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  1. This is how I will always remember the Buccaneer. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Mike
  2. Russ……..you have an uncanny ability to make an ugly aircraft beautiful. I would most likely never want to build one of these but after looking at your`s here………I`m inspired to so. Mike
  3. Outstanding!!!! What an awesome reaction to the gift as well. Mike
  4. Dragan, to use a term in American baseball parlance………”You hit a home run” with this one. You’re piling up the impressive numbers for sure. Great results as always. Mike
  5. Thank you Ryan. Much appreciated my friend Thank you sir!!!! I`m pleased that you like it and hopefully we can all see one from you soon. Ha Mike!!!! I`ve been here. We just missed connections . While 2022 was a particularly challenging year for me, I was able to post six subjects here, seven including one in the “2022 Yearbook” section. Glad you liked the Farmer and as always, thank you for the kind words!!! Mike
  6. Thank you sir!!!! Thanks Stew. Thanks so much Martin. I hope the Syrian version was “obscure” enough for you as we all know your affinity for rarer types. Thank you sir. Very nice of you to share those comments. Thank you my friend. High praise from a supreme artist such as yourself is always welcomed. Thanks Pete. Here`s an offer. How about you join me here in Ohio instead???? Name your price my friend. Much appreciated as always!!! Thank you Giampiero. Like Roman, I appreciate the accolades from you. Thanks Martin. I`m trying to keep the same pace as you. Joachim…….so very kind of you. Thank you so much. Your words are very appreciated by me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!!!
  7. Mick……..that`s a great way to display the mighty N version of the F-16. The speed brakes and pilot`s pose sell it as a convincing replica. The excitement is felt just by looking at it. Superb indeed!!!!! Mike
  8. Very nice. The windscreen framing is particularly noticeable for it`s precision and crisp edges. Mike
  9. Wow!!!! You have more on display than most museums. That`s a great collection. Mike
  10. Good day, I finally check in with my first submission for 2023. This is the Mig-19S Farmer from KP. Here is a brief overview of the kit……… 1. Colors / paints used A. Airframe : Model Master Sand, Helicopter Green, Vallejo Air Light Blue B. Cockpit, gear wells, air intake : Vallejo Air Greyish-Blue ( AMT-7 ) C. Landing gear & pitot tube : Tamiya titanium silver ( X-32 ) D. Bombs : Mission Models Light Grey ( 36307 ) E. Missiles : Mission Models Flat White 2. Various washes of sand, brown, black, and light grey 3. 0.5mm brass pitot tube used to replace kit supplied tube. 4. Pastels & pencils for various weathering highlights 5. Plumbers Putty and lead fishing sinkers used for ballast. 6. Included photo etched seat belts. 7. Vallejo “Fuel Stains” for the wing tanks. I found this kit to be similar to the Airfix Mig-17 Fresco in construction and fit. The landing gear assembly was particularly troublesome however the overall fit to the airframe itself was good. I used the two bombs from the spares box. Unfortunately , the windscreen only comes in one piece. I had given thought to cutting it open but I did not have a spare kit to use. The supplied decals come in four rather colorful Egyptian and Syrian options and were very nice. The kit can be a bit tricky in certain locations mainly with the main landing gear and nose gear well. There are no shortage of tiny bumps, blisters, and antennas to place all over the fuselage. The wing fences are separate pieces. Due to the added complexity, I can only recommend this kit for more experienced modelers to construct. Thank you in advance!!!! With much respect, Mike And here is a picture of the 0.5mm brass tube before i painted it……….
  11. It looks so good that I want to hop in a take it for a ride. Well done my friend!!!!! Mike
  12. Wow!!!!! It`s hard to believe that it`s in 72nd scale. The faded, sun bleached appearance is perfect!!!!!! A work of art indeed!!!! Mike
  13. I don`t were to begin with my thoughts on this Twin Otter. We all know that yellow is one of the most difficult colors to work with and yet here it is applied with precision and perfection. Nice and even and the distinct, clean edges between the colors is equally impressive. I stand in awe. Mike
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