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  1. murfv

    New matchbox kit !

    Very reminiscent of the artwork on the original Matchbox Harrier GR.1 boxart
  2. murfv

    Telford 2019

    Also for what it it's worth, some of the European based traders have been know to accept Euro's in the past so if anyone happens to have a few €€€ left over from that their last trip to Euro-land it may be an option to have in the back pocket.
  3. Well, so much for making quick progress on these two but I have now gotten around to putting some paint on both the Hunter and Vampire. The Vampire, which will be finished as a 16 Squadron a/c RAF Germany ca 1954, has received a coat of Vallejo Model Air Aluminium before decals from a modelddecal set(101) The Hunter will be finished as a 58 squadron aircraft in DG/DSG/LAG scheme with decals coming also from an olld Modeldecal set(#26) Thanks for looking
  4. A bit of an update re my twin Frog Hunter/Vampire build. I have decided to build both as wheels up/in flight so I will be using the Frog supplied stand that came with the Vampire and a stand from an old Frog Avenger used for the Hunter. Main airframes assembled with the Hunter going going together quite nicely, it will need some filler for a few sink marks but overall quite neat considering. It did need some clamping for the fuselage to take care of some warping but I am happy so far. The Vampire with the twin boom arrangement took a little more effort to get everything lined up and will need a visit from the filler fairy as some of the joints (wing/fuselage in particular) look like the grand canyon. Hunter & Vampire #4 Hunter & Vampire #5 Thanks for looking
  5. Having heard about this GB from Dermo245 I hope you don't mind if I throw my hat in the ring with a couple of cold war classics, First up will be a de Havilland Vampire FB.5 (F217) along side a Hawker Hunter FGA.9 (bagged Novo version of F204) A few sprue shots to get started... I plan to use some of my stash of old Modeldecal sets for the markings. Thanks for looking.
  6. Very nice, nothing wrong with the fine mold kits at all and you have done a great job.
  7. My Super 63 is still in regular use and it has served me well for the last 30 years, and other than an occasional replacement needle and a change over to the white PTFE seals for the nozzle I have not had to do much else. A great airbrush back in the day and still holds it's own against any newer airbrush that I have acquired in recent years.
  8. Great to see the Irish UN peace-keeping missions in model form.
  9. Very nice job on the Airfix FW190, I have one on the bench at the moment, a straight forward build.
  10. Love the Spitfire and really enjoyed the back story, thank you.
  11. Very smart looking Thud for an older kit it brushes up well.
  12. Thank you gents for your help in identifying the conversion set to start with and with the copies of the instructions and the magazine articles, they will a great help when I get around to building the kit. Cheers Vincent
  13. Thank you gents for the prompt and very informative reply's, I was right to ask here on the on the forum. 1903flight, a scan copy of the SAM article would be very welcome indeed, I will PM my email if you don't mind. David Womby, Yes please, a copy of the set instruction for the fuselage cuts would be great, I will also pm my email also if you don't mind. Thanks again gents Vincent
  14. Hi Folks, I am looking for some assistance from the BM membership at large in identifying a set of resin parts that I found in an old Airfix 1/72 Hunter FGA9 kit that I rediscovered recently while doing some random stash diving/sorting. I can’t remember where I picked the kit and conversion set up but probably from a member on the forum. The parts are in a cast in resin and consist of two replacement wings(w/o dogtooth), a smaller bore jet pipe and what I take to be a fuselage insert plug(about 3mm in 1/72) I suspect the parts are for a pre Hunter F.6 (possibly a F.4 or F.5?) but I am hoping someone can confirm the producer of the conversion set, which version it so for and if anyone knows of any instructions for the set? Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers Vincent
  15. Great idea, well excuted, love it!
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