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  1. wallyinoz

    SM55X I-BALB (1/72 Delta 2 Kit)

    right! well I found the original drawing file: sm 55 sheet by wallycacsabre, on Flickr The brown stripes were my attempt to represent the wooden walkways. The wing top stripes are only suitable for the I-BALB machine. The registration was carried under the wing only there is you tube video of these aircraft where you can pick out the salient details. I can't remember what the circles on the sheet are for.. I didnt use them. I was a bit clever with the hull decals I painted the easy edge areas black and then applied the decals to flow into the black paintwork, leaving the top of the hull silver the decal gives you the intricate black area sans the need to mask. Modellers wishing to build other machines of the SM55 "Balbo" should note that wing stripes were only on the leader, other machines had differing numbers of circles triangles or squares to signify which flight they were in and their number within the flight. Also the hull paintwork varied widely with some having additional pin striping! registrations were I then the first 4 letters of the captains name. you will have loads of "fun" researching these if you want to make something other than I-BALB! Clarence I will send you my spares if you like I will print you an extra sheet "just in case" let me know
  2. wallyinoz

    SM55X I-BALB (1/72 Delta 2 Kit)

    right I am back from my road trip, I am conducting a search on my PC to see if I can find the original drawing file, I had a look in my spares box and found some left over decals ..just enough to do yours; 20190211_100951 by wallycacsabre, on Flickr pm me with your address and I'll send these on to you. If I find the original file I can make more copies if required
  3. wallyinoz

    SM55X I-BALB (1/72 Delta 2 Kit)

    Hi there am on a camping road trip at the moment will have a look for you next week..promise!
  4. wallyinoz

    AIM 1/72 DC-7 B and C Resin Conversion Set

    looks fan-bloody-tastic!
  5. Not my usual subject matter but I wanted one of these after seeing the Shuttleworth Collection's example fly at Old Warden, I buggered a few things up and left it in a box for a couple of years, bit the bullet and finished it in the last few days. I'll string an aerial on it in a minute...
  6. hiya paul, ya know I looked at those engines dozens of times making sure the bulge was on the bottom.. it was very hard to tell.. there is not much in it, what made it worse to determine up from down are the blue decal portions and their shape.. I have checked again.. the engines are the right way around they just look odd! When test fitting them the "other way around" they looked a lot odder than they look now! It is this decal thing that made the model a shelf of doom resident for so long, I couldnt mask and paint that scheme for the life of me! plus I needed the white registration and HS125 logo in white on the fin..had to be decal
  7. 4 years on the shelf of doom, I used more sheets of decal paper in a trial and error process of getting the shapes right... I never succeeded, I pulled this off the shelf of doom a few days ago, burned another 3 sheets of decal paper then said enough is enough, this is good as it is going to be.. at least it is finished. 1/72 Airfix modified. Pictured in model form is the Department of Civil Aviation HS125 flown by 2 examiners of airmen about to land wheels up at Avalon on 24JAN1967
  8. wallyinoz

    OK or BAD?

    Hi guys thanks yes both 1/72
  9. wallyinoz

    OK or BAD?

    I love Savioa Trimotors (my newest fetish), especially the civil types, this is the Supermodel SM81 Pipistrello converted to an SM73 using an Italian kits / SEM models conversion set. It will set next to its relative the SM75 I built a while back.
  10. These 1/48 resin models gave me a lot of trouble and I nearly tossed em out several times, I have done as much as I am going to on them. I'll push it to back of display shelf. I might cleanup the antenna fairing on cockpit roof one day
  11. [/url more in the photostream
  12. wallyinoz

    Clearing the "Shelf of Doom"

    No ulcer steve but this and other projects were severely sapping the modelling mojo.. keeping me away from the bench played a bit more with the decals
  13. wallyinoz

    Clearing the "Shelf of Doom"

    So! I am beginning to think the Dove may be raising the white flag! It won't be great but it wont be abominable either! I picked a nice simple attractive scheme and designed the decals for it: I am waiting for the Tamiya silver leaf to harden up then use the dremel polishing bit to variegate the silver finish. Then I will have to wipe down the silver residue, wash my hands hit it with "future" wash my hands again and then take the masking tape off then wash my hands again before touching the white undercoat on the fuselage top side, that silver residue leaves fingerprints like you wouldnt believe!
  14. wallyinoz

    Lockheed Ventura in civvies

    I bought one of those kits from home bargains cos it was cheap and I thought I could do a Howard 500 conversion. When I got all my research together I realised this was a major project with changes to wing engines nacelle and fuselage length making it infeasible for me. You CAN make a Super Ventura without too much trouble though... I just did not like the colour schemes that were available. I ended up selling the kit here in OZ