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  1. wallyinoz

    Navy Day Old Warden 2018

    Old Warden is my favouritist aviation venue, it deserves a place in every aerophiles bucket list, these pics and more on my flickr more in the album, enjoy
  2. wallyinoz

    Airways Vacform Britannia - need help

    Hiya Tony, Built one a while back..build progress here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235015778-bristol-britannia-vacform-subject-name-change/&tab=comments#comment-2613778 You do have to account for the wing taper, a lot of trial and error cutting fettling and filling is required to get the nacelles in the right spanwise location, in the correct alignment fore and aft as well as up and down, the wing "holes" may have to be oversized to allow placement without distorting the quite flexible vacuform piece when sliding the items onto the wing all the best with your build, it is the best vacuform I have ever played with cheers wally
  3. wallyinoz


    Ripper model from a top bloke well done Frank
  4. wallyinoz

    2017 Plastic Factory - UPDATED

    I am speechless..........bravo
  5. wallyinoz

    tc`s Modelling Madness 2017

    loving your work, bravo
  6. wallyinoz

    2017 Cold War Collection

    glorious models, drooling over the seavixen and, strangely the Jet Provost! you made a quite ugly aircraft look pretty!
  7. wallyinoz


    I can smell the fuel in the can! not sure I am smelling with the vampire
  8. wallyinoz

    Jonners' builds for 2017 - Not a bad year this year!

    outstanding stuff!
  9. very very tasty, love the Veltro
  10. wallyinoz

    Ratch's 2017 completions

    wow what a diversity! Funny I like your Esso Oil carriage best of all and I am a planes man!
  11. I finished modelling for the year about 3 weeks ago as I have left my bench for the UK (Jeez it's cold) First Nitto 1/100 Tristar with home made decals (on a borrowed stand) 1/72 Vacuform Bison WIF Air Forski One, had the kit for years..had to do something with it! 1/72 CMR/AIrfix Combo York My favourite, 1/72 Vacuform Britannia again with home made decalage 1/72 vacuform (AIM) Stinson rescued after years languishing on the shelf of doom , 1/72 Mach 2 Viscount, yeah yeah home made decals 1/48 Roden T-28, who doesnt like a round engine? 1/72 Modified Airfix Jetstream, home made decals 1/72 Roden Cub, I have since fixed a few decal issues with this but havent taken a decent pic yet, home designed decals printed for me by Dekls (for the white elements) 1/72 Matchbox Stranraer Another WIF Hasegawa Shin Meiwa, just cos I like Flying boats Glue Bomb resurrection, a rare Aurora Super Beech 18S modified to represent a Super H18 home made decals, a nostalgia project for me also rescued from shelf of doom. Still something to fix with this but ran out of time, Airfix Canberra nose modified with a 1/32 Mustang drop tank shape
  12. wallyinoz

    A civil Canberra Airfix 1/72

    thanks... as for the SM Canberra.. at 36 quid, I'll pass on that one cheers wal
  13. wallyinoz

    A civil Canberra Airfix 1/72

    Hi Guys, It was a weather monitoring aircraft cheers'wal
  14. Hi gang a while back I started resurrecting an Airfix Canberra from a few wrecks I acquired from a fellow modeller. The decals are home made copied from some drawings provided to me by a hyperscaler..Alex CL-215, I wasnt happy with the resolution of the fin badge so I redrew that as well. I have to correct the white to silver demarcation line on the rear fuselage but I have no time as I leave for the UK again in the next few days, so it this and a few other niggling corrections and additions will have to wait.. I just needed to clear the bench before I left...its not the best but looks ok on the shelf
  15. wallyinoz

    Tut how vulgar. The phallic outline

    Ha! Been done before by a RAAF Macchi jet trainer on a test flight in 1972 - 73 ish after a major service at Hawker Dehavilland at Perth airport. On the test flight the pilot found a contrail layer and proceeded to draw the art work in the RAAF Pearce airspace over Perth Northwestern Suburbs. The pilot ( a mate of mine -my gliding instructor at the time) was "matted" by the CO., His protests that he was "under Radar control" didn't quite convince anyone and he ended doing a whole lot of "orderly officer" duties for penance.