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  1. Oops! Thanks Steve for pointing out the right stripe error, “senior moment”?, unfortunately it’s under CC but maybe correctable if I can find a replacement decal. Also thanks to all you guys who responded positively, means more to me than the “that’s very nice dear” response I usually get from my lovely well-meaning scale model friendly wife. Looking forward to starting something smaller today! (I like to build cars and ships and AFV’s too! ).
  2. I believe this is the largest aircraft model I have ever attempted (and probably the last one this size that I'll ever do!). It's a Canadian RAF "Sub Killer" that I built using the Monogram/ Revell PBY/ OA-10A 1/48 kit along with an Eduards "Big Ed" photoetch and mask set, white metal landing gear, resin wheels and engines and a set of excellent decals and reference materials from Aviaeology ("RCAF Canso A (PBY-5A) Collection 1: The Sub-Killers Of 162 (BR) Squadron"). Tamiya acrylic paints were airbrushed throughout except for Tamiya rattle can fine white primer and bare metal undercoat and a little Alclad on the prop centers and my favorite semi-gloss clear coat, Vallejo Satin. I attempted some chipping on the undersides of the "hull" using the hairspray technique but I think it came out a little too understated than I had hoped. This particular aircraft #9816 was based in Iceland and had the following amazing history: - 11 March 1944: ferried to Reykjavík, F/L Leadbetter and crew as 162 Sqn maintenance rotation replacement aircraft. - 3 June 1944: F/L MacBride and crew attack and sink U-477. 4x D/Cs used. Nose guns used. - 13 June 1944: W/C Chapman (co-captain & 1st pilot F/O McRae) and crew attack and sink U-715. 4x D/Cs used. Nose guns used. 9816 was shot down (3 killed) in 2nd (guns only) attack as damaged sub was sinking. Thoughts and "things learned" from this build: - I used a 1" wide x 5/16" thick hollow rectangular aluminum channel to act as an internal wing strut support based on other builds that recommended adding something inside the wing assembly to prevent sagging and cracking. I found this aluminum material at a home improvement store, I believe it is sold for use for screen door frames. Its was pretty easy to install and made the wind assembly rock solid. - I decided to skip adding weight to the nose to address the tail dragger issue and glad I did. I've read that one must use a A LOT of nose weights and this model is "structurally challenge" as it is due too it's size. I'm ok with the temporary support dowel shown in the photos and will remove it once I hang this beast over my work bench. - I also did not address the tail width issue that many do by splicing in the resin correction and applaud those that do this mod to this kit. I can see how the fuselage looks a little too wide just in front of the tail from the top view but from the side profile, it look's like a PBY to be so I'm happy with it "as is" out of the box. - I used a white metal aftermarket landing gear set and still had problems with the main gear on the right breaking several times after both epoxy and CA bonding as well as bending. I can't imagine building this kit with the kit supplied styrene landing gear. - The biggest assembly issue I had was getting the four wing struts to fully seat into the mating notches in the fuselage and underside of the wing. All four appeared to be too short by about 1/2 mm which I suspect was because the wing didn't "sag" due to the aluminum spar that I added (Anyone else happen to have this issue on this kit after adding wing reinforcement?). If I built this kit again, I would pre-bond the struts to the fuselage and remove the bumps on the wing ends of each strut and just bond the struts flat to the wing undersides and fill any exposed notches on the wing later. Conclusions: Next time I build a large aircraft like this, I think I"ll stick to 1/72 or smaller! This one was just too awkward for me to handle during painting and assembly, required a ton of paint and when completed is much too big to put anywhere in our house! I would also highly recommend Aviaeology.com for decals, I have never had such excellent reference materials supplied with a set of decals before (a beautifully illustrated color booklet pdf with amazing details and history on a multitude of aircraft cane be downloaded and printed after you receive the decals). Despite the kit size and structural challenges, this one was a lot of fun. Never get tired of PBY's! Hope you like it! Cheers, John
  3. Very well done! I love the variety of body panel colors, the torn vinyl roof, the disassembled front drum brake. I do not miss drum brakes! It’s a miracle there weren’t more accidents back then! This build is much better than a six footer. I would be proud to bring this one to the next model meet/ contest if it were mine.
  4. This is my second attempt at a 1/35 AFV “box art diorama” (I posted a Tamiya Sherman last Feb). This one was built using the Dragon Tiger I early “Whittman’s Command Tiger” kit which was an absolute joy to build. It was also my first attempt at building metal tracks (Fruil) which added three long days to the build but was worth the experience. The three color disruptive camo base was airbrushed using Tamiya acrylics and I used the hairspray technique to do the white wash and then finished weathering with oils. For the snow and water, I tried some of the products from AK and Vallejo but the only one I liked and used was the AK “micro balloons”, I ended up using five minute epoxy for the puddles. I’m still a complete amateur at AFV’s but, likely my previous Sherman build, this one was so much fun I am hooked! I welcome any and all corrections and suggestions, hope you like it! Cheers, John Outdoor photo under bright sun: Here’s the camo before the winter white wash (so glad I white-washed this one! I’ll do better next time!):
  5. Saw one of these on the 101 freeway here in So. California yesterday, same color as this red one in the ref photo below that I pulled off the web but not as nice condition-wise ….. an American Motors AMX (‘68 or ‘69?)! I would love to have one of these in that cool red-white-blue paint scheme.
  6. I love this shade of red and the wheels from the 356 really help. I don’t see anything to be ashamed of here Keith, the gloss finish is beautiful, the interior/ dash very nice and all the black trim details look perfect to me. I think this one compares quite favorably to some of the best 911 builds I’ve seen posted here. I feel your pain on these Fujimi 1/24 Porsche kits, I’ve struggled through two of the 356 builds and if I ever built a third it would probably be just as stressful as the first two.. I’ve read the 911 kits are even worse which bums me out because I’d love to do an early 911 like you’ve done here.
  7. Beautiful clean neat-as-a-pin build of an old tooled kit. Your photography is fantastic, particularly the darker background shots. This build motivates me to pull this classic kit out of my stash and build it OOTB like you’ve done here and hope my results come out one-half as good as what you’ve achieved on this one. Bravo!
  8. I’m in awe of you you guys who can build these MFH kits, that engine compartment is unbelievably! I got to see the 1:1 of this car driven at a historic event at Riverside Raceway in CA in the 80’s, owned and driven at the time by Otis Chandler (LA Times Publisher). He was very tall dude (6’-3”) and looked very goofy with his helmeted head poking way up above even the rear wing! He left a hell of a car collection when he died in 2006.
  9. Wow! This looks like one of those $1000 die cast cars (CMC) except it’s probably 50% better. The engine detailing and those plaid seats are both really incredible. Build and post some more auto subjects please!
  10. Really nice job on metallizing the window frames and bonding the headlight covers. The molded kit wire wheels also look great on this build. Thanks for the heads-up on wheel mounting and body-to-chassis fit challenges, both seem to be a common trait on Fujimi kits. Interesting that two of the most beautiful auto designs of all time IMO, this GTO and the XKE, appeared on roads and tracks within a year or two of each other. Never get tired of looking at either one!
  11. Wonderful exterior weathering and I particularly like the brownish black tones in the engine compartment. It’s interesting how these once so commonly seen and loved autos are becoming so rare these days, I miss them. Old Golfs are just not the same!
  12. Amazing job on that beautiful sapphire blue Tamiya rattle can exterior paint, shiny is hard and it looks like you’ve mastered it! Your overall build quality on this bird is very neat and tidy, only suggestion I would make is to go less glossy on the top of the dash, maybe a matte or even semi-gloss. I look forward to seeing what you can do with that 1/16 Mustang. Thanks for posting!
  13. Thanks for posting some side shots, looks great even with the raised rear end. The velocity stacks on the Webers look so good, makes sense they’re turned metal parts. The two of these AM kits that I managed to acquire both came with chromed trees that had a toned-down satin-like finished that looked much more realistic and less “toy-like” than the typical chromed plated model car parts. Your build makes me want to start the remaining unbuilt kit I have with excellent replacement decals I got from V-R-M (still available!).
  14. Very very nice job on a difficult kit to get right. I built one several years ago and remember a number of fit issues (A arms/ chassis/ headers/ engine positioning and interference issues with the underside of the hood). Your engine detail is amazing - did you use the kit provided chromed parts or did you strip and re-metallized them? Also great job on installing the photoetch fins on the hood, an important part of the “eye candy” of this legendary car. The paint, wheels, clear headlight covers, underside, everything super neat & tidy. I would love to see a side profile photo of this model (my favorite angle of this car). In summary, magnificent!
  15. Thank you so much all for the very kind responses! Even my wife likes this one! …..She has allowed me to park it next to a red 1/24 Revell XKE I built for her last year which has had the honor of being displayed in her antique doll collection cabinet (a place she says my planes, tanks and ships will never see )
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