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  1. I am using the one from the Sea Harrier FA2 conversion for the ESCI/Italeri kit that I picked up years ago. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/whirlybits-wba-72017-sea-harrier-fa2-conversion-kit--187380
  2. Hannants/Xtracolor have a MIG29 Grey(X612) You can see the shade here ->https://www.aero-spezial-modellbauversand.de/Paints/Xtracolor/X612-MiG-29-Grau-14ml::3218.html?language=en
  3. I'm currently working on the same thing myself, 1/72 Matchbox cockpit section & canopy, Airfix fuselage/wings/tail & resin nose from a Sea Harrier FA2 conversion set. Planning to add RWR and wing tip launch rails like the T2. Thinking of a 'what-if' RAuxAF scheme
  4. Good morning Vincent,


    Thank you for looking. Its the Hurricane I particularly wanted to do. However it was really a IId (they had 2) so I would need to modify the 115 thats on the sheet as I need 94 or 95.

    I've had an offer for the SAM sheet which has all the numbers but I'd still be interested in aquiring the Max sheet.


    Regards and thank you again.


  5. Thank you, IIRC I used Vallejo Model Air Orange(71.083) as a base with a coat of Mr.Color Fluorescent Red(C171) on top to give it a bit of vibrancy.
  6. I am using Mr.Color C309 FS34079 on my IAC Warrior or Mr.Hobby Aqueous H309 would be an alternative.
  7. I have never had occasion to brush it on but it is pretty foolproof for airbrushing. I would suggest to try it out on a test subject before you commit it to your latest masterpiece and to go with light, thin coats.
  8. As above, I have had no problem using W&N Galeria Matt & Satin varnish over a number of paint types including enamels, Humbrol amongst them, but I make sure that they are well cured before doing so. Also I ensure the W&N get at least 24 hours to cure before going near it.
  9. According to Max Decals IAC update 2004 set(MAX7216) the overall blue is FS15177(Xtracolor PRU Blue being reasonable match) note that the cheatlines are included as a decal on the sheet if you can find a copy.
  10. Very nice What-if IAC Hornet Ken
  11. murfv

    Very Fire

    I am not familiar with them, Very Fire appear to do a lot of ship/naval subjects so your question may get a more knowledgeable reply if posted in the Maritime Modelling area.
  12. Yes please, I would be interested in seeing any pics of IAC machines.
  13. The Airfix/Motorhead He-111 tribute was release in two boxings, the initial one(https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-a07007a-heinkel-he111-h-6--1239911) included the base kit(A07007) markings as well as the Motorhead scheme. The second release of the tribute kit(https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-a07007b-heinkel-he111-h-6-motoerhead-bomber-special--1241168) only contained the Motohead markings. HTH
  14. murfv


    ....probably more like a scoreless draw!
  15. The Irish Air Corps operated the Hurricane post war, the Mk.I being retired in 1946 and the Mk.IIc serving until late 1947 when they were replaced by the Seafire.
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