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  1. ah you are lucky fellow living out there. 2.5 hour drive for me from my uk base, I am thinking of trying my luck again in a week or two they did, it was thrilling!
  2. very very nice, good to see these old civil types. in my wish list are Cessna 182, 206 and 402. the bravest conversion / part scratch I ever attempted was a 1/48 bonanza into a baron
  3. Hi Dave i was on Hallin Fell around the corner from Howtown
  4. Thought I would try the Lakes District to catch some low flying action so I set off at 5am with fingers crossed and prepared for disappointment. Got set up on a hill over Ullswater around 8.30 am, the weather was as forecast overcast in the morning sunny in the afternoon. My 360 radar app showed nothing in the area or departing bases for my area and my scanner was silent (all day as it happened). The views were terrific and I was reasonably comfortable in my chair though when the wind picked up I did get a bit chilled. So after this scenario setting preamble around 10am I heard a rumble to the South toward Patterdale and I spotted a jet at low-level cranking around the corner of the valley, it was the first of 2 F-15s (number 2 about 20 secs behind the leader) The pair did not follow the course of the lake the leader electing to turn toward and climb out over the top of me and number 2 to climb and break before reaching me. Photographically speaking this was very annoying but wow pretty exciting, the F-15 pics show the difficult lighting and you can imagine me trying to track him over my head whilst trying not to fall off the mountain. About an hour later and I heard another rumble from the South and spotted a jet again cranking around the corner leaving vapour trails Bingo! it was a pair of F-35s which I had not managed to capture before. On their initial pass these guys stayed low and followed the course of the lake below me where they did a curious thing, climbing and turning around to come over the hill crest behind me and then turn back into the valley and then, well head toward me.. like I mean at me. The leader cranked upside down a couple of hundred feet above me and number two he stayed level but was a bit lower (A bit! the noise was incredible and I heard and felt his wake vortices). Well I was on a shaking high for about 20 minutes after that pass. After several hours in the afternoon I heard a whisper down south and spotted a large aircraft coming up the lake ..it was a RAF A400 this was great there arent many of them and they dont low fly that often. After that a pair of Omani Hawks sneaked quietly by well over the other side of the valley and I was not able to get a reasonable shot of them but was well pleased with the day as I trudged down the mountain. quite a few more if you go into my photostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/87490663@N08/with/52087311073/
  5. ooh what's the strategy ? I am thinking of going again as a 70th birthday treat
  6. glad you like them guys thanks for the comments.still spending hours fiddling with these images to get the best out of them
  7. Spent a couple of days in Wales, CAD East and West, traffic came through both days, weather was showers and mist at the CAD West Tuesday afternoon and CAVOK on the Wednesday, herewith a selection of shots there are lots more in the photostream. One of these is going on the office wall as a large print but I just cant chose! Photostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/87490663@N08/with/52020607100/
  8. I decided on Wednesday to try out RAF Leeming for some aircraft photography, the next day After a bit of research I found out that the squadron was going to be disbanded the next day! So I ventured early to get a spot. Whilst the weather was nice, photo conditions were pretty bad, a lot of heat haze, light difficult and frankly the viewing are is a mite too far from the action.. enough whinging from me here are a few of the better pics I took, more as always in the photo stream: photostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/87490663@N08/with/51961700541/
  9. Nice mate, I was there in the car park viewing area..not as good a vantage point as yours lucky sod!
  10. I have been away a while what with the pandemic and all that.. my last visit to Lakenheath in 2020 was to catch the Aviano F-16s, but they didnt deign to fly the day I went. I have been in the UK just over a month and I had been waiting for some blue skies to get down there again..last weeks forecast beckoned and I has 2 days there. Luckily the F-16s were visiting again and of course they have the F-35s flying there now. I have been slow posting any pictures because my internet access is appalling.. hope you enjoy these, I had fun taking them note there are a whole lot more if you go into my photostream photostream link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/87490663@N08/with/51945019120/
  11. so many perthites!
  12. hello colin, thanks for the kind remarks. the model went together reasonably well, building the rear fuselage assembly and air intakes was like building a box edge to edge, but it was engineered well enough to work out. i defy the average modellers ability to get the thrust reversing photoetch to fit within the assembly, but I am less than average. There are flaps and gear up options in the kit as well auxiliary blow in doors etc there was a minor fit issue with the main gear doors that needs a bit of fettling or filling ..i dont know if it was as a result of a misalignment of my build or whether its an engineering thing, but really not a big deal. The weapons / stores / tanks are not perfect, you have to deal with seams. 8.5 out of 10 is where I score it. I cant think of any other model I have built that was any better
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