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  1. Three or four weeks ago I started tossing a lot of reference material out..it's ok most of it was sourced from the internet anyway! Then I started selling off the stash as my interests have changed. One of the guys I sold something to, asked me if I had any pictures of cranes used in the goldfields of PNG in the 30's. I had a distant memory of seeing some pics and looking at my PC and laptop I realised I was missing some historical pictures I was given by Dennis Gray some 10 years ago and also pics I had found in the Exxon historical files. I dusted off my old laptop and found them there, these pictures must never be lost so I am putting them "out there" maybe they will help other modellers and aviation historians: loads more in my photostream https://www.flickr.com/photos/87490663@N08/
  2. Spent a quiet hour at the viewing area:
  3. tell you what, someone source me an AVF VC10 1/72 at a half decent price, I will build that and bring on an injected one!
  4. dont you hate it when you build a "unique" vacuform model and then an injected kit comes out... the Monarch Brit being the case in point.. and I am building the AIM Comet!
  5. wallyinoz

    AIM 1/72 DC-7 B and C Resin Conversion Set

    latest work DC-7 engine by wallycacsabre, on Flickr DC-7 engine core by wallycacsabre, on Flickr DC-7 engine cowling by wallycacsabre, on Flickr DC-7 engine-rear face by wallycacsabre, on Flickr
  6. wallyinoz

    AIM 1/72 DC-7 B and C Resin Conversion Set

    work continues, DC-7 No.1 saddle tank-outboard upper view by wallycacsabre, on Flickr revised nacelle / tank
  7. wallyinoz

    1/72 DC-7B and Conversions

    Hiya just a heads up for those that don't wander down to the "Rumourmonger" section of this fine website, I have posted details of the forthcoming AIM DC-7 conversion set cheers wal
  8. wallyinoz

    AIM 1/72 DC-7 B and C Resin Conversion Set

    Work continues on the DC-7 B and C conversion set designs, Neil Gaunt of AIM has sent me these for broader dissemination. Firstly on receipt of new reference material, the engine nacelle and saddle tank design previously published is being tweaked to more accurately represent these items. The centre section design is quite complex and is still a W.I.P. DC-7 centre section-bottom DC-7 centre section-top Two propeller designs, round and square tipped with deicers incorporated. DC-7 prop-rnd tips DC-7 prop-sq tips
  9. Hi fellow modellers, I have been wanting a 1/72 DC-7 for ages and started a conversion a while back but the project hit the rocks when I realised the expensive conversion set I bought was awful. The project has been gathering dust for a while and to cut a long story short I have Neil Gaunt of AIM working on producing the engine / nacelle sets for me.. but he is also working on FULL conversion sets to enable the transformation of the Heller DC-6B kit to either DC-7B or DC-7C. Neil sent me this image of the engine / nacelle and slipper tank design. The sets will be available, like all his stuff through Hannants. DC-7C-Engines
  10. bon voyage! I still shudder at memories of my build some complexities were my own doing to be fair
  11. wallyinoz

    Canadair CL-44 stretch vs. Britannia

    I was chatting with Neil Gaunt of AIM just last week and he mentioned he was doing this conversion set. I have already bought his Argonaut conversion for the Revell DC 4 and that is very good.. hope to finish my model in the next couple of months when I get back to my workbench in Australia.. he is also working on a DC-7C conversion set for me to modify the the Heller Dc-6B..happy days!
  12. wallyinoz

    MiG Alley

    i think that is absolutely fantastic..that is ART!
  13. wallyinoz

    Frog Squad Model Kits GB 1/6 to 22/9/2019

    Hi there, I don't get back to my workbench in OZ until mid October, if you can wait that long I'll be in with my only and recently acquired Frog Spawn Comet 1/100 1/96? kit. cheers wally
  14. At 66, I find that I have been wallowing in nostalgia for a few years now.. modeling and aviation hobbywise at least, if I could share one of those "moments"... I was 17-ish, mad keen on aviation and regularly posted letters to aircraft manufacturers requesting pictures. Those were the days I got loads of the stuff, all of it gone in all my moves through life..except one, this one I kept all these years: Then much later, I learnt how to make my own decals and for years then sought the rare and long out of production Aurora kit (it came in two scales this is the larger one about 1/60 from memory). I then found a kit but also managed to get a "junker" a veritable glue bomb that had been put together using military grade nuclear cement, my attempts to dismantle for a rebuild were almost terminal but I persisted on and off for a couple of years. Now this rebuild is very ordinary, full of flaws and scars, the only modelling of any merit maybe are the home made decals but nevertheless, I still like it, it sit in my cabinet proud as punch I excuse all it's faults it is special to me for those that are interested the model was modified with a new nose and repositioned maingear to get this trigear super H18 version. I did this one as "proof of concept" besides wanting to resurrect the old junker.. I may now do the same conversion on my "mint" kit, scratch building an undercarriage for a wheels down model...maybe, maybe not
  15. Hi all, I am an aircraft guy but these appeared in my viewfinder a few years ago (I dont even know what they are!), I thought I'd share them with you rather than them hiding in my computer filing system unseen. Hope they are of interest and of use to you in your modelling, cheers wally