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  1. Amazing workmanship and super creative! Best cracked glass I’ve ever seen on a scale model. I recall seeing more than a few of these during a trip through Morocco - the Moroccans do not like to make more than one trip when they move stuff from A to B!
  2. Very very nice job Jon on what looks to have been a very challenging build. I’ve been lusting for this seaplane tender version of the Langley since it was released and watching your build brought this kit to the front of my birthday gift wish list (to which the boss. declared “not another model kit please!!!). Your detailed WIP notes, particularly on the PE work is very much appreciated. The under deck girder supports gives this ship model a little bit of an Akagi look IMO (a good thing!). I’m guessing that the P2Y’s that are included in the kit along with the paint guide would put the ship shown on the box somewhere between 1938 - 1940. I love seaplanes so I’ll include a few P2Y’s or maybe a few resin PBY-3’s if and when I build it. When AV-3 was sunk off Java in early ‘42, it was transporting thirty-two P-40’s - now that might be an interesting scenario to model?
  3. Thank you all for the feedback and kind compliments. Good catch Chris! Decal added (with incorrect engine displacement omitted): I also wanted to warn others who haven’t already built this kit, if you add a front license plate below the bumper per instructions, the front bonnet opening will be reduced! Front license plates have been a legal requirement here in California since forever. Amazing how many “super cars” you see here without them. Understandably, who wants to drill holes in the front carbon fiber fascia of their McLaren or Lamborghini?
  4. Fabulous collection! The dazzled Franklin is particularly nice, I would love to see some close-ups of the free-hand you did on the upper structures. I have a 1/350 CVL (Dragon Princeton) in the queue that I hope to do my first dazzle paint on and I can’t imagine trying to mask and airbrush the dazzle scheme on the intricate/ PE delicate areas.
  5. My wife Michele has always had a thing for red roadsters, particularly XKE's. Years ago, I built her a model of one using the ancient early 60's Revell 1/25 kit which, upon completion, was good enough to qualify for display in her antique doll cabinet. A few years later we had to pack up the contents of this cabinet in preparation for redecorating the room and I managed to "misplace" this Jaguar model. I suspect I packed it in one of the 87 boxes of completed models I store in our garage....I have yet to find it. Since then, she's been bugging me for a replacement (I was flattered!) but I delayed, hoping someday someone would tool up a better XKE kit....my excuses evaporated this Spring with the release of this new EXCELLENT Revell 1/24 kit. This one is built mostly OOB other than re-plating of most of the kit chromed parts with Alclad Chrome, aluminum or stainless steel over black lacquer base. I also added plug wires and a coil wire. Other than some fiddly-ness with the small outer parts (bumpers, lights, door handles, wipers, mirrors), the kit assembled very nicely and looks much more accurate to my eyes than the original old 1/25 Revell kit. Red is Tamiya Italian Red with TS-13 clear coat and other colors mostly Tamiya acrylics. The ultimate compliment of any kit for me is when I wish to buy and build another one ( maybe a light metallic blue "his" to park next to this red "hers" in the doll cabinet?). This latest red one is far from perfect but Michele is happy so happy wife = happy life and one less task on the honey-do list! Cheers, John
  6. Another masterpiece from the Mr. lin Werks! Best black paint I’ve ever seen on a scale model (and maybe better than most 1:1 black cars I’ve seen!). So did you use the Mr. Color Gun Chrome over Gaia black gloss on this one too for the window frames/ trim? If so, I gotta try that stuff. Are those wipers made from photo etch (Model Car Garage), they’re amazing.
  7. Love your latest black buggy build and the fact that you’ve built an entire “collection” -impressive and very cool! A childhood friend built a Manx during our high school years (late 60’s) on a very small budget (<$1000 USD?) using a junked VW, he gave me a ride to school in it one day, what a blast! Forgive me if this is an old subject here but has anyone ever kit-bashed the Steve McQueen Thomas Crown Affair version? The story behind this Corvair powered car is fascinating reading and I read it just sold in auction for close to $1/2 mil! If you haven’t already done it, this one would look great in your collection.
  8. Beautiful outcome on your Razorback. Your decals look perfect, no signs of any remaining silvering that I can see. The penguin mascot on the compound curved nacelle is particularly well done. Sometimes it really helps to walk away from a troubled build for a few days (or a few years!)
  9. Song is “Open All Night” by the Boss, album Nebraska (1982). One of his best IMO. Sorry for the thread highjack V-P, enjoying your excellent ‘68 C-J build! Model On!
  10. What a wonderful build! Particularly love the naked chassis with the plaid seats, the colors and details just look so “right”. I built this kit a few years ago, it was pretty much Tamiya perfect but you are taking it to a significantly higher level. I may just have to build another one of these! Nice to hear you will be able to travel to Canada to meet your new grandson. Wishing you safe travels and a happy break from the bench. Thank you for documenting and posting your fabulous build.
  11. First new-tooled roadster I’ve seen posted - beautiful job! I agree with pale yellow being a nice change from the BRG or red. Your timing is impeccable, I’m about to start a commission of this kit for my wife who insists I build her a red one (couldn’t talk her into light metallic blue). The kit wheels look pretty good with the black wash and I like the look with the side windows raised. How did you tone down the chromed kit parts?
  12. Thank you Stef N.! Thank you Six97s for the link! I like the look of the grey conduit, if I succeed at this enhancement, I need something other than more black under the hood and I don't like the orange conduits I've seen on reference pics of Gas Ronda's A/FXer. I'm going to take a break on this for a while. My wife's been bugging me to build her a red XKE roadster model to replace the one I built for her years ago using the original ancient Revell kit and lost during a home renovation project. I just received the new tooled Revell kit (look's really nice!!!) so now I have an excuse to take a break. How often does one's spouse ask you to do a chore involving building a model kit???
  13. Fixed the crooked tail light. Embarressed to admit I never bonded it in place!....a "senior modeling moment" I guess.....
  14. Added the excellent Fremont Racing Specialties decals: OOPS! Look's like my right tail light got a little tipsy last night! Always something (that's never noticed until one posts photos on a public forum!). I started too play with Pete in Linc's excellent idea for making the air intake conduits: I used a 1/4-20 bolt as a pattern to form the 0.4 mm solder into a helix. Problem is the finished adapter/ conduit profile is too high to allow the hood to close. I need to rethink this, maybe a squashed cylinder conduit?
  15. I agree, engine look's good, leave the hood openable. Look's close enough to Ford Engine Block Blue to me! Love your subject, one of the last of the factory-backed super stock drag cars somewhat based on a car that you could buy from a dealer in 1968....the good old days. ......"I'm an all-set Cobra-Jet creepin' thru the nighttime"..... (OK Mustang GBer's, who can name that artist and song???)
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