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  1. I saw her flying again yesterday follow the photostream for lots more
  2. yes I put off undercarriage construction for a while, I couldnt make head or tail of the kit instructions for quite a few steps.. flaps and wheel construction but some examples, I am sure some parts were misnumbered on the sprues or the instructions called for wrongly numbered wheel parts.. in the end I found they were to fat to fit on the bogey and look as if they could fit in the wheel bay and in a fit of desperation I used some spare DC-6 wheels from the heller kit instead! If one is going to design such a complex piece of kit one would hope that it all comes together perfectly without any
  3. Hiya thanks for your kind remarks. I do have an undersidet akeoff picture of the BM argonaut and they are equipped with underside ADF football and other aerials ,pieces for which are amongst the myriad small parts on the kit sprues. By the time I had faffed around building the undercarriage and put topside aerials on I was getting fearful of breaking some pieces of while installing underside detail parts.. I chickened out and omitted them. I had to put so much lead in the nose to stop tail sitting I was also worried about over-stressing the nose gear. I was just glad to put it in the cabinet
  4. This one gave me as much trouble as my earlier DC-7C. I like this one less, I just wanted it over and cant be bothered doing any more on it, that said it looks ok from a metre. Not a fan of the Revell kit, for me it was over-engineered and far too many tiny pieces, but for real modellers with perfect eyesight and a surgeons touch I guess it is a beauty. I used the AIM decals but the side stripe cracked up on me so I had to print my own. ( I used some of the AIM decals which were fine after I sprayed them with an acrylic clear coat) [ I dont know if these 2 ever share
  5. hiya, the decals were by Vintage Flyer and very good they were too.. except I could not get the black nose dot nor the lower nose stripes to conform to the curves. I had scanned the decals just in case and printed out these items on my laser deacl paper and used them, these conformed nicely to the curves but if you look closely you can see the blue lines in the lower nose are a slightly different hue
  6. Hi there thanks for your kind remarks, the metal finish is tamiya rattlecan silver leaf which has been buffed by a soft dremel tool
  7. This is a Heller 1/72 DC-6 converted to a DC-7C. I started the conversion in 2010 using a contrail resin conversion set. The less said about those expensive mishappen lumps of resin the better, the grotesquely mutilated base kit was further ravaged when I tore all the bits off to start again some 6 -7 years later I talked Neil Gaunt of Aircraft in Miniature in the UK to do some some engines for me and he ended up creating a full conversion set. This set whilst looking much much much nicer was still quite challenging for this hamfisted modeller to complete, made much more difficult because of a
  8. Hi tom I have a spare Aim conversion set if intetested cheers wal
  9. For the last few years my modelling output dried to a trickle then to an arid wasteland. One of the biggest mojo killing projects I have ever faced was converting a Heller DC-6 to a DC-7C I started this conversion in 2010! First with a contrail conversion set (lumps of misshapen resin) then much higher quality pieces from Neil Gaunt from Aircraft in Miniature whom I begged to look into doing a conversion set. The amount of cutting repairing filling and sanding was overwhelming. The other model is the Revell DC-4 converted to an Argonaut also using an AIM conversion set. I started this one in
  10. Harsh sky, 42 degree temperatures made things somewhat uncomfortable but I wanted to test out my latest lens acquisition a 300mm Canon Prime lens. Some of these taken with new lens others with my old faithfull 100-400 zoom. I will post a few up see the rest in the photostream cheers wally [ [
  11. I have been "crook" ("poorly" for you northeners and "frightfully unwell" for you lot south of junction 26) and have been housebound requiring to be in immediate vicinity of a loo! (A spot of diverticulitis which flares up every couple of years) At last I feel better and more comfortable so I went out "bush" to do some photography but the birds were elusive and the flies unrelenting so I headed off to Perth Airport hoping to catch some Runway 03 action.. as it turned out I was too late they were on 21, never mind the sky was nice and I got some very pleasing portraits / studies of departures,
  12. I had a CP filter on that day, it had a magic effect in the light conditions present at the time
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