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  1. Molotow pen option: I agree with comments above on it 1) being very fragile and 2) difficult to control without first masking the edges. BMF: a good option if you first practice it on a junk model(s). My experience with BMF is it will not hide a bumpy surface underneath so surface prep is a must. Also, it’s an art to avoid getting kinks/ fold lines when cutting/ handling long pieces. I’m still learning but others here are masters at applying and cutting it. Unlike Molotow or paint, it’s easier to remove and redo if you mess it up. I’ve used it on small parts and bright work on car
  2. Love these late 68-69 Chargers, brings to mind the coolest car chase ever filmed IMO (Bullitt). This Revell kit looks like it’s originalvintage (1997?) offers the excellent more recent engineering and tooling from Revell (like the ‘50 Olds, ‘57 Fords, ‘57 Chev). I may need to look for a stock version of this kit along with a 1/25 ‘68 Mustang 2+2 to recreate the chase in my display case! I’m speculating here but I doubt your paint problems are due to “silicone” ( mold release spray from Revell?), not something I’ve ever encountered in any Revell kit. I doubt Revell would use a styr
  3. Where did you get the cool printed cardboard display stand? Did this come with the kit, an original store display or did you make it from scratch? It’s very retro cool. Barris was an interesting character, he did some really beautiful tasteful customs in his early years but then seemed to concentrate on movie prop cars from the 60’s on, probably more lucrative? I saw him at a custom car show a year or so before he past, still hanging out with car crazies and seemed to be having fun. He was sitting at a booth with the big goofy Munster-mobile signing autographs. It was cool to see a legend
  4. Thanks Six, yeh that’s the article I found on line after I was close to finish with this build. I try to research subjects (part of the fun of scale modeling) but in this case I got impatient and went ahead with best guesses, oh well, it’s all good fun accurate or not! I painted and mounted the ladder bars, they look smaller/ more realistic in semi-gloss black. I’ve got a triple build going on the bench now, AMT’s really bad ‘65 Mustang AWB “funny car”, AMT’s Grumpy’s Toy #1 ‘66 Nova A/S and the Moebius ‘s 65 Plymouth Melrose Missile Hemi SS. I’m enjoying trying to make a half-
  5. Thanks Tony. The 15” Halibrands are from Speedcityresin.com, item # SC-38, $8 USD including inner rims. Expensive but worth it to get the right period look I think. I agree with you about these early SS years, I think it’s partly nostalgia (first drag race I attended was in around ‘63 or ‘64 at Lions) but also the fact that some of these cars were sometimes very close to what one could buy from a dealer (particularly the Mopars). Modern drag racing pro stocks and funny cars do nothing for me but then that could just be my geezer age.
  6. Thanks JeroenS, I think I will go ahead with adding the challenging diagonal ladder “steps” and paint and mount these puppies. They’ll probably look a little smaller once they are painted a dark silver or black. Thanks everyone for the compliments, I’ll keep building and posting as I make progress on my super stock collection.
  7. "GTO by Pontiac....for those who think young!"....... This is my interpretation of a famous "match racer" S/FX super stock drag car from my childhood, Arnie "the Farmer" Beswick's supercharged 1964 Pontiac GTO. Some claim this car is the first "door slammer" to do a 1/4 mile in under 10 seconds (and some say it was some other car....). The base of this build was Revell's excellent 1/24 kit to which I added after-market 1/25 resin front wheels and a Hilborn fly-catcher injector as well as scratch-built headers, some PE linkage and a few odds-and-ends from my spares box. Decals are from S
  8. Very nice build! You nailed that ‘60’s “ivory/ bone” off-white that was so popular on sports cars back then. Your photography is excellent as well, several of the shots could be mistaken for a 1:1 car.
  9. Not a crazy price considering the amount of resin and PE. Too bad it’s a curb model, wonder if they’ll make an engine version some day (or Fujimi conversion)? Looking forward to seeing one of these built up with paint.
  10. Oops....senior moment....look’s like I listed 11. I could drop the ‘58 Caddie if need be.....
  11. I’m not sure what constitutes a “classic” but from the standpoint of styling advancement/ milestones my list of 10 would include the following: ’48 Cadillac Series 62 sedanette - first tail fins ’51 Kaisers ’53 Studebakers ‘55 Chevy ’58 Caddie Eldorado ’61 GM “bubble tops” ’62 Studebaker Avanti ’62 Cobra (New to USA at least) ’63 Buick Riviera ’63 Corvette Coupe ’65 Mustang coupe and 2+2
  12. Beautiful clean job on this classic racer. I’ve never been a fan of injection molded wire wheels but yours look very good on this build. I think painting them a natural full metal/ grey and not polished aluminum or chrome really helps.
  13. Beautiful job on and excellent kit. I built the Rio Rancho wagon version of this kit a few years ago and everything kit together so well and the finished model just “looked right” (realistic, accurate proportions). Your build makes me want to build a stock or early drag gasser version of this sedan kit.
  14. Here are three recent eBay buys I splurged on to fill out my early 60’s super stock drag car collection, Being an optimist, I’m hoping to attend the IPMS US nationals in Las Vegas in August and am thinking of entering in the “collection” category a group of 12-16 1/25 super stock drag cars from 1961 -1966. I already have eight completed. I know there’s not as much interest in American drag racing subjects in this forum but if there are a few of you interested (Johnlambert?) I will try to post the above builds as I go. Here’s the last one I just just finished, Lindb
  15. I love posting build photos on Britmodeller. What a friendly encouraging forum this is! Thank you all for the very kind complements! Other than a few repair areas on the front and rear bumpers, the stainless trim features were not foiled. I masked and airbrushed Alclad polished aluminum over a black lacquer base on these trim features. I have yet to master the skill of applying and trimming foil and am in awe of car builds I see here that include it.
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