasegawa Ju-88 is by no means an easy kit to put together. Someday I`m going to visit and see your museum in miniature. Beautiful as usual!!!!! Mike
  2. Russ, I have come to expect nothing less than a flawless example of any type of subject you share here with us. Your recent A-26 here continues to maintain that highest of standards. Another beautiful result my friend!!!! Mike
  3. You slayed the beast ( Sword kits ) with impressive results Phil!!!!!! Mike
  4. No way!!!!! There`s NO WAY this is a 72nd scale version of the Storch. It`s the real thing!!!!!!! ( and it`s beautiful!!!!! ) Mike
  5. Now this is impressive!!!!!! Outstanding results. There`s a ,lot to like with this Claude. Mike
  6. Wow Gary!!!!! I rarely ever see a Tigercat let alone one dressed in yellow and never as nice as your`s presented here. I like the way it turned out. That`s a testament to your impressive skills. Great results!!!!!! Mike
  7. Very nice Tony and I really like the subject. It`s rare to see a Hudson. Mike
  8. Well done Andy!!!!! My compliments on a perfect rendition of the He-111 Mike
  9. Oddly interesting and I like it a LOT!!!!!! Mike
  10. Tony, I enjoyed your presentation so much that I read it a second time right after the initial reading. Simply impressive on the research and of course, the Beaufort ain’t too bed either!!!! Mike
  11. Now that`s a lovely Beaufighter. Great results as usual Libor!!!!!! Mike
  12. Wow Russ. I don`t which one I like the best. Okay, I give. I like ALL of them. Very nice!!!!!! Mike
  13. Gary said exactly what I was thinking. Big and impressive. Mike
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