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  1. murfv

    Bandai TIE Fighter

    Great idea, well excuted, love it!
  2. murfv

    1/72 Academy KB-29P tanker question

    Hi Greg, Have a look here if you are interested in picking up a set of the decals for the 1/72 Washington(1/48 & 1/144 also appear to be available) http://www.coastalcraftmodelsuk.com/air-craft.php?page=2 Regards
  3. murfv

    1/72 Academy KB-29P tanker question

    Thanks for that, apart from the bomb load not being included, the KB-29P Tanker and the standard B-29A appear to be the same plastic, perfect. I had picked up the 1/72 Air-Craft Models Washington decals before sourcing the kit hence the original question. The roundels scale at 78 inch, 54 inch & 42 inch diameter(actual diameter is 28mm, 19mm & 15mm respectively) Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated, KB-29 tanker kit now ordered. Cheers Vincent ....and just realised that I should have posted this in the cold war section instead of the WW2 section, sorry!
  4. Hi folks, I am interested in building an RAF Washington Bomber using the academy kit and was wondering if anyone know if the Academy KB-29P tanker kit contents can be built as a standard B-29? Thanks in advance Vincent
  5. murfv

    Model shows and competitions

    While I have no interest in entering competitions I do enjoy exhibiting my models at club meetings, our annual show and on our regular pilgrimage to the overseas area Telford each year. What I get out of it is the pleasure of being able to show and discuss my humble attempts at modeling with like minded people and club meetings/shows are the easiest way of sharing ideas and techniques with others. This hobby can be quite an isolated one compared to some and while I have no problem spending time in the shed for hours/days/weeks without human interaction it is nice to surface now and again to reacquaint myself with the rest of the family & humanity at large. Unfortunately I will not make to the IMSS show next weekend but I will be at the next club meeting in Dublin in May Ex-pat Dub kitbashing in Carlow.
  6. murfv

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    For anyone that may be interested please see my album of pictures of ex-IAC Fouga Magister '220' Apologies for poor quality of pictures but they may of help so someone. Pics were taken with my phone, will have to get back again and bring the 'real' camera with me.
  7. murfv

    IAC Fouga Magisters

    I have some photos of '220' taken last year where she is used as an instructional airframe in the local tech, I will see what I can find re the tip tank as currently fitted and post for reference.
  8. murfv

    Intros that grab you......immediately.

    AC-DC Thunderstruck Rolling Stones Paint It Black New Order Blue Monday
  9. murfv

    Roger Waters Us and Them

    Like wise, going to see him in June in Dublin (4th time to see RW live) As for the OzPF, well worth a look, seen them 7/8 times at this stage.
  10. murfv

    What music are you playing? Pt III

    Back in Black...AC/DC
  11. murfv

    You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    ….you and a friend go to the funeral of a recently departed acquaintance and while paying your respects at the graveside friend turns to you and says “It’s hardly worth your while going home!!”
  12. murfv

    Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    Thank you for the in box pictures, very much appreciated. Interesting to note that the main camo scheme shades listed on the instructions no longer appear to be available on the Humbrol website (discontinued?) Why do Airfix quote humbrol numbers on the kit instructions when their sister company no longer stock the relevant shades?
  13. Have to admit not my usual sort of thing, but that is IMPRESSIVE!!
  14. I present my recently completed Bandai box scale(1/144) X-wing from some rather obscure movie franchise or other. I decided not to go with the more familiar rebel/red 5 out of the box scheme as the kit markings are supplied as stickers(not waterslide decals!! ) The colour scheme depicted is my take on the partisan x-wing which featured briefly Rogue One. The kit was finished in a selection of Tamiya/Mr.Color paints that I had to hand and some PITA masking due to the small size of the kit.
  15. Hell YES!! ...and it is the original version from ANH with 3 landing gear rather than the ESB/ROTJ version with the extra landing gear, that will save me having to convert my Fine Molds MF to the episode 4 version. Time to start saving methinks