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  1. Beautiful job Ralph! I’m really impressed with the rigging, weathering and surrounding water that you’ve executed in this build. I can almost feel the cold spray of sea water hitting my face while I imagine standing on the deck in this scene! You’re scary health episode is a reminder to all of us to take care of ourselves and not not take any of remaining days for granted. Key to scale modeling happiness is to always have a build on the bench and the next build in our head, even when we’re under the weather. Hoping for a fast recovery for you and many more builds in your future.
  2. Very nice job. Really like your exhaust streams on upper/ lower wings and nacelles.
  3. Thank you Stalal. Don’t give up hope, if WNW molds stay in China, I can see a future re-pop of some of their kits once the financial dust settles on the closure (1-2 years?). I can also imagine kit prices eventually dropping on the used market (eBay) because of the huge inventory of unbuilt kits remaining in modeler’s stashes as well as possible remaining inventory in NZ. Rigging is not as hard as I thought and is almost fun with EZ line and Bob’s Buckles. Keys I have found are to use two high quality tweezers, good lighting, leave delicate items (guns and other vulnerable components) off
  4. Thanks everyone who've responded above with kind words and encouragement. Toryu - all base paint was applied with an Iwata Eclipse airbrush other than a few details picked out with a fine brush. A very thin dark oil paint/ mineral spirits wash was applied by brush and final sprays of Testors Dullcote applied via rattle can. Vinne - This aircraft did actually have curtains painted onto each of the four windows. The WNW instruction booklet that came with the kit included a humorous WWI photo showing another Roland C.IIa with actual cloth curtains and potted plants hanging on the outsi
  5. A Wingnut Wings WWI aircraft build is always a cosmic nirvana modeling experience. This is my fourth WNW build, the excellent two seater Roland C.IIa "late", also known as the "Whale". My wife gave me this gift about six years ago for Xmas so she was especially enthusiastic and supportive during this build. She picked the kit out for me because she thought it was "cute", lucky for me her "cute" = my "awesome"! Other than EZ line and Bob's Buckles for rigging, it's pretty much OOB. Tamiya acrylic paints were used per the instructions except for a slight amount of Alclad aluminum and brass in th
  6. Warren, Fabulous gloss red and overall gorgeous clean build. I always loved the styling of these B model roadsters (until they had to include the hideous big rubber bumpers here in the states). A friend of mine just purchased a '73 MG B GT (the lift-back coupe) with a Rover small block V-8 (!!!) installed and I would love to try to recreate a scale model as a gift for him. Has Aoshima or anyone else ever produce a scale model of the coupe? Any resin options out there? John
  7. Thank you guys for the encouraging feedback. The two-tone was pretty easy to do from a masking standpoint. The key thing I’ve learned in doing two-tone paint jobs is to avoid using gloss lacquers - they tend to bleed thru the tape edges. The matt basecoat paints (Zero Paints, Scalefinishes) work great and are compatible with Tamiya TS-13 and Testors lacquer clearcoats. My masking workload is more a function of the way I metalize the stainless trim on car models after applying the base coats and clear coat. I’ve have yet to master bare metal foil and mask and paint all bright work on my car m
  8. Hey Pat, Wow! Impressive clean beautiful build in blinding fast time! It takes me a few weeks to just unwrap a new kit and ogle the molded parts on the runners. You are FAST!!!! Love the light grabber blue. This one from Jaguar is a beauty IMO for an SUV type. Glad they didn’t call it an “XKE” like Ford is doing with their new stupid $$$ four door electric “Mustang” (Like there aren’t other horse breed names they could have used??? I suggested the “Ford Percheron“ but they didn’t bite...) Thanks for sharing! John
  9. This is the Galaxie 1/25 kit, a challenging but fun one to build. I airbrushed the exterior with Scalefinishes Como Blue and Dove Grey (original chevrolet colors for this period) and Tamiya TS-13 clear gloss over coat. I deviated from the instructions by pre-mounting the front fenders to the body before assembly/ paint and installing the interior directly within the body instead of pre-mounting to the chassis. I had a bear of a time installing both front and rear bumpers which seemed to encounter the short end of the tolerance stack-up on this model - thank goodness for 5 minute epoxy! The “st
  10. Gorgeous job on this big kit. I’m really impressed with all the natural metal and chromed components on the engine/ chassis/ wheels, no Signs of Tamiya “toy look” chrome! You have talent sir! Keep building & posting please! John
  11. Beautiful job Nick, especially with all the red body panels off, one of the most realistic looking 1/20 F1 builds I’ve seen. Don’t sweat the wrong number error, I always say every model should have a minimum of one imperfection in order to “let the evil spirits out”. John
  12. I’ve had good success with EZ Line Fine for rigging both ships and aircraft and securing it with medium CA adhesive. The trick I’ve learned is to apply a slight amount of stretch (5-10%) when bonding the line, otherwise it doesn’t end up straight. Too much tension on the line can bend thin plastic masts/ aerials (which may occur over time due to plastic creep).
  13. Beautiful job Leon on this Trumpeter carrier. I built the Essex three years ago, my first big 1/350 ship, and learned so much. I used a White Ensign Models photo etch set which I found to be very forgiving (was able to re-bend some parts that I initially bent the wrong way). I opened up and populated the hangar deck with aircraft and other objects which really multiplied the build time (didn’t realize I had to build/ paint/ decal 50 separate tiny model airplane kits!). I didn’t have the courage to do a dazzle paint scheme and painted my Essex in measure 21 blues. I love the first bow shot
  14. Nice job Alister on an old tooled but still very nice Tamiya kit. You did a very nice job on the challenging two-tone red/white scheme and fitting the red pinstripe decals to the red/white borders. I built this same kits a few years ago and also struggled with the Indy decals (hand cutting and their fragility). I understand your desire to “practice” on an older Tamiya kit before diving into the Ebbro F1’s but my experience is that they are two totally different animals, particularly in the front and rear suspension assemblies (Tamiya’s are much easier IMO). My advice: dive into the Ebbro’s and
  15. I used the kit decals. If I could paint pin striping like that freehand, I think I’d go into business painting them on 1:1 cars & motorcycles!
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