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  1. Thanks mate, I saw a qantas flight delayed at the holding point for about 45 mins while some 50 jets recovered. I wondered what that distortion on the canopy was.. I didnt ping to the fact it was reflection of the water!
  2. Hello again fellow modellers (though I havent touched a model for 8 months now!), I got back home from my 6 month sojourn in the UK about a month ago, when I was making preparations for my return I became aware that Pitch Black was going to commence just over a week from my return date. I made the decision to conduct an 8500km road trip from Perth to Darwin and return taking about 5 days each way so I could stop for breaks and wildlife photography along the way. Aircraft photography wise the highlight of the trip was viewing a mini airshow from a boat at Mindil beach. Because the boat was positioned up sun of the Osprey and the RAAF F-35 I got some great pics in the sunset golden light. Here are a few sample pictures, there are heaps more full size images in the photostream. HEAPS MORE in the Photostream
  3. that looks a lot more like the real thing than the basic kit allows, cant see from those pics did you add dihedral to the wings as well...lovely job
  4. I am suffering from eyestrain going through all my pics! ( I couldnt wait till christmas) Nice ones there. I think that was my last RIAT. (nothing ominous, just feeling I had enough of it)
  5. nice shots, I see what you mean by the harsh light, its always been a bit of a bugger at Duxford, though Yeovilton is the worst (actually Avalon in Australia is the worst I have ever dealt with.. 40+degree heat to boot!)
  6. 30,000+ images to firstly cull then edit, still not finished and suffering from computer eyestrain and sitting related malaises! So my priorities were top quality images and achieving what seemed to be impossible prop and rotor blurs. I had mixed results, I like a few some for your enjoyment in no particular order or merit: heaps more in the photostream including low level jets in the Lakes
  7. piper Cherokee 140 chipmunk bonanza a36 winjeel C-47 Cessna 180 aavn B727-100 Macchi MB326H Iroquois UH1B Iroquois UH1H C-130 Hercules Grumman S2 Tracker Boeing 727-200 HS748 Fokker F27 Fokker F28 DC-9 DH82A Tigermoth Bonanza V35 Cessna 172, 182, 150, 206 402 404 Piper Navaho BN-2 Beech Baron Hughes 500 DC-8 Boeing 707 737- 200, 300, 400, etc etc 747 757 767 777 787 DC10 A300 A310 A320 A330 A340 A350 A380 A200 Lear 25 Aerocommander 500 DHC-7 DHC-8 Bandierante Emb 120 Squirrel Grumman Albatross pilatus turboporter pilatus pc9 Grumman Greyhound Boeing ch-46 swearingen sw2 swearingen sw4 kookaburra glider blanik glider dragon Rapide md87 there must be more that's all that comes to mind
  8. ah you are lucky fellow living out there. 2.5 hour drive for me from my uk base, I am thinking of trying my luck again in a week or two they did, it was thrilling!
  9. very very nice, good to see these old civil types. in my wish list are Cessna 182, 206 and 402. the bravest conversion / part scratch I ever attempted was a 1/48 bonanza into a baron
  10. Hi Dave i was on Hallin Fell around the corner from Howtown
  11. Thought I would try the Lakes District to catch some low flying action so I set off at 5am with fingers crossed and prepared for disappointment. Got set up on a hill over Ullswater around 8.30 am, the weather was as forecast overcast in the morning sunny in the afternoon. My 360 radar app showed nothing in the area or departing bases for my area and my scanner was silent (all day as it happened). The views were terrific and I was reasonably comfortable in my chair though when the wind picked up I did get a bit chilled. So after this scenario setting preamble around 10am I heard a rumble to the South toward Patterdale and I spotted a jet at low-level cranking around the corner of the valley, it was the first of 2 F-15s (number 2 about 20 secs behind the leader) The pair did not follow the course of the lake the leader electing to turn toward and climb out over the top of me and number 2 to climb and break before reaching me. Photographically speaking this was very annoying but wow pretty exciting, the F-15 pics show the difficult lighting and you can imagine me trying to track him over my head whilst trying not to fall off the mountain. About an hour later and I heard another rumble from the South and spotted a jet again cranking around the corner leaving vapour trails Bingo! it was a pair of F-35s which I had not managed to capture before. On their initial pass these guys stayed low and followed the course of the lake below me where they did a curious thing, climbing and turning around to come over the hill crest behind me and then turn back into the valley and then, well head toward me.. like I mean at me. The leader cranked upside down a couple of hundred feet above me and number two he stayed level but was a bit lower (A bit! the noise was incredible and I heard and felt his wake vortices). Well I was on a shaking high for about 20 minutes after that pass. After several hours in the afternoon I heard a whisper down south and spotted a large aircraft coming up the lake ..it was a RAF A400 this was great there arent many of them and they dont low fly that often. After that a pair of Omani Hawks sneaked quietly by well over the other side of the valley and I was not able to get a reasonable shot of them but was well pleased with the day as I trudged down the mountain. quite a few more if you go into my photostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/87490663@N08/with/52087311073/
  12. ooh what's the strategy ? I am thinking of going again as a 70th birthday treat
  13. glad you like them guys thanks for the comments.still spending hours fiddling with these images to get the best out of them
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