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  1. Hi tom I have a spare Aim conversion set if intetested cheers wal
  2. For the last few years my modelling output dried to a trickle then to an arid wasteland. One of the biggest mojo killing projects I have ever faced was converting a Heller DC-6 to a DC-7C I started this conversion in 2010! First with a contrail conversion set (lumps of misshapen resin) then much higher quality pieces from Neil Gaunt from Aircraft in Miniature whom I begged to look into doing a conversion set. The amount of cutting repairing filling and sanding was overwhelming. The other model is the Revell DC-4 converted to an Argonaut also using an AIM conversion set. I started this one in
  3. Harsh sky, 42 degree temperatures made things somewhat uncomfortable but I wanted to test out my latest lens acquisition a 300mm Canon Prime lens. Some of these taken with new lens others with my old faithfull 100-400 zoom. I will post a few up see the rest in the photostream cheers wally [ [
  4. I have been "crook" ("poorly" for you northeners and "frightfully unwell" for you lot south of junction 26) and have been housebound requiring to be in immediate vicinity of a loo! (A spot of diverticulitis which flares up every couple of years) At last I feel better and more comfortable so I went out "bush" to do some photography but the birds were elusive and the flies unrelenting so I headed off to Perth Airport hoping to catch some Runway 03 action.. as it turned out I was too late they were on 21, never mind the sky was nice and I got some very pleasing portraits / studies of departures,
  5. I had a CP filter on that day, it had a magic effect in the light conditions present at the time
  6. I take thousands of aircraft pictures each year, many really, really please me and I will watch an occasional slide show on my PC for my entertainment. There are many which merit being printed and framed but I have one I am really really fond of. Taken at the "Wave" Waddington Aircraft Viewing Enclosure Car park on one of the first days of Exercise Cobra Warrior in August 2019. The jets were taking off just as I parked the car..oh the noise! I raced to open the car boot, get out my camera bag and assembled the big lens to the body, ripped off the lens cap and fired away with what ever settings
  7. I tend to agree I wonder who made them and who was handing them out. I am an a quandary..Do I leave it as is, restore it with new BOAC livery or do I scale down my home made 1/72 Monarch decals that I designed for my AVF vacuform
  8. 20201201_132316 by wallycacsabre, on Flickr 20201201_132310 by wallycacsabre, on Flickr Hi chaps, I have come across this very nice little resin / plastic model molded in one piece. it measures about 20.5 cm wingspan which makes it around 1/200 scale, it has badly faded / worn BOAC markings and a rather large hole for the size of the model where it would have taken a stand, there is no manufactures mark or mark of the kind...anyone have any idea where this would have come from?
  9. Almost the same.. Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia
  10. Thanks mike well as they were unsuccessful I guess there is no need to change the password...l would like to talk to that US chap!
  11. I have received 2 emails purporting to be from britmodeller that there have been 3 failed login attempts from Denver usa. There is link to reset the password and of course it asks to put in your current password. It is very "phishy" to me! Or is this legit?
  12. I thought that VH-EPK had grown a moustache for Movember but it was sister ship VH-EWA (an old East West Airlines registration) One of these I got down to 1/50s shutter speed to get a bit bit more rotor blur, came out far better than it ought to shooting through dirty tinted glass!
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