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  1. Well after spending some months in the UK, visting Coningsby, Marham and Lakenheath I returned home to Perth to enter 2 weeks quarantine in a Perth Hotel (imprisonment at my expense), anyhow I have done 8 days, 6 to go in a comfortable hotel. I was missing my camera action then heard a racket outside to see the Rescue chopper backing out of the Royal Perth Hospital HLA.
  2. Hiya Terry, I know what you mean, I have an F-15 kit waiting for me when I get back home, I got some Lakenheath decals from a nice chap on here!
  3. Hi smudge, another thing on autofocus, on the canon lens you can change the focusing range to ensure the autofocus does not range from close up to infinity, flick the switch to 3 metres to infinity ( I think it is 3 metres I dont have the lens nearby). If you have that feature on the lens it will do lot to help avoid that hunting. Additionally on the canon you can select your autofocus points, I have experimented a bit and have set the autofocus area to a small square dead centre.. if the aircraft is in my "sights" it should focus ok. I think cameras struggle with grey
  4. Hiya smudge, you got the F16s you lucky sod, I went twice after a 3 hour drive and the buggers didnt get airborne till late evening when I was on my way home! I have a Canon 5D mkIV, which does 30 megapixels, coupled with a canon EF100 - 400mm f4, 5.6 USM II using 1.4 extender for shots at Lakenheath usually. I find editing doesnt do anything for picture sharpness. To avoid using high iso (iso set to automatic) I try to use the slowest shutter speed I can.. 1/500 with 400 zoom 1/650 with the 400 with 1.4 extender.. I do get plenty of "not sharp enough" pics but get quite a few good
  5. Probably my last visit to Lakenheath this year a selection of pics below more if you go to the flickr photostream
  6. Yeah, I was surprised to see it as I thought Beech had bought them all back and scrapped them
  7. Some of you may have seen examples of my photography over the years many taken during my holiday visits to the UK. I only started visiting the RAF bases last year.. first Coningsby (Eurofighter base) because it is "only" a 100 minute drive from home. This year I ventured to Lakenheath (F-15s) and Marham (F-35s).. which requires some dedication.. best part of 3 hours travel. When you get there there is never any guarantee of suitable weather / light / parking / or indeed any flying! To be fair Lakenheath and Coningsby are pretty good thet seem to fly every day. This month there is a squadron
  8. Saw one at Oshkosh in 2015 lovely looking machine:
  9. Hiya Keith thanks and glad you like them Cheers Wal
  10. went back again yesterday afternoon to get same different light and tried some different vantage points for different angles to add to my album, r
  11. nice one, I had to put a ton of lead in the nose to keep it from tailsitting, it seriously overstresses the nose leg, mine bends over a tad
  12. I am on my last weeks of my protracted UK visit. I am still awaiting my G2Gpass approval to come back home to Western Australia. To be truthful I am not looking forward to the flight back I would dearly love a Star Trek "Beam me Up" experience to avoid the air travel. Anyway my long distance walking was curtailed this year and all the airshows were cancelled pretty much so I have been doing the airbases for my photographic habit. These are always hit and miss, weather, light, runway in use, the flying program the vantage point one chooses all add to the complexities..so I keep going back to ge
  13. I hope it is wrong.. they wont sell many at that price I imagine
  14. Scalemates are quoting a price of 135 GBP, that curbs any enthusiasm I may have had
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